Cisco IOS XR Software (End-of-Sale)

Cisco IOS XR Commands Master List, Release 3.4

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Cisco IOS XR Commands Master List, Release 3.4

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master index

Cisco IOS XR Commands Master List, Release 3.4

This page contains a list of all the commands documented for Cisco IOS XR Release 3.4, ordered alphabetically. Use the Alphabet Key or your web browser's Find function to search for a command. To access the documentation for a particular command, click on the command name.

Page Number Designators

HR   Cisco IOS XR Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference

IR   Cisco IOS XR IP Addresses and Services Command Reference

MCR   Cisco IOS XR Multicast Command Reference

MNR   Cisco IOS XR System Monitoring Command Reference

MPR   Cisco IOS XR MPLS Command Reference

QR   Cisco IOS XR Modular Quality of Service Command Reference

RR   Cisco IOS XR Routing Command Reference

SBR   Cisco IOS XR Session Border Controller Command Reference

SMR   Cisco IOS XR System Management Command Reference

SR   Cisco IOS XR System Security Command Reference


aaa accounting command SR-2

aaa accounting system default command SR-4

aaa accounting update command SR-6

aaa authentication command SR-8

aaa authorization command SR-11

aaa default-taskgroup command SR-14

aaa group server radius command SR-15

aaa group server tacacs+ command SR-17

abort command RR-1014, SMR-74

absolute-timeout command SMR-540

accept-lifetime command SR-404

accept-register command MCR-82

accept-tolerance command SR-406

access-class command SMR-542

access-group (IGMP) command MCR-2

access-group (NTP) command SMR-318

access-group command SMR-318

account command SBR-2

accounting (IKE) command SR-122

accounting (line) command SR-19

accounting per-prefix command MCR-580

acl command SR-123

action (CAC) command SBR-3

action (IP SLA) command MNR-64

action (NA-DST) command SBR-5

action (RTG-SRC) command SBR-7

activate command SBR-9

active-cac-policy-set command SBR-11

active-call-policy-set command SBR-12

add command RR-1016

address command SR-125

address-family (BGP) command RR-2

address-family (IS-IS) command RR-416

address-family (OSPF) command RR-600

address-family (OSPFv3) command RR-772

address-family command RR-1256

address-family ipv4 (EIGRP) command RR-340

address-family ipv4 unicast (BFD) command HR-860

address-family next-hop dampening disable command RR-908

address ipv4 command SBR-13

adjacency-check disable command RR-418

admin command SMR-76

admin-weight command MPR-208

advertisement-interval command RR-4

affinity command MPR-210

affinity location-set command SMR-356

affinity location-type command SMR-358

affinity map command MPR-215

affinity program command SMR-360

affinity self command SMR-362

af-group command RR-6

ageout command MNR-66

aggregate-address command RR-8

ais-shut (SONET) command HR-300

ais-shut (SONET path) command HR-302

alias command SBR-14, SMR-78

allocate-label command RR-10

allowas-in command RR-12

allow-hint command IR-200

apply command RR-1018

apply template command SMR-81

aps group command HR-304

archive-length command MNR-192

archive-size command MNR-193

area (OSPF) command RR-601

area (OSPFv3) command RR-773

arp command IR-84

arp purge-delay command IR-86

arp timeout command IR-87

asic-scan pse command HR-224

as-override command RR-13

as-path in command RR-1020

as-path is-local command RR-1022

as-path length command RR-1024

as-path neighbor-is command RR-1026

as-path originates-from command RR-1028

as-path passes-through command RR-1030

as-path-set command RR-1032

as-path unique-length command RR-1034

atm address-registration command HR-656

atm ilmi-config disable command HR-657

atm ilmi-keepalive command HR-659

atm maxvpi-bits 12 command HR-661

atm mcpt-timers command HR-663

atm oam flush command HR-665

attach command SBR-15

attach-controllers command SBR-16

attribute-flags command MPR-213

attribute-names command MPR-215

authenticate (NTP) command SMR-320

authenticate (PGP) command HR-306

authentication (IKE policy) command SR-127

authentication (OSPF) command RR-603

authentication (OSPFv3) command RR-775

authentication command MPR-78

authentication endpoint command SBR-17

authentication-key (NTP) command SMR-322

authentication-key (OSPF) command RR-605

authentication-key command SBR-19

authorization command SR-21

autocommand command SMR-544

auto-cost (OSPF) command RR-607

auto-cost (OSPFv3) command RR-777

autonomous-system command RR-344

autoroute announce command MPR-216

autoroute metric command MPR-218

auto-rp candidate-rp command MCR-84

auto-rp listen disable command MCR-87

auto-rp mapping-agent command MCR-88

auto-summary (EIGRP) command RR-342

auto-summary (RIP) command RR-956


backoff command MPR-2

backup-bw command MPR-220

backup-path tunnel-te command MPR-222

backup-server command SR-129

bandwidth (global) command HR-496

bandwidth (QoS) command QR-2

bandwidth (RSVP) command MPR-80

bandwidth mam (RSVP) command MPR-82

bandwidth-percent (EIGRP) command RR-345

bandwidth rdm (RSVP) command MPR-84

bandwidth remaining command QR-5

banner exec command SMR-547

banner incoming command SMR-549

banner login command SMR-551

banner motd command SMR-553

banner prompt-timeout command SMR-555

bert e1 command HR-376

bert e3 command HR-378

bert error command HR-380

bert interval command HR-382

bert pattern command HR-384

bert t1 command HR-386

bert t3 command HR-388

bfd command HR-862

bfd fast-detect (BGP) command HR-864

bfd minimum-interval command HR-866

bfd multiplier command HR-869

bgp as-path-loopcheck command RR-15

bgp attribute-download command RR-16

bgp auto-policy-soft-reset disable command RR-18

bgp bestpath as-path ignore command RR-20

bgp bestpath compare-routerid command RR-22

bgp bestpath cost-community ignore command RR-24

bgp bestpath med always command RR-26

bgp bestpath med confed command RR-28

bgp bestpath med missing-as-worst command RR-30

bgp client-to-client reflection disable command RR-32

bgp cluster-id command RR-34

bgp confederation identifier command RR-36

bgp confederation peers RR-38

bgp dampening command RR-40

bgp default local-preference command RR-42

bgp enforce-first-as disable command RR-43

bgp fast-external-fallover disable command RR-45

bgp graceful-restart command RR-46

bgp graceful-restart graceful-reset command RR-48

bgp graceful-restart purge-time command RR-50

bgp graceful-restart restart-time command RR-52

bgp graceful-restart stalepath-time command RR-54

bgp log neighbor changes disable command RR-56

bgp maximum neighbor command RR-58

bgp redistribute-internal command RR-59

bgp router-id command RR-61

bgp scan-time command RR-63

bgp update-delay command RR-65

bgp write-limit command RR-67

billing command SBR-21

boundary command MCR-582

broadcast client command SMR-326

broadcast command SMR-324

broadcastdelay command SMR-328

broadcast-for-v2 command RR-958

bsr-border command MCR-90

bsr candidate-bsr command MCR-92

bsr candidate-rp interface command MCR-94

buckets (history command) command MNR-67

buckets (hourly) command MNR-69

buckets (interval) command MNR-70

bundle command HR-782

bundle id command HR-750

bundle maximum-active links command HR-752

bundle minimum-active bandwidth command HR-754

bundle minimum-active links command HR-755

bundle port-priority command HR-756


cablelength command HR-390

cache command SBR-23

cache entries command HR-894

cache permanent command HR-896

cache-sa-holdtime command MCR-532

cache-sa-state command MCR-534

cache timeout command HR-898

cac-table command SBR-25

callee-dscp command SBR-27

callee-fax-qos-profile command SBR-29

callee-ip-precedence command SBR-31

callee-ip-TOS command SBR-33

callee-privacy command SBR-35

callee-video-qos-profile command SBR-37

callee-voice-qos-profile command SBR-39

caller-dscp command SBR-41

caller-fax-qos-profile command SBR-43

caller-ip-precedence command SBR-45

caller-ip-TOS command SBR-47

caller-privacy command SBR-49

caller-video-qos-profile command SBR-51

caller-voice-qos-profile command SBR-53

call-policy-set command SBR-55

capability opaque command RR-609

capability orf prefix command RR-69

carrier-delay command HR-586

category (NA-DST) command SBR-57

category (NA-SRC) command SBR-59

cd command SMR-196

cdp advertise v1 command SMR-26

cdp command SMR-24

cdp holdtime command SMR-28

cdp log adjacency changes command SMR-30

cdp timer command SMR-32

cell-packing command HR-667

ce tftp server command HR-2

cfs check command SMR-198

channel-group command HR-392

channel local command HR-308

channel remote command HR-310

cinetd rate-limit command IR-244

circuit-type command RR-420

class (policy map) command QR-7

class-int command HR-669

class-map command QR-9

class-vc command HR-671

clear (exec) command SMR-83

clear (global) command SMR-85

clear access-list ipv4 command IR-2

clear access-list ipv6 command IR-5

clear adjacency ipv4 command IR-98

clear adjacency statistics command IR-100

clear arp-cache command IR-89

clear bfd counters command HR-871

clear bgp command RR-72

clear bgp current-mode command RR-75

clear bgp dampening command RR-77

clear bgp flap-statistics command RR-79

clear bgp nexthop performance statistics command RR-81

clear bgp nexthop registration command RR-83

clear bgp peer-drops command RR-85

clear bgp performance-statistics command RR-86

clear bgp self-originated command RR-87

clear bgp shutdown command RR-89

clear bgp soft command RR-91

clear cdp counters command SMR-34

clear cdp table command SMR-36

clear cef ipv4 drop command IR-102

clear cef ipv4 exceptions command IR-104

clear cef ipv4 interface bgp-policy-statistics command IR-106

clear cef ipv4 interface rpf-statistics command IR-108

clear cef ipv6 drop command IR-110

clear cef ipv6 exceptions command IR-111

clear cef ipv6 interface bgp-policy-statistics command IR-112

clear cef ipv6 interface rpf-statistics command IR-114

clear-classic-config command SMR-199

clear configuration commits command SMR-87

clear configuration inconsistency command SMR-89

clear configuration sessions command SMR-92

clear context command SMR-364

clear controller egressq queue all command HR-228

clear controller egressq queue command HR-226

clear controller egressq statistics command HR-230

clear controller fabricq statistics command HR-137

clear controller fabric statistics command HR-136

clear controller ingressq command HR-139

clear controller pse statistics command HR-231

clear controller switch command HR-141

clear controller switch errdisable command HR-142

clear controller switch inter-rack command HR-143

clear counters command MNR-300

clear counters sonet command HR-312

clear crypto ca certificates command SR-308

clear crypto ca crl command SR-309

clear crypto ipsec sa command SR-232

clear crypto isakmp call command SR-133

clear crypto isakmp command SR-131

clear dhcp ipv6 binding command IR-201

clear eigrp neighbors command RR-347

clear eigrp topology command RR-349

clear fabricq counters command HR-144

clear flow exporter command HR-900

clear flow monitor command HR-902

clear flow platform producer statistics location command HR-904

clear host command IR-245

clear igmp counters command MCR-4

clear igmp group command MCR-6

clear igmp reset command MCR-8

clear install log-history oldest command SMR-226

clear install rollback oldest command SMR-228

clear interface command HR-498

clear ipv6 neighbors command IR-358

clear isis process command RR-422

clear isis route command RR-424

clear isis statistics command RR-426

clear l2vpn collaborators command MPR-434

clear l2vpn forwarding command MPR-435

clear l2vpn forwarding table command MPR-436

clear lacp counters command HR-758

clear line command SMR-557

clear line vty command SMR-558

clear logging command MNR-193, MNR-194

clear logging correlator delete command MNR-2

clear logging events delete command MNR-3

clear logging events reset command MNR-7

clear logging onboard command MNR-244

clear lpts ifib statistics command IR-320

clear lpts pifib statistics command IR-321

clear mac-accounting command HR-588

clear mbus-statistics location command HR-3

clear mfib counter command MCR-583

clear mfib database command MCR-585

clear mfib hardware connections-counters command MCR-586

clear mfib hardware resource-counters command MCR-587

clear mfib hardware route statistics command MCR-588

clear mld counters command MCR-10

clear mld group command MCR-11

clear mld reset command MCR-13

clear mpls forwarding counters command MPR-180

clear mpls ldp msg-counters neighbor command MPR-4

clear mpls ldp neighbor command MPR-5

clear mpls lmp command MPR-224

clear mpls oam counters command MPR-414

clear mpls traffic-eng counters tunnels command MPR-225

clear mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute log command MPR-226

