Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


radius acct local-ack key SLB

radius attribute acct-session-id charging-id MWG

radius attribute nas-id MWG

radius attribute nas-port-type SEC

radius attribute suppress imsi MWG

radius attribute suppress qos MWG

radius attribute suppress sgsn-address MWG

radius attribute user-name msisdn MWG

radius filter ISG

radius inject acct key SLB

radius inject auth SLB

radius inject auth timer SLB

radius inject auth vsa SLB

radius local-server pac-generate expiry SEC

radius-server accounting system host-config SEC

radius-server attribute 11 default direction SEC

radius-server attribute 188 format non-standard SEC

radius-server attribute 25 SEC

radius-server attribute 30 original-called-number SEC

radius-server attribute 31 ISG, SEC

radius-server attribute 31 mac format SEC

radius-server attribute 31 remote-id VPD

radius-server attribute 32 include-in-access-req MWH, SEC

radius-server attribute 4 SEC

radius-server attribute 44 extend-with-addr SEC

radius-server attribute 44 include-in-access-req SEC

radius-server attribute 44 sync-with-client SEC

radius-server attribute 55 include-in-acct-req SEC

radius-server attribute 6 SEC, VR

radius-server attribute 61 extended SEC

radius-server attribute 69 clear SEC

radius-server attribute 77 SEC

radius-server attribute 8 include-in-access-req SEC

radius-server attribute 87 circuit-id VPD

radius-server attribute data-rate send 0 SEC

radius-server attribute list IPV6, SEC

radius-server attribute nas-port format SEC

radius-server attribute nas-port-id include ISG

radius-server authorization SEC

radius-server backoff exponential SEC

radius-server challenge-noecho SEC

radius-server configure-nas SEC

radius-server dead-criteria SEC

radius-server deadtime SEC

radius-server directed-request SEC

radius-server domain-stripping SEC, VPD

radius-server host IPV6, MWH, SEC

radius-server host non-standard SEC

radius-server key IPV6, SEC

radius-server load-balance SEC

radius-server local SEC, WL

radius-server optional-passwords SEC

radius-server retransmit IPV6, SEC

radius-server retry method reorder SEC

radius-server source-ports extended SEC

radius-server throttle SEC

radius-server timeout SEC

radius-server transaction max-tries SEC

radius-server unique-ident SEC

radius-server vsa disallow unknown SEC

radius-server vsa send BBA, IPV6, SEC

rai target VR

random-contact VR

random-detect QOS

random-detect (per VC) QOS

random-detect aggregate QOS

random-detect atm-clp-based QOS

random-detect clp QOS

random-detect cos-based QOS

random-detect discard-class QOS

random-detect discard-class-based QOS

random-detect dscp QOS

random-detect dscp (aggregate) QOS

random-detect ecn QOS

random-detect exponential-weighting-constant QOS

random-detect flow QOS

random-detect flow average-depth-factor QOS

random-detect flow count QOS

random-detect prec-based QOS

random-detect precedence QOS

random-detect precedence (aggregate) QOS

random-detect-group QOS

random-request-uri validate VR

range DIA

range (session border controller) SBCU

range pvc BBA

ras retry VR

ras retry (session border controller) SBCU

ras retry lrq VR

ras rrq SBCU

ras rrq dynamic prefixes VR

ras rrq ttl VR

ras timeout VR

ras timeout (session border controller) SBCU

ras timeout decisec VR

ras timeout lrq VR

rate SLB

rate layer3 MM

rate-limit QOS

rate-limit (call home) HA

rate-limit (firewall) SEC

rbe nasip BBA, IAD

rbs-zero VR

rcapi number DIA

rcapi server DIA

rcp-id CBL

rcv-queue bandwidth QOS

rcv-queue cos-map QOS

