Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router Interface and Hardware Component Configuration Guide
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Table Of Contents

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action capabilities-conflict command HC-53

action discovery-timeout command HC-53

action uni-directional link-fault command HC-54

address-family ipv4 command HC-536, HC-537

aggregate none command HC-109

ais-shut command HC-280

aps group command HC-246, HC-278

aps submode

channel command HC-246, HC-278

interface loopback command HC-278

See aps group command

area command (BFD) HC-532, HC-534


bert pattern command HC-312, HC-315


BFD configuration mode HC-547, HC-549, HC-550, HC-552, HC-554, HC-556, HC-557, HC-559, HC-560

BGP configuration mode HC-530


clearing HC-561

displaying HC-561

dampening, configuring HC-558

echo mode, disabling HC-554, HC-555, HC-556

echo mode, specifying source address HC-548, HC-549, HC-555, HC-559

echo startup validation, configuring HC-553


fast detection HC-536, HC-537

interface HC-531, HC-533

local device and peer, between HC-531

neighbor HC-529

static route HC-535

fast detection, configuring HC-533, HC-535

IPv6 HC-525

IPv6 checksum, enabling and disabling HC-558, HC-559

ipv6 checksum, enabling or disabling HC-561

latency detection, configuring HC-551


configuration mode HC-532

session establishment HC-529

OSPFv3 configuration mode HC-534

overview HC-518

prerequisites HC-516


BFD multiplier HC-530

minimum interval HC-530, HC-532, HC-534

multiplier HC-532, HC-534

source and destination ports HC-519

static routes, configuring HC-536

VLAN bundles HC-525

VPN VRF instance, specifying HC-536

bfd command HC-547, HC-549, HC-550, HC-552, HC-554, HC-556, HC-557, HC-559, HC-560

