Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


mab SEC

mac access-group LSW, SEC

mac access-group in CE

mac access-list extended LSW

mac aging-time CE

mac limit maximum addresses CE

mac packet-classify IAD, QOS

mac packet-classify use vlan IAD, QOS

mac security CE

mac static address CE

mac tunnel address destination default CE

mac tunnel address destination map CE

mac-address BR, CBL, IBM

mac-address (ATM) ATM

mac-address (RITE) SEC

mac-address (virtual switch) IR

mac-address-table aging-time LSW

mac-address-table dynamic LSW

mac-address-table learning IR, LSW

mac-address-table limit LSW

mac-address-table notification change LSW

mac-address-table notification mac-move LSW

mac-address-table notification threshold LSW

mac-address-table secure IR, LSW

mac-address-table static LSW

mac-address-table synchronize LSW

mac-address-table unicast-flood LSW

mace enable WAN

mace monitor waas WAN

macro (global configuration) CF

macro (interface configuration) CF

mag IMO

mail-server HA

main-cpu CBL

main-fiber port IR

maintenance-mode CBL

major rising ERM

managed-config-flag IPV6, SEC

management server password BBA

management server url BBA

manager IMC

map ip QOS

map ipv6 QOS

map mpls QOS

map q850-cause VR

map resp-code VR

map type SEC

map-class dialer DIA

map-class frame-relay WAN

map-group WAN

map-list WAN

mask IPV6

mask (IPv4) NF

mask (policy-map) SEC

mask-urls SEC

master OER

master (PfR) PFR

match (IKEv2 policy) IPV6, SEC

match (IKEv2 profile) IPV6, SEC

match (NetFlow) NF

match (VLAN access-map) LSW

match (gtp) SEC

match (radius-filter) ISG

match (ruleset) TSV

match access-group MM, QOS, SEC

match access-group (ISG) ISG

match access-group name IPV6

match access-list ISG

match address (GDOI local server) SEC

match address (IPSec) SEC

match any MM, QOS

match application (class-map) QOS

match application name FNF, MM

match application vendor MM

match application version MM

match as-path BGP

match atm oam QOS

match atm-clp QOS

match atm-vci QOS

match authen-status ISG

match authenticated-domain ISG

match authenticated-username ISG

match authentication trustpoint SEC

match body regex SEC

match certificate SEC

match certificate (ISAKMP) SEC

match certificate (ca-trustpoint) SEC

match certificate (ca-trustpool) SEC

match certificate override cdp SEC

match certificate override ocsp SEC

match certificate override sia SEC

match class session SEC

match class-map QOS, SEC

match clns address ISO

match clns next-hop ISO

match clns route-source ISO

match cmd SEC

match community BGP

match connection transaction-id FNF, MM

match cos MM, MP, QOS

match cos inner QOS

match data-length SEC

match datalink dot1q vlan FNF

match datalink mac FNF

match datalink vlan FNF

match destination-address mac MM, QOS

match discard-class MM, QOS

match dnis ISG

match dscp IPV6, MM, QOS

match encrypted SEC

match extcommunity BGP, EIGRP

match field QOS, SEC

match file-transfer SEC

match flow FNF, MM

match flow pdp MWG, QOS

match fr-de MM, WAN

match fr-dlci MM, QOS

match group-object security SEC

match header count SEC

match header length gt SEC

match header regex SEC

match identity IPV6, SEC

match input vlan QOS

match input-interface MM, QOS

match interface (Flexible NetFlow) FNF, MM

match interface (IP) IRI

match interface (ISO CLNS) ISO

match invalid-command SEC

match ip address IRI

match ip address (OER) OER

match ip address (PfR) PFR

match ip next-hop IRI

match ip redistribution-source IRI

match ip route-source IRI

match ip rtp MM, QOS

match ipv4 FNF, MM

match ipv4 destination FNF, MM

match ipv4 fragmentation FNF, MM

match ipv4 section FNF, MM

match ipv4 source FNF, MM

match ipv4 total-length FNF, MM

match ipv4 ttl FNF, MM

match ipv6 FNF, IPV6, MM

match ipv6 access-list IPV6, SEC

match ipv6 address IPV6

match ipv6 destination FNF, IPV6, MM

match ipv6 extension map FNF, IPV6, MM

match ipv6 fragmentation FNF, IPV6, MM