clear mpls traffic-eng link-management statistics command MPR-227

clear msdp peer command MCR-536

clear msdp sa-cache command MCR-537

clear msdp stats command MCR-539

clear ospf process command RR-610

clear ospf redistribution command RR-612

clear ospf routes command RR-614

clear ospf statistics command RR-616

clear ospfv3 process command RR-779

clear ospfv3 redistribution command RR-780

clear ospfv3 routes command RR-781

clear ospfv3 statistics command RR-782

clear pim autorp command MCR-96

clear pim bsr command MCR-98

clear pim counters command MCR-100

clear pim topology command MCR-102

clear qos counters command QR-11

clear raw statistics pcb command IR-458

clear rip command RR-959

clear rip database command RR-960

clear rip interface command RR-962

clear rip out-of-memory command RR-963

clear rip statistics command RR-965

clear route command RR-909

clear rsvp authentication command MPR-86

clear rsvp counters all command MPR-90

clear rsvp counters authentication command MPR-88

clear rsvp counters chkpt command MPR-92

clear rsvp counters events command MPR-93

clear rsvp counters messages command MPR-95

clear rsvp counters oor command MPR-97

clear rsvp counters prefix filtering command MPR-99

clear services command SBR-61

clear srp counters command HR-546

clear ssh command SR-356

clear tcp pcb command IR-460

clear tcp statistics command IR-462

clear udp statistics command IR-464

client authentication list command SR-134

clock read-calendar command SMR-54

clock set command SMR-56

clock source (SONET) command HR-314

clock source (T1/E1 controller) command HR-394

clock source (T3/E3 controller) command HR-396

clock summer-time command SMR-58

clock timezone command SMR-60

clock update-calendar command SMR-64

codecs command SBR-63

commit command SMR-94

community is-empty command RR-1036

community matches-any command RR-1038

community matches-every command RR-1040

community-set command RR-1043

complete command SBR-64

config-register command SMR-2

configure command SMR-97

conform-action command QR-13

congestion-cleared command SBR-65

congestion-threshold command SBR-67

connect-source command MCR-541

control-address aaa command SBR-69

control-address h248 (SBE) command SBR-70

control disable command MNR-71

controller (SONET) command HR-316

controller dwdm command HR-454

controller e1 command HR-398

controller e3 command HR-400

controllers fabric plane command HR-146

controllers fabric plane shutdown command HR-148

controllers fabric rack command HR-149

controllers fabric statistics collection command HR-150

controller t1 command HR-402

controller t3 command HR-404

copy access-list ipv4 command IR-8

copy access-list ipv6 command IR-10

copy command SMR-200

cost (OSPF) command RR-618

cost (OSPFv3) command RR-784

crc (serial) command HR-638

crc command (POS) HR-530

critical-alarm-threshold command SBR-72

crl optional (trustpoint) command SR-311

crypto ca authenticate command SR-313

crypto ca cancel-enroll command SR-315

crypto ca enroll command SR-316

crypto ca import command SR-318

crypto ca trustpoint command SR-319

cryptographic-algorithm command SR-408

crypto ipsec df-bit (global) command SR-233

crypto ipsec df-bit (interface) command SR-235

crypto ipsec nat-transparency command SR-244

crypto ipsec pmtu command SR-237

crypto ipsec pre-fragmentation (global) command SR-239

crypto ipsec pre-fragmentation (interface) command SR-240

crypto ipsec profile command SR-241

crypto ipsec security-association idle-time command SR-245

crypto ipsec security-association lifetime command SR-247

crypto ipsec security-association replay disable command SR-249

crypto ipsec security-association replay window-size command SR-250

crypto ipsec transform-set command SR-251

crypto ipsec transport command SR-255

crypto isakmp call admission limit command SR-136

crypto isakmp client configuration group command SR-138

crypto isakmp command SR-140

crypto isakmp identity command SR-141

crypto isakmp keepalive command SR-143

crypto isakmp policy command SR-145

crypto isakmp profile command SR-148

crypto key generate dsa command SR-321

crypto key generate rsa command SR-323

crypto keyring command SR-150

crypto key zeroize dsa command SR-325

crypto key zeroize rsa command SR-326

csnp-interval command RR-428


dampening command HR-500

database command IR-203

database-filter all out (OSPF) command RR-620

database-filter all out (OSPFv3) command RR-786

databits command SMR-559

datasize request command MNR-73

dbe-location-id command SBR-73

deact-mode command SBR-75

dead-interval (OSPF) command RR-622

dead-interval (OSPFv3) command RR-788

deadtime (server-group configuration) command SR-23

default-cost (OSPF) command RR-624

default-cost (OSPFv3) command RR-790

default-information command RR-350

default-information originate (BGP) command RR-94

default-information originate (IS-IS) command RR-430

default-information originate (OSPF) command RR-626

default-information originate (OSPFv3) command RR-792

default-information originate (RIP) command RR-967

default-metric (BGP) command RR-96

default-metric (EIGRP) command RR-351

default-metric (OSPF) command RR-628

default-metric (OSPFv3) command RR-794

default-metric (RIP) command RR-968

default-originate command RR-97

default-peer command MCR-543

default-route command MPR-6

delay trigger command HR-318

delete command SMR-205

delete community command RR-1045

delete extcommunity rt command RR-1047

demand-circuit (OSPF) command RR-630

demand-circuit (OSPFv3) command RR-796

deny (IPv4) command IR-12

deny (IPv6) command IR-22

description (AAA) command SR-25

description (BGP) command RR-99

description (IKE policy) command SR-152

description (interface) command SMR-100

description (IPSec profile) command SR-257

description (keyring) command SR-153

description (peer) command MCR-545

description (trustpoint) command SR-328

description command SBR-77

destination address (IP SLA) command MNR-75

destination address ipv4 command MPR-370

destination command MPR-228, HR-905, IR-205

destination in command RR-1049

destination port command MNR-77

device command MNR-196

dhcp relay information check disable command IR-211

dhcp relay information option command IR-213

dhcp relay information policy command IR-215

dhcp server command IR-217

diagnostic bootup level command HR-4

diagnostic load command HR-6

diagnostic monitor command HR-8

diagnostic monitor interval command HR-10

diagnostic monitor syslog command HR-12

diagnostic monitor threshold command HR-18

diagnostic schedule command HR-13

diagnostic start command HR-15

diagnostic stop command HR-17

diagnostic unload command HR-20

dir command SMR-207

direction (GMPLS) command MPR-230

disable (explicit-path) command MPR-232

disable (IS-IS) command RR-432

disable command MCR-590

disabled command SBR-79

disable-dn-bit-check command RR-632

disconnect-character command SMR-562

disconnect command SMR-561

discovery hello command MPR-7

discovery instance-tlv disable command MPR-9

discovery targeted-hello command MPR-11

discovery transport-address command MPR-13

distance (EIGRP) command RR-353

distance (ISIS) command RR-433

distance admin-distance (RIP) command RR-970

distance bgp command RR-101

distance command IR-207

distance ospf command RR-635

distance ospfv3 command RR-798

distributed speaker command RR-103

distribute-list command RR-637

distribute-list prefix-list in command RR-800

distribute-list prefix-list out command RR-802

distribution count command MNR-79

distribution interval command MNR-81

dmz-link-bandwidth command RR-104

dns command SR-154

dns-server command IR-209

do command SMR-102

domain (isakmp-group) command SR-156

domain-id command RR-639

domain ipv4 host command IR-247

domain ipv6 host command IR-249

domain list command IR-250

domain lookup disable command IR-252

domain-name command IR-210, IR-254

domain name-server command IR-256

domain tag command RR-640

dot1q native vlan command HR-618

dot1q tunneling ethertype 0x9100 command HR-620

dot1q vlan command HR-622

drop command RR-1051

dr-priority command MCR-104

dscp (BGP) command RR-106

dscp command HR-907, SBR-82

dsc serial command HR-22

dst-adjacency command SBR-80

dsu bandwidth command HR-406

dsu mode command HR-408

dsu remote command HR-410

dtmf-duration command SBR-84

dtmf-relay command SBR-85

duid command IR-208

dumpcore command SMR-365

duplex (Management Ethernet) command HR-520

duplex full (Fast Ethernet) command HR-590

duplex half (Fast Ethernet) command HR-592


early-media-deny command SBR-87

early-media-direction command SBR-89

early-media-timeout command SBR-91

ebgp-multihop command RR-108

echo disable command HR-873

echo disable-vendor-extension command MPR-415

echo revision command MPR-416

edit command RR-1053, SBR-93

embedded-rp command MCR-106

embedded-rp disable command MCR-109

enable command MCR-592

encap (PVC) command HR-826

encapsulation (ATM) command HR-673

encapsulation command (POS) HR-532

encapsulation command (serial) HR-640

encapsulation frame-relay command HR-828

encapsulation ppp command HR-783

encryption (IKE policy) command SR-158

end command SMR-104

end-global command RR-1055

end-policy command RR-1056

end-set command RR-1058

end-template command SMR-106

enrollment retry count command SR-329

enrollment retry period command SR-331

enrollment terminal command SR-333

enrollment url command SR-334

entry command SBR-95

env disable command HR-24

env power-supply command HR-26

erase nvram command SMR-209

escape-character command SMR-564

exceed-action command QR-15

exception dump-tftp-route command SMR-368

exception filepath command SMR-370

exception kernel memory command SMR-374

exception pakmem command SMR-377

exception sparse command SMR-379

exception sprsize command SMR-381

exec-timeout command SMR-566

exit command SMR-108

exp command MNR-83

explicit-null command MPR-15

explicit-tracking command MCR-15

exporter command HR-909

export route-policy command RR-110

export route-target command RR-111

extcommunity rt is-empty command RR-1060

extcommunity rt matches-any command RR-1061

extcommunity rt matches-every command RR-1063

extcommunity-set cost command RR-1065

extcommunity-set rt command RR-1067

extcommunity-set soo command RR-1068

extcommunity soo is-empty command RR-1069

extcommunity soo matches-any command RR-1071

extcommunity soo matches-every command RR-1073


f4oam disable command HR-676

facility-alarm contacts command HR-28

fast-register disable command SBR-97

fast-register-interval command SBR-99

fast-reroute command MPR-233

fault manager environment command MNR-36

fault manager policy command MNR-38, MNR-41

fault manager schedule-policy suspend command MNR-42

fault manager user-lib-directory command MNR-44

fault manager user-policy-directory command MNR-46

fdl ansi command HR-411

file-size command MNR-197

filter command MNR-85

firewall are-u-there command SR-160

first-cac-scope command SBR-101

first-cac-table command SBR-103

first-call-routing-table command SBR-104

first-number-analysis-table command SBR-105

first-reg-routing-table command SBR-106

flooding-igp (GMPLS) command MPR-235

flooding thresholds command MPR-237

flood-reduction (OSPF) command RR-641

flood-reduction (OSPFv3) command RR-804

flow command HR-911

flow-control command HR-594

flowcontrol hardware command SMR-568

flow exporter-map command HR-913

flow monitor-map command HR-915

follow command SMR-383

force command HR-319

force explicit-null command MNR-87

format command SMR-210

forwarding-adjacency command MPR-239

forward-protocol udp command IR-466

frame-relay intf-type command HR-830

frame-relay lmi disable command HR-831

frame-relay lmi-n391dte command HR-832

frame-relay lmi-n392dce command HR-833

frame-relay lmi-n392dte command HR-835

frame-relay lmi-n393dce command HR-836

frame-relay lmi-n393dte command HR-838

frame-relay lmi-t391dte command HR-839

frame-relay lmi-t392dce command HR-840

frame-relay lmi-type command HR-841

framing (E1) command HR-413

framing (E3) command HR-414

framing (SONET) command HR-321

framing (T1) command HR-415

framing (T3) command HR-416

frequency (IP SLA) command MNR-89

frequency (logging) command MNR-198

fsck command SMR-212

ftp client anonymous-password command IR-258

ftp client passive command IR-259

ftp client source-interface command IR-261


g709 bdi-to-client-gais command HR-456

g709 disable command HR-458

g709 fec command HR-459

g709 odu report command HR-461

g709 otu report command HR-462, HR-463

g709 otu threshold command HR-465

graceful-restart (OSPFv3) command RR-806

graceful-restart command MPR-17

group (AAA) command SR-27

group (IKE policy) command SR-162

group-lock command SR-164


h248 allow-all-mg command SBR-107

hash (IKE policy) command SR-166

hello-interval (EIGRP) command RR-355

hello-interval (IS-IS) command RR-435

hello-interval (OSPF) command RR-643

hello-interval (OSPFv3) command RR-808

hello-interval (PIM) command MCR-111

hello-multiplier command RR-437

hello-padding command RR-439

hello-password accept command RR-443

hello-password command RR-441

history command MNR-91

hold-time (EIGRP) command RR-356

holdtime command MPR-20

hostname command SMR-110

hostname dynamic disable command RR-445

hsrp authentication command IR-290

hsrp delay command IR-292

hsrp ipv4 command IR-294

hsrp mac-address command IR-296

hsrp preempt command IR-298

hsrp priority command IR-300

