Cisco IOS XR Multicast Configuration Guide for the Cisco CRS Router, Release 4.3.x
New and Changed Information
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New and Changed Information

New and Changed Information

This table summarizes the new and changed information for the Cisco IOS XR Multicast Configuration Guide for the Cisco CRS Routerfor Release R4.3.0

New and Changed Information

Table 1 New and Changed Features
Feature Description Changed in Release Where Documented

Automatic Multicast Tunneling

This feature was introduced.

Release 4.3.1

Automatic Multicast Tunneling For AMT commands, refer the AMT commands chapter in the Cisco IOS XR Multicast Command Reference for the Cisco CRS Router

Multicast VPN

This feature was modified; the next-generation MVPN details were added.

Release 4.3.0

Next-Generation Multicast VPN