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Readme First for Cisco Configuration Professional

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Readme First for Cisco Configuration Professional

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Readme First for Cisco Configuration Professional

Get Cisco CP and the Quick Start Guide from the CD

Get Cisco CP and the Quick Start Guide from

Readme First for Cisco Configuration Professional

This router can be configured using Cisco Configuration Professional (Cisco CP) and Cisco Configuration Professional Express (Cisco CP Express).

Cisco CP is a GUI-based device management tool that allows you to configure Cisco IOS-based access routers, including Cisco integrated services routers, Cisco 7200 series routers, and the Cisco 7301 router. Cisco CP simplifies router, security, unified communications, wireless, WAN, and basic LAN configuration through GUI-based, easy-to-use wizards. Cisco CP is installed on a PC.

Cisco CP Express is a light weight version of Cisco CP. You can use Cisco CP Express to configure basic security features on the router's LAN and WAN interfaces. Cisco CP Express is available on the router Flash memory.

The Cisco Configuration Professional Quick Start Guide explains how to set up the PC to run Cisco CP Express, how to install Cisco CP, and how to begin using Cisco CP to configure features on the router.

Table 1 provides information about how to obtain Cisco CP and the Cisco Configuration Professional Quick Start Guide.

Table 1 How to Obtain Cisco CP and the Cisco CP Quick Start Guide

Did you receive the CD?
Where to Obtain Cisco CP and Quick Start Guide


Get these items from the Cisco Configuration Professional CD. See the "Get Cisco CP and the Quick Start Guide from the CD" section on the next page.


Get these items from See the "Get Cisco CP and the Quick Start Guide from section on the next page.

Get Cisco CP and the Quick Start Guide from the CD

If you received the Cisco CP CD, follow these steps.

Step 1 Place the Cisco Configuration Professional CD in the CD-ROM drive.

Step 2 On the PC desktop, double-click My Computer.

Step 3 In the displayed window, double-click the CD drive icon.

Step 4 In the Windows Explorer window that shows the contents of the CD, click Documentation > QuickStartGuide.pdf to open the Cisco Configuration Professional Quick Start Guide.

Step 5 Follow the instructions in the Cisco Configuration Professional Quick Start Guide to install Cisco CP and configure the router.

Get Cisco CP and the Quick Start Guide from

If you did not receive the Cisco CP CD, follow these steps.

Step 1 Go to, and then click Download Software in the Support box.

Step 2 When the login page appears, enter your login credentials, and then click Login.

Step 3 In the Download Software page, click the number for the release that you want to download. The latest releases are shown at the top.

Step 4 To download Cisco CP, click on the link for the archive that you want to download, for example, When you have downloaded the zip file, open it, extract the .EXE file, and then double-click the .EXE file to begin the installation process.

Step 5 To read the quick start guide, click the Quick Start Guide link on the right side of the page.

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