Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Configuration Guide, Release 12.4T
Appendix: Acronyms
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3GPP2—3rd Generation Partnership Project 2

AAA—Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

AH—Authentication Header

APN—Access Point Name

BG—Border Gateway

BSC—Base Station Controller

BSS—Base Station Subsystem

BTS—Base Transceiver Station

CHAP—Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

CoA—Care-Of Address

DSCP—Differentiated Services Code Point

DNS—Domain Name Server

ESN—Electronic Serial Number

FA—Foreign Agent

FAC—Foreign Agent Challenge (also FA-CHAP)

HA—Home Agent

HDLC—High-Level Data Link Control

HLR—Home Location Register

HSRP—Hot Standby Router Protocol

IP—Internet Protocol

IPCP—IP Control Protocol

IS835—Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Interim Standard for cdma2000 Wireless IP Network Standard

ISP—Internet Service Provider

ITU—International Telecommunications Union

L2_Relay—Layer Two Relay protocol (Cisco proprietary)

L2TP—Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

LCP—Link Control Protocol

LNS—L2TP Network Server

MAC—Medium Access Control

MEID—Mobile Equipment Identifier

MIP—Mobile IP

MS—Mobile Station (= TE + MT)

MT—Mobile Termination

NAI—Network Access Identifier

NAS—Network Access Server

P-MIP—Proxy-Mobile IP

PAP—Password Authentication Protocol

PCF—Packet Control Function

PDN—Packet Data Network

PDSN—Packet Data Serving Node

PPP—Point-to-Point Protocol

PPTP—Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

SLA—Service Level Agreement

TE—Terminal Equipment

TID—Tunnel Identifier

VPDN—Virtual Packet Data Network