bfd fast-detect command HC-531, HC-533, HC-535

bfd minimum-interval command HC-530, HC-532, HC-534

bfd multiplier command HC-530, HC-532, HC-534


example HC-563


example HC-563

buckets archive command HC-109

bundle command HC-473

Bundle-Ether command HC-171

bundle id command HC-171

bundle-POS HC-179


cablelength command HC-290, HC-296, HC-302

channel command HC-246, HC-278

channel-group command HC-306, HC-429, HC-434, HC-472

Channelized SONET, configuring HC-233, HC-238


defined HC-350

enabling HC-457

password, configuring HC-462

ppp HC-381, HC-447

refusing HC-467

clear bfd counters packet command HC-562

clock source command HC-290, HC-291

controller e1 command HC-314

controller mgmtmultilink command HC-472

crc command HC-349, HC-384


dampening (BFD) command HC-558

default settings

flow control

Management Ethernet HC-11

mac-address (Management Ethernet) HC-11

speed (Management Ethernet) HC-11

delay trigger command HC-274

duplex command HC-14


E1 controller

default configuration values HC-290

frame type HC-291, HC-309

E3 controller

cable length, setting HC-290

clock source, default value HC-290


clear channel HC-293

clear channel serial HC-294

national reserved bits HC-290

E3 configuration mode HC-294

frame type HC-290, HC-296

echo disable command HC-556

echo ipv4 source command HC-548, HC-549, HC-555, HC-559

echo latency detect command HC-522, HC-551

echo startup validate command HC-553

encap command (Frame Relay) HC-414, HC-415, HC-423

encapsulation command HC-349, HC-384

encapsulation frame relay command HC-415

Ethernet interface

configuring flow control HC-25

configuring the IP address and subnet mask HC-38

configuring the MAC address HC-25, HC-39

configuring the MTU HC-25, HC-39

default settings

flow control HC-25

MAC address HC-25

mtu HC-25


Ethernet interfaces HC-40

displaying Ethernet interfaces HC-40

enabling flow-control HC-39

enabling Layer 2 transport mode HC-41

Gigabit Ethernet standards HC-26

IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet HC-27

IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gbps Ethernet HC-27

IEEE 802.3 Physical Ethernet Infrastructure HC-27

IEEE 802.3z 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet HC-27

Layer 2 VPN

overview HC-25

VLAN support HC-504

using the flow-control command HC-25, HC-39

using the ipv4 address command HC-38

using the l2transport command HC-41

using the mac address command HC-25, HC-39

using the mtu command HC-25, HC-39

using the negotiation auto command HC-39

using the no shutdown command HC-39


802.1Q frames tagging HC-502

configuring a Layer 2 VPN attachment circuit HC-507

configuring subinterfaces HC-505

displaying VLAN interfaces HC-178, HC-180, HC-507, HC-511

MTU inheritance HC-503

native VLAN description HC-503

overview HC-502

removing a subinterface HC-509

subinterface overview HC-503

using the show vlan interfaces command HC-178, HC-180, HC-507, HC-511


failover HC-171

fast-protect events HC-528

fdl HC-291

fdl ansi HC-291

fdl command HC-291, HC-305

flow-control command HC-25, HC-39

Frame Relay

configuration examples HC-437


PVC encapsulation HC-423

support type HC-415, HC-423

default configuration, modifying HC-421, HC-422

default settings HC-415


configuring HC-415, HC-423

disabling HC-415, HC-424, HC-425

enabling HC-415

overview HC-415

polling HC-416, HC-417

overview HC-414

POS interfaces HC-347

prerequisites HC-414

PVCs HC-415

serial interfaces HC-383

frame-relay intf-type command HC-415, HC-423

frame-relay intf-type dce command HC-416

frame-relay intf-type dte command HC-416

frame-relay lmi command HC-415

frame-relay lmi disable command HC-425

frame-relay lmi-t391dte command HC-417

frame-relay lmi-type command HC-415, HC-423

framing command HC-290, HC-291




IEEE 802.3ad standard HC-167

if-pre submode

ipv4 address command HC-5

if submode

bundle id command HC-179

controller sonet command HC-280

duplex command HC-14

interface command HC-279

ip address command HC-176, HC-177

ipv4 address command HC-12, HC-216, HC-430

keepalive command HC-279, HC-475

no shutdown command HC-12, HC-177, HC-179

pos crc command HC-279

See interface preconfigure command

speed command HC-15

interface Bundle-Ether command HC-176

interface command

for Ethernet interfaces HC-508

for VLAN subinterfaces HC-506

forVLAN subinterfaces HC-508

Link Bundling HC-179

loopback HC-216

null HC-218

interface loopback command HC-278

interface preconfigure command HC-5


Link Bundling HC-163

configuring HC-171

link failover HC-171

prerequisites HC-164

invert command HC-392

ip address command

bundle-POS HC-176, HC-177

ipv4 address command HC-38, HC-171, HC-176, HC-506

Fast Ethernet HC-12

loopback HC-216

POS preconfigure HC-5

ipv6 checksum command HC-561


keepalive command HC-349, HC-364

keepalive timer

description HC-350


POS link state HC-350


l2transport command HC-41


See Layer 2 VPN HC-25

See Layer 2 VPN HC-25

Layer 2 VPN

enabling Layer 2 transport mode HC-41

overview HC-25

using the l2transport command HC-41

LCP (Link Control Protocol) HC-349, HC-380

Link Aggregation Control Protocol HC-166, HC-167

link failover HC-171

LMI HC-415, HC-424, HC-425

lmi-n391dte command HC-417

lmi-n392dce command HC-416

lmi-n392dte command HC-417

lmi-n393dce command HC-416

lmi-n393dte command HC-417

lmi-t392dce command HC-416

Local Management Interface (LMI) HC-383


naming convention HC-213

loopback command HC-274


mac address command HC-25, HC-39

management ethernet interface, configuring HC-10

mdl string command HC-303

mdl transmit command HC-290, HC-303

mip auto-create command HC-58

mode command HC-294

MS-CHAP authentication

disabling HC-468

enabling HC-457, HC-458

password, configuring HC-464

ppp HC-350, HC-448, HC-464, HC-469

viewing HC-459

mtu command HC-25, HC-39, HC-349, HC-384

multilink command HC-477

multilink fragment delay command HC-474

multilink fragment-size command HC-474

multilink Frame Relay bundle interface HC-430

multilink interleave command HC-477

Multiprotocol Label Switching control processor (MPLSCP) HC-350, HC-381


naming conventions

loopback HC-213

null interface HC-213

preconfigure HC-3

national bits command HC-290, HC-291, HC-296, HC-309

negotiation auto command HC-39

neighbor command (BFD) HC-530

Network Control Protocols (NCPs) HC-350, HC-380

no interface command HC-510

Nonstop forwarding HC-171

no shutdown command

(warning) HC-3

bundle-POS HC-177, HC-179

Fast Ethernet HC-12

for Ethernet interfaces HC-39

null interface

configuring HC-214

displaying HC-214

naming convention HC-213


overhead command HC-274


PAP authentication

defined HC-447

disabling HC-465

enabling HC-457, HC-458, HC-460, HC-461

ppp HC-350, HC-460

refusing HC-466

viewing HC-459

path command HC-275, HC-282

path scrambling command HC-280

ping ethernet cfm command HC-107

Point-to-Point protocol


POS (Packet-over-SONET)

