Cisco 7600 Series Router Cisco IOS Command Reference, 12.1E
Cisco 7600 Series Router Cisco IOS Commands
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Catalyst 6500 Series Cisco IOS Commands

Table Of Contents

Catalyst 6500 Series Cisco IOS Commands

A Commands

B Commands

C Commands

D Commands

E Commands

F Commands

H Commands

I Commands

L Commands

M Commands

N Commands

P Commands

R Commands

S Commands

Show Commands

T Commands

U Commands

V Commands

W Commands

Catalyst 6500 Series Cisco IOS Commands

A Commands





B Commands

boot config

C Commands





clear catalyst6000 traffic-meter

clear counters

clear interface gigabitethernet

clear interface vlan

clear ip access-template

clear ip auth-proxy watch-list

clear ip cef epoch full

clear ip cef inconsistency

clear ip flow stats

clear ip igmp group

clear lacp counters

clear mac-address-table dynamic

clear mls

clear mls exclude protocol

clear mls ip multicast statistics

clear mls nde counters

clear mls nde flow

clear mls qos

clear pagp

clear spanning-tree detected-protocol

clear vlan counters


copy /noverify

D Commands

debug adjacency

debug backup

debug callback

debug cca

debug condition interface

debug condition standby

debug condition vlan

debug earl

debug ehsa

debug entry

debug etherchnl

debug ethernet-interface

debug fastethernet

debug fm

debug gssapi

debug icc

debug iccshim

debug interface

debug ipc

debug ip rgmp

debug l2-mgr events

debug l3-mgr

debug local-ack

debug ltl

debug mergeapi

debug mls ip multicast

debug mls rp

debug monitor

debug msc

debug netdr

debug nvram

debug pagp

debug pf

debug pm

debug priority

debug qm

debug qm-sp

debug rpc

debug scp

debug smf updates

debug spanning-tree

debug spanning-tree backbonefast

debug spanning-tree switch

debug spanning-tree uplinkfast

debug sw-vlan

debug sw-vlan ifs

debug sw-vlan notification

debug sw-vlan vtp

debug tcam

debug udld

debug vacl

debug vlog

define interface-range

diagnostic level

disconnect qdm


dot1x default

dot1x max-req

dot1x multi-hosts

dot1x port-control

dot1x reauthentication

dot1x system-auth-control

dot1x timeout


E Commands


errdisable detect cause

errdisable recovery

F Commands

fabric clear-block

fabric lcd-banner

fabric required

fabric switching-mode allow

file verify auto




H Commands

hw-module reset

I Commands



interface port-channel

interface range

interface vlan

ip access-list hardware permit fragments

ip auth-proxy max-login-attempts

ip auth-proxy watch-list

ip cef table consistency-check

ip flow-cache entries

ip flow-export destination

ip flow-export source

ip flow-export version

ip igmp snooping

ip igmp snooping fast-leave

ip igmp snooping l2-entry-limit

ip igmp snooping last-member-query-interval

ip igmp snooping mrouter

ip igmp snooping querier

ip igmp snooping static

ip local-proxy-arp

ip multicast rpf backoff

ip multicast rpf interval

ip pim autorp listener

ip rgmp

ip route-cache flow

ip sticky-arp

ip verify unicast reverse-path

ip verify unicast source reachable-via

ip wccp redirect exclude in

ip wccp web-cache accelerated

L Commands


l2protocol-tunnel cos

l2protocol-tunnel drop-threshold

l2protocol-tunnel shutdown-threshold

lacp port-priority

lacp system-priority

link debounce

logging event link-status (global configuration)

logging event link-status (interface configuration)

M Commands

mac access-list extended

mac-address-table aging-time

mac-address-table static

mac-address-table unicast-flood


maxconns (real server configuration submode)


mdix auto

mkdir disk0:

mls aclmerge algorithm

mls aging fast

mls aging long

mls aging normal

mls exclude protocol

mls flow

mls ip

mls ip cef arp-throttling

mls ip cef rate-limit

mls ip cef load-sharing full

mls ip directed-broadcast

mls ip inspect

mls ip multicast (global configuration mode)

mls ip multicast (interface configuration mode)

mls ip multicast connected

mls ip multicast consistency-check

mls ip multicast non-rpf-netflow (global configuration mode)

mls ip multicast non-rpf-netflow (interface configuration mode)

mls ip multicast stub

mls ip multicast threshold

mls ip pbr

mls ipx (interface configuration mode)

mls nde flow

mls nde interface

mls nde sender

mls netflow

mls netflow maximum-flows

mls netflow sampling

mls netflow usage notify

mls qos (global configuration mode)

mls qos (interface configuration mode)

mls qos aggregate-policer

mls qos bridged

mls qos channel-consistency

mls qos cos

mls qos flow-policing

mls qos map cos-dscp

mls qos map dscp-cos

mls qos map ip-prec-dscp

mls qos statistics-export (global configuration mode)

mls qos statistics-export (interface configuration mode)

mls qos statistics-export aggregate-policer

mls qos statistics-export class-map

mls qos statistics-export delimiter

mls qos statistics-export destination

mls qos statistics-export interval

mls qos trust

mls qos trust extend

mls qos vlan-based

mls rp ip (global configuration mode)

