Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
snmp-server enable traps ospf retransmit through u
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


snmp-server enable traps ospf retransmit OSPF

snmp-server enable traps ospf state-change OSPF

snmp-server enable traps pim IMC, SNMP

snmp-server enable traps pppoe SNMP

snmp-server enable traps pppoe per-interface SNMP

snmp-server enable traps pppoe per-mac SNMP

snmp-server enable traps pppoe per-vc SNMP

snmp-server enable traps pppoe per-vlan SNMP

snmp-server enable traps pppoe system SNMP

snmp-server enable traps pppoe vc SNMP

snmp-server enable traps repeater SNMP

snmp-server enable traps resource-policy SNMP

snmp-server enable traps rtr SNMP

snmp-server enable traps sbc SBCU

snmp-server enable traps slb SLB

snmp-server enable traps snmp SNMP

snmp-server enable traps srp SNMP

snmp-server enable traps storm-control SNMP

snmp-server enable traps syslog SNMP

snmp-server enable traps transceiver all SNMP

snmp-server enable traps voice SNMP

snmp-server enable traps voice (DSCP profile) VR

snmp-server enable traps vpdn dead-cache VPD

snmp-server enable traps waas WAN

snmp-server file-transfer access-group SNMP

snmp-server group IPV6, MP, SNMP

snmp-server host CSA, IPV6, ISW, MP, SNMP

snmp-server host traps evc CE

snmp-server ifindex persist IR

snmp-server inform SNMP

snmp-server ip dscp SNMP

snmp-server ip precedence SNMP

snmp-server location SNMP

snmp-server manager SNMP

snmp-server manager session-timeout SNMP

snmp-server packetsize SNMP

snmp-server queue-length SNMP

snmp-server queue-limit SNMP

snmp-server source-interface SNMP

snmp-server system-shutdown SNMP

snmp-server tftp-server-list SNMP

snmp-server trap authentication unknown-context SNMP

snmp-server trap authentication vrf SNMP

snmp-server trap link SNMP

snmp-server trap link switchover SNMP

snmp-server trap retry SNMP

snmp-server trap timeout SNMP

snmp-server trap-source SNMP

snmp-server trap-timeout SNMP

snmp-server user IPV6, SNMP

snmp-server usm cisco SNMP

snmp-server view SNMP

snr margin IR

sntp address IPV6

sntp broadcast client BSM

sntp logging BSM

sntp server BSM

sntp source-interface BSM

soft-offhook VR

softswitch-shield SBCU

soo BGP

sort-by NF

source ISG, SEC

source (Flexible NetFlow) FNF, MM

source (parameter-map) SEC

source carrier-id VR

source interface LSW, MWG, SEC

source interface (Diameter peer) SEC

source interface (ca-trustpool) SEC

source ip SSG

source ip (path) MM

source template DIA

source template (eoam) CE

source trunk-group-label VR

source vpdn-template VPD

source-address IR

source-address (uc-wsapi) VR

source-bridge IBM

source-bridge connection-timeout IBM

source-bridge cos-enable IBM

source-bridge enable-80d5 IBM

source-bridge explorer-fastswitch IBM

source-bridge explorer-maxrate IBM

source-bridge explorerq-depth IBM

source-bridge fst-peername IBM

source-bridge input-address-list IBM

source-bridge input-lsap-list IBM

source-bridge input-type-list IBM

source-bridge keepalive IBM

source-bridge largest-frame IBM

source-bridge max-hops IBM

source-bridge max-in-hops IBM

source-bridge max-out-hops IBM

source-bridge output-address-list IBM

source-bridge output-lsap-list IBM

source-bridge output-type-list IBM

source-bridge passthrough IBM

source-bridge proxy-explorer IBM

source-bridge proxy-netbios-only IBM

source-bridge qllc-local-ack IBM

source-bridge remote-peer frame-relay IBM

source-bridge remote-peer fst IBM

source-bridge remote-peer interface IBM

source-bridge remote-peer tcp IBM

source-bridge ring-group IBM

source-bridge route-cache IBM

source-bridge route-cache cbus IBM

source-bridge route-cache sse IBM

source-bridge sap-80d5 IBM

source-bridge sdllc-local-ack IBM

source-bridge spanning (automatic) IBM

source-bridge spanning (manual) IBM

source-bridge tcp-queue-max IBM

source-bridge transparent IBM

source-bridge transparent fastswitch IBM

source-bridge trcrf-vlan BR

source-interface (URL parameter-map) SEC

source-ip VPD

source-ip (flow) MM

source-ip (tplt) SLA

source-port SLA

spanning-tree backbonefast LSW

spanning-tree bpdufilter LSW

spanning-tree bpduguard LSW