match ipv6 hop-limit FNF, IPV6, MM

match ipv6 length FNF, IPV6, MM

match ipv6 next-hop IPV6

match ipv6 route-source IPV6

match ipv6 section FNF, MM

match ipv6 source FNF, MM

match length IPV6, IRI

match local-preference BGP

match login clear-text SEC

match media ISG

match message SEC

match metadata MM

match metric (IP) IRI

match metric (ISO CLNS) ISO

match mime content-type regex SEC

match mime encoding SEC

match mlp-negotiated ISG

match mpls experimental QOS

match mpls experimental topmost MM, MP, QOS

match mpls-label IPV6, MP

match nas-port ISG

match no-username ISG

match not MM, QOS

match oer learn OER

match packet length (class-map) MM, QOS

match pfr learn PFR

match policy-list BGP

match port-type QOS

match precedence IPV6, MM, QOS

match program-number SEC

match protocol IPV6, MM, QOS

match protocol (ISG) ISG

match protocol (L2TPv3) WAN

match protocol (NBAR) QOS

match protocol (zone) IPV6, SEC

match protocol attribute application-group QOS

match protocol attribute category QOS

match protocol attribute encrypted QOS

match protocol attribute sub-category QOS

match protocol attribute tunnel QOS

match protocol citrix QOS

match protocol fasttrack QOS

match protocol gnutella QOS

match protocol h323-annexe SEC

match protocol h323-nxg SEC

match protocol http QOS

match protocol pppoe-discovery QOS

match protocol rtp QOS

match protocol-violation SEC

match qos-group MM, QOS

match ra prefix-list IPV6, SEC

match recipient address regex SEC

match recipient count gt SEC

match recipient invalid count gt SEC

match reply ehlo SEC

match req-resp SEC

match req-resp body length SEC

match req-resp header content-type SEC

match req-resp header transfer-encoding SEC

match req-resp protocol-violation SEC

match request SEC

match request length SEC

match request method SEC

match request not regex SEC

match request port-misuse SEC

match request regex SEC

match response SEC

match response body java-applet SEC

match response status-line regex SEC

match route-type (IP) IRI

match route-type (ISO CLNS) ISO

match routing FNF, MM

match routing is-multicast FNF, MM

match routing multicast replication-factor FNF, MM

match rpki BGP

match rule CBL

match search-file-name SEC

match security-group SEC

match sender address regex SEC

match server-domain urlf-glob SEC

match server-response any SEC

match service SEC

match service-name ISG

match source-address mac MM, QOS

match source-ip-address ISG

match source-protocol BGP

match start QOS, SEC

match tag IRI

match tag (class-map) QOS

match tag list IRI

match tcp WAN

match text-chat SEC

match timer ISG

match traffic-class access-list OER

match traffic-class access-list (PfR) PFR

match traffic-class application OER

match traffic-class application (PfR) PFR

match traffic-class application nbar OER

match traffic-class application nbar (PfR) PFR

match traffic-class prefix-list OER

match traffic-class prefix-list (PfR) PFR

match transport FNF, MM

match transport destination-port MM

match transport icmp ipv4 FNF, MM

match transport icmp ipv6 FNF, MM

match transport rtp ssrc MM

match transport source-port MM

match transport tcp FNF, MM

match transport udp FNF, MM

match tunnel-name ISG

match unauthenticated-domain ISG

match unauthenticated-username ISG

match url SEC

match url category SEC

match url reputation SEC

match url-keyword urlf-glob SEC

match user-group SEC

match vlan MM, WL

match vlan (QoS) QOS

match vlan inner QOS

match vrf ISG

matchnot (radius-filter) ISG

max bandwidth BBA

max prefix OER

max prefix (PfR) PFR

max range receive OER

max range receive (PfR) PFR

max vc BBA

max-area-addresses IRS

max-associations (SSID configuration mode) WL

max-bandwidth VR

max-call-rate-per-scope SBCU

max-calls VR

max-clients SAF

max-concurrent-sessions SBCU

max-conn (dial peer) VR

max-connection VR

max-connections SBCU

max-delay SLA

max-destination SEC

max-dropout MM

