Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router IP Addresses and Services Command Reference, Release 4.1
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address (VRRP)
address global
address linklocal
address secondary
arp dagr
arp purge-delay
arp timeout


bfd minimum-interval (VRRP)
bfd multiplier (VRRP)


cinetd rate-limit
clear access-list ipv4
clear access-list ipv6
clear adjacency statistics
clear arp-cache
clear cef ipv4 drops
clear cef ipv4 exceptions
clear cef ipv4 interface bgp-policy-statistics
clear cef ipv4 interface rpf-statistics
clear cef ipv6 drops
clear cef ipv6 exceptions
clear cef ipv6 interface bgp-policy-statistics
clear dhcp ipv
clear dhcp ipv6 proxy binding
clear host
clear ipv6 neighbors
clear lpts ifib statistics
clear lpts pifib hardware statistics
clear lpts pifib statistics
clear nsr ncd client
clear nsr ncd queue
clear prefix-list ipv4
clear prefix-list ipv6
clear raw statistics pcb
clear tcp nsr client
clear tcp nsr pcb
clear tcp nsr session-set
clear tcp nsr statistics client
clear tcp nsr statistics pcb
clear tcp nsr statistics session-set
clear tcp nsr statistics summary
clear tcp pcb
clear tcp statistics
clear udp statistics
clear vrrp statistics
copy access-list ipv4
copy access-list ipv6
copy prefix-list ipv4
copy prefix-list ipv6


delay (VRRP)
deny (IPv4)
deny (IPv6)
deny (prefix-list)
destination (DHCP IPv6)
dhcp ipv4
dhcp ipv4 none
dhcp ipv6
domain ipv4 host
domain ipv6 host
domain list
domain lookup disable
domain name (global)
domain name-server


flow (LPTS)
forward-protocol udp
ftp client anonymous-password
ftp client passive
ftp client password
ftp client source-interface
ftp client username


giaddr policy


helper-address (ipv6)
hsrp authentication
hsrp bfd fast-detect
hsrp bfd minimum-interval
hsrp bfd multiplier
hsrp delay
hsrp ipv4
hsrp mac-address
hsrp preempt
hsrp priority
hsrp redirects
hsrp timers
hsrp track
hsrp use-bia


icmp ipv4 rate-limit unreachable
interface (DHCP)
interface (HSRP)
interface (VRRP)
ipv4 access-group
ipv4 access-list
ipv4 access-list log-update rate
ipv4 access-list log-update threshold
ipv4 address (network)
ipv4 assembler max-packets
ipv4 assembler timeout
ipv4 bgp policy accounting
ipv4 bgp policy propagation
ipv4 conflict-policy
ipv4 directed-broadcast
ipv4 helper-address
ipv4 mask-reply
ipv4 mtu
ipv4 prefix-list
ipv4 redirects
ipv4 source-route
ipv4 unnumbered (point-to-point)
ipv4 unreachables disable
ipv4 verify unicast source reachable-via
ipv4 virtual address
ipv6 access-group
ipv6 access-list
ipv6 access-list log-update rate
ipv6 access-list log-update threshold
ipv6 access-list maximum ace threshold
ipv6 access-list maximum acl threshold
ipv6 address
ipv6 address link-local
ipv6 conflict-policy
ipv6 enable
ipv6 hop-limit
ipv6 icmp error-interval
ipv6 mtu
ipv6 nd dad attempts
ipv6 nd managed-config-flag
ipv6 nd ns-interval
ipv6 nd other-config-flag
ipv6 nd prefix
ipv6 nd ra-interval
ipv6 nd ra-lifetime
ipv6 nd reachable-time
ipv6 nd redirects
ipv6 nd scavenge-timeout
ipv6 nd suppress-ra
ipv6 neighbor
ipv6 prefix-list
ipv6 unreachables disable
ipv6 verify unicast source reachable-via


local pool
lpts pifib hardware police


message state disable


nsr process-failures switchover


peer (DAGR)
permit (IPv4)
permit (IPv6)
permit (prefix-list)
ping (network)
profile (DHCP)


