Cisco ASA 5585-X Hardware Installation Guide
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About This Guide



Related Documentation

Installation Warnings

Where to Find Safety and Warning Information

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

About This Guide

Published : September 24, 2010

Revised: August 27, 2015, OL-22567-02

The information in this guide applies to the Cisco ASA 5585-X adaptive security appliance. In this guide, references to “adaptive security appliance” and “Cisco ASA 5585-X” apply to the Cisco ASA 5585-X adaptive security appliance. This guide describes how to install the Cisco ASA 5585-X and how to perform maintenance procedures. Use this guide in conjunction with the documents listed in Related Documentation.

This preface contains the following sections:


This guide is for experienced network security administrators who install and maintain Cisco adaptive security appliances.


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Related Documentation

For a complete list of the Cisco ASA 5500-X documentation, refer to the following URL:

For a complete list of Cisco ASA 5500-X series install and upgrade guides, including a list of quick-start guides for the various Security Services Processors, refer to the following URL:

For a complete list of the ASA CX and Cisco Prime Security Manager documentation, refer to the following URL:

Installation Warnings

This section presents these important safety warnings:

AC Power Warning

Warning Before working on a chassis or near power supplies, unplug the power cord on all AC units. Statement 246

Jewelry Removal Warning

Warning Before working on equipment that is connected to a power source, remove jewelry (including rings, necklaces, and watches). Metal objects will heat when connected to power and ground, and can cause serious burns or weld the metal object to the terminals. Statement 43

Wrist Strap Warning

Warning During this procedure, wear grounding wrist straps to avoid ESD damage to the card. Do not directly touch the backplane with your hand or any metal tool, or you could receive a shock. Statement 94

Work During Lightning Warning

Warning Do not work on the system, or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning. Statement 1001

Installation Instructions Warning

Warning Read all installation instructions before connecting the system to a power source. Statement 1004

Chassis Warning for Rack-Mounting and Servicing

Warning To prevent bodily injury when mounting or servicing this unit in a rack, you must take special precautions to ensure that the system remains stable. The following guidelines are provided to ensure your safety: This unit should be mounted at the bottom of the rack if it is the only unit in the rack. When mounting this unit in a partially filled rack, load the rack from the bottom to the top with the heaviest component at the bottom of the rack.If the rack is provided with stabilizing devices, install the stabilizers before mounting or servicing the unit in the rack. Statement 1006

Short-Circuit Protection Warning

Warning This product requires short-circuit (overcurrent) protection, to be provided as part of the building installation. Install only in accordance with national and local wiring regulations. Statement 1045

SELV Circuit Warning

Warning To avoid electric shock, do not connect safety extra-low voltage (SELV) circuits to telephone-network voltage (TNV) circuits. LAN ports contain SELV circuits, and WAN ports contain TNV circuits. Some LAN and WAN ports both use RJ-45 connectors. Use caution when connecting cables. Statement 1021

Ground Conductor Warning

Warning This equipment must be grounded. Never defeat the ground conductor, or operate the equipment in the absence of a suitably installed ground conductor. Contact the appropriate electrical inspection authority, or an electrician if you are not certain that suitable grounding is available. Statement 1024

Faceplates and Cover Panels Warning

Warning Blank faceplates and cover panels serve three important functions: they prevent exposure to hazardous voltages and currents inside the chassis; they restrict electromagnetic interference (EMI) that might disrupt other equipment; and they direct the flow of cooling air through the chassis. Do not operate the system unless all cards, faceplates, front covers, and rear covers are in place. Statements 1029 and 142

Product Disposal Warning

Warning Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national laws and regulations. Statement 1040

Compliance with Local and National Electrical Codes Warning

Warning Installation of the equipment must comply with local and national electrical codes. Statement 1074

TN Power Warning

Warning The device is designed to work with TN power systems. Statement 19

Multiple Power Cords

Warning This unit has more than one power cord. To reduce the risk of electric shock when servicing a unit, disconnect the power cord of the power strip into which the unit is plugged. Statement 137

Circuit Breaker (15A) Warning

Warning This product relies on the building’s installation for short-circuit (overcurrent) protection. Ensure that a fuse or circuit breaker no larger than 120 VAC, 15A U.S. (240 VAC, 10A international) is used on the phase conductors (all current-carrying conductors). Statement 13

Grounded Equipment Warning

Warning This equipment is intended to be grounded. Ensure that the host is connected to earth ground during normal use. Statement 39

Safety Cover Requirement

Warning The safety cover is an integral part of the product. Do not operate the unit without the safety cover installed. Operating the unit without the cover in place will invalidate the safety approvals and pose a risk of fire and electrical hazards. Statement 117

Where to Find Safety and Warning Information

For safety and warning information, see the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information document at the following URL:

This RCSI document describes the international agency compliance and safety information for the Cisco ASA 5500-X series. It also includes translations of the safety warnings used in this guide.

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

For information on obtaining documentation, submitting a service request, and gathering additional information, see the monthly What’s New in Cisco Product Documentation, which also lists all new and revised Cisco technical documentation, at:

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