Cisco Secure Desktop Configuration Guide for VPN 3000 Concentrator Series and Catalyst 6500 Series WebVPN Services Module Administrators, Release 3.1.1
Establishing a Management Session
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Establishing a Management Session

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Establishing a Management Session

VPN 3000 Concentrator Manager

Catalyst 6500 Series WebVPN Services Module

Establishing a Management Session

To access the Secure Desktop Manager to configure CSD for remote clients, refer to the section that names the platform on which CSD is installed.

VPN 3000 Concentrator Manager

The Secure Desktop Manager software for WebVPN runs within the VPN Concentrator Manager application. To configure CSD settings for use by client computers, choose Configuration | Tunneling and Security | WebVPN | Secure Desktop | Manager.

Catalyst 6500 Series WebVPN Services Module

Note You must enable WebVPN Services Module support for CSD on a context before you can establish a management session. Refer to "Enabling and Disabling CSD on the Catalyst 6500 Series WebVPN Services Module" before completing the instructions in this section.

Establish a Secure Desktop Manager session to configure CSD as follows:

Step 1 Enter the following URL into the Address field of a web browser to connect to the Secure Desktop Manager:


Note Remember to type the "s" in the "https" portion of the address.

The WebVPN Service — Cisco Secure Desktop Admin Login window prompts for a username and password (Figure 3-1).

Figure 3-1 WebVPN Service — Cisco Secure Desktop Admin Login

Step 2 Type "admin" in the Username field.

Step 3 Type the enable password of the gateway in the Password field.

Step 4 Click Login.

The browser displays a Virtual Context attribute (Figure 3-2).

Figure 3-2 WebVPN Service — Virtual Context

Each Virtual Context selection is the name of a virtual context on which CSD is already enabled.

Step 5 Choose a Virtual Context and click Go.

The Secure Desktop Manager for WebVPN window opens below the selected Virtual Context (Figure 3-3).

Figure 3-3 WebVPN Service — Secure Desktop Manager