Cisco Prime Collaboration Device Management Guide, 9.0
Introduction to Device Management
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Introduction to Device Management

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Introduction to Device Management

Introduction to Device Management

You can manage your device credentials, discover devices, import and export devices and device credentials using device management. You can access this feature from the Operate menu in Prime Collaboration 9.0 home page.

You must review the Setting Up Devices for Prime Collaboration section to understand how to configure devices on the network before you manage them in Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.0.

You can discover and manage all IP Telephony and video collaboration endpoints, multipoint switches, application managers, call processors, routers, and switches that are part of your collaboration network.

Prime Collaboration discovers all endpoints and call processors that are managed in the application manager. As part of the discovery, the device interface and peripheral details are also retrieved and stored in the Prime Collaboration database.

You can discover devices using different discovery methods in Prime Collaboration. You can schedule a discovery job by specifying either a single IP address or multiple IP addresses (see Figure 4-1).

After the discovery is complete, you can perform the following device management tasks:

Group devices under user-defined groups.

Edit visibility settings for managed devices.

Customize event settings for devices.

Rediscover devices.

Update inventory for managed devices.

Suspend and resume the management of a managed device.

Add or remove devices from a group.

Manage device access credentials.

Import Device List and Device Credentials from Cisco Unified Operations Manager.

Export managed endpoints and service infrastructure devices inventory.

Manage clusters for uninterrupted monitoring of sessions in case there is a failover of management applications.

Poll devices periodically, and set polling parameters if required.

See Discovering Devices chapter to understand how to collect the endpoints inventory data. See Managing Inventory chapter to understand the inventory data that is collected by Prime Collaboration.