rcp client source-interface
rcp client username
relay information check
relay information option
relay information option allow-untrusted
relay information policy
remark (IPv4)
remark (IPv6)
remark (prefix-list)
resequence access-list ipv4
resequence access-list ipv6
resequence prefix-list ipv4
resequence prefix-list ipv6
route distance
route metric
router hsrp
router vrrp
rp mgmtethernet forwarding


service tcp-small-servers
service udp-small-servers
show access-lists afi-all
show access-lists ipv4
show access-lists ipv6
show adjacency
show arm conflicts
show arm database
show arm registrations producers
show arm router-ids
show arm summary
show arm vrf-summary
show arp
show arp dagr
show arp traffic
show cef
show cef bgp-attribute
show cef external
show cef ipv4
show cef ipv4 adjacency
show cef ipv4 adjacency hardware
show cef ipv4 drops
show cef ipv4 exact-route
show cef ipv4 exceptions
show cef ipv4 hardware
show cef ipv4 interface
show cef ipv4 interface bgp-policy-statistics
show cef ipv4 non-recursive
show cef ipv4 resource
show cef ipv4 summary
show cef ipv4 unresolved
show cef ipv6
show cef ipv6 adjacency
show cef ipv6 adjacency hardware
show cef ipv6 drops
show cef ipv6 exact-route
show cef ipv6 exceptions
show cef ipv6 hardware
show cef ipv6 interface
show cef ipv6 non-recursive
show cef ipv6 resource
show cef ipv6 summary
show cef ipv6 unresolved
show cef mpls adjacency
show cef mpls adjacency hardware
show cef mpls interface
show cef mpls unresolved
show cef recursive-nexthop
show cef summary
show cef vrf
show cinetd services
show clns statistics
show dhcp ipv4 relay profile
show dhcp ipv4 relay profile name
show dhcp ipv4 relay statistics
show dhcp ipv4 snoop binding
show dhcp ipv4 snoop statistics
show dhcp ipv6 interface
show dhcp ipv6 proxy binding
show hosts
show hsrp
show ipv4 interface
show ipv4 traffic
show ipv6 interface
show ipv6 neighbors
show ipv6 neighbors summary
show ipv6 traffic
show local pool
show lpts bindings
show lpts clients
show lpts flows
show lpts ifib
show lpts ifib slices
show lpts ifib statistics
show lpts ifib times
show lpts mpa groups
show lpts pifib
show lpts pifib hardware context
show lpts pifib hardware entry
show lpts pifib hardware police
show lpts pifib hardware usage
show lpts pifib statistics
show lpts port-arbitrator statistics
show lpts vrf
show mpa client
show mpa groups
show mpa ipv4
show mpa ipv6
show nsr ncd client
show nsr ncd queue
show p
show prefix-list
show prefix-list afi-all
show prefix-list ipv4
show prefix-list ipv4 standby
show raw brief
show raw detail pcb
show raw extended-filters
show raw statistics pcb
show tcp brief
show tcp detail
show tcp exte
show tcp nsr brief
show tcp nsr client brief
show tcp nsr detail client
show tcp nsr detail pcb
show tcp nsr detail session-set
show tcp nsr session-set brief
show tcp nsr statistics client
show tcp nsr statistics pcb
show tcp nsr statistics session-set
show tcp nsr statistics summary
show tcp statistics
show udp brief
show udp detail pcb
show udp extended-filters
show udp statistics
show vrf
show vrrp
snmp-server traps vrrp events


tcp mss
tcp path-mtu-discovery
tcp selective-ack
tcp synwait-time
tcp timestamp
tcp window-size
telnet client source-interface
telnet dscp
telnet server
telnet transparent
tftp client source-interface
tftp server
timers (DAGR)
trust relay-reply


vrf (description)
vrf (mhost)
vrf (relay profile)
vrf mode
vrrp assume-ownership disable
vrrp bfd fast-detect
vrrp bfd minimum-interval
vrrp bfd multiplier
vrrp delay
vrrp ipv4
vrrp preempt
vrrp priority
vrrp text-authentication
vrrp timer
vrrp track interface