Interface and Hardware Component Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 6000 Series Routers, Release 5.0.x
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Table Of Contents

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action capabilities-conflict command HC-45

action discovery-timeout command HC-45


bundle command HC-167

Bundle-Ether command HC-65

bundle id command HC-65, HC-69

bundle-POS HC-89


channel-group command HC-166


defined HC-107

enabling HC-151

password, configuring HC-156

ppp HC-120, HC-145

refusing HC-161

controller mgmtmultilink command HC-167

crc command HC-106, HC-123


default settings

mac-address (Management Ethernet) HC-10

speed (Management Ethernet) HC-10

duplex command HC-14


encapsulation command HC-106, HC-123

Ethernet interface


MAC accounting HC-23, HC-35

MAC address HC-24

configuring MAC accounting HC-23

configuring the MAC address HC-24

default settings

flow control HC-23

MAC accounting HC-23

MAC address HC-24

mtu HC-24


Ethernet interfaces HC-33

MAC accounting statistics HC-36

displaying Ethernet interfaces HC-33

Gigabit Ethernet standards HC-25

IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet HC-26

IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gbps Ethernet HC-26

IEEE 802.3 Physical Ethernet Infrastructure HC-25

IEEE 802.3z 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet HC-26

Layer 2 VPN

configuring Layer 2 protocol tunneling and data units HC-37, HC-191

Layer 2 protocol tunneling and data units, configuring HC-37, HC-191

overview HC-24

VLAN support HC-185

using the l2protocol command HC-37, HC-191

using the mac-accounting command HC-23

using the mac address command HC-24


displaying VLAN interfaces HC-88, HC-90, HC-189, HC-194

MTU inheritance HC-185

native VLAN description HC-185

overview HC-184

subinterface overview HC-184

using the show vlan interfaces command HC-88, HC-90, HC-189, HC-194


Fast Ethernet interface

auto-negotiation HC-24


duplex operation HC-24

MAC accounting HC-24


default settings

auto-negotiation HC-24

duplex operation HC-24

interface speed HC-24

MAC accounting HC-24

mtu HC-24

Frame Relay

serial interfaces HC-122




IEEE 802.3ad standard HC-63

if preconfiguration submode, ipv4 address command HC-5

if submode

bundle id command HC-69, HC-70, HC-77, HC-81, HC-89

duplex command HC-14

ip address command HC-86, HC-87

ipv4 address command HC-12

keepalive command HC-169

no shutdown command HC-12, HC-69, HC-87, HC-89

See interface preconfigure command

interface Bundle-Ether command HC-68, HC-74, HC-86

interface Bundle-POS command HC-65

interface command

for Ethernet interfaces HC-190

for VLAN subinterfaces HC-188

forVLAN subinterfaces HC-190

Link Bundling HC-89

interface POS command HC-81

interface preconfigure command HC-4


Link Bundling HC-59

configuring HC-66

prerequisites HC-60

tunnel RC-198

invert command HC-129

ip address command

bundle-POS HC-86, HC-87

ipv4 address command HC-5, HC-86, HC-188

Fast Ethernet HC-12


keepalive command HC-106, HC-115

keepalive timer

description HC-108


POS link state HC-107, HC-108


l2protocol command HC-37, HC-191


See Layer 2 VPN HC-24

See Layer 2 VPN HC-24

Layer 2 VPN


Layer 2 protocol tunneling and data units HC-37, HC-191

configuring Layer 2 protocol tunneling and data units HC-37, HC-191

overview HC-24

LCP (Link Control Protocol) HC-107, HC-120

link bundling

configuring VLAN bundles HC-185

link bundling, configuring VLAN bundles HC-185

Local Management Interface (LMI) HC-123


mac accounting command HC-35

mac-accounting command HC-23, HC-24

mac address command HC-24

management ethernet interface, configuring HC-10

MS-CHAP authentication

disabling HC-162

enabling HC-151, HC-152

password, configuring HC-158

ppp HC-107, HC-145, HC-158, HC-163

viewing HC-153

mtu command HC-24, HC-106, HC-123

multilink command HC-171, HC-173

multilink fragment-size command HC-169

multilink interleave command HC-171

Multiprotocol Label Switching control processor (MPLSCP) HC-107, HC-120


naming conventions

preconfigure HC-3

negotiation auto command HC-24

Network Control Protocols (NCPs) HC-107, HC-120

no interface command HC-193

no shutdown command

(warning) HC-3

bundle-POS HC-87, HC-89

Fast Ethernet HC-12

null interface

configuring HC-96

displaying HC-96


PAP authentication

defined HC-145

disabling HC-159

enabling HC-151, HC-152, HC-154, HC-155

ppp HC-107, HC-154

refusing HC-160

viewing HC-153

Point-to-Point protocol


POS (Packet-over-SONET)

