Cisco TV CDS 2.4 Installation, Upgrade, and Maintenance Guide for the Cisco ISM (Integrated Service Module) Line Card
Downgrading from Release 2.4.1
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Downgrading from Release 2.4.1

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Downgrading from Release 2.4.1

Downgrading the Software on a CDSM or VVIM

Downgrading from Release 2.4.1

This chapter describes the downgrade procedure for the CDSM, VVIM, and CDS servers. The chapter covers the following topics:

Downgrading the Software on a CDSM or VVIM

Caution Before proceeding with the software downgrade, review Chapter 2 "Overview of Upgrading and Downgrading the TV CDS Software" for information on getting the Release 2.4.1 software files, prerequisites for the software downgrade, the downgrade sequence for the devices in the CDS, and information about the upgrade and downgrade kits.

Downgrading the Software on a CDSM or VVIM

If the VVI or CDS has redundant VVIMs or CDSMs, downgrade the secondary CDSM or VVIM first, then downgrade the primary.

The primary and secondary CDSM (or VVIM) can be determined by entering the ifconfig -a | more command. The primary has the following output:

eth0:1    Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:11:00:00:00:00 
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

The primary CDSM has device eth0:1. The secondary CDSM does not have the virtual IP address as up.

Note Downgrading a CDSM requires that the TV CDS ISO image file has been downloaded and copied to the CDSM and if applicable, VVIM. Before downgrading the software, review the information in the "Introduction" section. For information on downloading the software files, see the "Getting the Cisco TV CDS Software Files for Release 2.4.1" section.

To downgrade the software on a CDSM or VVIM, do the following:

Step 1 Log in to the CDSM as root. Log in to the secondary CDSM and downgrade it first, if redundant CDSMs exist.

Step 2 Restore the configuration and database files from the backup that was created as part of the upgrade procedure. For information on this procedure, see the "Performing a Restore on the CDSM" section.

Step 3 Run the cdsinstall script to downgrade the software using the ISO image file downloaded from the Cisco software download website. In the following example, the CDSM is downgraded to Release 2.1.3:

# /root
# ./cdsinstall /CDS-TV-2.1.3.iso
Select Deployment Type (ctrl-c to quit):
  1) CDSM
CDSM Selected
[output omitted]

Step 4 Reboot the CDSM.

# reboot

Step 5 Downgrade the primary CDSM (Step 1 to Step 4), if applicable.