max-dropout (policy RTP) MM

max-forwards VR

max-header-length SEC

max-in-call-msg-rate SBCU

max-incomplete SEC

max-incomplete (parameter-map type) SEC

max-incomplete aggressive-aging SEC

max-llc2-rcvbuffs IBM

max-llc2-sessions IBM

max-logins SEC

max-lsa OSPF

max-lsp-lifetime (OTV) WAN

max-message WSMA

max-metric router-lsa IPV6, OSPF

max-num-calls SBCU

max-out-call-msg-rate SBCU

max-range-utilization OER

max-range-utilization (PfR) PFR

max-recursive-depth SBCU

max-redirects VR

max-regs SBCU

max-regs-rate-per-scope SBCU

max-reorder MM

max-reorder (policy RTP) MM

max-request SEC

max-reserved-bandwidth IR, QOS

max-resp-pak SEC

max-responses SBCU

max-retry-attempts SEC

max-sessions host SSG

max-subscription VR

max-updates SBCU

max-uri-length SEC

max-users SEC

max-users (WebVPN) SEC

max-xmit-utilization OER

max-xmit-utilization (PfR) PFR

max1 lookup VR

max1 retries VR

max2 lookup VR

max2 retries VR

maxclients SLB

maxconns (firewall farm TCP protocol) SLB

maxconns (firewall farm datagram protocol) SLB

maxconns (server farm) SLB

maximum CF

maximum (local policy) QOS

maximum bandwidth ingress QOS

maximum bandwidth percent QOS

maximum buffer-size VR

maximum cdrflush-timer VR

maximum conference-participants VR

maximum delay-class MWG

maximum fileclose-timer VR

maximum header QOS

maximum meps CE

maximum pdp-context MWG

maximum peak-throughput MWG

maximum retry-count VR

maximum routes IPV6, MP

maximum routes (MTR) MTR

maximum sessions (DSP farm profile) IPV6, VR

maximum traffic-class MWG

maximum utilization receive OER

maximum utilization receive (PfR) PFR

maximum-lus IBM

maximum-paths IRI

maximum-paths (IPv6) IPV6

maximum-paths (OSPFv3) IPV6

maximum-paths eibgp BGP

maximum-paths ibgp BGP, IPV6

maximum-prefix EIGRP

maximum-service (EIGRP) SAF

maximum-sessions SLA

mbr traffic-class MWG

mbssid WL

mc-peer PFR

mdix auto IR

mdl IR

mdn VR

mdr download reserve memory image HA

mdt data IMC

mdt data mpls mldp IMC

mdt default IMC

mdt log-reuse IMC

mdt preference IMC

measurement-retry SLA

media VR

media address preserve SBCU

media bandwidth-fields ignore SBCU

media bypass SBCU

media bypass type SBCU

media class VR

media limits SBCU

media police SBCU

media profile asp VR

media profile nr VR

media profile police VR

media profile recorder VR

media service VR

media-address SBCU

media-address ipv4 SBCU

media-address ipv6 SBCU

media-address pool SBCU

media-address pool ipv4 SBCU

media-address pool ipv6 SBCU

media-gateway SBCU

media-gateway policy type SBCU

media-inactivity-criteria VR

media-late-to-early-iw SBCU

media-line SBCU

media-policy SBCU

media-recording VR

media-timeout SBCU

media-timeout (session border controller) SBCU

media-type IR

media-type auto-failover IR

mediacard VR

mediatrace MM

mediatrace flow-specifier MM

mediatrace initiator MM

mediatrace path-specifier MM

mediatrace poll MM

mediatrace profile perf-monitor MM

mediatrace profile system MM

mediatrace responder MM

mediatrace schedule MM

mediatrace session-params MM

medium p2p MP

meetme-conference VR

member DIA

member (VRF list) EVN

member (dial peer cor list) DIA, VR

member subslot CBL, IR

meminfo CBL

memory cache error-recovery CF

memory cache error-recovery options CF

memory free low-watermark CF

memory io ERM

memory lite CF

memory processor ERM

memory reserve CF

memory reserve critical CF

memory sanity CF

memory scan CF

memory statistics history table ERM

memory-size iomem CF

menu menu-name single-space CF

menu <menu-name> single-space CF

menu (EXEC) CF

menu clear-screen CF

menu command CF

menu default CF

menu line-mode CF

menu options CF

menu prompt CF

menu status-line CF

menu text CF

menu title CF

mep archive-hold-time CE

mep crosscheck mpid evc CE

mep crosscheck mpid vlan CE

mep mpid CE

message retry count SEC

message retry interval SEC

message-authenticator ignore ISG

message-exchange max-failures VR

