Cisco IOS XR IP Addresses and Services Command Reference, Release 3.2
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Table Of Contents

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arp command IR-70

arp timeout command IR-72


cef accounting non-recursive command IR-84

cef ipv4 unicast check-consistency command IR-85

cef purge-delay command IR-87

cinetd rate-limit command IR-156

clear access-list ipv4 command IR-2

clear access-list ipv6 command IR-4

clear adjacency ipv4 command IR-88

clear adjacency statistics command IR-89

clear arp-cache command IR-74

clear cef ipv4 drop command IR-91

clear cef ipv4 exceptions command IR-92

clear cef ipv4 interface bgp-policy-statistics command IR-93

clear cef ipv4 prefix command IR-95

clear cef ipv4 prefix-statistics command IR-96

clear cef ipv6 drop command IR-97

clear cef ipv6 exceptions command IR-98

clear clns traffic command IR-288

clear host command IR-157

clear ip prefix-list counters command IR-260

clear ipv4 prefix-list command IR-260

clear ipv6 neighbors command IR-289

clear ipv6 prefix-list command IR-262

clear lpts ifib statistics command IR-222

clear lpts pifib statistics command IR-223

clear raw statistics pcb command IR-374

clear tcp pcb command IR-376

clear tcp statistics command IR-377

clear udp statistics command IR-378

copy ipv4 access-list command IR-6

copy ipv4 prefix-list command IR-264

copy ipv6 access-list command IR-8

copy ipv6 prefix-list command IR-266


deny (IPv4) command IR-10

deny (IPv6) command IR-19

deny (prefix-list) command IR-268

dhcp relay information check disable command IR-148

dhcp relay information option command IR-150

dhcp relay information policy command IR-152

dhcp server command IR-154

document revision history v

domain ipv4 command IR-158

domain ipv4 host command IR-158

domain ipv6 host command IR-159

domain list command IR-160

domain lookup disable command IR-162

domain-name command IR-163

domain name-server command IR-165


forward-protocol udp command IR-379

ftp client anonymous-password command IR-167

ftp client passive command IR-168

ftp client source-interface command IR-169


hsrp authentication command IR-198

hsrp ipv4 command IR-200

hsrp mac-address command IR-202

hsrp preempt command IR-204

hsrp priority command IR-206

hsrp redirects command IR-208

hsrp timers command IR-210

hsrp track command IR-212

hsrp use-bia command IR-214


icmp ipv4 rate-limit unreachable command IR-290

interface (HSRP) command IR-215

interface (VRRP) command IR-412

ipv4 IR-113

ipv4 access-group command IR-24

ipv4 access-list command IR-26

ipv4 access-list log-update threshold command IR-28

ipv4 access-list oor ace threshold command IR-29

ipv4 access-list oor acl threshold command IR-30

ipv4 address command IR-291

ipv4 bgp policy accounting command IR-99

ipv4 conflict-policy IR-293

ipv4 directed-broadcast command IR-294

ipv4 helper-address command IR-295

ipv4 mask-reply command IR-297

ipv4 prefix-list command IR-271

ipv4 redirects disable command IR-299

ipv4 source-route disable command IR-300

ipv4 unnumbered command IR-301

ipv4 unreachables disable command IR-303

ipv4 verify unicast source reachable-via command IR-101

ipv4 virtual address command IR-304

ipv6 access-group command IR-31

ipv6 access-list command IR-33

ipv6 access-list log-update threshold command IR-36

ipv6 access-list oor ace threshold command IR-37

ipv6 access-list oor acl threshold command IR-38

ipv6 address command IR-306

ipv6 address link-local command IR-308

ipv6 conflict-policy command IR-310

ipv6 enable command IR-311

ipv6 hop-limit command IR-312

ipv6 icmp error-interval command IR-313

ipv6 nd dad attempts command IR-317

ipv6 nd managed-config-flag command IR-320

ipv6 nd ns-interval command IR-321

ipv6 nd other-config-flag command IR-322

ipv6 nd prefix command IR-324

ipv6 nd ra-interval command IR-327

ipv6 nd ra-lifetime command IR-328

