Reports Management with CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0
Chapter 1 Overview
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What's New in this Release

Learning More About Reports Management


Reports Management in CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0 provides a single launch point for all the reports that can be generated and viewd in Ciscoworks LMS 4.0.

All the reports have been grouped under various heads based on the information displayed.

What's New in this Release

The following are the new features that have been added in this release:

EnergyWise Reports

Identity Reports

Settings and Administration

EnergyWise Reports

Cisco® EnergyWise is a new feature added in this release. It is a platform that can measure, monitor, and manage the way your devices consume energy. EnergyWise Reports quantify the energy used and saved by the network.

The types of EnergyWise reports are:

EnergyWise Device Power Usage Quick Report

EnergyWise Port Power Usage Report

EnergyWise Power Usage Report

EnergyWise Cost Saving Report

Identity Reports

IBNS or identity, as it is known in LMS 4.0, is another new feature introduced in this release. Identity in LMS 4.0 provides comprehensive support for automating the provisioning of Identity in the network, and monitor the various authentication and authorization details. Identity Reports displays information about the various users in the Ciscoworks LMS 4.0 network.

The types of Identity Reports are:

Authenticated Users Report

Authentication Failure Report

Authorization Failure Report

User Specific Report

Settings and Administration

Ciscoworks LMS 4.0 allows you to set system preferences at one point for all types of reports. The preferences that can be specified are:

User Tracking Report Purge Policy

Set Report Publish Path

Email Settings

Learning More About Reports Management

In CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0, you can find detailed information about the features and functions of Reports Management in the following chapters:

Inventory Reports

Switch Port Report

Technology Reports

Fault and Events Reports

Performance Reports

Online Reports

System Reports

Audit Reports

Report Designer

Report Settings

Report Archives

In addition, the Online help in Reports Management provides explanations and procedures for the related tasks.

You can launch the Online help for any of the Reports. Go to any Reports page and

click Help on the top right side of the window to launch the Online help.