spanning-tree bridge assurance LSW

spanning-tree cost LSW

spanning-tree etherchannel guard misconfig LSW

spanning-tree extend system-id LSW

spanning-tree guard LSW

spanning-tree link-type LSW

spanning-tree loopguard default LSW

spanning-tree mode LSW

spanning-tree mst LSW

spanning-tree mst configuration LSW

spanning-tree mst forward-time LSW

spanning-tree mst hello-time LSW

spanning-tree mst max-age LSW

spanning-tree mst max-hops LSW

spanning-tree mst pre-standard LSW

spanning-tree mst priority LSW

spanning-tree mst root LSW

spanning-tree mst simulate pvst (interface) LSW

spanning-tree mst simulate pvst global LSW

spanning-tree pathcost method LSW

spanning-tree port-priority LSW

spanning-tree portfast (interface mode) BR

spanning-tree portfast (interface) LSW

spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default LSW

spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default LSW

spanning-tree portfast default LSW

spanning-tree transmit hold-count LSW

spanning-tree uplinkfast LSW

spanning-tree vlan LSW

spd extended-headroom IPV6

spd headroom IPV6

spe DIA

spe call-record modem DIA

spe country DIA

spe download maintenance DIA

spe log-size DIA

spe recovery DIA

spec-file install add-entry XMLPI

spec-file install built-in XMLPI

spec-file install file XMLPI

spec-file install remove-entry XMLPI

spec-file install restore XMLPI

special-character-bits CF

special-vj IAP

speed IR, WL

speed dial VR

spf-interval IRS

spf-interval (IPv6) IPV6

spf-interval (OTV) WAN

split-dns SEC

split-horizon (EIGRP) EIGRP, SAF

split-horizon (IPv6 RIP) IPV6

squeeze CF

squelch IR

sra IR

src-address SBCU

src-address (editor) SBCU

srlg IRS

srp buffer-size IR

srp deficit-round-robin IR

srp loopback IR

srp priority-map IR

srp random-detect IR

srp shutdown IR

srp tx-traffic-rate IR

srtp (dial peer) VR

srtp (voice) VR

srtp branch SBCU

srtp callee SBCU

srtp caller SBCU

srtp interworking SBCU

srtp media interworking SBCU

srtp response downgrade SBCU

srtp retry rtp SBCU

srtp support allow SBCU

srtp-fallback SBCU

srv version VR

ss7 mtp2-variant VR

ss7 mtp2-variant bellcore VR

ss7 mtp2-variant itu VR

ss7 mtp2-variant itu-white VR

ss7 mtp2-variant ntt VR

ss7 mtp2-variant ttc VR

ss7 session VR

ss7 session cumack_t VR

ss7 session kp_t VR

ss7 session m_cumack VR

ss7 session m_outseq VR

ss7 session m_rcvnum VR

ss7 session m_retrans VR

ss7 session retrans_t VR

ss7 set VR

ss7 set failover-timer VR

sscop cc-timer ATM

sscop keepalive-timer ATM

sscop max-cc ATM

sscop poll-timer ATM

sscop receive-window ATM

sscop send-window ATM

ssg aaa group prepaid SSG

ssg accounting SSG

ssg attribute 44 suffix host ip SSG

ssg auto-domain SSG

ssg auto-logoff arp SSG

ssg auto-logoff icmp SSG

ssg bind direction SSG

ssg bind service SSG

ssg default-network SSG

ssg dfp ip SSG

ssg dfp weight SSG

ssg dial-out SSG

ssg direction SSG

ssg enable SSG

ssg intercept dhcp SSG

ssg local-forwarding SSG

ssg login transparent SSG

ssg maximum host SSG

ssg maximum service SSG

ssg maxservice SSG

ssg multidomain ppp SSG

ssg next-hop download SSG

ssg open-garden SSG

ssg pass-through SSG

ssg port-map SSG

ssg port-map destination access-list SSG

ssg port-map destination range SSG

ssg port-map enable SSG

ssg port-map length SSG

ssg port-map source ip SSG

ssg prepaid reauthorization drop-packet SSG

ssg prepaid threshold SSG

ssg profile-cache SSG

ssg qos police SSG

ssg query mac dhcp SSG

ssg radius-helper SSG

ssg radius-proxy SSG

ssg service-cache SSG

ssg service-cache refresh SSG

ssg service-password SSG

ssg service-search-order SSG

ssg tcp-redirect SSG

ssg vc-service-map SSG

ssg wlan reconnect SSG

ssh IPV6, SEC

ssid WL

ssid (local RADIUS server group) SEC

ssl encryption SEC

ssl truspoint SEC

ssl-proxy module allowed-vlan SEC

sso enable VPD

sso-server SEC

ssrc maximum MM

stack CBL

stack-mib portname CF, IR

standalone MWR

standard SBCU

standby arp gratuitous FHP

standby authentication FHP

standby bfd FHP

standby bfd all-interfaces FHP

standby delay minimum reload FHP

standby follow FHP

standby ip FHP

standby ipv6 FHP, IPV6

standby mac-address FHP