rcv-queue queue-limit QOS

rcv-queue random-detect QOS

rcv-queue threshold QOS

rd IPV6, MP, SEC


re-authenticate do-not-apply ISG

react (policy) MM

react (tplt-icmp-ech) SLA

react (tplt-icmp-jtr) SLA

react (tplt-tcp-conn) SLA

react (tplt-udp-ech) SLA

react (tplt-udp-jtr) SLA

read-ahead WAN

real (firewall farm) SLB

real (server farm) SLB

real (static NAT) SLB

real-address MWG

realm SBCU

realm (diameter) SBCU

reason SBCU

reason-header override VR

reassign SLB

reauthentication time SEC, WL

receive-channel CBL

receive-module CBL

receive-window WAN

receivers IMC

reconnect WSMA

record FNF

record (Performance Monitor) MM

record-entry trustpoint SBCU

record-route (LSP Attributes) MP

recorder profile VR

recoverable-loss QOS

redial VR

redirect (identity policy) SEC

redirect access-list SSG

redirect all ip MWG

redirect captivate advertising default group SSG

redirect captivate initial default group SSG

redirect contact order VR

redirect identifier VPD

redirect interface QOS

redirect intermobile ip MWG

redirect ip2ip (dial peer) VR

redirect ip2ip (voice service) VR

redirect log translations ISG

redirect permanent http to SSG

redirect prepaid-user to SSG

redirect server-group ISG

redirect session-limit ISG

redirect smtp group SSG

redirect to SSG

redirect to (ISG) ISG

redirect unauthenticated-user to SSG

redirect unauthorized-service service to SSG

redirect unauthorized-service to SSG

redirect-limit SBCU

redirect-mode SBCU

redirection (SIP) VR

redistribute (BGP to ISO IS-IS) BGP

redistribute (IP) BGP, IRI

redistribute (IPv6) IPV6

redistribute (ISO IS-IS to BGP) BGP

redistribute (ISO CLNS) ISO

redistribute (OSPFv3) IPV6

redistribute dvmrp BGP

redistribute eigrp EIGRP

redistribute isis IRS

redistribute isis (IPv6) IPV6

redistribute maximum-prefix OSPF

redistribute maximum-prefix (EIGRP) EIGRP

redistribute vrf EVN

redundancy DIA, HA, IAD, IR, MWR

redundancy (GDOI) SEC

redundancy (firewall) SEC

redundancy application reload group IAD

redundancy asymmetric-routing enable IAD, SEC

redundancy force-failover main-cpu CBL

redundancy force-switchover HA, IR

redundancy group IAD, IMO, SEC

redundancy group (interface) SEC

redundancy handover IR

redundancy inter-device SEC

redundancy linecard-group CBL

redundancy reload CBL

redundancy rii IAD, SEC

redundancy stateful IR, SEC

redundancy switch-activity CBL

redundant peer SBCU

refer-ood enable VR

referto-passing VR

refresh max-period QOS

refresh max-time QOS

refresh rtp QOS

refresh-buffer SBCU

refuse-message CF

reg-min-expiry SBCU

regenerate SEC

regexp (profile map configuration) SEC

regexp optimize CF

register (mobile networks) IMO

register (mobile router) IMO, IPV6

register e164 VR

registered qos-profile CBL

registered-caller ring VR

registrar IPV6, VR

registrar server VR

registration aggregate SBCU

registration contact username SBCU

registration interface SEC

registration monitor SBCU

registration outgoing timer SBCU

registration passthrough VR

registration required SBCU

registration retries VR

registration retry count SEC

registration retry interval SEC

registration retry-interval (TIDP) SEC

registration rewrite-register SBCU

registration target address SBCU

registration target port SBCU

registration timeout VR

registration unencrypted-convert SBCU

reject-threshold SBCU

rekey address ipv4 SEC

rekey algorithm SEC

rekey authentication SEC

rekey lifetime SEC

rekey retransmit SEC

rekey transport unicast SEC

rel1xx VR

relay agent information IAD

relay destination IAD

relay pppoe bba-group BBA

