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Cisco Prime Home Release Notes, 5.1.1

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Release Notes for Cisco Prime Home 5.1.1

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Release Notes for Cisco Prime Home 5.1.1




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Release Notes for Cisco Prime Home 5.1.1

First Published: April 30, 2013

These release notes provide an overview of Cisco Prime Home 5.1.1 and describe the enhancements made in this release.

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These release notes contain the following sections:



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Cisco Prime Home 5.1.1 offers telecommunication service providers the ability to automatically activate and configure subscribers, manage customer premises equipment (CPE), and deliver advanced services via service packages over DSL, fiber, cable, T1/E1, wireless, and satellite networks. Advanced features include services such as time blocking, content filtering, managed WiFi, remote port forwarding, and IPTV. Prime Home also lets you remotely manage TR-069-compliant CPEs from a variety of vendors.


Table 1 lists the enhancements that have been made to Cisco Prime Home 5.1.1.

Table 1 Cisco Prime Home 5.1.1 Enhancements 



Added index to DeviceSignature to increase the database performance for deployments, which make use of future device configurations.


The WiFi Security Type column in a report displays the correct data, even if multiple SSIDs are configured for the device.


To improve the user experience with Prime Home, the following modifications are made in the interface:

Removed breadcrumbs from the Customer Support page

Removed breadcrumbs from the Provisioning page, and updated the title

Fixed the spacing issue on Synchronization page driver list

Made User Profile on hover instead of on click

Fixed the top spacing issue of Result panel on the Reports page

Minor Mozilla CSS fixes for Firefox 3.6.2


Taze implementation in Prime Home now supports a high availability (redundant) deployment with active/active nodes for Taze and active/active nodes for ActiveMQ as well.


Added the new LAN device icon palette to the Customer Support portal and the Subscriber portal
(Control Panel).


The 'Generate Password' button is renamed as 'Create a Random Key'. This button can also be hidden from the user interface upon request.

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