Cisco IOS XR System Management Command Reference, Release 3.4
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Table Of Contents

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abort command SMR-74

absolute-timeout command SMR-538

access-class command SMR-540

access-group (NTP) command SMR-318

access-group command SMR-318

admin command SMR-76

affinity location-set command SMR-356

affinity location-type command SMR-358

affinity program command SMR-360

affinity self command SMR-362

alias command SMR-78

apply template command SMR-81

authenticate (NTP) command SMR-320

authentication-key (NTP) command SMR-322

autocommand command SMR-542


banner exec command SMR-545

banner incoming command SMR-547

banner login command SMR-549

banner motd command SMR-551

banner prompt-timeout command SMR-553

broadcast client command SMR-326

broadcast command SMR-324

broadcastdelay command SMR-328


cd command SMR-196

cdp advertise v1 command SMR-26

cdp command SMR-24

cdp holdtime command SMR-28

cdp log adjacency changes command SMR-30

cdp timer command SMR-32

cfs check command SMR-198

clear (exec) command SMR-83

clear (global) command SMR-85

clear cdp counters command SMR-34

clear cdp table command SMR-36

clear-classic-config command SMR-199

clear configuration commits command SMR-87

clear configuration inconsistency command SMR-89

clear configuration sessions command SMR-92

clear context command SMR-364

clear install log-history oldest command SMR-226

clear install rollback oldest command SMR-228

clear line command SMR-555

clear line vty command SMR-556

clock read-calendar command SMR-54

clock set command SMR-56

clock summer-time command SMR-58

clock timezone command SMR-60

clock update-calendar command SMR-64

commit command SMR-94

config-register command SMR-2

configure command SMR-97

copy command SMR-200


databits command SMR-557

delete command SMR-205

description (interface) command SMR-100

dir command SMR-207

disconnect-character command SMR-560

disconnect command SMR-559

do command SMR-102

dumpcore command SMR-365


end command SMR-104

end-template command SMR-106

erase nvram command SMR-209

escape-character command SMR-562

exception dump-tftp-route command SMR-368

exception filepath command SMR-370

exception kernel memory command SMR-374

exception pakmem command SMR-377

exception sparse command SMR-379

exception sprsize command SMR-381

exec-timeout command SMR-564

exit command SMR-108


flowcontrol hardware command SMR-566

follow command SMR-383

format command SMR-210

fsck command SMR-212


hostname command SMR-110

http server command SMR-310


install abort SMR-230

install activate SMR-232

install add command SMR-238

install attach command SMR-242

install commit command SMR-244

install deactivate command SMR-246

install remove command SMR-251

install resume command SMR-254

install rollback to command SMR-256

install suspend command SMR-259

install verify command SMR-261

interface (NTP) command SMR-329


length command SMR-568

line command SMR-570

load command SMR-111

load commit changes command SMR-113

load configuration failed command SMR-114

load rollback changes command SMR-116

locale country command SMR-65

locale language command SMR-67

location (drp) command SMR-190

location (sdr) command SMR-452


man command SMR-118

master command SMR-331

max-associations command SMR-333

mkdir command SMR-213

monitor processes command SMR-391

monitor threads command SMR-395

more command SMR-121


ntp clear command SMR-336

ntp command SMR-334



addition, introduction SMR-239

pair (SDR) command SMR-193, SMR-457

pair command SMR-456

pairing (drp) command SMR-192, SMR-458

parity command SMR-572

peer (NTP) command SMR-337

placement memory command SMR-399

placement program command SMR-401

placement reoptimize command SMR-403

process command SMR-405

process core command SMR-408

process mandatory command SMR-410

pwd command SMR-215


reload (exec) command SMR-4

reload location command SMR-6

resume command SMR-574

rmdir command SMR-216

rollback configuration command SMR-125

root command SMR-127


save configuration command SMR-129

save configuration commit changes command SMR-131

save configuration failed command SMR-133

save configuration merge command SMR-135

save configuration removed command SMR-137

save rollback changes command SMR-139

sdr command SMR-455

send command SMR-576

server (NTP) command SMR-340

session-limit command SMR-578

session-timeout command SMR-579

set default-afi command SMR-141

set default-safi command SMR-143

set default-vfr command SMR-145

show aliases command SMR-150

show calendar command SMR-342

show cdp command SMR-38

show cdp entry command SMR-40

show cdp interface command SMR-42

show cdp neighbors command SMR-45

show cdp traffic command SMR-49

show clock command SMR-69

show clock sync command SMR-71

show command SMR-147

show configuration (admin exec) command SMR-155

show configuration (config) command SMR-152

show configuration (exec) command SMR-157

show configuration changes command SMR-159

show configuration commit changes command SMR-161

show configuration commit list command SMR-164

show configuration failed (config) command SMR-167

show configuration failed startup command SMR-169

show configuration history command SMR-171

show configuration rollback command SMR-175

show configuration sessions command SMR-177

show context command SMR-412

show default-afi-safi-vrf command SMR-179

show dll command SMR-415

show exception command SMR-418

show filesystem command SMR-218

show history command SMR-181

show install active command SMR-267

show install command SMR-264

show install committed command SMR-271

show install inactive command SMR-275

show install log command SMR-278

show install package command SMR-283

show install pie-info command SMR-287

show install requests command SMR-294

show install rollback command SMR-296

show install suspend command SMR-301

show install which command SMR-303

show line command SMR-581

show memory command SMR-420

show memory compare command SMR-423

show memory heap command SMR-426

show memory location command SMR-430

show memory summary command SMR-433

show ntp associations command SMR-343

show ntp status command SMR-346

show placement location command SMR-436

show placement policy command SMR-438

show placement program command SMR-442

show placement reoptimize command SMR-444

show processes command SMR-446

show running-config command SMR-183

show sessions command SMR-584

show snmp command SMR-460

show snmp engineID command SMR-463

show snmp group command SMR-465

show snmp host command SMR-467

show snmp interface command SMR-469

show snmp mib command SMR-471

show snmp users command SMR-474

show snmp view command SMR-476

show system backup command SMR-8

show terminal command SMR-586

show users command SMR-588

show variables boot command SMR-12

show variables system command SMR-14

snmp-server chassis-id command SMR-477

snmp-server community command SMR-479

snmp-server community-map command SMR-481

snmp-server contact command SMR-483

snmp-server context command SMR-485

snmp-server engineID command SMR-486

snmp-server group command SMR-487

snmp-server host command SMR-490

snmp-server ifindex persist command SMR-494

snmp-server ifmib ifalias long command SMR-496

snmp-server interface command SMR-497

snmp-server location command SMR-499

snmp-server packetsize command SMR-500

snmp-server queue-length command SMR-501

snmp-server target list command SMR-502

snmp-server trap authentication vrf command SMR-504

snmp-server trap link ietf command SMR-506

snmp-server traps bgp command SMR-510

snmp-server traps command SMR-508

snmp-server traps ospf state-change neighbor-state-change command SMR-512

snmp-server trap-source command SMR-524

snmp-server traps pim interface-state-change command SMR-514

snmp-server traps pim invalid-message-received command SMR-516

snmp-server traps pim neighbor-change command SMR-518

snmp-server traps pim rp-mapping-change command SMR-520

snmp-server traps snmp command SMR-522

snmp-server traps syslog command SMR-511, SMR-513, SMR-519, SMR-526

snmp-server trap-timeout command SMR-528

snmp-server user command SMR-530

snmp-server view command SMR-533

snmp-server vrf command SMR-535

source (NTP) command SMR-348

squeeze command SMR-220

stopbits command SMR-590

system backup command SMR-16

system boot-sequence command SMR-19


template command SMR-186

terminal exec command SMR-592

terminal length command SMR-594

terminal monitor command SMR-596

terminal width command SMR-597

transport input command SMR-598

transport output command SMR-600

transport preferred command SMR-602

trusted-key command SMR-350


undelete command SMR-222

update-calendar command SMR-352

utilitiy bc command SMR-610

utility cut command SMR-613

utility date command SMR-617

utility date set command SMR-619

utility df command SMR-621

utility du command SMR-625

utility egrep command SMR-628

utility fgrep command SMR-631

utility find command SMR-633

utility head command SMR-635

utility mv command SMR-637

utility sort command SMR-639

utility tail command SMR-642

utility uniq command SMR-645

utility wc command SMR-647

utility which command SMR-649

utility xargs command SMR-651


vty-pool command SMR-604


width command SMR-606


xml agent corba command SMR-312

xml agent corba hostname command SMR-314

xml agent tty command SMR-316