Cisco ONS 15454 SDH TL1 Command Guide, Release 7.0.1
Chapter 13, EX Commands
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EX Commands

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EX Commands


EX Commands

This chapter provides EX (exercise) commands for the Cisco ONS 15454 SDH.


Exercise Protection Switch (STM4, STM16, STM64)

Usage Guidelines

This command exercises the algorithm for switching from a working facility to a protection facility without actually performing a switch. It is assumed that the facility being exercised is the working unit. The exercise switching success or failure result will be indicated by an automatic alarm.

See Table 27-1 for supported modifiers by platform.

Exercise switch for the SDH protection line is not supported in this release. If sending this command to the protection unit, an error message will be returned. In addition to all normal INPUT, EQUIPAGE, PRIVILEGE error codes, the following error codes are also included in this command:

SNVS (Status, Not in Valid State)

SROF (Status, Requested Operation Failed)

SSRD (Status, Switch Request Denied)

NoteIf you send the EX-SW-<STM_MSSPR> command to both east and west sides/spans of a two-fiber or four-fiber ring within a short time period (less than 30-45 seconds) the system will only execute one (WEST) side EXER-RING query, and preempt the other (EAST) side query. There will be no event messages reported for the preempted side, and it will be in APS-CLEAR switching state.

Examples of sending the EX-SW-<STM_MSSPR> command to both east and west sides/spans of a two-fiber or four-fiber ring within a short time period (less than 30-45 seconds) are: (a) A single command with both side/span AIDs (in the list AID format) of the same two-fiber or four-fiber ring or (b) Separate queries (via TL1 or CTC, or TL1 and CTC) on both sides/spans of the same two-fiber or four-fiber ring.

DIRN is an optional parameter. A NULL value of this parameter defaults to BTH for a two-fiber or four-fiber MS-SPRing protection group.

DIRN follows these rules:

TRMT will always fail for any kind of protection groups.

For two-fiber and four-fiber MS-SPRing protection groups both the RCV and TRMT direction will fail.

Only BTH is a valid parameter. EX-SW-<STM_TYPE> can be operated only on MS-SPRing protection groups.





Input Format


Input Example


Input Parameters

Table 13-1 EX-SW-<STM_MSSPR> Input Parameters 

Parameter and Values


Access identifier from the "FACILITY" section. Identifies the facility in the NE to which the switch request is directed


Switch type. Must not be null

Parameter type is SWITCH_TYPE—MS-SPRing switch type. MANWKSWBK, MANWKSWPR, FRCDWKSWBK, FRCDWKSWPR, LOCKOUTOFPR, and LOCKOUTOFWK are retrieve-only values for RTRV-PROTNSW-STM commands. They are not applicable for the OPR-PROTNSW-STM commands. RING and SPAN are the only allowed values for MS-SPRing protection


Working unit is forced to switch back to working


Working unit is forced to switch to the protection unit


Lockout of protection


Lockout of working


Manual switch of working unit back to working


Manual switch of working unit back to the protection unit


MS-SPRing ring switch type


MS-SPRing span switch type


Direction. A null value defaults to RCV

Parameter type is DIRECTION—transmit and receive direction


Both transmit and receive directions


Receive direction only


Transmit direction only