hsrp redirects command IR-302

hsrp timers command IR-304

hsrp track command IR-306

hsrp use-bia command IR-309

http server command SMR-310

hw-module (logging onboard) command MNR-246

hw-module boot override command HR-30

hw-module location command HR-32

hw-module port command HR-35, HR-550

hw-module power command HR-37

hw-module power disable command HR-39

hw-module qos account layer2 encapsulation command QR-17

hw-module qos multicast command QR-19

hw-module qos multicast priorityq disable command QR-21

hw-module qos queue-auto-defrag command QR-23

hw-module reset auto command HR-41

hw-module reset auto disable command HR-43

hw-module shutdown command HR-45

hw-module subslot cardtype command HR-417

hw-module subslot reload command HR-47

hw-module subslot shutdown command HR-48


icmp ipv4 rate-limit unreachable command IR-360

if command RR-1075

ignore lsa mospf command RR-645

ignore-lsp-errors command RR-447

igp sync delay command MPR-21

import route-policy command RR-113

import route-target command RR-115

include-local-lan command SR-168

index exclude-address command MPR-241

index next-address command MPR-243

inherit taskgroup command SR-29

inherit usergroup command SR-31

install abort SMR-230

install activate SMR-232

install add command SMR-238

install attach command SMR-242

install commit command SMR-244

install deactivate command SMR-246

install remove command SMR-251

install resume command SMR-254

install rollback to command SMR-256

install suspend command SMR-259

install verify command SMR-261

instance command RR-810

interface (BFD) command HR-875

interface (DHCP) command IR-219

interface (EIGRP) command RR-358

interface (global) command HR-502

interface (HSRP) command IR-311

interface (IS-IS) command RR-449

interface (L2VPN) command MPR-437

interface (MPLS LDP) command MPR-23

interface (multicast) command MCR-594

interface (NTP) command SMR-329

interface (OSPF) command RR-647

interface (OSPFv3) command RR-812

interface (PIM) command MCR-113

interface (RIP) command RR-972

interface (VLAN) command HR-625

interface (VRRP) command IR-506

interface all enable command MCR-596

interface all router disable (IGMP/MLD) command MCR-17

interface atm command HR-678

interface Bundle-Ether command HR-760

interface Bundle-POS command HR-761

interface FastEthernet command HR-596

interface GigabitEthernet command HR-598

interface MgmtEth command HR-522

interface null 0 command HR-744

interface pos command HR-534

interface serial command HR-642

interface service-gre command SR-260

interface service-ipsec command SR-258

interface srp command HR-552

interface TenGigE command HR-600

interface tunnel-ipsec command SR-261

interface tunnel-te command MPR-245

invert command HR-646

ip-address (trustpoint) command SR-336

ipcc routed command MPR-372

ip precedence command SBR-108

ipsla key-chain command MNR-93

ipsla low-memory command MNR-95

ipsla operation command MNR-97

ipsla reaction operation command MNR-98

ipsla reaction trigger command MNR-99

ipsla responder command MNR-101

ipsla schedule operation command MNR-102

ip TOS command SBR-109

ipv4 access-group command IR-27

ipv4 access-list command IR-29

ipv4 access-list log-update rate command IR-31

ipv4 access-list log-update threshold command IR-32

ipv4 access-list maximum ace threshold command IR-34

ipv4 access-list maximum acl threshold command IR-36

ipv4 address command IR-362, SBR-111

ipv4 bgp policy accounting command IR-116

ipv4 command SBR-112

ipv4 conflict-policy command IR-364

ipv4 directed-broadcast command IR-366

ipv4 helper-address command IR-368

ipv4 mask-reply command IR-370

ipv4 mtu command IR-371

ipv4 redirects command IR-373

ipv4 source-route command IR-374

ipv4 unnumbered (MPLS) command MPR-247

ipv4 unnumbered (point-to-point) command IR-375

ipv4 unreachables disable command IR-377

ipv4 verify unicast source reachable-via command IR-118

ipv4 virtual address command IR-379

ipv6 access-group command IR-38

ipv6 access-list command IR-40

ipv6 access-list log-update rate command IR-43

ipv6 access-list log-update threshold command IR-44

ipv6 access-list maximum ace threshold command IR-46

ipv6 access-list maximum acl threshold command IR-48

ipv6 address command IR-381

ipv6 address link-local command IR-383

ipv6 bgp policy accounting command IR-120

ipv6 conflict-policy command IR-385

ipv6 enable command IR-386

ipv6 hop-limit command IR-388

ipv6 icmp error-interval command IR-389

ipv6 mtu command IR-391

ipv6 nd dad attempts command IR-393

ipv6 nd managed-config-flag command IR-396

ipv6 nd ns-interval command IR-398

ipv6 nd other-config-flag command IR-400

ipv6 nd prefix command IR-402

ipv6 nd ra-interval command IR-405

ipv6 nd ra-lifetime command IR-407

ipv6 nd reachable-time command IR-409

ipv6 nd redirects command IR-411

ipv6 nd suppress-ra command IR-412

ipv6 neighbor command IR-414

ipv6 unreachables disable command IR-417

ipv6 verify unicast source reachable-via any command IR-122

isakmp authorization list command SR-170

ispf command RR-451

ispf startup-delay command RR-452

is-type command RR-452


join-group command MCR-18

join-prune-interval command MCR-115


keepalive (ISAKMP profile) command SR-172

keepalive command (POS) HR-536

keepalive command (serial) HR-644

key (key chain) command SR-410

key (RADIUS) command SR-33

key chain (key chain) command SR-412

keychain command RR-117

keychain-disable command RR-119

key command SBR-114, SR-173

keyring command SR-175

key-source key-chain (RSVP) command MPR-101

key-string (IKE) command SR-177

key-string (key chain) command SR-414


l2protocol (Ethernet) command HR-602

l2protocol (VLAN) command HR-627

l2transport (ATM) command HR-682

l2transport (Ethernet) command HR-604

l2transport command MPR-438

l2vpn command MPR-440

label accept command MPR-25

label advertise command MPR-27

label allocate command MPR-30

label-allocation-mode command RR-121

lacp period short command HR-762

lacp system-priority command HR-763

laser command HR-466

ldr-check command SBR-116

led mode command HR-50

length command SMR-570

life command MNR-104

lifetime (IKE policy) command SR-179

life-time (RSVP) command MPR-103

line command SMR-572

lives command MNR-105

lmp hello (GMPLS) command MPR-248

lmp neighbor command MPR-374

load command SMR-111

load commit changes command SMR-113

load configuration failed command SMR-114

load interval command MNR-302

load rollback changes command SMR-116

local-address (keyring) command SR-181

local address command SBR-117

local-as command RR-122

locale country command SMR-65

locale language command SMR-67

local-id host command SBR-118

local pool command IR-418

local-port command SBR-119

location (drp) command SMR-190

location (sdr) command SMR-454

location-id command SBR-120

lockout command HR-323

log adjacency changes (IS-IS) command RR-454

log adjacency changes (OSPF) command RR-649

log adjacency changes (OSPFv3) command RR-814

logging archive command MNR-201

logging buffered command MNR-203

logging console command MNR-205

logging correlator apply-rule command MNR-9

logging correlator buffer-size command MNR-11

logging correlator rule command MNR-13

logging events buffer-size command MNR-15

logging events level command MNR-17

logging events link-status (interface) command MNR-208

logging events link-status command MNR-207

logging events threshold command MNR-19

logging facility command MNR-211

logging history command MNR-213

logging history size command MNR-215

logging hostnameprefix command MNR-217

logging localfilesize command MNR-219

logging monitor command MNR-220

logging on command MNR-222

logging source-interface command MNR-224

logging suppress duplicates command MNR-226

logging trap command MNR-228

log graceful-restart command MPR-32

login authentication command SR-35

log-neighbor-changes command RR-360

log neighbor command MPR-34

log-neighbor-warnings command RR-361

log pdu drops command RR-456

log session-protection command MPR-36

log-traps command MCR-598

loopback (DWDM) command HR-467

loopback (Ethernet) command HR-606

loopback (SONET) command HR-325

loopback (T1/E1) command HR-419

loopback (T3/E3) command HR-421

lsp fast-flood threshold command RR-458

lsp-gen-interval command RR-459

lsp-interval command RR-461

lsp-mtu command RR-463

lsp-password accept command RR-467

lsp-password command RR-465

lsp-refresh-interval command RR-469

lsp selector ipv4 command MNR-107

lsr-path command MNR-109


mac-accounting command HR-608

mac-address (Ethernet) command HR-610

mac-address (Management Ethernet) command HR-524

major-alarm-threshold command SBR-121

man command SMR-118

manual command HR-327

marking command SBR-123

master command SMR-331

match (GMPLS) command MPR-250

match access-group command QR-25

match-account command SBR-124

match-address command SBR-126

match-adjacency command SBR-128

match cos command QR-27

match destination-address command QR-29

match discard-class command QR-33

match dscp command QR-33

match frame-relay dlci command HR-842

match identity command SR-182

match mpls experimental topmost command QR-36

match-number command SBR-130

match precedence command QR-38

match-prefix command SBR-132

match protocol command QR-41

match qos-group command QR-43

match source-address command QR-45

match transform-set command SR-263

match-type command SBR-134

match-value command SBR-136

match vlan command QR-47

max-associations command SMR-333

max-bandwidth command SBR-138

max-call-rate command SBR-140

max-channels command SBR-141

maximum autorp command MCR-117

maximum disable command MCR-599

maximum external-sa command MCR-547

maximum group-mappings command MCR-119

maximum groups command MCR-20

maximum groups per-interface command MCR-23

maximum hops command MNR-111

maximum interfaces (OSPF) command RR-652

maximum interfaces (OSPFv3) command RR-816

maximum interfaces command MPR-38

maximum path (Static) command RR-1258

maximum-paths (BGP) command RR-124

maximum-paths (EIGRP) command RR-362

maximum paths (IP SLA) command MNR-113

maximum-paths (IS-IS) command RR-471

maximum-paths (OSPF) command RR-654

maximum paths (OSPFv3) command RR-817

maximum-paths (RIP) RR-974

maximum peer-external-sa command MCR-549

maximum-prefix (BGP) command RR-126

maximum-prefix (EIGRP) command RR-364

maximum prefix (RIB) command RR-911

maximum-redistributed-prefixes (IS-IS) command RR-472

maximum redistributed-prefixes (OSPF) command RR-656

maximum redistributed-prefixes (OSPFv3) command RR-818

maximum register-states command MCR-121

maximum route-interfaces command MCR-123

maximum routes command MCR-125

max-logins command SR-184

max-lsp-lifetime command RR-473

max-metric command RR-650

max-num-calls command SBR-142

max-reg-rates command SBR-143

max-regs-rate command SBR-144

max-updates command SBR-145

max-users command SR-186

mdl command HR-423

med command RR-1080

media-address command SBR-146

media-bypass command SBR-147

media-timeout command SBR-148

mesh-group (IS-IS) command RR-475

mesh-group (peer) command MCR-551

message-digest-key command RR-658

metric command RR-477

metric maximum-hops command RR-366

metric-style narrow command RR-479

metric-style transition command RR-481

metric-style wide command RR-483

metric weights command RR-368

metric-zero-accept command RR-975

mhost default-interface command MCR-600

minor-alarm-threshold command SBR-149

mkdir command SMR-213

mode command HR-425

monitor controller fabric command MNR-252

monitor controller SONET command MNR-254

monitor interface command MNR-256

monitor processes command SMR-391

monitor threads command SMR-395

more command SMR-121

mpls ip-ttl-propagate command MPR-182

mpls label range command MPR-183

mpls ldp sync (OSPF) command RR-661

mpls oam command MPR-417

mpls traffic-end multicast-intact command RR-489

mpls traffic-eng (OSPF) command RR-662

mpls traffic-eng area (OSPF) command RR-664

mpls traffic-eng command RR-487

mpls traffic-eng ds-te bc-model command MPR-252

mpls traffic-eng ds-te mode command MPR-254

mpls traffic-eng ds-te te-classes command MPR-256

mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute promote command MPR-258

mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute timers promotion command MPR-259

mpls traffic-eng interface command MPR-261

mpls traffic-eng level command MPR-263

mpls traffic-eng link-management flood command MPR-265

mpls traffic-eng link-management timers bandwidth-hold command MPR-266

mpls traffic-eng link-management timers periodic-flooding command MPR-268

mpls traffic-eng lmp router-id command MPR-270

mpls traffic-eng maximum tunnels command MPR-271

mpls traffic-eng path-protection switchover (GMPLS) command MPR-272

mpls traffic-eng path-selection loose-expansion affinity command MPR-273

mpls traffic-eng path-selection loose-expansion metric command MPR-275

mpls traffic-eng path-selection metric command MPR-277

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize (Config) command MPR-279

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize (EXEC) command MPR-280

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers delay command MPR-281

mpls traffic-eng router-id (IS-IS) command RR-491

mpls traffic-eng router-id (OSPF) command RR-665

mpls traffic-eng router-id command MPR-283

mpls traffic-eng router-id secondary command MPR-285

mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise explicit-null command MPR-287