relay source IAD

relay target IAD

relay-information hex IAD

release dhcp IAD

reliability (NetFlow SCTP) NF

reload CF

reload components DIA

remark SEC

remark (IPv6) IPV6, SEC

remote command CF, IAD, IR

remote login CF, IAD, IR

remote-address ipv4 SBCU

remote-ip (IPC transport-SCTP remote) IAD

remote-neighbors SAF

remote-neighbors source SAF

remote-party-id VR

remote-port IAD, SBCU

remote-port (session border controller) SBCU

remote-span CF, IAD, IR

remote-url VR

remove vsa SSG

rename CF

rename (policy) MM

rename profile HA

renew deny unknown IAD

renew dhcp IAD

rep admin vlan LSW

rep block port LSW

rep lsl-age-timer LSW

rep lsl-ageout timer LSW

rep lsl-retries LSW

rep preempt delay LSW

rep preempt segment LSW

rep segment LSW

rep stcn LSW

repeat CBL

replay counter window-size SEC

replay time window-size SEC

replay-protection IMO

replicate casa (firewall farm) SLB

replicate casa (virtual server) SLB

replicate interval (firewall farm) SLB

replicate interval (virtual server) SLB

replicate slave (firewall farm) SLB

replicate slave (virtual server) SLB

reply-dscp-bits SLA

reply-mode SLA

req-qos VR

req-timeout SBCU

request VR

request (HTTP probe) SLB

request (XML transport) VR

request (custom UDP probe) SLB

request outstanding BBA

request peer-header VR

request platform software package describe file CF

request platform software package expand file CF

request platform software package install commit CF

request platform software package install file CF

request platform software package install rollback CF

request platform software package install snapshot CF

request platform software process release CF

request platform software shell session output format CF

request platform software system shell CF

request platform software vty attach CF

request-data-size SLA

request-data-size (Ethernet) SLA

request-dialin VPD

request-dialout VPD

request-line SBCU

request-line request-uri rewrite SBCU

request-method SEC

request-timeout SEC

reserve dsp SLA

reserved-only IAD

reset CBL, VR

reset (alarm-interface) IR

reset (policy-map) SEC

reset (zone-based policy) SEC

reset timer expires VR

resolution SLA

resolve OER

resolve (PfR) PFR

resource DIA

resource (voice) VR

resource policy ERM

resource threshold VR

resource-pool DIA

resource-pool (mediacard) VR

resource-pool aaa accounting ppp DIA

resource-pool aaa protocol DIA

resource-pool call treatment DIA

resource-pool call treatment discriminator DIA

resource-pool group resource DIA

resource-pool profile customer DIA

resource-pool profile discriminator DIA

resource-pool profile service DIA

resource-pool profile vpdn DIA, VPD

resource-priority SBCU

resource-priority-set SBCU

responder-only SEC

response SLB

response (XML application) VR

response (voice) VR

response peer-header VR

response size (XML transport) VR

response-code-mapping SBCU

response-time group IBM

response-timeout VR

response-timeout (session parameters) MM

restrict authenticated IAD

restrict name-group IAD

restrict source access-group IAD

restricted CBL

resume (setting X.3 PAD parameters) TSV

resume (switching sessions) TSV

retain SNMP

retired (IPS) SEC

retransmit WAN

retries (auto-config application) VR

retry IR

retry (SVC) ATM

retry (bulkstat) SNMP

retry (real server) SLB

retry bye VR

retry cancel VR

retry comet VR

retry interval VR

retry invite VR

retry keepalive DIA

retry keepalive (SIP) VR

retry notify VR

retry prack VR

retry refer VR

retry register IPV6, VR

retry rel1xx VR

retry response VR

