Cisco Active Network Abstraction BQL User Guide, 3.6.2
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About This Guide

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About This Guide

About This Guide

This document is a basic user guide for Cisco BQL (Broadband Query Language), an open XML-based query language for northbound integration with the Cisco ANA (Active Network Abstraction) Network and Service management platform.

The guide describes the basic functions and concepts of BQL and IMO (Information Model Objects - Cisco internal information model), and provides basic BQL code examples. The user manual should be accompanied with the IMO reference manual and/or IMO reference browser for detailed IMO reference.


The intended audience for this document is system architects and programmers who wish to access ANA and integrate it with northbound OSS applications. The document assumes the reader is familiar with XML and with application programming.

Document Organization

The document provides gradual introduction of the user into BQL and IMO. The first section enables the user to "Get started" by describing the basic BQL/IMO concepts, and providing some simple programming examples. The next sections describe the advanced features of IMO and BQL in further details.

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