Cisco Secure Desktop Configuration Guide for Cisco ASA 5500 Series Administrators, Release 3.2.1
About This Guide
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About This Guide

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About This Guide

Audience and Scope

Organization and Use


Related Documentation

Obtaining Documentation, Obtaining Support, and Security Guidelines

About This Guide

Refer to the following sections to understand the audience, topics, and conventions in this guide, and the titles of related documents.

Audience and Scope

Written for network managers and administrators, this guide describes how to install, enable, and configure Cisco Secure Desktop on a Cisco ASA 5500 Series security appliance to provide a safe computing environment through which a variety of remote access computers can connect.

Organization and Use

Table 1 describes the contents of this guide.

Table 1 Document Organization 



Describes Cisco Secure Desktop capabilities, and how to access the Cisco Secure Desktop Manager (the browser-enabled interface for Cisco Secure Desktop administrators).

Installing and Enabling Cisco Secure Desktop

Describes how to obtain the Cisco Secure Desktop software, and install or upgrade it.

Configuring Cisco Secure Desktop

Describes how to configure the prelogin policies, Host Scan options, Secure Session, Cache Cleaner, keystroke logger detection, and host emulation detection for remote computers.


Provides examples showing how to configure Cisco Secure Desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides questions and answers on a broad range of Cisco Secure Desktop functions.


This document uses the following conventions:

Boldface indicates commands and keywords that you enter literally as shown, menu options you choose, or buttons and check boxes you click.

Italics indicate arguments for which you supply values.

Examples show screen displays and the command line in screen font.

Note Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions, or references to material not covered in the manual.

Caution Means reader be careful. Cautions alert you to actions or conditions that could result in equipment damage or loss of data.

Related Documentation

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Obtaining Documentation, Obtaining Support, and Security Guidelines

For information on obtaining documentation, obtaining support, providing documentation feedback, security guidelines, and also recommended aliases and general Cisco documents, see the monthly What's New in Cisco Product Documentation, which also lists all new and revised Cisco technical documentation, at: