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Cisco IOS XR Debug Commands Master List, Release 3.4

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Cisco IOS XR Debug Commands Master List, Release 3.4

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Cisco IOS XR Debug Commands Master List, Release 3.4

This page contains a list of all the debug commands documented for Cisco IOS XR Release 3.4.0, ordered alphabetically. Use the Alphabet Key or your web browser's Find function to search for a command. To access the documentation for a particular command, click on the command name.

Page Number Designators

DHR   Cisco IOS XR Interface and Hardware Component Debug Command Reference

DIR   Cisco IOS XR IP Addresses and Services Debug Command Reference

DMCR   Cisco IOS XR Multicast Debug Command Reference

DMPR   Cisco IOS XR MPLS Debug Command Reference

DQR   Cisco IOS XR Modular Quality of Service Debug Command Reference

DRR   Cisco IOS XR Routing Debug Command Reference

DSB   Cisco IOS XR Session Border Control Debug Command Reference

DSMR   Cisco IOS XR System Management Debug Command Reference

DSR   Cisco IOS XR System Security Debug Command Reference


aaa, debug DSR-2

alarm-logger, debug DSMR-10

arm api, debug DIR-100

arm events, debug DIR-108

arm ipv4, debug DIR-102

arm ipv6, debug DIR-104

arm local server, debug DIR-106

arp all, debug DIR-18

arp bulk, debug DIR-20

arp errors, debug DIR-21

arp events, debug DIR-22

arp packets, debug DIR-24

arp table, debug DIR-26

asic-scan, debug DHR-126


bfd client-api, debug DHR-110

bfd errors, debug DHR-112

bfd filter, debug DHR-114

bfd fsm, debug DHR-116

bfd ipv4, debug DHR-118

bfd lib, debug DHR-120

bfd process, debug DHR-122

bgp, debug DRR-2

bgp address-family, debug DRR-4

bgp brib-update, debug DRR-7

bgp dampening, debug DRR-10

bgp event, debug DRR-13

bgp io, debug DRR-20

bgp keepalive, debug DRR-22

bgp policy-execution, debug DRR-28

bgp rib, debug DRR-33

bgp update, debug DRR-36

bundlemgr distrib state, debug DHR-106

bundlemgr local packets, debug DHR-102

bundlemgr local state, debug DHR-104


cctl, debug DHR-128

cdp adjacency, debug DSMR-12

cdp xxx, debug DSMR-14

cef api, debug DIR-30

cef drops, debug DIR-32

cef errors, debug DIR-34

cef events, debug DIR-36

cef extclient, debug DIR-38

cef lib, debug DIR-40

cef packet, debug DIR-42

cef platform, debug DIR-44

cef platform adj, debug DIR-46

cef platform common, debug DIR-48

cef platform ea, debug DIR-50

cef prefix-ltraces, debug DIR-52

cef table, debug DIR-54

cetftp, debug DHR-130

chdlc ma slarp, debug DHR-70

condition crypto hostname, debug DSR-28

condition crypto ike, debug DSR-30

condition crypto ipsec, debug DSR-32

condition crypto ipv4, debug DSR-26

condition crypto username, debug DSR-34

condition crypto vi, debug DSR-36

cpuctrl api, debug DHR-132

cpuctrl asic-error, debug DHR-135

cpuctrl asic-info, debug DHR-137

cpuctrl detail, debug DHR-139

cpuctrl entryexit, debug DHR-141

cpuctrl error, debug DHR-143

cpuctrl fatal, debug DHR-145

cpuctrl info, debug DHR-147

cpuctrl location, debug DHR-149

crypto ace, debug DSR-16

crypto engine, debug DSR-18

crypto ipsec, debug DSR-20

crypto isakmp, debug DSR-22

crypto pki, debug DSR-23


dhcp ipv4, debug DIR-59

dhcp server, debug DIR-58

dumper, debug DSMR-68


egressq, debug DHR-152

eigrp fsm, debug DRR-40

eigrp ipv4, debug DRR-41

eigrp neighbors, debug DRR-43

eigrp nsf, debug DRR-45

eigrp packets, debug DRR-46

eigrp transmit, debug DRR-48

ether, debug DHR-154


fabric driver, debug DHR-216

fabric fdi, debug DHR-218

fabric fgid, debug DHR-221

fabric fsdb, debug DHR-223

fabric fstats aggregator, debug DHR-225

fabric fstats client, debug DHR-227

fabric fstats server, debug DHR-229

fabricq, debug DHR-156

fault manager all, debug DSMR-18

fault manager api, debug DSMR-20

fault manager fd, debug DSMR-22

fault manager metricdir, debug DSMR-24

fault manager perl, debug DSMR-26

fault manager scriptdir, debug DSMR-28

fault manager server, debug DSMR-30

fault manager tcl, debug DSMR-32

fcram, debug DHR-159

fgid client, debug DHR-233

filecopy, debug DSMR-36


generic, debug DHR-161

gsp-em, debug DHR-162

gsp-fab, debug DHR-164


hsrp all, debug DIR-62

hsrp edm, debug DIR-64

hsrp events, debug DIR-65

hsrp packets, debug DIR-67

hsrp terse, debug DIR-69


igmp, debug DMCR-2

ingressq, debug DHR-166

ingressq api, debug DHR-168

ingressq asic, debug DHR-170

ingressq detail, debug DHR-172

ingressq entryexit, debug DHR-174

ingressq error, debug DHR-176

ingressq fabric, debug DHR-180

ingressq fatal, debug DHR-178

ingressq info, debug DHR-182

ingressq location, debug DHR-184

install id, debug DSMR-38

install ih, debug DSMR-40

install instcmd, debug DSMR-42

install inventory, debug DSMR-43

install ior, debug DSMR-45

install loadpath, debug DSMR-47

install notify, debug DSMR-49

install platform, debug DSMR-51

install replicator, debug DSMR-53

ipv4 access-list cfg-agent, debug DIR-2

ipv4 access-list cls, debug DIR-4

ipv4 access-list dispatch, debug DIR-5

ipv4 access-list dll, debug DIR-7

ipv4 access-list manager, debug DIR-8

ipv4 att-api, debug DIR-108

ipv4 ea, debug DIR-123

ipv4 error, debug DIR-110

ipv4 events, debug DIR-111

ipv4 lpts, debug DIR-72

ipv4 ma error, debug DIR-112

ipv4 ma events, debug DIR-113

ipv4 ma mhost, debug DIR-114

ipv4 options, debug DIR-116

ipv4 packet, debug DIR-118

ipv4 smiap, debug DIR-120

ipv6 access-list cfg-agent, debug DIR-10

ipv6 access-list daemon, debug DIR-12

ipv6 access-list dll, debug DIR-14

ipv6 assembler, debug DIR-121

ipv6 fib, debug DIR-124

ipv6 icmp, debug DIR-126

ipv6 io, debug DIR-127

ipv6 ma, debug DIR-129

ipv6 nd, debug DIR-131

ipv6 netio, debug DIR-134

ipv6 packet, debug DIR-136

isis adjacencies, debug DRR-52

isis configuration, debug DRR-55

isis dis-elections, debug DRR-58

isis local-updates, debug DRR-61

isis mpls traffic-eng, debug DRR-63

isis packet-errors, debug DRR-66

isis route, debug DRR-68

isis spf, debug DRR-70

isis startup, debug DRR-73

isis update, debug DRR-76


keychain, debug DSR-40


locald, debug DSR-4

login, debug DSR-6

lpts clns, debug DIR-73

lpts ff all, debug DIR-75

lpts fm, debug DIR-76

lpts ifib, debug DIR-77

lpts lib, debug DIR-78

lpts pa, debug DIR-79

lpts packet, debug DIR-81

lpts pifib, debug DIR-83

lpts pifibm, debug DIR-84

lpts platform common, debug DIR-86

lpts platform lib, debug DIR-88

lpts platform pifib, debug DIR-89

lpts pre-ifib, debug DIR-91

lpts raw, debug DIR-92

lpts tcp, debug DIR-94

lpts udp, debug DIR-96


mfib adjacency, debug DMCR-34

mfib download, debug DMCR-36

mfib errors, debug DMCR-38

mfib events, debug DMCR-40

mfib ha, debug DMCR-42

mfib interface, debug DMCR-44

mfib ma, debug DMCR-45

mfib netio, debug DMCR-47

mfib nsf, debug DMCR-49

mfib route, debug DMCR-51

mfib signal, debug DMCR-53

mfib sysdb, debug DMCR-55

mfib warning, debug DMCR-57

mlib connection, debug DMCR-60

mlib error, debug DMCR-62

mlib event, debug DMCR-64

mlib idb, debug DMCR-66

mlib interface, debug DMCR-68

mlib route, debug DMCR-70

mlib signal, debug DMCR-72

mlib state, debug DMCR-74

mlib warning, debug DMCR-76

mpf, debug DSB-6

mpls lctrl, debug DMPR-82

mpls ldp advertisements, debug DMPR-2

mpls ldp backoff, debug DMPR-4

mpls ldp bindings, debug DMPR-6

mpls ldp chkpt, debug DMPR-8

mpls ldp config, debug DMPR-10

mpls ldp control, debug DMPR-12

mpls ldp errors, debug DMPR-14

mpls ldp forwarding, debug DMPR-16

mpls ldp graceful-restart, debug DMPR-18

mpls ldp igp sync, debug DMPR-20

mpls ldp interface, debug DMPR-22

mpls ldp memory, debug DMPR-24

mpls ldp messages, debug DMPR-26

mpls ldp peer, debug DMPR-28

mpls ldp process, debug DMPR-30

mpls ldp pw, debug DMPR-32

mpls ldp route, debug DMPR-33

mpls ldp session, debug DMPR-35

mpls ldp session protection, debug DMPR-37

mpls ldp targeted-neighbors, debug DMPR-38

mpls ldp timers, debug DMPR-40

mpls ldp transport, debug DMPR-42

mpls ldp warnings, debug DMPR-44

mpls lmp, debug DMPR-86

mpls lmp fsm, debug DMPR-88

mpls lmp packets, debug DMPR-90

mpls lsd, debug DMPR-70

mpls lsd bcdl, debug DMPR-72

mpls lsd fpi, debug DMPR-74

mpls lsd lib, debug DMPR-76

mpls oam api, debug DMPR-112

mpls oam config, debug DMPR-113

mpls oam database, debug DMPR-114

mpls oam edm, debug DMPR-115

mpls oam errors, debug DMPR-116

mpls oam event, debug DMPR-118

mpls oam extra-detail, debug DMPR-119

mpls oam fsm, debug DMPR-120

mpls oam handle, debug DMPR-121

mpls oam hash-agent, debug DMPR-122

mpls oam im, debug DMPR-123

mpls oam lib, debug DMPR-124

mpls oam multipath, debug DMPR-125

mpls oam packet, debug DMPR-126

mpls oam path-discovery, debug DMPR-127

mpls oam process, debug DMPR-128

mpls oam rib, debug DMPR-129

mpls oam tlv, debug DMPR-130

mpls oam workt, debug DMPR-131

mpls optical-uni, debug DMPR-92

mpls packet, debug DMPR-78

mpls te-igp, debug DMPR-96

mpls traffic-eng, debug DMPR-97

mpls traffic-eng ds-te, debug DMPR-99

mpls traffic-eng gmpls, debug DMPR-100

mpls traffic-eng link-management, debug DMPR-101

mpls traffic-eng path, debug DMPR-104

mpls traffic-eng topology, debug DMPR-106

mpls traffic-eng tunnels, debug DMPR-108

mpls vpn, debug DMPR-134


ntp, debug DSMR-74


oird, debug DHR-10

opsf rtrid, debug DRR-114

opsfv3 adj, debug DRR-126

ospf adj, debug DRR-80

ospf config, debug DRR-85

ospf database-timer, debug DRR-87

ospf events, debug DRR-89

ospf flood, debug DRR-92

ospf gs, debug DRR-94

ospf hello, debug DRR-96

ospf lsa-generation, debug DRR-99

ospf mda, debug command DRR-101

ospf monitor, debug DRR-103

ospf mpls traffic-eng advertisements, debug DRR-105

ospf nsf, debug DRR-107

ospf packet, debug DRR-109

ospf rib, debug DRR-112

ospf spf, debug DRR-116

ospf tree, debug DRR-118

ospf uv, debug DRR-120

ospfv3 acl, debug DRR-124

ospfv3 config, debug DRR-129

ospfv3 database-timer, debug DRR-131

ospfv3 dbase, debug DRR-134

ospfv3 events, debug DRR-136