mpls traffic-eng timers loose-path command MPR-289

mpls traffic-eng topology holddown sigerr command MPR-290

mrinfo command MCR-70

mtrace command MCR-72

mtu command HR-504

mtu-ignore (OSPF) command RR-667

mtu-ignore (OSPFv3) command RR-820

multi-area-interface command RR-669

multicast-routing command MCR-602

multilink command HR-785

multilink fragment-size command HR-787

multilink group command HR-789

multipath command MCR-604


nat-enable command SBR-150

national bits (E1) command HR-427

national bits (E3) command HR-428

negotiation auto command HR-611

neighbor (BGP) command RR-128

neighbor (EIGRP) command RR-370

neighbor (L2VPN) command MPR-441

neighbor (OSPF) command RR-671

neighbor (OSPFv3) command RR-822

neighbor (O-UNI) command MPR-376

neighbor (RIP) command RR-976

neighbor-check-on-recv disable command MCR-126

neighbor-check-on-send disable command MCR-127

neighbor database-filter all out command RR-673

neighbor-filter command MCR-128

neighbor-group command RR-130

neighbor maximum-prefix command RR-372

neighbor password command MPR-5, MPR-39

neighbor targeted command MPR-41

net command RR-493

netmask command SR-188

network (BGP) command RR-132

network (OSPF) command RR-675

network (OSPFv3) command RR-824

network backdoor command RR-134

network-id command SBR-151

next-hop in command RR-1082

nexthop route-policy command RR-140

next-hop-self command RR-136

next-hop-self disable command RR-375

nexthop trigger-delay command RR-142

nexthop-trigger-delay command RR-59

next-hop-unchanged command RR-138

nsf (IS-IS) command RR-495

nsf (OSPF) command RR-677

nsf (RIP) command RR-978

nsf command MCR-605

nsf flush-delay-time (OSPF) command RR-679

nsf interface-expires command RR-497

nsf interface-timer command RR-499

nsf interval (OSPF) command RR-680

nsf lifetime (IGMP/MLD) command MCR-26

nsf lifetime (IS-IS) command RR-501

nsf lifetime (OSPF) command RR-681

nsf lifetime (PIM) command MCR-129

nssa (OSPF) command RR-682

nssa (OSPFv3) command RR-826

ntp clear command SMR-336

ntp command SMR-334


oam ais-rdi command HR-684

oam-pvc manage command HR-686

oam retry command HR-689

old-register-checksum command MCR-131

oom-handling command MCR-607

options command HR-917

orf prefix in command RR-1084

originator-id command MCR-553

origin is command RR-1086

ospf name-lookup command RR-684

ospfv3 name-lookup command RR-828

output-delay command RR-979

overhead (SONET) command HR-329

overhead (SONET path) command HR-331


p2p command MPR-443


addition, introduction SMR-239

packet count command MNR-115

packet-gap non-standard command HR-612

packet interval command MNR-117

packet-size command RR-685

pair (SDR) command SMR-193, SMR-459

pair command SMR-458

pairing (drp) command SMR-192, SMR-460

parity command SMR-574

pass command RR-1088

passive (GMPLS) command MPR-292

passive (IS-IS) command RR-503

passive (OSPF) command RR-687

passive (OSPFv3) command RR-829

passive command MPR-378

passive-interface (EIGRP) command RR-376

passive-interface (RIP) command RR-980

password (AAA) command SR-37

password (BGP) command RR-146

password-disable command RR-148

path (SONET) command HR-333

path-option command MPR-294

path-selection metric command MPR-296

path-type is command RR-1090

pause command SBR-152

pd command IR-221, IR-223

peer (NTP) command SMR-337

peer command MCR-555

performance-mgmt apply monitor command MNR-261

performance-mgmt apply statistics command MNR-264

performance-mgmt apply thresholds command MNR-267

performance-mgmt resources memory command MNR-270

performance-mgmt resources tftp-server command MNR-272

performance-mgmt statistics command MNR-274

performance-mgmt thresholds command MNR-276

permit (IPv4) command IR-50

permit (IPv6) command IR-61

pfs command SR-189

ping (administration EXEC) command HR-52

ping (network) command IR-263

ping atm interface atm command HR-692

ping mpls ipv4 command MPR-418

ping mpls pseudowire command MPR-421

ping mpls traffic-eng command MPR-424

placement memory command SMR-399

placement program command SMR-401

placement reoptimize command SMR-403

pm fec report command HR-468

pm fec threshold command HR-469

pm optics report command HR-470

pm optics threshold command HR-472

pm otn report command HR-474

pm otn threshold command HR-477

point-to-point command RR-505

poison-reverse command RR-982

police rate command QR-49

policy-global command RR-1091

policy-map command QR-52

pool (isakmp-group) command SR-191

pool command IR-225

port IR-355

port command SBR-154

pos command HR-538

ppp authentication command HR-791

ppp chap password command HR-794

ppp chap refuse command HR-796

ppp max-bad-auth command HR-798

ppp max-configure command HR-800

ppp max-failure command HR-802

ppp max-terminate command HR-804

ppp ms-chap password command HR-806

ppp ms-chap refuse command HR-808

ppp multilink minimum-active links command HR-810

ppp pap refuse command HR-811

ppp pap sent-username password command HR-813

ppp timeout authentication command HR-815

ppp timeout retry command HR-817

precedence command RR-150

preference command IR-227

prefix command SBR-155

prefix-set command RR-1093

prepend as-path command RR-1095

pre-shared-key command SR-193

priority (IS-IS) command RR-506

priority (MPLS TE) command MPR-298

priority (OSPF) command RR-689

priority (OSPFv3) command RR-831

priority (QoS) command QR-54

priority command SBR-156

process command SMR-405

process core command SMR-408

process mandatory command SMR-410

profile command SR-265

propagate level command RR-508

protocol command RR-1097

protocol shutdown command RR-691

proxy-arp command IR-91

pvc (ATM) command HR-647, HR-694

pvc (Frame Relay) command HR-843

pvp (ATM) command HR-698

pwd command SMR-215


qos fax command SBR-158

qos video command SBR-159

qos voice command SBR-160

query-interval command MCR-28

query-max-response-time command MCR-30

query-timeout command MCR-32

query url command SR-338

queue-limit command QR-56


radius command SBR-161

radius-server dead-criteria time command SR-39

radius-server dead-criteria tries command SR-41

radius-server deadtime command SR-43

radius-server host command SR-45

radius-server key command SR-48

radius-server retransmit command SR-50

radius-server timeout command SR-52

radius source-interface command SR-54

random 1 out-of command HR-919

random-detect command QR-58

random-detect cos command QR-60

random-detect discard-class command QR-62

random-detect dscp command QR-64

random-detect exp command QR-66

random-detect precedence command QR-68

range (OSPF) command RR-693

range (OSPFv3) command RR-833

rapid-commit command IR-228

rate-per-route command MCR-609

rcp client source-interface command IR-266

rcp client username command IR-268

rd command RR-152

rd in command RR-1099

rd-set command RR-1101

react command MNR-119

receive-buffer-size command RR-154

receive version command RR-984

record ipv4 command HR-921

record mpls command HR-923

record route command MPR-300

recurring command MNR-122

redistribute (BGP) command RR-156

redistribute (EIGRP) command RR-377

redistribute (IS-IS) command RR-510

redistribute (OSPF) command RR-695

redistribute (OSPFv3) command RR-835

redistribute (RIP) command RR-986

redistribute maximum-prefix command RR-379

redundancy reddrv command HR-55

redundancy switchover command HR-57

reload (exec) command SMR-4

reload location command SMR-6

remark (IPv4) command IR-66

remark (IPv6) command IR-68

remote (GMPLS) command MPR-302

remote-address ipv4 command SBR-163

remote-as (BGP) command RR-160

remote-as (multicast) command MCR-557

remote interface-id command MPR-380

remote node-id command MPR-382

remove-private-as command RR-162

replace as-path command RR-1103

reply dscp command MNR-123

reply mode router-alert command MNR-125

report (SONET) command HR-335

report (SONET path) command HR-337

resend command SBR-164

resequence access-list ipv4 command IR-70

resequence access-list ipv6 command IR-72

resume command SMR-576

retain route-target command RR-164

retransmit (RADIUS) command SR-56

retransmit-interval (IS-IS) command RR-514

retransmit-interval (OSPF) command RR-699

retransmit-interval (OSPFv3) command RR-839

retransmit-throttle-interval command RR-516

reverse-route command SR-267

revert command HR-339

RFC 1406, Definitions of Managed Objects for DS1 and E1 Interface Types HR-439

rib-has-route command RR-1105

rmdir command SMR-216

rollback configuration command SMR-125

root command SMR-127

route (static) command RR-1260

route-has-label command RR-1107

route-policy (BGP) command RR-166

route-policy (EIGRP) command RR-381

route policy (OSPF) command RR-701

route-policy (RIP) command RR-991

route-policy (RPL) command RR-1108

router bgp command RR-170

router command MCR-34

route-reflector-client RR-168

router eigrp command RR-382

router hsrp command IR-313

router-id (EIGRP) command RR-383

router-id (global) command IR-421

router-id (MPLS LDP) command MPR-42

router-id (MPLS O-UNI) command MPR-383

router-id (OSPF) command RR-702

router-id (OSPFv3) command RR-841

router igmp command MCR-36

router isis command RR-518

router mld command MCR-38

router ospf command RR-704

router ospfv3 command RR-843

router pim command MCR-133

router pim interface bfd command MCR-135

router rib command RR-912

router rip command RR-989

router static command RR-1264

router vrrp command IR-508

route-type is command RR-1110

rp-address command MCR-137

