Cisco IOS XR XML API Guide, Release 3.2
Chapter 13 - Summary of Cisco XML API Configuration Tags
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Summary of Cisco XML API Configuration Tags

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Summary of Cisco XML API Configuration Tags

Summary of Cisco XML API Configuration Tags

Table 13-1 provides the command-line interface (CLI) to extensible markup language (XML) application programming interface (API) tag mapping for the router target configuration.

Table 13-1 CLI Command or Operation to XML Tag Mapping 

CLI Command or Operation

To end, abort, or exit1 (from top config mode)




show config

<Get> with <Configuration Source="ChangedConfig">

show config running

<Get> with <Configuration Source="CurrentConfig">

show config merge

<Get> with <Configuration Source="MergedConfig">

show config failed

<Load> with <FailedConfig> followed by <Get> with <Configuration Source="ChangedConfig">

configure exclusive3


To change the selected config

<Set> with <Configuration>

To delete the selected config

<Delete> with <Configuration>

commit best-effort

<Commit Mode="BestEffort">


<Commit Mode="Atomic">

show config failed

<Load> with <FailedConfig>

show commit changes commitid

<Get> with <Configuration Source="CommitChanges" ForCommitID="commitid">

show commit changes since commitid

<Get> with <Configuration Source="CommitChanges" SinceCommitID="commitid">

rollback configuration to commitid

<Rollback> with <CommitID>

rollback configuration last number

<Rollback> with <Previous>

show rollback changes to commitid

<Get> with <Configuration Source="RollbackChanges" ToCommitID="commitid">

show rollback changes last number

<Get> with <Configuration Source="RollbackChanges" PreviousCommits="number">

show rollback points

<GetConfigurationHistory RollbackOnly="true">

show configuration sessions


1 These CLI operations end the configuration session and unlock the running configuration session if it was locked.

2 This XML tag releases the lock on a running configuration but does not end the configuration session.

3 This CLI command starts a new configuration session and locks the running configuration.

4 This XML tag locks the running configuration from a configuration session that is already in progress.