Cisco IOS XR MPLS Command Reference for the Cisco CRS Router, Release 4.2.x
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adjustment-threshold (MPLS-TE)
application (MPLS-TE)
authentication (RSVP)
auto-bw (MPLS-TE)
auto-bw collect frequency (MPLS-TE)
auto-tunnel backup (MPLS-TE)
autoroute announce
autoroute metric


backup-path tunnel-te
bandwidth (RSVP)
bandwidth mam (RSVP)
bandwidth rdm (RSVP)
bw-limit (MPLS-TE)


clear mpls forwarding counters
clear mpls ldp forwarding
clear mpls ldp msg-counters neighbor
clear mpls ldp neighbor
clear mpls lmp
clear mpls oam counters
clear mpls traffic-eng auto-bw (MPLS-TE EXEC)
clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup unused
clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh
clear mpls traffic-eng counters auto-tunnel backup
clear mpls traffic-eng counters auto-tunnel mesh
clear mpls traffic-eng counters global
clear mpls traffic-eng counters signaling
clear mpls traffic-eng counters soft-preemption
clear mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute log
clear mpls traffic-eng link-management statistics
clear mpls traffic-eng pce
clear rsvp authentication
clear rsvp counters all
clear rsvp counters authentication
clear rsvp counters chkpt
clear rsvp counters events
clear rsvp counters messages
clear rsvp counters oor
clear rsvp counters prefix-filtering
collect-bw-only (MPLS-TE)


destination (MPLS-TE)
destination address ipv4
direction (GMPLS)
disable (P2MP TE)
disable (explicit-path)
discovery hello
discovery targeted-hello
discovery transport-address
ds-te bc-model
ds-te mode
ds-te te-classes


echo disable-vendor-extension
echo revision
exclude srlg (auto-tunnel backup)


fast-reroute protect
fast-reroute timers promotion
flooding thresholds
flooding-igp (GMPLS)


graceful-restart (MPLS LDP)


holdtime (MPLS LDP)


igp auto-config disable
igp sync delay
igp sync delay on-proc-restart
index exclude-address
index exclude-srlg
index next-address
interface (MPLS LDP)
interface (MPLS-TE)
interface (SRLG)
interface tunnel-gte
interface tunnel-mte
interface tunnel-te
ipcc interface (MPLS-TE)
ipcc routed
ipcc routed (MPLS-TE)
ipv4 unnumbered (MPLS)


key-source key-chain (RSVP)


label accept
label advertise
label allocate
life-time (RSVP)
link-management timers bandwidth-hold
link-management timers periodic-flooding
link-management timers preemption-delay
lmp hello (GMPLS)
lmp neighbor (MPLS O-UNI)
lmp neighbor (MPLS-TE)
lmp router-id (MPLS-TE)
load-share unequal
log graceful-restart
log neighbor
log nsr
log session-protection
logging events link-status (MPLS-TE)
logging events lsp-status (MPLS-TE)
logging events sub-lsp-status state (MPLS-TE)


match (GMPLS)
maxabs (MPLS-TE)
maximum interfaces (MPLS LDP)
mpls ip-ttl-propagate
mpls label range
mpls ldp
mpls oam
mpls traffic-eng
mpls traffic-eng auto-bw apply (MPLS-TE)
mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute promote
mpls traffic-eng level
mpls traffic-eng link-management flood
mpls traffic-eng path-protection switchover gmpls
mpls traffic-eng pce activate-pcep
mpls traffic-eng pce reoptimize
mpls traffic-eng reoptimize (EXEC)
mpls traffic-eng repotimize mesh group
mpls traffic-eng router-id (MPLS-TE router)


neighbor (O-UNI)
neighbor password
neighbor password disable
neighbor targeted
nhop-only (auto-tunnel backup)
nsr (MPLS-LDP)


overflow threshold (MPLS-TE)


passive (GMPLS)
passive (MPLS O-UNI)
path-option (MPLS-TE)
path-option (P2MP TE)
path-selection ignore overload (
path-selection loose-expansion affinity (MPLS-TE)
path-selection loose-expansion metri
path-selection metric (MPLS-TE)
pce address (MPLS-TE)
pce deadtimer (MPLS-TE)
pce keepalive (MPLS-TE)
pce peer (MPLS-TE)
pce reoptimize (MPLS-TE)
pce request-timeout (MPLS-TE)
pce tolerance keepalive (MPLS-TE)
ping mpls ipv4
ping mpls mldp (MP2MP)
ping mpls mldp (P2MP)
ping mpls traffic-eng
ping mpls traffic-eng tunnel-mte (P2MP)
ping mpls traffic-eng tunnel-te (P2P)
ping pseudowire (AToM)
priority (MPLS-TE)