rpf-vector command MCR-139

rpl editor command RR-1112

rpl maximum command RR-1113

rp mgmtethernet forwarding command IR-124

rsakeypair command SR-340

rsa-pubkey command SR-195

rsvp interface command MPR-105

rsvp neighbor (RSVP neighbor authentication) command MPR-107

rtp payload-type nte SBR-165

rx-los-threshold command HR-478


sa-filter command MCR-558

sam add certificate command SR-382

sam delete certificate command SR-384

sampler-map command HR-925

samples command MNR-127

sam prompt-interval command SR-386

sam verify command SR-388

sap cache-timeout command MCR-74

sap listen command MCR-75

save configuration command SMR-129

save configuration commit changes command SMR-131

save configuration failed command SMR-133

save configuration merge command SMR-135

save configuration removed command SMR-137

save-password command SR-197

save rollback changes command SMR-139

scramble command HR-649

scrambling disable (SONET path) command HR-341

sdr command SMR-457

secret command SR-58

self-identity command SR-199

send-buffer-size command RR-171

send command SMR-578

send-community-ebgp command RR-173

send-extended-community-ebgp command RR-175

send-lifetime command SR-416

send version command RR-993

serial command HR-651

serial-number (trustpoint) command SR-342

server (NTP) command SMR-340

server (RADIUS) command SR-60

server (TACACS+) command SR-62

server-private (RADIUS) command SR-64

service-location command SR-269

service-policy (interface) command QR-70

service-policy (policy map class) command QR-72

service tcp-small-servers command IR-468

service timestamps command MNR-230

service udp-small-servers command IR-470

session-group command RR-177

session-limit command SMR-580

session-open-mode command RR-179

session protection command MPR-44

session-timeout command SMR-581

set atm-clp command QR-74

set-attached-bit command RR-520

set community command RR-1115

set cos command QR-76

set dampening command RR-1117

set default-afi command SMR-141

set default-safi command SMR-143

set default-vfr command SMR-145

set discard-class command QR-78

set dscp command QR-80

set eigrp-metric command RR-1119

set extcommunity cost command RR-1121

set extcommunity rt command RR-1123

set interface command SR-200

set interface tunnel-ipsec command SR-202

set ipsec-profile command SR-204

set isis-metric command RR-1125

set label command RR-1126

set level command RR-1127

set local-preference command RR-1129

set med command RR-1131

set metric-type (IS-IS) command RR-1133

set metric-type (OSPF) command RR-1134

set mpls experimental command QR-82

set next-hop command RR-1136

set origin command RR-1138

set ospf-metric command RR-1140

set-overload-bit command RR-522

set pfs command SR-271

set precedence command QR-84

set qos-group command QR-86

set rib-metric command RR-1141

set rip-metric command RR-1142

set rip-tag command RR-1143

set security-association idle-time command SR-273

set security-association lifetime command SR-275

set security-association replay disable command SR-277

set session-key inbound ah command SR-278

set session-key inbound esp command SR-280

set session-key outbound ah command SR-282

set session-key outbound esp command SR-284

set srp-priority command QR-88

set tag command RR-1144

set traffic-index command RR-1146

set transform-set command SR-286

set type command SR-288

set vpn-distinguisher command RR-1148

set weight command RR-1149

severity command MNR-232

sftp command SR-358

shape average command QR-90

shape command HR-700

show aaa command SR-67

show access-lists ipv4 command IR-74

show access-lists ipv6 command IR-79

show adjacency command IR-125

show aliases command SMR-150

show aps agents command HR-345

show aps command HR-343

show aps group command HR-347

show arm conflicts command IR-423

show arm database command IR-425

show arm registrations consumers routerid command IR-430

show arm registrations producers command IR-432

show arm router-ids command IR-428

show arm summary command IR-434

show arm vrf-summary command IR-436

show arp command IR-93

show atm class-link command HR-705

show atm ilmi-status command HR-708

show atm interface atm command HR-711

show atm pvc command HR-716

show atm pvp command HR-722

show atm vc-class command HR-727

show atm vp-tunnel command HR-730

show auto-rp candidate-rp command MCR-140

show auto-rp mapping-agent command MCR-142

show bfd all command HR-879

show bfd client command HR-881

show bfd command HR-877

show bfd counters packet command HR-883

show bfd ipv4 command HR-885

show bfd location command HR-887

show bfd session command HR-888

show bgp advertised command RR-189

show bgp af-group command RR-195

show bgp attribute-key command RR-198

show bgp cidr-only command RR-202

show bgp command RR-181

show bgp community command RR-206

show bgp convergence command RR-211

show bgp dampened-paths command RR-214

show bgp flap-statistics command RR-218

show bgp inconsistent-as command RR-223

show bgp labels command RR-227

show bgp neighbor-group command RR-230

show bgp neighbors command RR-234

show bgp paths command RR-253

show bgp policy command RR-255

show bgp process command RR-263

show bgp regexp command RR-279

show bgp route-policy command RR-283

show bgp session-group command RR-287

show bgp summary command RR-290

show bgp truncated-communities command RR-294

show bgp update-group command RR-298

show bgp vrf imported-routes command RR-303

show bundle Bundle-Ether command HR-764

show bundle Bundle-POS command HR-767

show calendar command SMR-342

show cdp command SMR-38

show cdp entry command SMR-40

show cdp interface command SMR-42

show cdp neighbors command SMR-45

show cdp traffic command SMR-49

show cef ipv4 adjacency command IR-131

show cef ipv4 adjacency hardware command IR-133

show cef ipv4 command IR-128

show cef ipv4 drop command IR-135

show cef ipv4 exact-route command IR-137

show cef ipv4 exceptions command IR-173

show cef ipv4 hardware command IR-144

show cef ipv4 interface bgp-policy-statistics command IR-149

show cef ipv4 interface command IR-146

show cef ipv4 non-recursive command IR-152

show cef ipv4 resources command IR-155

show cef ipv4 summary command IR-157

show cef ipv4 unresolved command IR-159

show cef ipv6 adjacency command IR-165

show cef ipv6 adjacency hardware command IR-167

show cef ipv6 command IR-161

show cef ipv6 drops command IR-169

show cef ipv6 exact-route command IR-171

show cef ipv6 exceptions command IR-173

show cef ipv6 hardware command IR-178

show cef ipv6 interface bgp-policy-statistics command IR-180

show cef ipv6 interface command IR-183

show cef ipv6 non-recursive command IR-186

show cef ipv6 resources command IR-188

show cef ipv6 summary command IR-190

show cef ipv6 unresolved command IR-192

show cef mpls adjacency command IR-194

show cef mpls unresolved command IR-196

show cef vrf command IR-197

show cinetd services command IR-270

show clns statistics command IR-437

show clock command SMR-69

show clock sync command SMR-71

show command SMR-147

show configuration (admin exec) command SMR-155

show configuration (config) command SMR-152

show configuration (exec) command SMR-157

show configuration changes command SMR-159

show configuration commit changes command SMR-161

show configuration commit list command SMR-164

show configuration failed (config) command SMR-167

show configuration failed startup command SMR-169

show configuration history command SMR-171

show configuration rollback command SMR-175

show configuration sessions command SMR-177

show context command SMR-412

show controller dwdm command HR-480

show controller dwdm pm command HR-486

show controllers atm command HR-732

show controllers cpuctrl cdma command HR-233

show controllers cpuctrl clients command HR-236

show controllers cpuctrl devices command HR-239

show controllers cpuctrl internal command HR-242

show controllers cpuctrl ports command HR-245

show controllers cpuctrl summary command HR-248

show controllers e1 command HR-429

show controllers e3 command HR-432

show controllers egressq eio links command HR-251

show controllers egressq group command HR-253

show controllers egressq interface command HR-256

show controllers egressq port command HR-260

show controllers egressq queue command HR-262

show controllers egressq statistics command HR-265

show controllers fabric bundle command HR-153

show controllers fabric command HR-151

show controllers fabric connectivity command HR-155

show controllers fabric fgid resource command HR-157

show controllers fabric fgid statistics command HR-159

show controllers fabric fsdb-pla all command HR-162

show controllers fabric link port command HR-164

show controllers fabric plane command HR-167

show controllers fabricq drop command HR-174

show controllers fabricq errors command HR-178

show controllers fabricq fabric-backpressure command HR-180

show controllers fabricq frfab command HR-183

show controllers fabricq output command HR-186

show controllers fabricq queue command HR-191

show controllers fabricq registers command HR-194

show controllers fabricq statistics command HR-189

show controllers fabricq tofab command HR-197

show controllers fabric rack all command HR-171

show controllers fabric sfe command HR-172

show controllers ingressq statistics command HR-199, HR-267

show controllers null interface command HR-746

show controllers plim asic command HR-269

