Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Hardware Installation Guide
Overview of the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway
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Overview of the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway

Table Of Contents

Overview of the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway


Product Serial Number Location for the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway

Configuration Options

Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Deployment

Interfaces and Service Capabilities

Physical Description and LEDs

Chassis Grounding

Port Numbering Conventions


Software Elements

Configuration Connections

Configuration Methods

Automated Configuration

Manual Configuration

Overview of the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway

This chapter provides a brief description of the Cisco VG224 voice gateway (VG) and contains the following sections:


Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Deployment

Interfaces and Service Capabilities

Physical Description and LEDs


Software Elements


The Cisco VG224 supports the following interfaces:

10/100BASE-T LAN connection

RJ-21 analog voice interface

External/Internal compact flash

The Cisco VG224 can be housed in a rack, mounted on a wall, or set on a bench-top surface.

Warning This unit is intended for installation in restricted access areas. A restricted access area can be accessed only through the use of a special tool, lock and key, or other means by security. Statement 1017

Figure 1-1 Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Front Panel

The Cisco VG224 provides 24 analog foreign exchange station (FXS) voice ports with two 10/100BASE-T ports. The chassis has the following interfaces:

RJ-21 analog voice interface

Two 10/100BASE-T ports

External compact flash memory

AC and DC power inputs

Figure 1-2 shows the basic types of Cisco VG224 chassis as seen from the cabling side.

Figure 1-2 Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Chassis

Product Serial Number Location for the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway

The serial number label for the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway is located on the rear of the chassis, in the middle-left side. (See Figure 1-3.)

Figure 1-3 Serial Number Locations

Note The serial number for the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway is 11 characters long

Configuration Options

The following interface options are available in the Cisco VG224 voice gateway:

Table 1-1 Configuration Options

RJ-21 1
T1/E1 2
FE 3
CF 5

Cisco VG224 voice gateway






1 Analog voice interface

2 T1/E1 ports

3 10/100BASE-T ports

4 WAN interface card (data); voice interface card (voice)

5 Compact flash

Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Deployment

Figure 1-4 shows a typical deployment scenario for the Cisco VG224 voice gateway.

Figure 1-4 Analog FXS User Interfaces with Metro Ethernet WAN Interface

Interfaces and Service Capabilities

The various physical ports and the services supported by each port type are described in Table 1-2.

Two administrative ports—One console and one auxiliary.

One or two 10/100BASE-T LAN ports.

Cisco VG224 voice gateway for analog voice user interface is equipped with an RJ-21 port for connection to a distribution panel.

Table 1-2 Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Interfaces and Service Capabilities 

Interface Configurations
Interface To
Services Supported

Port 0/0

EIA/TIA-232 asynchronous serial (DCE1 )

ASCII terminal

Personal computer

Local administrative access

RJ-45 physical interface


Port 0/1

EIA/TIA-232 asynchronous serial (DTE2 )


Remote administrative access

Data backup

RJ-45 physical interface

Fast Ethernet
Port 0/0, 0/1

10/100BASE-T (802.3)



RJ-45 physical interface

24 analog FXS voice ports

Port 2/0 to 2/23

FXS (loop-start or ground-start)

Analog phone, fax, or modem

Network side of key system

Network side of analog PBX

Analog voice/fax or modem

Provides battery

RJ-21 physical interface

CF3 Slot 0


Flash memory

Flash card

1 DCE = data communications equipment

2 DTE = data terminal equipment

3 CF = compact flash memory

Physical Description and LEDs

All interface ports and LEDs are on the rear of the chassis.

Figure 1-5 Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway LEDs


Chassis ground connection


Fast Ethernet port 0


On/off switch


RJ-21 connector


AUX port


AC power input


Compact flash port


Console port


Fast Ethernet port 1


DC power input1


1 This is not a redundant failover power supply connection. You must use either DC or AC.

Chassis Grounding

Chassis grounding is provided through the power cable, which uses a standard grounding plug. The chassis is also equipped with two multi 4 x 0.7 screw terminals for chassis grounding. The accessory kit contains a crimp-type ground lug that attaches to the two screw terminals. For more information, refer to the "Installing the Ground Connection" section on page 3-11.

Port Numbering Conventions

Port numbering conventions for the Cisco VG224 are as follows:

An external compact flash card is numbered CF 0.

10/100BASE-T ports are numbered 10/100BASE-T 0/0 and 10/100BASE-T 0/1 from right to left.

FXS voice port numbering begins at 2/0 and extends to 2/7, 2/15, or 2/23, depending on the number of voice ports.


Table 1-3 Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Technical Specifications 



1.75H x 17.5W x 13.5D in. (44.4 x 444.5 x 342.9 mm)


11 lb (4.106 kg) max

Input power

100 to 240 VAC, 1 A (max), 50 to 60 Hz, 70 W (max)

Maximum power surge


Input power
(DC 12 volt battery) by chassis

60 W (204.7 BTU/h)

Caution Do not try to use AC and DC power at the same time. If you do, the unit stops operating and you have to reboot using a single power source.


195,671 hours

Operating environment

32 to 122×F (0 to 50×C)

Nonoperating temperature

-40 to 185×F (-40 to 85×C)

Operating humidity

5 to 95%, noncondensing

Noise level

55 dB @ 3 ft

Agency approvals

Refer to the Cisco VG224 Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information document at the following URL:

Warning Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national laws and regulations. Statement 1040

Software Elements

The operating system for the Cisco VG224 voice gateway is the Cisco IOS software that resides in flash memory.

Configuration Connections

You can use an ASCII terminal or a PC to configure a Cisco VG224 voice gateway. The configuration can be performed in several ways:

Locally, with a direct connection through the console port

Remotely, with a connection through the auxiliary port and a modem

Through Telnet and TFTP

Configuration Methods

Automated Configuration

If your Cisco VG224 voice gateway was ordered with the Simple Network-Enabled Auto-Provision (SNAP) option, no onsite configuration is required. When the Cisco VG224 voice gateway is powered on and connected, the SNAP application downloads the applicable configuration files automatically.

Manual Configuration

When a Cisco VG224 voice gateway is first installed, use the procedure in Chapter 4, "Power-On Procedure," for the initial configuration. This sets the basic communication parameters. After the
Cisco VG224 voice gateway is operating and able to communicate, use the procedures in the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway Software Configuration Guide to configure the specific services and functions, or to make changes to the existing configuration.

There are multiple methods for configuring a Cisco VG224 voice gateway:

System configuration dialog

Configuration mode—Cisco IOS software command-line interface (CLI)

setup command facility—Remote configuration through a LAN

SNMP-based application—CiscoView or HP OpenView

HTTP-based configuration server—Provides access to the CLI from a web browser