ospfv3 flood, debug DRR-138

ospfv3 graceful-restart, debug DRR-141

ospfv3 hello, debug DRR-143

ospfv3 ifmgr, debug DRR-145

ospfv3 iparm, debug DRR-147

ospfv3 lsa-generation, debug DRR-149

ospfv3 packet, debug DRR-152

ospfv3 rib, debug DRR-155

ospfv3 rtrid, debug DRR-157

ospfv3 spf, debug DRR-159

ospfv3 throttle, debug DRR-161

ospfv3 uv, debug DRR-163

ospfv3 vlink, debug DRR-165


pfilter-ea, debug DHR-186

pim all, debug DMCR-6

pim autorp, debug DMCR-8

pim checkpoint, debug DMCR-10

pim crp, debug DMCR-11

pim df-election, debug DMCR-12

pim error, debug DMCR-14

pim interface-management, debug DMCR-15

pim io, debug DMCR-17

pim maximum-enforcement, debug DMCR-18

pim mdr, debug DMCR-19

pim mrib, debug DMCR-20

pim neighbor, debug DMCR-22

pim nsf, debug DMCR-24

pim protocol, debug DMCR-26

pim registry, debug DMCR-28

pim retry, debug DMCR-29

pim rib, debug DMCR-30

pim sysdb, debug DMCR-32

placement, debug DSMR-70

pladrv, debug DHR-188

plim, debug DHR-190

pos all, debug DHR-20

pos events, debug DHR-22

pos framer, debug DHR-24

pos im, debug DHR-26

pos info, debug DHR-28

pos mapping, debug DHR-30

pos periodic, debug DHR-32

pos sysdb, debug DHR-34

pos trace, debug DHR-36

ppp all, debug DHR-74

ppp authentication, debug DHR-76

ppp negotiation, debug DHR-78

ppp packet, debug DHR-81


qos control, debug DQR-2

qos control hardware, debug DQR-4

qos data, debug DQR-6

qos dll chkpt., debug DQR-8


radius, debug DSR-7

rib, debug DRR-168

rip, debug DRR-174

routing, debug DRR-171


sam, debug DSR-42

screddrv, debug DHR-12

services sbc filter, debug DSB-2

services sbc ips, debug DSB-4

services sbc log-level, debug DSB-5

snmp bag, debug DSMR-78

snmp config, debug DSMR-79

snmp dll, debug DSMR-80

snmp io, debug DSMR-81

snmp mib, debug DSMR-82

snmp mib qosmib, debug DQR-9

snmp packets, debug DSMR-86

snmp sysdb, debug DSMR-87

socket, debug DHR-14

sonet all, debug DHR-38

sonet aps, debug DHR-40

sonet errors, debug DHR-42

sonet events, debug DHR-44

sonet framer, debug DHR-46

sonet im, debug DHR-48

sonet info, debug DHR-50

sonet mapping, debug DHR-52

sonet periodic, debug DHR-54

sonet sysdb, debug DHR-56

spa-bridge error, debug DHR-97

spa-bridge oir, debug DHR-98

spa-bridge show, debug DHR-99

spa-bridge trace, debug DHR-100

spa devobject, debug DHR-84

spa error, debug DHR-85

spa info, debug DHR-86

spa job, debug DHR-87

spa location, debug DHR-88

spa lwm, debug DHR-89

spa oir, debug DHR-90

spa periodic, debug DHR-91

spa plugin, debug DHR-92

spa process, debug DHR-93

spa show, debug DHR-94

spa sysdb, debug DHR-95

spa trace, debug DHR-96

ssh, debug DSR-50

ssl, debug DSR-46

sysmgr, debug DSMR-56


tacacs, debug DSR-10

task, debug DSR-12

tcam-mgr cam entry update, debug DHR-193

tcam-mgr chkpt, debug DHR-195

tcam-mgr client, debug DHR-197

tcam-mgr errors, debug DHR-199

tcam-mgr events, debug DHR-201

tcam-mgr prefix-compress, debug DHR-203

tcam-mgr processing, debug DHR-205

tcam-mgr resalloc, debug DHR-207

tcam-mgr rlb, debug DHR-209

tcam-mgr scrub, debug DHR-211

tcam-mgr trace, debug DHR-213

telnetd command, debug DSMR-90


vrrp all, debug DIR-140

vrrp edm, debug DIR-142

vrrp events, debug DIR-144

vrrp packets, debug DIR-146


xml, debug DSMR-58

xml core, debug DSMR-60

xml dom, debug DSMR-62

xml parser, debug DSMR-64