Cisco 10008 Router Hardware Installation Guide
Repacking the Box
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Repacking the Box

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Repacking the Box

Repacking the Box

If your system is damaged, you must repack it for return shipment. Use the original shipping containers. Figure B-1 shows an exploded view of the system and packing materials.

To return or move the Cisco 10008 router to a different location, follow these instructions for repacking the system, using the original packaging material:

Figure B-1 Cisco 10008 System and Packing Material


Front cover (bezel)


Bottom pallet


Accessory box


Top packing material


Filler box (empty)


Cisco 10000 router

Step 1 Place the bottom packing material section inside the bottom of the shipping container.

Step 2 Use at least two people to place the Cisco 10008 chassis inside the container. Be sure that the chassis is positioned correctly before you lower it inside the container (see Figure B-1).

Step 3 Place the top packing material over the top of the Cisco 10008 chassis (see Figure B-1).

Step 4 Place both accessory boxes inside the cutouts in the top section of the packing material (see Figure B-1).

Figure B-2 Cisco 10008 System Package




Packing straps




Step 5 Fold the outside carton down over the top of the accessory boxes and seal with packing tape (Figure B-2).

Step 6 Wrap two packaging straps tightly around the top and bottom of the package to hold the outside carton and the bottom pallet (Figure B-2).

Caution Do not use tape to hold the outside carton to the bottom pallet. Packaging straps must be used.