Cisco IOS XR System Management Configuration Guide for the Cisco CRS Router, Release 4.0
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This book presents configuration information and examples for System Management of the Cisco IOS XR software. The preface for Cisco IOS XR System Management Configuration Guide for the Cisco CRS Router consists of the following sections:

Changes to This Document

This table lists the technical changes made to this document since it was first printed.

Table 1 Changes to This Document
Revision Date Change Summary


January 2012

References to DSC migration were removed from the Configuring Secure Domain Routers on the Cisco IOS XR Software module.


October 2011

The cfs check and clear configuration inconsistency commands were added to the Activation and Deactivation Prerequisites section.

Restriction regarding VRFs and software entitlement was added to Restrictions for Cisco IOS XR Software Entitlement.


March 2011

Made the following corrections to the Implementing Physical and Virtual Terminals module:

  • Corrected the maximum number of telnet servers allowed for the telnet server max-servers command.
  • The session limit description was fixed in the example.

Added an example of upgrading the FPD on a PLIM to the Upgrading FPD module.


December 2010

Automatic FPD upgrade was introduced to the Upgrading FPD module. A note was also added clarifying when an upgrade is required.

New tasks related to disk mirroring were added to the Creating Disk Backups and Disk Mirroring module.

A restriction regarding SNMP outputs was added to the Implementing SNMP module.


September 2010

Initial release of this document.

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