See POS interface

pos crc command HC-240

POS interface

bringing up HC-353


CRC value HC-240, HC-349, HC-357

encapsulation type HC-349

interface encapsulation HC-240, HC-357, HC-475

keepalive timer HC-349, HC-363, HC-364, HC-475

MTU HC-240, HC-349, HC-357, HC-371

optional parameters HC-356

PPP authentication HC-350

default settings

CRC HC-349

encapsulation HC-349

keepalive HC-349

mtu HC-349

Frame Relay encapsulation HC-347

HDLC encapsulation


overview HC-349

interface configuration mode

interface command HC-475

interface multilink command HC-474, HC-477

interface pos command HC-240, HC-354, HC-357

PPP encapsulation

description HC-347

overview HC-349

subinterfaces, creating with PVCs HC-358



authentication HC-447

enabling HC-457, HC-458

password, configuring HC-462, HC-463

refusing HC-467

viewing HC-459

default configuration, modfying HC-454, HC-455

interfaces, displaying HC-457


disabling HC-468, HC-469

enabling HC-458

authenticaion HC-457

password,configuring HC-464

ppp HC-381, HC-448

viewing HC-459

overview HC-446


authentication HC-381, HC-460

disabling HC-465

enabling HC-457, HC-458, HC-460, HC-461

refusing HC-466

viewing HC-459

POS configuration example HC-487

POS interface HC-347, HC-349

prerequisites HC-446

serial configuration example HC-487

serial interface HC-378, HC-380

ppp authentication command HC-350, HC-381, HC-447, HC-458

ppp chap password command HC-463

ppp chap refuse command HC-467

ppp max-bad-auth command HC-455

ppp max-configure command HC-455

ppp max-failure command HC-455

ppp max-terminate command HC-456

ppp ms-chap password command HC-464

ppp ms-chap refuse command HC-469

ppp multilink minimum-active links command HC-477

ppp pap refuse command HC-466

ppp pap sent-username command HC-460, HC-461

ppp timeout authentication command HC-456

ppp timeout retry command HC-456


advantages HC-3

directory HC-1

naming conventions HC-3

restriction to physical interface HC-1

PROT_BFD_SESSION_DOWN fast-protect event HC-528

PROT_IF_DOWN fast-protect event HC-528


POS subinterface HC-358, HC-360


remote-as command (BFD) HC-531

router bgp command HC-530

router ospf command (BFD) HC-532

router ospfv3 command (BFD) HC-534

router static command (BFD) HC-536

RP, preconfiguration directory HC-1


scramble command HC-392

serial interface


CRC HC-391

interface encapsulation HC-391

IP address and subnet mask HC-389

keepalive timer HC-399

transmit delay HC-392

data stream, inverting HC-392

default settings

CRC HC-384

encapsulation HC-384

keepalive HC-384

mtu HC-384

link state HC-380, HC-381, HC-382

payload scrambling, enabling HC-392

PPP encapsulation HC-380

show aps command HC-247, HC-281

show bfd counters command HC-562

show bundle Bundle-Ether command HC-180

show controllers command HC-294

show controller sonet command HC-276

show frame-relay lmi command HC-416

show interfaces command HC-38, HC-406

for Ethernet interfaces HC-40, HC-42

show ppp interfaces command HC-457, HC-459

show version command HC-38

show vlan command HC-178, HC-180, HC-507, HC-511

SLARP (Serial Line Address Resolution Protocol) HC-351, HC-380, HC-382

SONET (Synchronous Optical Network)

APS HC-276

description HC-269

fast reroute (FFR) HC-281

SONET APS (SONET Automatic Protection Switching) HC-276

SONET controller

configuring HC-273

frame type HC-274

sonet submode

ais-shut command HC-280

clock source command HC-274, HC-280

delay trigger command HC-274, HC-282

framing command HC-274

loopback command HC-274

overhead command HC-274

path command HC-275, HC-282

path scrambling command HC-280

See controller sonet command


speed command

management ethernet HC-15

switched port analyzer HC-185


T1 controller

ANSI T1.403 or AT&T TR54016 performance reports HC-291, HC-305

BERT, configuring HC-314

clock source HC-291, HC-305

default configuration values HC-290

DS0 timeslots, associating HC-306, HC-429, HC-434, HC-472

frame type HC-291, HC-305

T1 channel group, creating HC-306, HC-429, HC-434, HC-472

T1 configuration mode HC-305, HC-317, HC-428, HC-434, HC-472

yellow alarms HC-291

T3 controller

cable length, setting HC-290

clock source

configuring HC-296, HC-302, HC-471

default value HC-290

configuring HC-297


channelized T3 controller HC-300

clear channel E3 controller HC-294

clear channel T3 controller HC-298

FRF.12 end-to-end fragmentation HC-433

MDL messages HC-290

multilink Frame Relay bundle interfaces HC-428

frame type HC-290, HC-302


default E3 controller HC-296

default T3 controller HC-302

timeslots command HC-306, HC-429, HC-434, HC-472

traffic filtering HC-214

transmit-delay command HC-392

transparent switch over HC-10


uni-directional link-fault detection command HC-54


virtual interface

and active/standby RPs HC-4, HC-215

failover HC-213

naming convention HC-213

null interface definition HC-214


802.1Q frames tagging HC-502

configuring an IP address and subnet mask HC-506

configuring subinterfaces HC-505

displaying VLAN interfaces HC-178, HC-180, HC-507, HC-511

Layer 2 VPN

configuring an attachment circuit HC-507

Layer 2 VPN support HC-504

MTU inheritance HC-503

native VLAN description HC-503

overview HC-502

removing a VLAN subinterface HC-509

subinterface overview HC-503

using the ipv4 address command HC-506

using the no interfawn command HC-510

using the show vlan interfaces command HC-178, HC-180, HC-507, HC-511

vrf command (BFD) HC-536


yellow command HC-291, HC-305