standby mac-refresh FHP

standby name FHP

standby port IR

standby preempt FHP, IPV6

standby priority FHP, IPV6

standby redirect FHP

standby redirects (global) FHP

standby send arp FHP

standby sso FHP

standby timers FHP

standby track FHP

standby track decrement priority MWH

standby use-bia FHP

standby use-interface MWR

standby version FHP, IPV6

start SBCU

start-character DIA

start-chat DIA

start-forwarding-agent IAP

start-time SLA

startup (test boolean) SNMP

startup (test existence) SNMP

startup (test threshold) SNMP

state-machine CF

state-tracks-signal IBM

station-id name VR

station-id number VR

station-role WL

statistics SBCU

statistics packet FNF

statistics-distribution-interval SLA

statistics-setting SBCU

stats VR

status SEC

status (pseudowire class) MP

status admin-down disconnect WAN

status decoupled CE

status peer topology dual-homed CE

status protocol notification static MP

status redundancy MP

stcapp VR

stcapp call-control mode VR

stcapp ccm-group VR

stcapp feature access-code VR

stcapp feature callback VR

stcapp feature speed-dial VR

stcapp register capability VR

stcapp security mode VR

stcapp security trustpoint VR

stcapp supplementary-services VR

stcapp timer VR

stealth WSMA

sticky (firewall farm TCP protocol) SLB

sticky (firewall farm datagram protocol) SLB

sticky (virtual server) SLB

stop-character DIA

stopbits CF

storage SEC

store-rule SBCU

storm-control IR

storm-control level CF, IR

stream-list SBCU

street-address HA

strict-http SEC

sts-1 IR

stub EIGRP, IPV6

stun VR

stun flowdata agent-id VR

stun flowdata catlife VR

stun flowdata keepalive VR

stun flowdata shared-secret VR

stun group IBM

stun keepalive-count IBM

stun peer-name IBM

stun protocol-group IBM

stun quick-response IBM

stun remote-peer-keepalive IBM

stun route address interface dlci IBM

stun route address interface serial IBM

stun route address tcp IBM

stun route all interface serial IBM

stun route all tcp IBM

stun schema offset length format IBM

stun sdlc-role primary IBM

stun sdlc-role secondary IBM

stun usage firewall-traversal flowdata VR

subaddress VR

subcell-mux VR

subject-alt-name SEC

subject-name IPV6, SEC

subnet prefix-length IAD

subnet-acl (IKEv2 profile) SEC

subnet-acl (IKEv2) SEC

subscribe-to-alert-group HA

subscribe-to-alert-group all HA

subscribe-to-alert-group configuration HA

subscribe-to-alert-group diagnostic HA

subscribe-to-alert-group environment HA

subscribe-to-alert-group inventory HA

subscribe-to-alert-group syslog HA

subscriber SBCU

subscriber access BBA

subscriber access pppoe unique-key circuit-id SEC

subscriber accounting accuracy ISG, QOS

subscriber accounting ssg ISG

subscriber authorization enable BBA

subscriber feature prepaid ISG

subscriber policy recording ISG

subscriber profile BBA

subscriber redundancy BBA, HA, ISG

subscriber service ANCP, SEC

subscriber service multiple-accept ANCP

subscriber trace event ISG

subscriber trace history ISG

subscriber-policy IBM

subscription asnl session history VR

subscription maximum VR

subscription-required MWG

subslot IR

substitute (control policy-map class) VPD

substitute (ruleset) TSV

summary-address (EIGRP) EIGRP

summary-address (IS-IS) IRS

summary-address (OSPF) OSPF

summary-metric EIGRP

summary-prefix (IPv6 IS-IS) IPV6

summary-prefix (OSPFv3) IPV6

supervisory answer dualtone VR

supervisory custom-cptone VR

supervisory disconnect VR

supervisory disconnect anytone VR

supervisory disconnect dualtone VR

supervisory disconnect dualtone voice-class VR

supervisory disconnect lcfo VR

supervisory dualtone-detect-params VR

supervisory sit us VR

supplementary-service h225-notify cid-update (dal peer) VR

supplementary-service h225-notify cid-update (voice-service) VR

supplementary-service h450.12 (dial peer) VR

supplementary-service h450.12 (voice-service) VR

supplementary-service h450.2 (dial peer) VR

supplementary-service h450.2 (voice-service) VR

supplementary-service h450.3 (dial peer) VR

supplementary-service h450.3 (voice-service) VR

supplementary-service h450.7 VR

supplementary-service media-renegotiate VR

supplementary-service qsig call-forward VR

