Cisco 12016, Cisco 12416, and Cisco 12816 Router Installation and Configuration Guide
Appendix B - Site Log
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Site Log

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Site Log

Site Log

The site log provides a historical record of all actions relevant to the operation and maintenance of the router. Keep your site log in a convenient place near the router where anyone who performs the maintenance has access to it.

Site log entries might include the following:

Installation progress—Make entries in the site log to record installation progress. Note any difficulties and remedies during the installation process.

Upgrades or removal and replacement procedures—Use the site log as a record of router maintenance and expansion history.

Each time a procedure is performed on the router, update the site log to show the following:

Any FRU that is installed, removed, or replaced

Any router configuration changes

Software upgrades

Corrective or preventive maintenance procedures performed

Intermittent problems

Related comments

The following page shows a sample site log page. You can make copies of the sample or design your own site log page to meet the needs of your site and equipment.

 Action Performed or Symptoms Observed