retry subscribe VR

retry window VR

retry-count SBCU

retry-delay VR

retry-interval SBCU

retry-interval (registration) SBCU

retry-limit VR

retry-limit (radius) SBCU

retry-limit (routing table) SBCU

reverse-route SEC

reverse-tunnel IMO

revertive CBL

revision CF, LSW

revocation-check IPV6, SEC

revocation-check (ca-trustpool) SEC

rewrite egress tag CE

rewrite ingress tag CE, WAN

rf-channel cable downstream channel-id CBL

rf-channel depi-tunnel CBL

rf-channel description CBL

rf-channel frequency CBL

rf-channel ip-address mac-address udp-port CBL

rf-channel network-delay CBL

rf-channel rf-power CBL

rf-channel rf-shutdown CBL

rf-channel stacking CBL

rif BR, IBM

rif timeout BR, IBM

rif validate-age BR, IBM

rif validate-enable BR, IBM

rif validate-enable-age BR, IBM

rif validate-enable-route-cache BR, IBM

ring VR

ring cadence VR

ring frequency VR

ring number VR

ring-speed IR

ringing-timeout VR

rising (test threshold) SNMP

rj45-auto-detect-polarity IR

rlogin TSV

rlogin trusted-localuser-source TSV

rlogin trusted-remoteuser-source local TSV

rmdir CF

rmon RMON

rmon alarm RMON

rmon capture-userdata RMON

rmon collection history RMON

rmon collection host RMON

rmon collection matrix RMON

rmon collection rmon1 RMON

rmon event RMON

rmon hc-alarms RMON

rmon queuesize RMON

roaming (dial peer) VR

roaming (settlement) VR

role IMO

rommon-pref CF

root SEC

rotary DIA

rotary-group DIA

route accept SEC

route set SEC

route-change reaction-time MM

route-converge-interval CF

route-map IPV6, IRI

route-map (ISO CLNS) ISO

route-replicate MTR

route-replicate (VRF address family) EVN

route-server-context BGP

route-tag list IRI

route-tag notation IRI

route-target IPV6, MP

route-target (VPLS) WAN

router bgp BGP, IPV6

router eigrp EIGRP

router eigrp (MTR) MTR

router isis IRS

router iso-igrp ISO

router mobile IMO, MWH

router odr ODR

router ospf OSPF

router ospfv3 IPV6

router rip RIP

router-guard ip multicast IMC

router-guard ip multicast efps IMC

router-guard ip multicast switchports IMC

router-id OSPF

router-id (IPv6) IPV6

router-id (OSPFv3) IPV6

router-preference maximum IPV6, SEC

routing dynamic IRI

routing-context EVN

rpl CE

rrq dynamic-prefixes-accept VR

rsa keypair-name TSV

rsa-pubkey SEC

rsakeypair IPV6, SEC

rsh CF

rsrb remote-peer lsap-output-list IBM

rsrb remote-peer netbios-output-list IBM

rsvp VR

rsvp (PfR) PFR

rsvp post-dial-delay PFR

rsvp signaling-retries PFR

rtcp keepalive VR

rtcp-mux SBCU

rtcp-regenerate SBCU, WAN

rtg-carrier-id-table SBCU

rtg-category-table SBCU

rtg-dst-address-table SBCU

rtg-dst-domain-table SBCU

rtg-dst-trunk-group-id-table SBCU

rtg-least-cost-table SBCU

rtg-round-robin-table SBCU

rtg-src-account-table SBCU

rtg-src-address-table SBCU

rtg-src-adjacency-table SBCU

rtg-src-domain-table SBCU

rtg-src-trunk-group-id-table SBCU

rtg-time-table SBCU

rtp QOS

rtp (VO profile) SLA

rtp payload-type VR

rtp send-recv VR

rtp-ssrc multiplex VR

rtr SLA

rtr group schedule SLA

rtr key-chain SLA

rtr logging traps SLA

rtr low-memory SLA

rtr mpls-lsp-monitor SLA

rtr mpls-lsp-monitor reaction-configuration SLA

rtr mpls-lsp-monitor schedule SLA

rtr reaction-configuration SLA

rtr reaction-trigger SLA

rtr reset SLA

rtr responder SLA

rtr restart SLA

rtr schedule SLA

rts WL

rtsp client rtpsetup enable VR

rtsp client session history duration VR

rtsp client session history records VR

rtsp client timeout connect VR

rtsp client timeout message VR

rule (ENUM configuration) VR

rule (voice translation-rule) VR

rx-speed BBA

rxspeed TSV