supplementary-service sip VR

supported language VR

suppress VR

suppress-server-encoding enable WAN

suspend-resume (SIP) VR

svc ATM

svc address-pool SEC

svc default-domain SEC

svc dns-server SEC

svc dpd-interval SEC

svc dtls SEC

svc homepage SEC

svc keep-client-installed SEC

svc keepalive SEC

svc module SEC

svc msie-proxy SEC

svc msie-proxy server SEC

svc mtu SEC

svc rekey SEC

svc split SEC

svc split dns SEC

svc wins-server SEC

svc-bundle QOS

sw-module heap fp BBA

switchback interval VR

switchback method VR

switching tlv MP

switching-point MP

switchover method VR

switchover pxf restart CBL, ISW

switchover timeout CBL

switchport IPV6, IR

switchport access vlan IPV6, IR

switchport autostate exclude IR

switchport backup IR

switchport block unicast IR

switchport capture IR

switchport capture allowed vlan IR

switchport dot1q ethertype IR

switchport mode IPV6, IR

switchport port-security IR, SEC

switchport port-security aging IR, SEC

switchport port-security mac-address IR, SEC

switchport port-security maximum IR, SEC

switchport port-security violation IR, SEC

switchport private-vlan host-association IR

switchport private-vlan mapping IR

switchport protected IR

switchport trunk IR

switchport vlan mapping IR

switchport vlan mapping enable IR

switchport voice vlan IR

sync CBL

sync interval CE, IR

sync-restart-delay CF, IR

synchronization BGP

synchronization (IPv6) IPV6

synguard (virtual server) SLB

syscon address IR

syscon shelf-id IR

syscon source-interface IR

sysreset CBL

systat CF

system (ERM policy) ERM

system flowcontrol bus CF, IR

system jumbomtu CF, IR


t1 IR

t1 bert IR

t1 clock source IR

t1 external IR

t1 fdl ansi IR

t1 framing IR

t1 linecode IR

t1 logging-events IR

t1 span IR

t1 span syslog IR

t1 test IR

t1 timeslot IR

t1 yellow IR

t3-response MWG

table-map BGP

table-map (value mapping) QOS

table-type SBCU

tacacs server IPV6

tacacs-server administration SEC

tacacs-server directed-request SEC

tacacs-server dns-alias-lookup SEC

tacacs-server domain-stripping SEC, VPD

tacacs-server host SEC

tacacs-server key SEC

tacacs-server packet SEC

tacacs-server timeout SEC

tag CBL

tag (IP SLA) SLA

tag ppp-max-payload BBA

tag-control-protocol vsi MP

target carrier-id VR

target trunk-group-label VR

target-discovery PFR

target-value SEC

tariff-time MWG

tarp allow-caching ISO

tarp arp-request-timer ISO

tarp blacklist-adjacency ISO

tarp cache-timer ISO

tarp enable ISO

tarp global-propagate ISO

tarp ldb-timer ISO

tarp lifetime ISO

tarp map ISO

tarp nselector-type ISO

tarp originate ISO

tarp post-t2-response-timer ISO

tarp propagate ISO

tarp protocol-type ISO

tarp query ISO

tarp resolve ISO

tarp route-static ISO

tarp run ISO

tarp sequence-number ISO

tarp t1-response-timer ISO

tarp t2-response-timer ISO

tarp tid ISO

tarp urc ISO

tbct clear call VR

tbct max call-duration VR

tbct max calls VR

tcam priority IR

tclquit TCL

tclsafe TCL

tclsh TCL

tcp QOS

tcp (blacklist) SBCU

tcp contexts QOS

tcp finwait-time SEC

tcp idle-time SEC

tcp max-incomplete SEC

tcp reassembly memory limit SEC

tcp syn-flood limit SEC

tcp syn-flood rate per-destination SEC

tcp synwait-time SEC

tcp timer giveup SBCU

tcp window-scale-enforcement loose SEC

tcp-connect SLA

tcp-connect-timeout SBCU

tcp-idle-timeout SBCU

tcp-port IBM

tcs-extra-codecs SBCU

tdm clock priority CF, DIA

tdm-group VR

tech-prefix VR

tech-prefix (session border controller) SBCU

tel-config to-hdr VR

telephony-service VR

telephony-service ccm-compatible (H.323 voice-class) VR

telephony-service ccm-compatible (H.323 voice-service) VR

telnet IPV6, TSV

telnet break-on-ip TSV

telnet refuse-negotiations TSV

telnet speed TSV

telnet sync-on-break TSV

telnet transparent TSV

template DIA

template (am-group) SLA

template (cns) CNS

template (eoam) CE

template (identity policy) SEC

template (identity profile) SEC

template config SEC

template data timeout FNF, MM

template file SEC

template http admin-introduction SEC

template http completion SEC

template http error SEC

template http introduction SEC

template http start SEC

template http welcome SEC

