Cisco IOS XR System Security Command Reference for the Cisco CRS Router, Release 4.2.x
Lawful Intercept Commands
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Lawful Intercept Commands

Lawful Intercept Commands

This module describes the Cisco IOS XR software commands used to configure lawful intercept (LI).

For detailed information about keychain management concepts, configuration tasks, and examples, see the Implementing Lawful Intercept on the Cisco IOS XR Software Configuration Module.

lawful-intercept disable

To disable the lawful intercept feature, use the lawful-intercept disable command in global configuration mode. To re-enable the lawful intercept feature, use the no form of this command.

lawful-intercept disable

no lawful-intercept disable

Syntax Description

This command has no keywords or arguments.

Command Default

Lawful intercept feature is enabled by default.

Command Modes

Global configuration

Command History



Release 3.8.0

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

To use this command, you must be in a user group associated with a task group that includes appropriate task IDs. If the user group assignment is preventing you from using a command, contact your AAA administrator for assistance.

If you disable lawful intercept, all Mediation Devices and associated TAPs will be deleted.

Task ID

Task ID



read, write


The following example shows the use of the lawful-intercept disable command:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router(config)# lawful-intercept disable