See POS interface

POS interface

bringing up HC-109


CRC value HC-106, HC-112

encapsulation type HC-106

interface encapsulation HC-112, HC-170

keepalive timer HC-106, HC-113, HC-115, HC-169

MTU HC-106, HC-112

optional parameters HC-111

PPP authentication HC-107

default settings

CRC HC-106

encapsulation HC-106

keepalive HC-106

mtu HC-106

HDLC encapsulation


overview HC-106

interface configuration mode

interface command HC-169

interface multilink command HC-169, HC-171

interface pos command HC-110, HC-112

PPP encapsulation

description HC-105

overview HC-107



authentication HC-145

enabling HC-151, HC-152

password, configuring HC-156, HC-157

refusing HC-161

viewing HC-153

default configuration, modfying HC-147, HC-149

interfaces, displaying HC-150


disabling HC-162, HC-163

enabling HC-152

authenticaion     1

password, configuring HC-158

ppp HC-121, HC-145

viewing HC-153

overview HC-144


authentication HC-121, HC-154

disabling HC-159

enabling HC-151, HC-152, HC-154, HC-155

refusing HC-160

viewing HC-153

POS configuration example HC-174

POS interface HC-105, HC-107

prerequisites HC-143

serial configuration example HC-175

serial interface HC-120

ppp authentication command HC-107, HC-121, HC-144, HC-152

ppp chap password command HC-157

ppp chap refuse command HC-161

ppp max-bad-auth command HC-149

ppp max-configure command HC-149

ppp max-failure command HC-149

ppp max-terminate command HC-149

ppp ms-chap password command HC-158

ppp ms-chap refuse command HC-163

ppp multilink minimum-active links command HC-171

ppp pap refuse command HC-160

ppp pap sent-username command HC-154, HC-155

ppp timeout authentication command HC-150

ppp timeout retry command HC-150


advantages HC-3

directory HC-1

naming conventions HC-3

restriction to physical interface HC-1


RP, preconfiguration directory HC-1


scramble command HC-129

serial interface


CRC HC-128

interface encapsulation HC-128

IP address and subnet mask HC-126

keepalive timer HC-136

transmit delay HC-129

data stream, inverting HC-129

default settings

CRC HC-123

encapsulation HC-123

keepalive HC-123

mtu HC-123

link state HC-120, HC-121

payload scrambling, enabling HC-129

PPP encapsulation HC-120

show bundle Bundle-Ether command HC-71, HC-78, HC-90

show bundle Bundle-POS command HC-82

show interfaces command HC-31, HC-137

for Ethernet interfaces HC-33, HC-38

show lacp bundle Bundle-Ether command HC-71

show mac accounting command HC-36

show ppp interfaces command HC-150, HC-153

show version command HC-31

show vlan command HC-88, HC-90, HC-189, HC-194

show vlan trunks command HC-79

SLARP (Serial Line Address Resolution Protocol) HC-108, HC-120, HC-122

sonet submode

See controller sonet command

speed command HC-24

SSH (Secure Shell) RC-199

SSH (Secure Shell), not needed with IPSec RC-199

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) RC-199

SSL (Secure Socket Layer), not needed with IPSec RC-199

switchover HC-66


T1 controller

DS0 timeslots, associating HC-166

T1 channel group, creating HC-166

T1 configuration mode HC-166

T3 controller

clock source

configuring HC-166

timeslots command HC-166

traffic filtering HC-96

transmit-delay command HC-129

transparent switchover HC-10


virtual interface

naming convention RC-198

null interface definition HC-96



bundles HC-185

configuring an IP address and subnet mask HC-188

configuring bundles HC-185

displaying VLAN interfaces HC-88, HC-90, HC-189, HC-194

Layer 2 VPN support HC-185

MTU inheritance HC-185

native VLAN description HC-185

overview HC-184

subinterface overview HC-184

using the ipv4 address command HC-188

using the no interfawn command HC-193

using the show vlan interfaces command HC-88, HC-90, HC-189, HC-194