template location SEC

template peer-policy BGP

template peer-session BGP

template tunnel (mobile networks) IMO

template tunnel (mobile router) IMO

template username SEC

template variable p SEC

term ip netmask-format IAD

terminal data-character-bits CF

terminal databits CF

terminal dispatch-character CF

terminal dispatch-timeout CF

terminal download CF

terminal editing CF

terminal escape-character CF

terminal exec-character-bits CF

terminal flowcontrol CF

terminal full-help CF

terminal history CF

terminal history size CF

terminal hold-character CF

terminal international CF

terminal keymap-type CF

terminal lat out-group TSV

terminal lat remote-modification TSV

terminal length CF

terminal monitor CF

terminal notify CF

terminal padding CF

terminal parity CF

terminal rxspeed CF

terminal shell SHL

terminal special-character-bits CF

terminal speed CF

terminal start-character CF

terminal stop-character CF

terminal stopbits CF

terminal telnet break-on-ip CF

terminal telnet refuse-negotiations CF

terminal telnet speed CF

terminal telnet sync-on-break CF

terminal telnet transparent CF

terminal terminal-type CF

terminal transport preferred TSV

terminal txspeed CF

terminal width CF

terminal-queue entry-retry-interval CF

terminal-type CF

terminate-from VPD

terminating-pe tie-breaker MP

termination IR

termination-id rootidname SBCU

test (event trigger) SNMP

test (ruleset) TSV

test aaa group ANCP, SEC

test aim eeprom IR

test appletalk ATK

test cable dcc (Supporting Dynamic Channel Change) CBL

test cable voice CBL

test cable-diagnostics CF, IR

test cef table consistency ISW

test crypto self-test SEC

test flash CF

test interface fastethernet IR

test interfaces CF

test memory CF

test memory destroy CF

test modem back-to-back DIA

test packetcable gate create CBL

test packetcable gc client-accept CBL

test packetcable gc gate-alloc CBL

test packetcable gc gate-delete CBL

test packetcable gc gate-info CBL

test packetcable gc gate-set multimedia CBL

test packetcable gc initiate CBL

test platform police get CF, IR

test platform police ipv6 disable IR

test platform police set CF, IR

test port modem back-to-back DIA

test satellite satellite mfg link IR

test satellite satellite reset IR

test sbc message sip filename script-set editors SBCU

test script-set SBCU

test service-module IR

test sgi xml ISG

test snmp trap auth-framwork sec-violation SNMP

test snmp trap bridge SNMP

test snmp trap c6kxbar SNMP

test snmp trap call-home SNMP

test snmp trap config-copy SNMP

test snmp trap dhcp bindings SNMP

test snmp trap dhcp-snooping bindings SNMP

test snmp trap dot1x SNMP

test snmp trap entity-diag SNMP

test snmp trap errdisable ifevent SNMP

test snmp trap flex-links status SNMP

test snmp trap fru-ctrl SNMP

test snmp trap l2-control vlan SNMP

test snmp trap l2tc SNMP

test snmp trap mac-notification SNMP

test snmp trap module-auto-shutdown SNMP

test snmp trap port-security SNMP

test snmp trap power-ethernet port-on-off SNMP

test snmp trap snmp SNMP

test snmp trap stack SNMP

test snmp trap storm-control SNMP

test snmp trap stpx SNMP

test snmp trap syslog SNMP

test snmp trap udld SNMP

test snmp trap vswitch vsl SNMP

test snmp trap vtp SNMP

test snmp trap vtp pruning-change SNMP

test translate TSV

test trunk IR

test urlf cache snapshot SEC

test virtual-template subinterface BBA

text relay modulation VR

text relay protocol VR

text relay rtp VR

text-color SEC

tfo auto-discovery blacklist WAN

tfo optimize WAN

tftp-server CF

tftp-server address SBCU


tg (CMPC+) IBM

tg delay IBM

tgid-context SBCU

tgid-routing SBCU

tgrep address-family VR

tgrep advertise (dial peer) VR

tgrep advertise (trunk group) VR

tgrep local-itad VR

thaug mapping IR

theshold value (policy-react and policy-inline-react) MM

threat-detection basic-threat SEC

threat-detection rate SEC

threshold CBL

threshold (IP SLA video) SLA

threshold (IP SLA) SLA

threshold (ISG) ISG

threshold de WAN

threshold ecn WAN

threshold metric IAP

threshold noise VR

threshold percentage IAP

threshold weight IAP

throttle SEC

throttle (router configuration) RIP

throughput OER

