Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router L2VPN and Ethernet Services Command Reference
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action (VPLS) command LSR-100

aging (VPLS) command LSR-102

autodiscovery bgp command LSR-104


backbone interface command LSR-106

backbone-source-mac command LSR-196

backup (L2VPN) command LSR-34

backup disable (L2VPN) command LSR-36

bridge-domain (VPLS) command LSR-108

bridge group (VPLS) command LSR-110

bridge-id command LSR-218

bringup delay command LSR-220


clear ethernet mvrp statistics command LSR-222

clear l2vpn bridge-domain (VPLS) command LSR-112

clear l2vpn collaborators command LSR-38

clear l2vpn counters bridge mac-withdrawal command LSR-39

clear l2vpn forwarding counters command LSR-40

clear l2vpn forwarding mac-address-table command LSR-113

clear l2vpn forwarding message counters command LSR-41

clear l2vpn forwarding table command LSR-42

copy access-list ethernet-service command LSR-368

cost command LSR-224


debug ethernet mvrp packets command LSR-226

debug ethernet mvrp protocol command LSR-228

debug spanning-tree mstag packet command LSR-234

debug spanning-tree mst packet command LSR-230

debug spanning-tree mst protocol-state command LSR-232

debug spanning-tree packet raw command LSR-236

debug spanning-tree pvrstag packet command LSR-238

debug spanning-tree pvstag packet command LSR-240

debug spanning-tree repag packet command LSR-242

deny (ES ACL) command LSR-370

dhcp ipv4 snoop (VPLS) command LSR-115

dot1q tunneling ethertype command LSR-6

dynamic-arp-inspection command LSR-43


encapsulation default command LSR-8

encapsulation dot1ad dot1q command LSR-10

encapsulation dot1q command LSR-12

encapsulation dot1q second-dot1q command LSR-14

encapsulation untagged command LSR-16

ethernet egress-filter command LSR-18

ethernet filtering command LSR-20

ethernet-service access-group command LSR-373

ethernet-services access-list command LSR-375

ethernet source bypass egress-filter command LSR-23

external-cost (Access Gateway) command LSR-244

external-cost (MSTP) command LSR-246


flood command LSR-45

flooding disable command LSR-117

flooding unknown-unicast disable (VPLS) command LSR-119

flush containment disable command LSR-247

forward-delay command LSR-248


guard root command LSR-249

guard topology-change LSR-251


hello-time (Access Gateway) command LSR-253

hello-time (MSTP) command LSR-255


instance (MSTAG/REPAG) command LSR-256

instance (MSTP) command LSR-258

instance cost command LSR-260

instance port-priority command LSR-262

interface (MSTAG) command LSR-264

interface (MSTP) command LSR-266

interface (p2p) command LSR-47

interface (PVSTAG/PVRSTAG) command LSR-267

interface (VPLS) command LSR-121

interworking (p2p) command LSR-49

ip-source-guard command LSR-50


join-time command LSR-269


l2protocol (Ethernet) command LSR-24

l2transport (Ethernet) command LSR-26

l2transport command LSR-52

l2transport l2protocol command LSR-54

l2transport propagate command LSR-56

l2transport service-policy command LSR-58

l2vpn command LSR-59

l2vpn resynchronize forwarding mac-address-table location command LSR-124

l2vpn switchover command LSR-60

learning disable (VPLS) command LSR-126

leaveall-time command LSR-273

leave-time command LSR-271

limit (VPLS) command LSR-128

link-type command LSR-275

load-balancing flow command LSR-61

load-balancing pw-label command LSR-62

local-traffic default encapsulation command LSR-28

logging (l2vpn) command LSR-63


mac (VPLS) command LSR-130

mac secure command LSR-132

max age command LSR-277

maximum (MSTP) command LSR-280

maximum (VPLS) command LSR-134

maximum age command LSR-279

member neighbor command LSR-136

mlacp connect command LSR-137