ipv6 nd reachable-time command IR-330

ipv6 nd redirects command IR-332

ipv6 nd scavenge-timeout command IR-333

ipv6 nd suppress-ra command IR-334

ipv6 neighbor command IR-335

ipv6 prefix-list command IR-273

ipv6 verify unicast source reachable-via any command IR-103


mhost ipv4 default-interface command IR-338


obtaining documentation viii


permit (IPv4) command IR-39

permit (IPv6) command IR-48

permit (prefix-list) command IR-275

ping command (EXEC) IR-171

Preface v

proxy-arp command IR-76


rcp client source-interface command IR-174

rcp client username command IR-176

remark (IPv6) command IR-55

remark (prefix-list) command IR-278

remark IPv4 command IR-53

resequence access-list ipv4 command IR-57

resequence access-list ipv6 command IR-59

resequence prefix-list ipv4 command IR-280

router hsrp command IR-217

router-id (global) command IR-340

router vrrp command IR-414

rp mgmtethernet forwarding command IR-104


service tcp-small-servers command IR-381

service udp-small-servers command IR-383

show access-lists ipv4 command IR-61

show access-lists ipv6 command IR-65

show adjacency command IR-105

show arm conflicts command IR-342

show arm database command IR-344

show arm registrations consumers routerid command IR-346

show arm registrations producers command IR-348

show arm summary command IR-350

show arp (cache) command IR-78

show cef ipv4 command IR-108

show cef ipv4 drop command IR-111

show cef ipv4 exact-route command IR-113

show cef ipv4 exceptions command IR-140

show cef ipv4 interface bgp-policy-statistics command IR-119

show cef ipv4 interface command IR-117

show cef ipv4 non-recursive command IR-121

show cef ipv4 summary command IR-124, IR-144

show cef ipv4 unicast check-consistency command IR-126

show cef ipv4 unresolved command IR-129

show cef ipv6 command IR-131

show cef ipv6 drop command IR-137

show cef ipv6 exact-route command IR-139

show cef ipv6 exceptions command IR-140

show cef ipv6 non-recursive command IR-142

show cef ipv6 unresolved command IR-146

show cinetd services command IR-178

show clns traffic command IR-352

show hosts command IR-180

show hsrp command IR-218

show ipv4 interface command IR-354

show ipv4 prefix-list command IR-282

show ipv4 traffic command IR-357

show ipv6 interface command IR-359

show ipv6 neighbors command IR-363

show ipv6 prefix-list command IR-284

show ipv6 traffic command IR-366

show lpts bindings command IR-224

show lpts clients command IR-228

show lpts flows command IR-230

show lpts ifib command IR-234

show lpts ifib entries command IR-234

show lpts ifib slices command IR-237

show lpts ifib statistics command IR-240

show lpts ifib times command IR-242

show lpts mpa groups command IR-244

show lpts pifib command IR-246

show lpts pifib lookup command IR-253

show lpts pifib statistics command IR-257

show lpts pifib type command IR-256

show mhost ipv4 default-interface command IR-369

show mhost ipv4 groups command IR-370

show raw brief command IR-385

show raw pcb command IR-387

show raw statistics pcb command IR-389

show tcp brief command IR-391

show tcp detail command IR-393

show tcp extended-filters command IR-394

show udp brief command IR-400

show udp statistics command IR-403

show vrrp command IR-415


tcp mss IR-405

tcp path-mtu-discovery command IR-406

tcp selective-ack command IR-407

tcp synwait-time command IR-408

tcp timestamp command IR-409

tcp window-size command IR-410

telnet client source-interface command IR-185

telnet command IR-182

telnet server command IR-187

telnet transparent command IR-189

tftp client source-interface command IR-190

tftp server command IR-192

traceroute command IR-194


vrrp assume-ownership command IR-419

vrrp ipv4 command IR-421

vrrp preempt command IR-423

vrrp priority command IR-425

vrrp text-authentication command IR-427

vrrp timer command IR-429

vrrp track interface command IR-431