Cisco ONS 15454 SDH TL1 Command Guide, Release 7.0.1
Chapter 9, DISC Commands
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DISC Commands

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DISC Commands


DISC Commands

This chapter provides DISC (disconnect) commands for the Cisco ONS 15454 SDH.


Disconnect Test Access

Usage Guidelines

This command disconnects the TAP and puts the connection back to its original state (no splits). For more information on TACC, refer to the Cisco ONS SONET TL1 Reference Guide.

For this command to be applicable, you must first create the TAP using the ED-<VC_PATH> or ED-VC12 command.

The following actions will return error messages:

If you send this command to an already disconnected connection, a SADC error message is returned.

If the system cannot release TAP, an SRTN error message is returned.

Note If the test access connection is intrusive, the original state of the facility/path is restored after this command is executed. Test access connections are dropped automatically if the TL1 session is terminated or is timed out.


Troubleshooting and Test Access



Input Format


Input Example


Input Parameters

Table 9-1 DISC-TACC Input Parameters 

Parameter and Values


The Test Access Path number. The TAP number must be an integer with a range of 1 to 999. String

Note This command only supports disconnecting one TAP at a time