mpls static label (L2VPN) command LSR-64

mpls static label (VPLS) command LSR-137

mtu (VPLS) command LSR-139

mvrp static command LSR-281


name (MSTAG) command LSR-283

name (MSTP) command LSR-285

neighbor (L2VPN) command LSR-66

neighbor (VFI) command LSR-141

notification (VPLS) command LSR-143


p2p command LSR-74

pbb command LSR-198

periodic transmit command LSR-286

permit (ES ACL) command LSR-377

port-down flush disable (VPLS) command LSR-145

portfast command LSR-292

port-id command LSR-288

port-priority command LSR-290

preempt delay command LSR-294

preferred-path command LSR-68

priority (MSTP) command LSR-298

priority command LSR-296

provider-bridge (MSTAG/REPAG) command LSR-299

provider-bridge (MSTP) command LSR-301

pw-class (L2VPN) command LSR-70

pw-class (VFI) command LSR-147

pw-class encapsulation mpls command LSR-72

pw-status (L2VPN) command LSR-149


redundancy iccp group command LSR-151

redundancy one-way command LSR-152

resecyence access-list ethernet-service command LSR-380

resequence access-list ethernet-service command LSR-377

revision (MSTAG/REPAG) command LSR-302

revision (MSTP) command LSR-304

rewrite ingress tag command LSR-30

rewrite ingress tag push command LSR-200

root-cost command LSR-305

root-id command LSR-307

root-priority command LSR-309

route-target command LSR-153


sequencing (L2VPN) command LSR-75

show access-list ethernet-service usage pfilter command LSR-387

show access-lists ethernet-services command LSR-382

show access-lists ethernet-services trace command LSR-385

show ethernet mvrp mad command LSR-311

show ethernet mvrp statistics command LSR-313

show ethernet mvrp status command LSR-315

show iccp command LSR-155

show l2vpn bridge-domain (VPLS) command LSR-157

show l2vpn collaborators command LSR-77

show l2vpn forwarding bridge-domain (VPLS) command LSR-166

show l2vpn forwarding bridge-domain mac-address (VPLS) command LSR-169

show l2vpn forwarding bridge pbb command LSR-212

show l2vpn forwarding command LSR-81

show l2vpn forwarding pbb backbone-source-mac command LSR-214

show l2vpn mstp port command LSR-317

show l2vpn mstp vlan command LSR-319

show l2vpn pbb backbone-source-mac command LSR-215

show l2vpn pw-class command LSR-86

show l2vpn resource command LSR-88

show l2vpn xconnect command LSR-89

show spanning-tree mstag bpdu interface command LSR-336

show spanning-tree mstag command LSR-334

show spanning-tree mstag topology-change flushes command LSR-338, LSR-349

show spanning-tree mst bpdu interface command LSR-323

show spanning-tree mst command LSR-321

show spanning-tree mst configuration command LSR-325

show spanning-tree mst errors command LSR-327

show spanning-tree mst interface command LSR-329

show spanning-tree mst topology-change flushes command LSR-332

show spanning-tree pvrstag command LSR-340

show spanning-tree repag bpdu interface command LSR-346

shutdown (Bridge Domain) command LSR-173

shutdown (VFI) command LSR-175

signaling-protocol command LSR-177

spanning-tree mst command LSR-351

spanning-tree pvrstag command LSR-355

spanning-tree pvstag command LSR-357

spanning-tree repag command LSR-359

spanning-tree ring-termination command LSR-353

split-horizon group command LSR-178

static-address (VPLS) command LSR-180

static-mac-address (VPLS) command LSR-182

static-mac-address command LSR-202

storm-control command LSR-184


time (VPLS) command LSR-187

transmit hold-count command LSR-360

transport mode (L2VPN) command LSR-96

type (VPLS) command LSR-189


unknown-unicast-bmac command LSR-204


vfi (VPLS) command LSR-191

vlan command LSR-361

vlan-id command LSR-365

vlan-ids (MSTAG/REPAG) command LSR-363


withdrawal (VPLS) command LSR-193


xconnect group command LSR-98