throughput (PfR) PFR

time-offset SBCU

time-out TSV

time-period BSM, CF

time-range BSM

timeout SBCU

timeout (IP SLA video) SLA

timeout (IP SLA) SLA

timeout (LSP discovery) SLA

timeout (TACACS+) IPV6

timeout (application firewall application-configuration) SEC

timeout (auto-config application) VR

timeout (custom UDP probe) SLB

timeout (monitor parameters) MM

timeout (parameter-map) SEC

timeout (policy group) SEC

timeout (twamp) SLA

timeout absolute DIA

timeout absolute (ISG) ISG

timeout file download SEC

timeout idle ISG

timeout leg3 VR

timeout login response SEC

timeout ptt VR

timeout retransmit SEC

timeout setup WAN

timeout tcrit VR

timeout tdinit VR

timeout tdmax VR

timeout tdmin VR

timeout thist VR

timeout tone busy VR

timeout tone cot1 VR

timeout tone cot2 VR

timeout tone dial VR

timeout tone dial stutter VR

timeout tone mwi VR

timeout tone network VR

timeout tone reorder VR

timeout tone ringback VR

timeout tone ringback connection VR

timeout tone ringing VR

timeout tone ringing distinctive VR

timeout tpar VR

timeout tsmax VR

timeouts (SSG-radius-proxy) SSG

timeouts call-disconnect VR

timeouts initial VR

timeouts interdigit (voice port) VR

timeouts power-denial VR

timeouts ringing VR

timeouts teardown lmr VR

timeouts wait-release VR

timer DIA, MWG

timer (Diameter peer) SEC

timer (Ethernet ring) CE

timer (ISG RADIUS proxy) ISG

timer accessrequest sequential delay VR

timer cluster-element VR

timer inactivity SLA

timer irr period VR

timer lrq seq delay VR

timer lrq seq delay centisec VR

timer lrq window VR

timer lrq window decisec VR

timer media-inactive VR

timer receive-rtcp VR

timer receive-rtp VR

timer server retry VR

timer server timeout VR

timers VR

timers (IPv6 RIP) IPV6

timers active-time EIGRP, IPV6

timers basic (ISO CLNS) ISO

timers basic (ODR) ODR

timers basic (RIP) RIP

timers bgp BGP

timers buffer-invite VR

timers comet VR

timers connect VR

timers connection aging VR

timers delay SEC

timers disconnect VR

timers expires VR

timers graceful-restart purge-time EIGRP, SAF

timers hellotime IAD, SEC

timers hold VR

timers keepalive VR

timers lsa arrival IPV6, OSPF

timers notify VR

timers nsf converge EIGRP, HA

timers nsf route-hold EIGRP, HA

timers nsf signal EIGRP, HA

timers pacing flood OSPF

timers pacing flood (OSPFv3) IPV6

timers pacing lsa-group OSPF

timers pacing lsa-group (OSPFv3) IPV6

timers pacing retransmission OSPF

timers pacing retransmission (OSPFv3) IPV6

timers prack VR

timers refer VR

timers register IPV6, VR

timers rel1xx VR

timers spf (IPv6) IPV6

timers throttle lsa IPV6

timers throttle lsa all OSPF

timers throttle spf IPV6, OSPF

timers trying VR

timeslot IR

timestamp CBL

timezone-offset SBCU

timing clear-wait VR

timing delay-duration VR

timing delay-start VR

timing delay-voice tdm VR

timing delay-with-integrity VR

timing dial-pulse min-delay VR

timing dialout-delay VR

timing digit VR

timing guard-out VR

timing hangover VR

timing hookflash-input VR

timing hookflash-output VR

timing ignore m-lead VR

timing interdigit VR

timing opx-ringwait VR

timing percentbreak VR

timing pulse VR

timing pulse-interdigit VR

timing sup-disconnect VR

timing wait-wink VR

timing wink-duration VR

timing wink-wait VR

timing-mark IBM

title SEC

title-color SEC

tls VR

tls mutual authentication SBCU

tlv MP

tlv template MP

tmax baseroot SBCU

tmax-timer SBCU

tn3270 TSV

tn3270 8bit display TSV

tn3270 8bit transparent-mode TSV

tn3270 character-map TSV

tn3270 datastream TSV

tn3270 null-processing TSV

tn3270 optimize-cursor-move TSV

tn3270 reset-required TSV

tn3270 status-message TSV

tn3270 typeahead TSV

tn3270-server IBM

tod CE, IR

toggle-between-two-calls VR

token-root-name VR

tone busytone VR

tone dialtone VR

tone incoming VR

tone incoming system VR

top NF

topology SAF

topology (BGP) MTR

topology (EIGRP) EIGRP, MTR

topology (IS-IS) MTR

topology (OSPF) MTR

topology (global) MTR

topology (interface) MTR

topology-accounting MTR

tos CBL

tos (IP SLA) SLA

tos (multicast qos) CBL

total resource maximum SBCU

trace (privileged) CF

trace (user) CF

trace mpls MP

trace mpls multipath MP

