Cisco Micro Hub User Guide
Wall-Mounting the Hub
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Wall-Mounting the Hub

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Wall-Mounting the Hub

Wall-Mounting the Hub

The Cisco Micro Hub can be wall-mounted by using two number 6, 3/4-inch screws and the molded mounting brackets on the bottom of the hub. You must provide the screws. We recommend using pan-head or round-head screws.

Figure C-1 Wall-Mount Brackets—Bottom of Hub

To mount the hub on a wall or other surface:

Step 1 Install the two screws 3.75 inches (9.52 centimeters) apart on a wall or other vertical surface.

The screws should protrude 0.25 inches (0.64 centimeters) from the surface of the wall.

Step 2 Hang the hub on the screws with the mounting brackets so that:

The LEDs are visible to the user. The LEDs indicate the hub operating status, so the LEDs should be easily visible.

The power supply does not hang from its cable. If the power supply is not supported, it will disconnect from the cable that connects it to the hub.

If you install the screws in drywall, use hollow wall-anchors (1/8 inch by 5/16 inch) to secure the screws. If the screws are not properly anchored, the strain of the cables connected to the hub rear panel connectors could pull the hub from the wall.