Cisco IOS XR Multicast Configuration Guide for the Cisco CRS Router
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Table Of Contents

B - C - D - G - I - M - N - P - R - S -



BSR (bootstrap router)

See multicast routing, BSR (bootstrap router)


core MCC-65

Core Tree Protocol, configuring MCC-65


DR (designated router)

See multicast routing, DR (designated router)

dr-priority command MCC-10


global configuration mode

access-list command MCC-26, MCC-28, MCC-30

interface command MCC-52, MCC-53

ipv4 access-list command MCC-58

permit MCC-28

permit command MCC-26


interface-inheritance disable command MCC-19

interface submode, ipv4 address command MCC-53

IP multicast routing support MCC-3

ipv4 address command MCC-53

IPv4 and IPv6 multicast routing, supported features MCC-3


MD5 password authentication

See multicast routing,MSDP (Multicast Source Discovery Protocol), MD5

MFIB (Multicast Forwarding Information Base)

See multicast routing, Multicast Forwarding Information Base

mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact command MCC-9

MRIB (Multicast Routing Information Base)

See multicast routing, Multicast Routing Information Base

multicast domain MCC-13

Multicast Forwarding, enabling over tunnel interface MCC-62

Multicast only fast reroute (MoFRR)

configuring, RIB-based MCC-60

multicast routing


configuring MCC-26

description MCC-12

RP-mapping agent MCC-12

Auto-RP (automatic route processing)

configuring MCC-26

description MCC-12

preventing messages (configuration example) MCC-69

RP-mapping agent, designating MCC-12

BSR (bootstrap router)

configuring MCC-28

description MCC-12

Class D IP addresses MCC-5

DR (designated router)

failure MCC-10

multiaccess segment MCC-10

purpose MCC-10


versions MCC-6

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)

description MCC-5

host group addresses MCC-5

versions MCC-5

MFIB (Multicast Forwarding Information Base) MCC-21


router MLD submode, description MCC-18

MRIB (Multicast Routing Information Base) MCC-20

MSDP (Multicast Source Discovery Protocol)

Anycast RP MCC-67

default peering MCC-52

description MCC-17

inheriting commands (configuration example) MCC-70

logical RP MCC-52

MD5 password authentication, configuring MCC-58

MD5 password authentication, description MCC-21

PIM-SM domains, interconnecting MCC-52

source information, controlling MCC-55

multicast domain MCC-13

Multicast Forwarding Information Base MCC-21

Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD)

description MCC-5

versions MCC-5

multicast NSF (multicast nonstop forwarding)

configuring MCC-34

converging and reconnecting MCC-34

high availability MCC-17

prerequisites MCC-34

timeout values MCC-34

multicast protocol-specific submodes

description MCC-18

IGMP configuration submode (config-igmp) MCC-18

interface configuration inheritance MCC-19

MLD configuration submode (config-mld) MCC-18

MSDP configuration submode (config-msdp) MCC-19

PIM configuration submode (config-pim-ipv4) MCC-18

Multicast Routing Information Base MCC-20

multicast VPN

enabling multicast VRF forwarding MCC-38

multicast distribution tree MCC-14

specifying IGMP VRF instance MCC-42

specifying PIM VRF instance MCC-40

MVPN (multicast VPN)

configuring IPv4 MVPN (example) MCC-71

configuring MVPN MCC-37

IGMP VRF instance, specifying MCC-42

multicast distribution tree MCC-14

multicast VRF forwarding, enabling MCC-38

PIM VRF instance, specifying MCC-40

MVPN extranet routing

configuring MCC-48

configuring (example) MCC-82

supported protocols MCC-49

unicast routes, importing MCC-48

MVRF (VPN-specific multicast routing and forwarding database) MCC-14


show pim neighbor command MCC-10

PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast)

configuring MCC-22

description MCC-7

leaf routers MCC-8

multicast-intact MCC-9

restrictions MCC-22

shared tree, source tree, and shortest path tree MCC-8

PIM-SM (PIM sparse mode)

configuring MCC-22

description MCC-7


PIM-SSM (PIM source-specific multicast mapping )

(S,G) channels MCC-8

configuring MCC-22

datagrams, delivery MCC-8

description MCC-4, MCC-7

IGMPv3 support MCC-8

SSM mapping, restrictions MCC-24

SSM mapping, set of access lists, configuring MCC-24

rates per route

(example) MCC-68

calculating MCC-32

RP (rendezvous point)

description MCC-11

manually configuring MCC-12

RPF (Reverse Path Forwarding) MCC-13

static RP, configuring MCC-25

multicast-routing command MCC-23, MCC-35, MCC-39, MCC-62, MCC-64, MCC-65

multicast routing configuration mode interfaces, enabling and disabling MCC-20

multicast-routing ipv4 command MCC-18

multicast-routing ipv6 command MCC-18

multicast-routing submode

interface all enable command MCC-39

mdt data command MCC-40

mdt default command MCC-39

nsf command MCC-35

multicast rprotocol-specific submodes, IPv6 multicast routing (config-mcast-ipv6) MCC-18


nsf lifetime command MCC-36



See multicast routing, PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast)


remote-as command

peer submode, remote-as command MCC-54

RFC 2236, extensions for IGMP MCC-5

RFC 4601, motivation for and architecture of PIM MCC-7

router igmp command MCC-18, MCC-35, MCC-42

router mld command MCC-18, MCC-35

router mld submode, nsf lifetime command MCC-36

router msdp command MCC-19, MCC-53, MCC-56, MCC-59

router msdp submode

cache-sa-state command MCC-56

connect-source command MCC-53, MCC-70

default-peer command MCC-53

mesh-group command MCC-53

originator-id command MCC-53

password command MCC-59

peer command MCC-53, MCC-59

remote-as command MCC-53

sa-filter command MCC-56, MCC-70

ttl-threshold command MCC-56, MCC-70

router pim command MCC-18, MCC-25, MCC-27, MCC-29, MCC-35, MCC-41, MCC-47

router pim submode

auto-rp candidate-rp command MCC-27

auto-rp mapping-agent command MCC-27

bsr candidate-bsr command MCC-29

bsr candidate-rp command MCC-29

interface command MCC-30

nsf lifetime command MCC-35

rp-address command MCC-41, MCC-43


SA messages

default MCC-56

definition MCC-17

show igmp nsf command MCC-36

show mfib hardware route command MCC-59

show mfib nsf command MCC-36

show mld nsf command MCC-36

show mrib nsf command MCC-36

show msdp globals command MCC-53

show msdp peer command MCC-53

show msdp rpf command MCC-53

show pim neighbor command MCC-10

show pim nsf command MCC-36

spt-threshold infinity command MCC-8, MCC-9

Static Reverse Path Forwarding, configuring MCC-63