trace mpls tp MP

trace-route MM

traceroute CF, IPV6, MTR

traceroute ethernet CE

traceroute ethernet evc CE

traceroute ethernet vlan CE

traceroute mac CF

traceroute probe-delay OER

traceroute probe-delay (PfR) PFR

track IAP

track (firewall) SEC

track application IAP

track id application home-agent MWH

track interface IAP, IPV6

track ip route IAP

track ip sla IAP, SLA

track list IAP

track resolution IAP

track rtr IAP, SLA

track stub-object EEM, IAP

track timer IAP

track(firewall) SEC

tracking IPV6

traffic-class MWG, WL

traffic-class (IP SLA) SLA

traffic-class access-list OER

traffic-class access-list (PfR) PFR

traffic-class aggregate OER

traffic-class aggregate (PfR) PFR

traffic-class application OER

traffic-class application (PfR) PFR

traffic-class application nbar OER

traffic-class application nbar (PfR) PFR

traffic-class filter OER

traffic-class filter (PfR) PFR

traffic-class keys OER

traffic-class keys (PfR) PFR

traffic-class prefix-list OER

traffic-class prefix-list (PfR) PFR

traffic-engineering filter MP

traffic-engineering route MP

traffic-export SEC

traffic-shape adaptive QOS

traffic-shape fecn-adapt QOS

traffic-shape group QOS

traffic-shape rate QOS

traffic-share balanced EIGRP

traffic-share min IRI

transaction-pending SBCU

transceiver type all IR

transcode cost SBCU

transcode maximum SBCU

transcode-deny SBCU

transcoder SBCU

transcoding SBCU

transcoding-stats enable SBCU

transfer VR

transfer-encoding type SEC

translate VR

translate (session border controller) SBCU

translate (translation profiles) VR

translate lat TSV

translate lat (virtual access interfaces) TSV

translate ruleset TSV

translate tcp TSV

translate tcp (virtual access interfaces) TSV

translate use telnet TSV

translate x25 TSV

translate x25 (virtual access interfaces) TSV

translate-outgoing VR

translation-profile (dial peer) IPV6, VR

translation-profile (source group) VR

translation-profile (trunk group) VR

translation-profile (voice port) VR

translation-profile (voice service POTS) VR

translation-rule VR

transmit-buffers backing-store IR

transmit-clock-internal IR

transmit-interface IR

transmit-priority ATM

transmitter-delay IR

transport MWG, VR

transport (Flexible NetFlow) FNF, MM

transport (SBE H.248) SBCU

transport (WSMA initiator) WSMA

transport (WSMA listener) WSMA

transport (WSMA) WSMA

transport (session border controller) SBCU

transport event CNS

transport input TSV

transport interface TSV

transport ipv4 IR

transport ipv4 (PTP) CE, IR

transport output TSV

transport port SEC

transport port (ldap) SEC

transport preferred TSV

transport switch VR

transport type console TSV

transport type persistent TSV

transport vpls mesh MP

transport-map type console TSV

transport-map type persistent TSV

transport-mode IR

transrate audio cost SBCU

transrate audio maximum SBCU

transrating SBCU

trigger MWG

trigger (EEM) EEM

trigger-period SBCU

trigger-size SBCU

trm register SEC

trunk activate port-threshold DIA

trunk group (global) DIA, VR

trunk trusted SBCU

trunk-group (CAS custom) VR

trunk-group (interface) VR

trunk-group (timeslots) DIA

trunk-group (voice port) VR

trunk-group-label (dial peer) VR

trunk-group-label (voice source group) VR

trunkgroup (dial peer) VR

trust ISG, QOS

trusted-port (IPv6 ND Inspection Policy) IPV6

trusted-port (IPv6 RA Guard Policy) IPV6

trustpoint (DSP farm profile) VR

trustpoint (tti-petitioner) SEC

trustpoint signing SEC

ts16 IR

ttb IR

ttl VR

ttl (Flexible NetFlow) FNF, MM

ttl (IP SLA) SLA

ttl-security all-interfaces OSPF

ttycap TSV

tug-2 e1 IR

tug-2 e1 bert pattern IR

tug-2 e1 channel-group timeslots IR

tug-2 e1 clock source IR

tug-2 e1 framing IR

tug-2 e1 loopback IR

tug-2 e1 national bits IR

tug-2 e1 shutdown IR

tug-2 e1 unframed IR

tunnel DIA

tunnel 6rd br IPV6

tunnel 6rd ipv4 IPV6

tunnel 6rd prefix IPV6

tunnel bandwidth IR

tunnel checksum IR

tunnel destination IPV6, IR

tunnel destination access-list MP

tunnel destination list mpls traffic-eng MP

tunnel destination mesh-group MP

tunnel flow egress-records MP

tunnel key IR

tunnel mode IPV6, IR, SEC

tunnel mode gre IMO