redistribute (MPLS LDP)
remote (GMPLS)
remote interface-id
remote node-id
reoptimize (MPLS-TE)
reoptimize timers delay (MPLS-TE)
router-id (MPLS LDP)
router-id (MPLS O-UNI)
router-id secondary (MPLS-TE)
rsvp interface
rsvp neighbor


session protection
show explicit-paths
show lcc
show mpls forwarding
show mpls forwarding exact-route
show mpls interfaces
show mpls label range
show mpls label table
show mpls ldp backoff
show mpls ldp bindings
show mpls ldp discovery
show mpls ldp forwarding
show mpls ldp graceful-restart
show mpls ldp igp sync
show mpls ldp interface
show mpls ldp neighbor
show mpls ldp parameters
show mpls ldp statistics msg-counters
show mpls ldp summary
show mpls lmp clients
show mpls lmp interface-id
show mpls lsd applications
show mpls lsd clients
show mpls oam
show mpls oam database
show mpls optical-uni
show mpls optical-uni checkpoint
show mpls optical-uni diagnostics
show mpls optical-uni interface
show mpls optical-uni lmp
show mpls optical-uni timers all
show mpls optical-uni timers global
show mpls optical-uni timers interfaces
show mpls optical-uni timers nodes
show mpls traffic-eng affinity-map
show mpls traffic-eng attribute-set
show mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup
show mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh
show mpls traffic-eng autoroute
show mpls traffic-eng collaborator-timers
show mpls traffic-eng counters signaling
show mpls traffic-eng ds-te te-class
show mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute database
show mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute log
show mpls traffic-eng forwarding
show mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency
show mpls traffic-eng igp-areas
show mpls traffic-eng link-management admission-control
show mpls traffic-eng link-management advertisements
show mpls traffic-eng link-management bandwidth-allocation
show mpls traffic-eng link-management bfd-neighbors
show mpls traffic-eng link-management igp-neighbors
show mpls traffic-eng link-management interfaces
show mpls traffic-eng link-management soft-preemption
show mpls traffic-eng link-management statistics
show mpls traffic-eng link-management summary
show mpls traffic-eng lmp
show mpls traffic-eng maximum tunnels
show mpls traffic-eng pce peer
show mpls traffic-eng pce tunnels
show mpls traffic-eng preemption log
show mpls traffic-eng topology
show mpls traffic-eng tunnels
show mpls traffic-eng tunnels auto-bw brief
show rsvp authentication
show rsvp counters
show rsvp counters oor
show rsvp counters prefix-filtering
show rsvp fast-reroute
show rsvp graceful-restart
show rsvp hello instance
show rsvp hello instance interface-based
show rsvp interface
show rsvp neighbor
show rsvp request
show rsvp reservation
show rsvp sender
show rsvp session
show srlg
signalling advertise explicit-null (MPLS-TE)
signalling dscp (LDP)
signalling dscp (RSVP)
signalling graceful-restart
signalling hello graceful-restart interface-based
signalling hello graceful-restart refresh interval
signalling hello graceful-restart refresh misses
signalling prefix-filtering access-list
signalling prefix-filtering default-deny-action
signalling rate-limit
signalling refresh interval
signalling refresh missed
signalling refresh reduction bundle-max-size
signalling refresh reduction disable
signalling refresh reduction reliable
signalling refresh reduction summary
snmp traps mpls traffic-eng
snmp-server traps mpls ldp
switching (GMPLS)
switching endpoint (GMPLS)
switching transit (GMPLS)


timeout (soft-preemption)
timers loose-path (MPLS-TE)
timers removal unused (auto-tunnel backup)
tna ipv4
topology holddown sigerr (MPLS-TE)
traceroute mpls ipv4
traceroute mpls mldp (MP2MP)
traceroute mpls mldp (P2MP)
traceroute mpls multipath
traceroute mpls traffic-eng
traceroute mpls traffic-eng tunnel-mte (P2MP)
traceroute mpls traffic-eng tunnel-te (P2P)
tunnel-id (auto-tunnel backup)


window-size (RSVP)