show controllers pos command HR-349

show controllers pse eio links command HR-274

show controllers pse ipc command HR-277

show controllers pse mp command HR-282

show controllers pse statistics command HR-287

show controllers pse summary command HR-293

show controllers sonet command HR-355

show controllers srp command HR-554

show controllers switch command HR-201

show controllers switch inter-rack ports command HR-203

show controllers switch inter-rack statistics command HR-205

show controllers switch inter-rack stp command HR-208

show controllers switch inter-rack udld command HR-210

show controllers switch stp location command HR-212

show controllers switch stp ports command HR-215

show controllers switch stp region command HR-217

show controllers switch udld location command HR-218

show controllers switch udld ports command HR-220

show controllers t1 command HR-436

show controllers t3 command HR-440

show crypto ca certificates command SR-346

show crypto ca crls command SR-348

show crypto ipsec interface command SR-290

show crypto ipsec sa command SR-292

show crypto ipsec statistics command SR-296

show crypto ipsec summary command SR-299

show crypto isakmp call admission statistics command SR-206

show crypto isakmp key command SR-208

show crypto isakmp peers command SR-210

show crypto isakmp policy command SR-212

show crypto isakmp profile command SR-214

show crypto isakmp sa command SR-216

show crypto isakmp sa count command SR-219

show crypto isakmp sa detail command SR-221

show crypto key mypubkey dsa command SR-350

show crypto key mypubkey rsa command SR-352

show crypto key pubkey-chain rsa command SR-223

show default-afi-safi-vrf command SMR-179

show dhcp ipv6 binding command IR-230

show dhcp ipv6 command IR-229

show dhcp ipv6 database command IR-232

show dhcp ipv6 interface command IR-234

show dhcp ipv6 pool command IR-236

show dhcp relay command IR-238

show diag command HR-59

show diagnostic bootup level command HR-66

show diagnostic content command HR-67

show diagnostic result command HR-70

show diagnostic schedule command HR-72

show diags command HR-63

show dll command SMR-415

show dsc command HR-74

show eigrp accounting command RR-384

show eigrp interfaces command RR-386

show eigrp neighbors command RR-389

show eigrp topology command RR-392

show eigrp traffic command RR-395

show environment command HR-76

show exception command SMR-418

show explicit-paths command MPR-304

show facility-alarm contacts command HR-79

show fault manager environment command MNR-48

show fault manager metric hardware location command MNR-50

show fault manager metric process command MNR-52

show fault manager policy available command MNR-55

show fault manager policy registered command MNR-57

show fault manager refresh-time command MNR-60

show fault manager user-lib-directory command MNR-61

show fault manager user-policy-directory command MNR-62

show filesystem command SMR-218

show flow exporter command HR-927

show flow exporter-map command HR-930

show flow monitor command HR-932

show flow monitor-map command HR-949

show flow platform producer statistics location command HR-951

show fmgr interface command HR-81, QR-92

show fpd package command HR-84

show frame-relay lmi command HR-845

show frame-relay pvc command HR-848

show history command SMR-181

show hosts command IR-272

show hsrp command IR-314

show hw-module fpd command HR-86

show hw-module multicast qos command QR-95

show hw-module subslot brief command HR-88

show hw-module subslot config command HR-91

show hw-module subslot counters command HR-93

show hw-module subslot errors command HR-96

show hw-module subslot registers command HR-98

show hw-module subslot status command HR-100

show igmp groups command MCR-40

show igmp interface command MCR-43

show igmp nsf command MCR-46

show igmp summary MCR-48

show igmp traffic command MCR-50

show im dampening command HR-506

show install active command SMR-267

show install command SMR-264

show install committed command SMR-271

show install inactive command SMR-275

show install log command SMR-278

show install package command SMR-283

show install pie-info command SMR-287

show install requests command SMR-294

show install rollback command SMR-296

show install suspend command SMR-301

show install which command SMR-303

show interfaces (frame relay) command HR-851

show interfaces command HR-509

show interfaces pos command HR-540

show inventory command HR-102

show ipsla application command MNR-129

show ipsla history command MNR-131

show ipsla responder statistics ports command MNR-133

show ipsla statistics aggregated command MNR-137

show ipsla statistics aggregated detail command MNR-142

show ipsla statistics command MNR-135

show ipsla statistics enhanced aggregated command MNR-144

show ipv4 interface command IR-439

show ipv4 traffic command IR-444

show ipv6 interface command IR-447

show ipv6 neighbors command IR-451

show ipv6 traffic command IR-454

show isis adjacency command RR-524

show isis adjacency-log command RR-527

show isis checkpoint adjacency command RR-529

show isis checkpoint interface command RR-531

show isis checkpoint lsp command RR-533

show isis database command RR-535

show isis database-log command RR-542

show isis hostname command RR-544

show isis interface command RR-546

show isis lsp-log command RR-551

show isis mesh-group command RR-554

show isis mpls traffic-eng adjacency-log command RR-556

show isis mpls traffic-eng advertisements command RR-558

show isis mpls traffic-eng tunnel command RR-561

show isis neighbors command RR-563

show isis protocol command RR-566

show isis route command RR-568

show isis spf-log command RR-571

show isis statistics command RR-577

show isis topology command RR-581

show key chain command SR-418

show l2vpn collaborators command MPR-445

show l2vpn forwarding command MPR-447

show l2vpn resource command MPR-448

show l2vpn xconnect command MPR-449

show lacp bundle command HR-770

show lacp counters command HR-773

show lacp port command HR-775

show lacp system-id command HR-778

show led command HR-105

show line command SMR-583

show local pool command IR-442

show logging correlator buffer command MNR-21

show logging correlator info command MNR-23

show logging correlator rule command MNR-25

show logging events buffer command MNR-27

show logging events info command MNR-32

show logging history command MNR-238

show logging onboard command MNR-248

show lpts bindings command IR-322

show lpts clients command IR-326

show lpts flows command IR-328

show lpts ifib command IR-331

show lpts ifib slices command IR-334

show lpts ifib statistics command IR-337

show lpts ifib times command IR-339

show lpts mpa groups command IR-341

show lpts pifib command IR-343

show lpts pifib hardware entry command IR-348

show lpts pifib hardware usage command IR-351

show lpts pifib statistics command IR-353

show lpts vrf command IR-356

show mac-accounting (Ethernet) command HR-613

show mbus command HR-107

show memory command SMR-420

show memory compare command SMR-423

show memory heap command SMR-426

show memory location command SMR-430

show memory summary command SMR-433

show mfib connections command MCR-610

show mfib counter command MCR-612

show mfib hardware interface command MCR-614

show mfib hardware resource-counters command MCR-617

show mfib hardware route accept-bitmap command MCR-622

show mfib hardware route command MCR-619

show mfib hardware route olist command MCR-625

show mfib hardware route statistics command MCR-628

show mfib hardware route summary command MCR-631

show mfib interface command MCR-633

show mfib nsf command MCR-636

show mfib route command MCR-638

show mhost default-interface command MCR-642

show mhost groups command MCR-644

show mld groups command MCR-53

show mld interface command MCR-55

show mld nsf command MCR-58

show mld summary command MCR-60

show mld traffic command MCR-62

show mpls forwarding command MPR-185

show mpls interfaces command MPR-189

show mpls label range command MPR-192

show mpls label table command MPR-194

show mpls ldp backoff command MPR-46

show mpls ldp bindings command MPR-48

show mpls ldp forwarding command MPR-55

show mpls ldp graceful-restart command MPR-57

show mpls ldp igp sync command MPR-59

show mpls ldp neighbor command MPR-62

show mpls ldp parameters command MPR-67

show mpls ldp statistics msg-counters command MPR-69

show mpls ldp summary command MPR-71

show mpls ldp tech-support command MPR-73

show mpls lmp clients command MPR-384

show mpls lmp interface-id command MPR-386

show mpls lsd applications command MPR-196

show mpls lsd clients command MPR-198

show mpls optical-uni checkpoint command MPR-390

show mpls optical-uni command MPR-388

show mpls optical-uni diagnostics command MPR-392

show mpls optical-uni interface command MPR-395

show mpls optical-uni lmp command MPR-398

show mpls optical-uni timers all command MPR-403

show mpls optical-uni timers global command MPR-405

show mpls optical-uni timers interfaces command MPR-407

show mpls optical-uni timers nodes command MPR-409

show mpls traffic-eng affinity-map MPR-306

show mpls traffic-eng autoroute command MPR-308

show mpls traffic-eng counters tunnel command MPR-310

show mpls traffic-eng ds-te te-class command MPR-312

show mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute database command MPR-200

show mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute log command MPR-204

show mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency command MPR-316

show mpls traffic-eng forwarding command MPR-314

show mpls traffic-eng igp-areas command MPR-317

show mpls traffic-eng link-management admission-control command MPR-319

show mpls traffic-eng link-management advertisements command MPR-322

show mpls traffic-eng link-management bandwidth-allocation command MPR-326

show mpls traffic-eng link-management bfd-neighbors command MPR-329

show mpls traffic-eng link-management igp-neighbors command MPR-331

show mpls traffic-eng link-management interfaces command MPR-333

show mpls traffic-eng link-management statistics command MPR-336

show mpls traffic-eng link-management summary command MPR-338

show mpls traffic-eng maximum tunnels command MPR-340

show mpls traffic-eng topology command MPR-342

show mpls traffic-eng tunnels command MPR-347

show mrib client command MCR-646

show mrib nsf command MCR-649

show mrib route command MCR-651

show msdp globals command MCR-560

show msdp peer command MCR-562

show msdp rpf command MCR-564

show msdp sa-cache command MCR-566

show msdp statistics peer command MCR-570

show msdp summary command MCR-572

show ntp associations command SMR-343

show ntp status command SMR-346

show ospf border-routers command RR-709

show ospf command RR-706

show ospf database command RR-711

show ospf flood-list command RR-722

show ospf interface command RR-724

show ospf mpls traffic-eng command RR-727

show ospf neighbor command RR-732

show ospf request-list command RR-738

show ospf retransmission-list command RR-741

show ospf route command RR-743

show ospf summary-prefix command RR-747

show ospfv3 border-routers command RR-848

show ospfv3 command RR-845

show ospfv3 database command RR-850

show ospfv3 flood-list command RR-861

show ospfv3 interface command RR-864

show ospfv3 neighbor command RR-867

show ospfv3 retransmission-list command RR-876

show ospfv3 route command RR-878

show ospfv3 summary-prefix command RR-880

show ospfv3 virtual-links command RR-882

show ospf virtual-links command RR-749

show ospv3 request-list command RR-873

show packet-memory command HR-296

show performance-mgmt bgp command MNR-284

show performance-mgmt interface command MNR-286

show performance-mgmt mpls command MNR-289

show performance-mgmt node command MNR-291

show pim bsr candidate-rp command MCR-144

show pim bsr election command MCR-146

show pim bsr rp-cache command MCR-148

show pim df election-state command MCR-150

show pim df winner command MCR-152

show pim group-map command MCR-154

show pim interface command MCR-156

show pim join-prune statistics command MCR-159

show pim mstatic command MCR-161

show pim neighbor command MCR-163

show pim nsf command MCR-166

show pim range-list command MCR-168

show pim rpf command MCR-170

show pim rpf hash MCR-172

show pim summary command MCR-174

show pim topology command MCR-176

show pim traffic command MCR-181

show pim tunnel info command MCR-183

show placement location command SMR-436

show placement policy command SMR-438

show placement program command SMR-442

show placement reoptimize command SMR-444

show platform command HR-110

show policy-map interface command QR-97

show ppp interfaces command HR-819

show processes command SMR-446

show protocols (BGP) command RR-305

show protocols (EIGRP) command RR-397

show protocols (IS-IS) command RR-584

show protocols (OSPF) command RR-751

show protocols (OSPFv3) command RR-884

show qos interface command QR-100

show radius accounting command SR-74

show radius authentication command SR-76

show radius client command SR-78

show radius command SR-72

show radius dead-criteria command SR-80

show radius server-groups command SR-82

show raw brief command IR-472

show raw detail pcb command IR-474

show raw extended-filters command IR-476

show raw statistics pcb command IR-478

show redundancy command HR-112

show rib client-id command RR-913

show rib clients command RR-915

show rib extcomms command RR-917

show rib firsthop command RR-919

show rib history command RR-922

show rib protocols command RR-924

show rib statistics command RR-926

show rib tables command RR-928

show rip command RR-995

show rip database command RR-997

show rip interface command RR-999

show rip statistics command RR-1002

show route backup command RR-934

show route best-local command RR-937

show route command RR-930

show route connected command RR-939

show route local command RR-941

show route longer-prefixes command RR-943

show route next-hop command RR-945

show route resolving-next-hop command RR-947

show route static command RR-949

show route summary command RR-951

show rpl active as-path-set command RR-1151

show rpl active community-set command RR-1154

show rpl active extcommunity-set command RR-1157

show rpl active prefix-set command RR-1162

show rpl active route-policy command RR-1160

show rpl as-path-set attachpoints command RR-1167

show rpl as-path-set command RR-1165

show rpl as-path-set references command RR-1170

show rpl community-set attachpoints command RR-1175

show rpl community-set command RR-1173

show rpl community-set references command RR-1177

show rpl extcommunity-set command RR-1180

show rpl inactive as-path-set command RR-1183

show rpl inactive community-set command RR-1186

show rpl inactive extcommunity-set command RR-1189

show rpl inactive prefix-set command RR-1192

show rpl inactive rd-set command RR-1195

show rpl inactive route-policy command RR-1197

show rpl maximum command RR-1200

show rpl prefix-set attachpoints command RR-1204

show rpl prefix-set command RR-1202

show rpl prefix-set references command RR-1207

show rpl rd-set attachpoints command RR-1212

show rpl rd-set command RR-1210

show rpl rd-set references command RR-1214

show rpl route-policy attachpoints command RR-1219

show rpl route-policy command RR-1216

show rpl route-policy references command RR-1222

show rpl route-policy uses command RR-1225

show rpl unused as-path-set command RR-1228

show rpl unused community-set command RR-1231

show rpl unused extcommunity-set command RR-1234

show rpl unused prefix-set command RR-1236

show rpl unused rd-set command RR-1239

show rpl unused route-policy command RR-1241

show rsvp authentication command MPR-109

show rsvp counters command MPR-114

show rsvp counters oor command MPR-118

show rsvp counters prefix filtering command MPR-120

show rsvp fast-reroute command MPR-123

show rsvp graceful-restart command MPR-125

show rsvp hello instance command MPR-128

show rsvp hello instance interface-based command MPR-131

show rsvp interface command MPR-133

show rsvp neighbor command MPR-136

show rsvp request command MPR-137

show rsvp reservation command MPR-139

show rsvp sender command MPR-141

show rsvp session command MPR-144

show running-config command SMR-183

show running performance-mgmt command MNR-293

show sam certificate command SR-390

show sam crl command SR-394

show sam log command SR-396

show sam package command SR-398

show sampler-map command HR-953

show sam sysinfo command SR-401

show sap command MCR-77

show screddrv command HR-115

show services sbc sbe call-policy-set command SBR-166

show services sbc sbe call-policy-sets command SBR-168

show services sbc sbe call-policy-set-table entries command SBR-169

show services sbc sbe calls command SBR-170

show services sbc sbe call-stats command SBR-171

show services sbc sbe gates command SBR-173

show services sbc sbe media-gateway-associations command SBR-174

show services sbc sbe media-gateways command SBR-176

show services sbc sbe qos-profiles command SBR-177

show services sbc sbe radius-client-stats command SBR-178

show services sbc sbe radius-server-stats command SBR-179

show services sbc sbe vrf command SBR-181

show sessions command SMR-586

show snmp command SMR-462

show snmp engineID command SMR-465

show snmp group command SMR-467

show snmp host command SMR-469

show snmp interface command SMR-471

show snmp mib command SMR-473

show snmp users command SMR-476

show snmp view command SMR-478

show srp command HR-556

show srp counters HR-556

show srp source-counters HR-556

show ssh command SR-360

show ssh session details command SR-362

show ssl command SR-378

show system backup command SMR-8

show system verify command MNR-295

show tacacs command SR-85

show tacacs server-groups command SR-87

show task supported command SR-89

show tcp brief command IR-480

show tcp detail command IR-482

show tcp extended-filters command IR-484

show terminal command SMR-588

show udp brief command IR-488

show udp statistics command IR-494

show user command SR-92

show users command SMR-590

show variables boot command SMR-12

show variables system command SMR-14

show version command HR-117

show vlan interface command HR-629

show vlan tags command HR-632

show vlan trunks command HR-634

show vrf command MPR-451

show vrrp command IR-509

shutdown (BGP) command RR-307

shutdown (DWDM) command HR-490

shutdown (global) command HR-517

shutdown (IS-IS) command RR-587

shutdown (MSDP) command MCR-574

shutdown (SONET) command HR-361

shutdown (T1/E1) command HR-445

shutdown (T3/E3) command HR-447

shutdown command HR-736

signaling-address ipv4 command SBR-182

signaling-peer command SBR-184

signaling-peer-port command SBR-186

signaling-port command SBR-188

signalled-bandwidth command MPR-358

signalled-name command MPR-360

signalling command HR-363

signalling dscp (LDP) command MPR-73

signalling dscp (RSVP) command MPR-147

signalling graceful-restart command MPR-149

signalling graceful-restart restart-time command MPR-151

