Installation and Configuration Guide for the Cisco NAM 2220 Appliance
Site Log
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Site Log

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Site Log

Site Log

The Site Log provides a record of all actions related to installing and maintaining the Cisco 2220 NAM appliance. Keep the log in an accessible place near the appliance chassis so that anyone who performs tasks has access to it. Use the Installation Checklist (see the "Installation Checklist" section on page 2-16) to verify the steps in the installation and maintenance of your appliance.

Site Log entries might include the following:

Installation progress—Make a copy of the appliance Installation Checklist, and insert it into the Site Log. Make entries as you complete each task.

Upgrade, removal, and maintenance procedures—Use the Site Log as a record of ongoing appliance maintenance and expansion history. Each time a task is performed on the appliance, update the Site Log to reflect the following:

Configuration changes

Maintenance schedules and requirements

Maintenance procedures performed

Intermittent problems

Comments and notes

Table D-1 shows a sample site log. Make copies of the sample or design your own site log to meet the needs of your site and equipment.

Table D-1 Site Log

Description of Action Performed or Symptom Observed