CLI Book 3: Cisco ASA Series VPN CLI Configuration Guide, 9.1
Using Clientless SSL VPN with Mobile Devices
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Using Clientless SSL VPN with Mobile Devices

Using Clientless SSL VPN with Mobile Devices


Using Clientless SSL VPN with Mobile Devices

September 13, 2013

Using Clientless SSL VPN with Mobile Devices

You can access Clientless SSL VPN from your Pocket PC or other certified mobile device. Neither the ASA administrator nor the Clientless SSL VPN user need do anything special to use Clientless SSL VPN with a certified mobile device.

Cisco has certified the following mobile device platforms:

HP iPaq H4150

Pocket PC 2003

Windows CE 4.20.0, build 14053

Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE)

ROM version 1.10.03ENG

ROM Date: 7/16/2004

Some differences in the mobile deviceversion of Clientless SSL VPN exist:

  • A banner Web page replaces the popup Clientless SSL VPN window.
  • An icon bar replaces the standard Clientless SSL VPN floating toolbar. This bar displays the Go, Home and Logout buttons.
  • The Show Toolbar icon is not included on the main Clientless SSL VPN portal page.
  • Upon Clientless SSL VPN logout, a warning message provides instructions for closing the PIE browser properly. If you do not follow these instructions and you close the browser window in the common way, PIE does not disconnect from Clientless SSL VPN or any secure website that uses HTTPS.


  • Clientless SSL VPN supports OWA 2000 and OWA 2003 Basic Authentication. If Basic Authentication is not configured on an OWA server and a Clientless SSL VPN user attempts to access that server, access is denied.
  • Unsupported Clientless SSL VPN features:

Application Access and other Java-dependent features.

HTTP proxy.

The Citrix Metaframe feature (if the PDA does not have the corresponding Citrix ICA client software).