mls rp ip (interface configuration mode)

mls rp ipx (global configuration mode)

mls rp ipx (interface configuration mode)

mls rp management-interface

mls rp nde-address

mls rp vlan-id

mls rp vtp-domain

mls sampling


monitor session

mpls l2transport route

mpls load-balance per-label


N Commands



P Commands

pagp learn-method

pagp port-priority


port-channel load-balance

power enable

power inline

power redundancy-mode

ppp link


private-vlan mapping

private-vlan synchronize


R Commands

rcv-queue cos-map

rcv-queue queue-limit

rcv-queue random-detect

rcv-queue threshold


redundancy force-switchover


remote command

remote login





rmon alarm

rmon event

S Commands

scheduler allocate

service counters max age

service-policy input

session slot

set ip dscp

set ip precedence (policy-map)


shutdown vlan

snmp ifindex clear

snmp ifindex persist

snmp-server enable traps

snmp-server ifindex persist

spanning-tree backbonefast

spanning-tree bpdufilter

spanning-tree bpduguard

spanning-tree cost

spanning-tree etherchannel guard misconfig

spanning-tree extend system-id

spanning-tree guard

spanning-tree link-type

spanning-tree loopguard default

spanning-tree mode

spanning-tree mst

spanning-tree mst configuration

spanning-tree mst forward-time

spanning-tree mst hello-time

spanning-tree mst max-age

spanning-tree mst max-hops

spanning-tree mst root

spanning-tree pathcost method

spanning-tree portfast (interface configuration mode)

spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default

spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default

spanning-tree port-priority

spanning-tree uplinkfast

spanning-tree vlan



stack-mib portname

standby delay minimum reload

standby track

standby use-bia

storm-control level


switchport access vlan

switchport autostate exclude

switchport capture

switchport capture allowed vlan

switchport mode

switchport port-security

switchport port-security aging time

switchport port-security mac-address

switchport port-security maximum

switchport port-security violation

switchport private-vlan host-association

switchport private-vlan mapping

switchport protocol

switchport trunk

switchport voice vlan


system jumbomtu

Show Commands

show adjacency

show arp

show asic-version

show bootflash:

show bootvar

show cable-diagnostics prbs

show cable-diagnostics tdr

show catalyst6000

show cdp neighbors

show class-map

show counters interface

show cwan

show diagnostic

show dot1q-tunnel

show dot1x

show environment alarm

show environment status

show environment temperature

show eobc

show errdisable detect

show errdisable recovery

show etherchannel

show fabric

show fm features

show fm inband-counters

show fm insp

show fm interface

show fm reflexive

show fm summary

show fm vlan

show icc

show idprom

show interfaces

show interfaces capabilities

show interfaces counters

show interfaces debounce

show interfaces description

show interfaces flowcontrol

show interfaces private-vlan mapping

show interfaces status

show interfaces summary

show interfaces switchport

show interfaces trunk

show ip auth-proxy watch-list

show ip cache flow

show ip cef epoch

show ip cef inconsistency

show ip cef summary

show ip cef vlan

show ip igmp interface

show ip igmp snooping mrouter

show ip mroute

show ip rpf events

show ip wccp

show ipc

show l2protocol-tunnel

show l3-mgr

show lacp

show mac-address-table

show mls asic

show mls cef

show mls cef adjacency

show mls cef exact-route

show mls cef hardware

show mls cef ip

show mls cef ipx

show mls cef logging

show mls cef mac

show mls cef statistics

show mls cef summary

show mls ip

show mls ip multicast

show mls ip statistics

show mls ipx

show mls nde

show mls netflow

show mls netflow ip

show mls netflow ipx

show mls qos

show mls qos aggregate policer

show mls qos statistics-export info

show mls sampling

show mls statistics

show mls table-contention

show module

show monitor session

show mpls l2transport vc

show mpls ttfib

show msfc

show pagp

show platform

show policy-map

show policy-map interface

show port-security

show power

show protocol-filtering

show qdm status

show qm-sp port-data

show queueing interface

show redundancy

show rom-monitor

show rpc

show running-config

show scp

show slot0:

show spanning-tree

show spanning-tree mst

show standby delay

show sup-bootflash

show tcam counts

show tcam interface

show tech-support

show udld

show vlan

show vlan access-log

show vlan access-map

show vlan counters

show vlan dot1q tag native

show vlan filter

show vlan internal usage

show vlan mapping

show vlan private-vlan

show vlan remote-span

show vlans

show vtp

T Commands

tcam priority

test cable-diagnostics


U Commands


udld port

udld reset

upgrade rom-monitor


V Commands


vlan (config-VLAN submode)

vlan (global configuration mode)

vlan (VLAN configuration submode)

vlan access-log

vlan access-map

vlan database

vlan dot1q tag native

vlan filter

vlan internal allocation policy

vlan mapping


W Commands

wrr-queue bandwidth

wrr-queue cos-map

wrr-queue queue-limit

wrr-queue random-detect

wrr-queue threshold