Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router System Management Command Reference, Release 4.1
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This reference describes the Cisco IOS XR System Management commands. The preface for Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router System Management Command Reference contains the following sections:

Changes to This Document

This table lists the technical changes made to this document since it was first printed.

Table 1 Changes to This Document
Revision Date Change Summary

OL- 24759-04

December 2012

The Object Tracking Commands module was added.

Information regarding the install remove command was corrected in the Software Package Management Commands module.

OL- 24759-03

December 2011

  • Modified an example in the clock timezone command.
  • Added a note to the exception sparse command regarding core dumps on the RP.
  • Added the snmp-server inform command and updated the snmp-server host command with the informs keyword.
  • Removed the system backup and show system backup commands.

OL- 24759-02


  • Modified the description of the show environment command last keyword.
  • Fixed the range for the snmp-server queue-length command.

OL- 24759-01

April 2011

Initial release of this document.

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