Introducing the Command Builder
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Introducing the Command Builder

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Introducing the Command Builder

About the Command Builder

Introducing the Command Builder

This user guide describes managing command scripts. Command scripts enable the user to execute a programmable sequence of SNMP or Telnet command lines. These commands can include data properties taken from the Cisco ANA information model (built-in), as well as user-defined input parameters entered during runtime.

About the Command Builder

The Command Builder tool is designed to enable the user to create new script and activation commands.

Since the Command Builder is built-in to the standard Cisco ANA system platform:

It utilizes Cisco ANA's regular access interfaces to the network.

Commands can be associated with any existing object group (IMO), type or instance. This is the "working object" on which the command is developed and tested.

Enables access to the live information of the network object with which the command is associated.

The Command Builder tool enables the user to create commands with two different languages:

ANA Macro LanguageUsing a GUI wizard. For information about ANA Macro Language scripts see "ANA Macro Language".

Bean Shell scripting language.

Once defined, the commands are executed either:

Interactively—Via auto-generated GUI forms (NetworkVision standard menus).

Flow-through—Cisco ANA API, to integrate with external configuration applications.

The command can be published once it has been completed, enabling a wider scope of managed elements and network elements to use it.

Note Changes to the registry should only be carried out with the support of Cisco Professional Services.