Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning Guide, 9.5
Prebuilt IOS Templates
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Prebuilt IOS Templates

Copying Prebuilt Cisco IOS Templates to Provisioning

Prebuilt IOS Templates

Prebuilt Cisco IOS Templates are distributed by Cisco for many applications and are supported by multiple administration products within Cisco.

A prebuilt Cisco IOS Template is defined by two files:

<Name>-swconfig.txt—This file contains the Cisco IOS commands. It is different from the Commands attribute for generic Cisco IOS commands in one aspect: the keywords are delimited with the "at" symbol (@).

Config-UserGuide-<Name>.txt—This file lists all the keywords that are used in the swconfig.txt file. The keywords must include the leading @ character. If the first character of a line is not the @ character, it is treated as a comment.

If you are using C2851_GigE-ASSTwOSPF-DMVPN-CME-H323-FaxRelay in <Name>, the following would be the text files:



If one file is missing or the naming convention is not followed, the name will not appear in the list of prebuilt template filenames in Provisioning.

If an error is detected in the text files, an error message is displayed. If you get an error message, you must cancel the creation of the template item and correct the problem. One of the most common errors is that a keyword used in the swconfig.txt file is not cross-referenced in the Config-UserGuide-<Name>.txt file.

Noncomment lines in the Config-UserGuide-<Name>.txt file are comment delimited and have three required columns. They are:

Keyword Name—The full name of the keyword, including the leading @ character. Valid characters for a keyword name are alphanumeric characters, underscore, left bracket ([), and right bracket (]).

Keyword Description—A free-text field that provides a description of what the keyword value represents in the Cisco IOS commands.

Keyword Label—A shorter description of the purpose of the keyword.

Copying Prebuilt Cisco IOS Templates to Provisioning

The generic Prebuilt Cisco IOS templates are available for download from

To copy files:

Step 1 Access your Provisioning system and go to the subdirectory ${CUPM-INSTALLED}\sep\ipt\ios-pre-built.

Step 2 Copy the downloaded files into your Provisioning platform's subdirectory. There you will find a directory called Sample.

Step 3 Create a new directory and give a descriptive name for the type of generic Cisco IOS prebuilt templates.

Step 4 Copy the <Name>-swconfig.txt and Config-UserGuide-<Name>.txt for your prebuilt template into one of the subdirectories you have created under ios-pre-built.