tunnel mode ipv6ip IPV6

tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng MP

tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng point-to-multipoint MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng affinity MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng auto-bw MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute destination MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute metric MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng backup-bw MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp-bundle master MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp-bundle member MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng interface down delay MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng load-share MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng name MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option protect MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-selection metric MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority MP

tunnel mpls traffic-eng record-route MP

tunnel path-mtu-discovery IR

tunnel protection SEC

tunnel rbscp ack_split IR

tunnel rbscp delay IR

tunnel rbscp input_drop IR

tunnel rbscp long_drop IR

tunnel rbscp report IR

tunnel rbscp window_stuff IR

tunnel route-via IR

tunnel sequence-datagrams IR

tunnel source IPV6, IR

tunnel tos IR

tunnel tsp-hop MP

tunnel ttl IR

tunnel udlr address-resolution IMC

tunnel udlr receive-only IMC

tunnel udlr send-only IMC

tunnel vrf IR

tx-limit ATM

tx-queue-limit IR

tx-ring-limit QOS

tx-timeout MWG

txspeed TSV

type (media policy) SBCU

type (script) SBCU

type (settlement) VR

type (test existence) SNMP

type (voice) VR

type dhcp SLA

type dlsw peer-ipaddr SLA

type dns target-addr SLA

type echo (MPLS) SLA

type echo domain SLA

type ftp operation get url SLA

type http operation SLA

type jitter dest-ipaddr SLA

type jitter dest-ipaddr (codec) SLA

type jitter domain SLA

type mpls lsp ping ipv4 SLA

type mpls lsp trace ipv4 SLA

type voip delay gatekeeper registration SLA

type voip delay post-dial SLA


ubr ATM

ubr+ ATM, IR

ubr+ cos ATM

uc wsapi VR

udld LSW

udld port LSW

udld reset LSW

udp (blacklist) SBCU

udp half-open SEC

udp idle-time SEC

udp port MP

udp-echo SLA

udp-first-retransmit-interval SBCU

udp-jitter SLA

udp-jitter (codec) SLA

udp-max-retransmit-interval SBCU

udp-port IMC

udp-response-linger-period SBCU

udp-retransmit-interval SBCU

unalias CBL

unbind-action IBM

unbundle vfc VR

undelete CF

unexpected-source-alerting SBCU

unexpected-source-alerting (session border controller) SBCU

uni count CE

unidirectional IR

unmatched-action SEC

unprofile CF

unreachable OER

unreachable (PfR) PFR

unset CBL

update arp IAD

update dns IAD

upgrade automatic abortversion CF

upgrade automatic getversion CF

upgrade automatic runversion CF

upgrade filesystem monlib CF

upgrade fpd auto IR

upgrade fpd path IR

upgrade fpga IR

upgrade fpga all IR

upgrade hw-module slot IR

upgrade hw-module slot fpd file IR

upgrade hw-module subslot IR

upgrade hw-module subslot fpd file IR

upgrade hw-programmable IR

upgrade rom-monitor CF

upgrade rom-monitor default IR

upgrade rom-monitor preference CF

upgrade satellite satellite IR

upstream CBL

upstream (config-lb-group) CBL

upstream cable connector CBL

upstream freq-range CBL

uri username parameters parse SBCU

url VR

url (SIP) VR

url (WSP probe) SLB

url (bulkstat) SNMP

url (ips-auto-update) SEC

url rewrite SEC

url-list SEC

url-profile SEC

url-text SEC

urlfilter SEC

usage SEC

usage-indication VR

use-any-local-port SBCU

use-proxy VR

use-time-offset SBCU

use-topology MTR

user SEC, WL

user (ERM) ERM

user passthrough maximum SSG

user suspect maximum SSG

user suspect timeout SSG

user unidentified timeout SSG

user unidentified traffic permit SSG

user-group SEC

user-group (parameter-map) SEC

user-group logging SEC

user-id VR

user-profile location SEC

username SEC

username (IOS SLB) SLB

username (SAF) SAF

username (dot1x credentials) SEC

username (ips-autoupdate) SEC

username mac SSG

username secret SEC

utilization mark high IAD

utilization mark low IAD