Cisco Secure Desktop Configuration Guide for VPN 3000 Concentrator Series and Catalyst 6500 Series WebVPN Services Module Administrators, Release 3.1.1
Exporting and Importing a CSD Configuration
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Exporting and Importing a CSD Configuration

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Exporting and Importing a CSD Configuration

Exporting and Importing a CSD Configuration

This chapter describes how to export a CSD configuration in XML format, and import it into additional CSD hosts to be used for load balancing or other purposes.

Click Upload/Download Settings in the Secure Desktop Manager menu.

The Upload/Download Configuration window opens (Figure A-1).

Figure A-1 Upload/Download Configuration Window

Use this window as follows:

Click Download to save the current CSD configuration in XML format.

Do so if you want to retain the configuration for later retrieval for the development of additional CSD host configurations. In response, another browser window opens, displaying the current configuration as an XML file. Save the file to your local computer.

Copy the contents of an XML file containing a previously saved configuration and paste it into the Upload Configuration field, then click Upload. The CSD loads the settings into the current configuration. Use the instructions in this book to customize the settings for the CSD host to be configured and save them.

Note We do not recommend creating or editing the XML to modify the configuration.