signalling hello graceful-restart interface-based command MPR-153

signalling hello graceful-restart refresh interval command MPR-154

signalling hello graceful-restart refresh misses command MPR-156

signalling prefix-filtering access-list command MPR-158

signalling prefix-filtering default-deny-action command MPR-160

signalling rate-limit command MPR-162

signalling refresh interval command MPR-164

signalling refresh missed command MPR-166

signalling refresh reduction bundle-max-size command MPR-168

signalling refresh reduction disable command MPR-169

signalling refresh reduction reliable command MPR-171

signalling refresh reduction summary command MPR-174

single-topology command RR-588

sip address command IR-239

site-of-origin (EIGRP) command RR-400

site-of-origin (RIP) command RR-1004

snmp-server chassis-id command SMR-479

snmp-server community command SMR-481

snmp-server community-map command SMR-483

snmp-server contact command SMR-485

snmp-server context command SMR-487

snmp-server enable traps mpls ldp command MPR-74

snmp-server engineID command SMR-488

snmp-server group command SMR-489

snmp-server host command SMR-492

snmp-server ifindex persist command SMR-496

snmp-server ifmib ifalias long command SMR-498

snmp-server interface command SMR-499

snmp-server location command SMR-501

snmp-server packetsize command SMR-502

snmp-server queue-length command SMR-503

snmp-server target list command SMR-504

snmp-server trap authentication vrf command SMR-506

snmp-server trap link ietf command SMR-508

snmp-server traps bgp command SMR-512

snmp-server traps command SMR-510

snmp-server traps frame-relay pvc command HR-856

snmp-server traps ospf state-change neighbor-state-change command SMR-514

snmp-server trap-source command SMR-526

snmp-server traps pim interface-state-change command SMR-516

snmp-server traps pim invalid-message-received command SMR-518

snmp-server traps pim neighbor-change command SMR-520

snmp-server traps pim rp-mapping-change command SMR-522

snmp-server traps snmp command SMR-524

snmp-server traps syslog command SMR-513, SMR-515, SMR-521, SMR-528

snmp-server trap-timeout command SMR-530

snmp-server user command SMR-532

snmp-server view command SMR-535

snmp-server vrf command SMR-537

snmp traps mpls traffic-eng command MPR-361

socket-receive-buffer-size command RR-311

socket send-buffer-size command RR-313

soft-reconfiguration inbound command RR-315

source (NetFlow) command HR-955

source (NTP) command SMR-348

source address command MNR-147

source in command RR-1245

source port command MNR-149

speaker-id command RR-318

speed (DS0) command HR-449

speed (Fast Ethernet) command HR-615

speed (Management Ethernet) command HR-526

spf-interval command RR-590

spf prefix-priority RR-592

split-dns command SR-226

split-horizon disable (EIGRP) command RR-402

split-horizon disable (RIP) command RR-1006

spt-threshold infinity command MCR-185

squeeze command SMR-220

srp ips delay trigger-keepalive command HR-567

srp ips request HR-569, HR-578

srp ips request forced-switch HR-569, HR-578

srp ips request forced-switch command HR-569

srp ips timer command HR-571

srp ips wtr-timer command HR-573

srp mac-count command HR-575

srp mac-reject command HR-576

srp manual-switch command HR-578

srp shutdown command HR-580

srp topology-timer command HR-582

ssh client knownhost command SR-366

ssh client source-interface command SR-368

ssh command SR-364

ssh server command SR-370

ssh server rate-limit command SR-373

ssh server session-limit command SR-375

ssh server v2 command SR-372

ssh timeout command SR-376

ssm command MCR-186

start-time command MNR-151

static-group command MCR-64

static-rpf command MCR-653

statistics command MNR-153

stopbits command SMR-592

stub (EIGRP) command RR-403

stub (OSPF) command RR-754

stub (OSPFv3) command RR-886

subject-name (trustpoint) command SR-344

summary-address (EIGRP) command RR-405

summary-prefix (IS-IS) command RR-594

summary-prefix (OSPF) command RR-756

summary-prefix (OSPFv3) command RR-888

suppressed (IS-IS) command RR-596

suppress-route command RR-1247

switch-fabric service-policy command QR-104

switching (GMPLS) command MPR-363

switching endpoint (GMPLS) command MPR-365

switching transit (GMPLS) command MPR-367

system backup command SMR-16

system boot-sequence command SMR-19


table-policy command RR-319

tacacs-server host command SR-96

tacacs-server key command SR-98

tacacs-server timeout command SR-100

tacacs source-interface command SR-102

tag (IP SLA) command MNR-155

tag (ISIS) command RR-598

tag (policy) command RR-1249

target ipv4 command MNR-157

target traffic-eng command MNR-159

task command SR-104

taskgroup command SR-106

tcp mss command IR-496

tcp path-mtu-discovery command IR-497

tcp selective-ack command IR-499

tcp synwait-time command IR-501

tcp timestamp command IR-502

tcp window-size command IR-504

telnet client source-interface command IR-277

telnet command IR-274

telnet server command IR-279

telnet transparent command IR-281

template command HR-957, SMR-186

terminal exec command SMR-594

terminal length command SMR-596

terminal monitor command MNR-240, SMR-598

terminal width command SMR-599

tftp client source-interface command IR-282

tftp server command IR-284

threshold (SONET) command HR-367

threshold (SONET path) command HR-369

threshold command MNR-161

threshold type average command MNR-163

threshold type consecutive command MNR-165

threshold type immediate command MNR-167

threshold type xofy command MNR-169

timeout (RADIUS) command SR-108

timeout command MNR-171

timeout login response command SR-110

timers (APS) command HR-365

timers (BGP) command RR-321

timers active-time command RR-407

timers basic command RR-1008

timers bgp command RR-323

timers lsa arrival command RR-890

timers lsa group-pacing command RR-758

timers lsa min-arrival command RR-760

timers nsf route-hold (EIGRP) command RR-409

timers pacing flood command RR-892

timers pacing lsa-group command RR-894

timers pacing retransmission command RR-896

timers throttle lsa all (OSPF) command RR-761

timers throttle lsa-all (OSPFv3) command RR-898

timers throttle spf (OSPF) command RR-763

timers throttle spf (OSPFv3) command RR-900

timeslots command HR-450

tna ipv4 command MPR-411

tos command MNR-173

traceroute command IR-286

traceroute mpls command MPR-427

traceroute mpls multipath command MPR-430

transcode-deny command SBR-190

transcoder command SBR-191

transmit-delay (OSPF) command RR-765

transmit-delay (OSPFv3) command RR-902

transmit-delay (POS) command HR-543

transmit-delay (serial) command HR-652

transmit-power command HR-491

transport-command SBR-192

transport input command SMR-600

transport output command SMR-602

transport preferred command SMR-604

transport udp command HR-959

trusted-key command SMR-350

ttl command MNR-175

ttl-security command RR-325

ttl-threshold (MSDP) command MCR-576

ttl-threshold command MCR-655

tunnel destination (IPSec) command SR-301

tunnel source (IPSec) command SR-303

tunnel vrf (IPSec) command SR-305

type icmp echo command MNR-177

type icmp path-echo command MNR-178

type icmp path-jitter command MNR-179

type mpls lsp ping command MNR-180

type mpls lsp trace command MNR-182

type udp echo command MNR-184

type udp ipv4 address command MNR-186

type udp jitter command MNR-185


undelete command SMR-222

uneq-shut (SONET path) command HR-371

unidirectional command HR-372

unsuppress-route command RR-1251

update-calendar command SMR-352

update-source command RR-328

upgrade all command HR-120

upgrade cpuctrlbits command HR-122

upgrade fabric-downloader command HR-124

upgrade hw-module fpd command HR-125

upgrade mbus command HR-128

upgrade rommon (Cisco CRS-1) command HR-130

upgrade rommon (Cisco XR 12000 Series Router) command HR-132

use-any-local-port command SBR-193

use command RR-330

usergroup command SR-112

username command SR-114

users group command SR-116

utilitiy bc command SMR-612

utility cut command SMR-615

utility date command SMR-619

utility date set command SMR-621

utility df command SMR-623

utility du command SMR-627

utility egrep command SMR-630

utility fgrep command SMR-633

utility find command SMR-635

utility head command SMR-637

utility mv command SMR-639

utility sort command SMR-641

utility tail command SMR-644

utility uniq command SMR-647

utility wc command SMR-649

utility which command SMR-651

utility xargs command SMR-653


validate-update-source disable command RR-1010

variance command RR-411

vc-class atm command HR-738

verify-data command MNR-187

version command MCR-66

version v9 command HR-961

violate-action command QR-105

virtual-link (OSPF) command RR-767

virtual-link (OSPFv3) command RR-904

vpn-distinguisher is command RR-1253

vp-tunnel command HR-740

vrf (BGP) command RR-334

vrf (EIGRP) command RR-413

vrf (global) command MPR-453

vrf (interface) command SBR-194

vrf (IP SLA) MNR-188

vrf (OSPF) command RR-769

vrf (RIP) command RR-1011

vrf (Static Routes) command RR-1266

vrf command SBR-195

vrf command (RADIUS) SR-118

vrf vpn-id command SBR-197

vrrp assume-ownership command IR-514

vrrp delay command IR-516

vrrp ipv4 command IR-518

vrrp preempt command IR-520

vrrp priority command IR-522

vrrp text-authentication command IR-524

vrrp timer command IR-526

vrrp track interface command IR-528

vty-pool command SMR-606


wavelength command HR-493

weight command RR-336

width command SMR-608

window-size (RSVP) command MPR-176

wins command SR-228


xml agent corba command SMR-312

xml agent corba hostname command SMR-314

xml agent tty command SMR-316


yellow command HR-452