Network Analysis Module Command Reference Guide, 4.0
Maintenance Partition Command Line Interface
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NAM Maintenance Partition CLI

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NAM Maintenance Partition CLI

NAM Maintenance Partition CLI

Table A-1 lists the Network Analysis Module maintenance partion commands.

Table A-1 Catalyst 6500 Series NAM Maintenance Image CLI


ip address address mask

Sets the NAM IP address.

ip broadcast broadcast-address

Sets the NAM broadcast address.

ip gateway gateway-address

Sets the NAM gateway address.

ip nameserver DNS-server-address1 [DNS-server-address2 [DNS-server-address3]]

Sets up to three DNS server addresses.

ip host host-name

Sets the NAM device host name.

ip domain domain

Sets the NAM device domain.

show ip

Shows the NAM IP parameters.

show images

Shows images located on the NAM application partition.

show version

Shows the NAM system parameters.

show log upgrade

Shows the upgrade log file.


Sets the password for the current user.

upgrade ftp-url [--install]

Upgrades the NAM application image.

ping address

Sends echo messages.

clear ip

Removes the NAM network configuration.

clear log upgrade

Clears the log file for the upgrade operation.


Exits the current session.


Exits the current session.


Sets the password for the guest account.


Enables the guest account.


Disables the guest account.


Reboots the NAM (available in guest account only).


Installs a new BIOS image (available in guest account only).