Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Guide - Standard, 10.0
Prime Collaboration Standard Log Files
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Prime Collaboration Standard Log Files

Prime Collaboration enables you to set log levels for Prime Collaboration Assurance.

Log Levels

Prime Collaboration supports the following log levels:

  • Debug—Helps you to debug the application.
  • Error—Indicates that the application can still continue to run.
  • Information—Indicates the progress of the application.
  • Warning—Indicates potentially harmful situations.
  • Fatal—Indicates critical logs.
You can set the log levels for the following features:


All of the following features are not applicable to Prime Collaboration Assurance Standard mode. See Standard and Advanced Prime Collaboration Assurancefor details about feature support in Advanced and Standard modes.
  • Fault management—For fault management-related issues.
  • Performance monitor—For performance statistics-related issues.
  • Server diagnostics—For the Prime Collaboration Assurance server-related issues.
  • Discovery, session monitoring and others—For discovery, session management, and web server-related issues.

The log level settings can be changed from the Log Settings page ( Administration > System Setup > Assurance Setup > Log Settings).


You should not change the log level settings without assistance from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) team. The log files are also included in the backup file.