metadata application-params QOS

metadata flow QOS

metadata flow (Troubleshooting) QOS

metadatacache WAN

method CBL, VR

method (editor) SBCU

method (session border controller) SBCU

method packetcable-em SBCU

method xml SBCU

method-editor SBCU

method-list ISG

method-profile SBCU

metric IRS

metric holddown EIGRP

metric maximum-hops EIGRP

metric rib-scale EIGRP

metric weights (EIGRP) EIGRP, IPV6, SAF

metric weights (ISO CLNS) ISO

metric-list (monitoring profile) MM

metric-list (system profile) MM

metric-style narrow MP

metric-style transition MP

metric-style wide IRS, MP

mgcp VR

mgcp behavior VR

mgcp behavior comedia-check-media-src VR

mgcp behavior comedia-role VR

mgcp behavior comedia-sdp-force VR

mgcp behavior g729-variants static-pt VR

mgcp bind VR

mgcp block-newcalls VR

mgcp call-agent VR

mgcp codec VR

mgcp codec gsmamr-nb VR

mgcp codec ilbc VR

mgcp crypto rfc-preferred VR

mgcp debug-header VR

mgcp default-package VR

mgcp disconnect-delay VR

mgcp dns stale threshold VR

mgcp dtmf-relay VR

mgcp endpoint offset VR

mgcp explicit hookstate VR

mgcp fax rate VR

mgcp fax t38 VR

mgcp fax-relay VR

mgcp ip qos dscp VR

mgcp ip-tos VR

mgcp lawful-intercept VR

mgcp max-waiting-delay VR

mgcp modem passthrough codec VR

mgcp modem passthrough mode VR

mgcp modem passthrough voip redundancy VR

mgcp modem passthru VR

mgcp modem relay voip gateway-xid VR

mgcp modem relay voip latency VR

mgcp modem relay voip mode VR

mgcp modem relay voip mode sse VR

mgcp modem relay voip sprt retries VR

mgcp modem relay voip sprt v14 VR

mgcp package-capability VR

mgcp persistent VR

mgcp piggyback message VR

mgcp playout VR

mgcp profile VR

mgcp quality-threshold VR

mgcp quarantine mode VR

mgcp quarantine persistent-event disable VR

mgcp request timeout VR

mgcp restart-delay VR

mgcp rtp payload-type VR

mgcp rtp unreachable timeout VR

mgcp rtrcac VR

mgcp sched-time VR

mgcp sdp VR

mgcp sgcp disconnect notify VR

mgcp sgcp restart notify VR

mgcp src-cac VR

mgcp timer VR

mgcp tse payload VR

mgcp vad VR

mgcp validate call-agent source-ipaddr VR

mgcp validate domain-name VR

mgcp voice-quality-stats VR

microcode (12000) CF

microcode (7000/7500) CF

microcode (7200) CF

microcode (uBR10012) CBL

microcode reload (12000) CF

microcode reload (7000 7500) CF

microcode reload (7000/7500) CF

microcode reload (7200) CF

microcode reload (uBR10012) CBL

microcode reload controller IR, VR

mid ATM

midcall-signaling VR

mime-type SEC

min-se (SIP) VR

min-sequential MM

min-sequential (policy RTP) MM

minor rising ERM

minor-alert-size SBCU

mip auto-create CE

mip auto-create (cfm-srv) CE

mitigation SEC

mkdir CF

mkdir disk0: CF

mlacp interchassis group CE

mlacp lag-priority CE

mlacp node-id CE

mlacp system-mac CE

mlacp system-priority CE

mls acl tcam default-result SEC

mls acl tcam override dynamic dhcp-snooping SEC

mls acl tcam share-global SEC

mls acl vacl apply-self SEC

mls aclmerge algorithm SEC

mls aging fast NF

mls aging long NF

mls aging normal NF

mls aging slb normal SLB

mls aging slb process SLB

mls cef maximum-routes IPV6, ISW

mls cef tunnel fragment ISW

mls erm priority IPV6, ISW

mls exclude acl-deny NF

mls exclude protocol IR

mls flow NF

mls ip ISW

mls ip acl port expand SEC

mls ip cef accounting per-prefix ISW

mls ip cef load-sharing ISW

mls ip cef rate-limit ISW

mls ip cef rpf hw-enable-rpf-acl ISW

mls ip cef rpf interface-group ISW

mls ip cef rpf multipath ISW

mls ip delete-threshold IR

mls ip directed-broadcast IR

mls ip inspect SEC

mls ip install-threshold IAP

mls ip multicast (global configuration) IMC

mls ip multicast (interface configuration) IMC

mls ip multicast bidir gm-scan-interval IMC

mls ip multicast connected IMC

mls ip multicast consistency-check IMC

mls ip multicast flow-stat-timer IMC

mls ip multicast non-rpf aging IMC

mls ip multicast replication-mode IMC

mls ip multicast sso HA, IMC

mls ip multicast stub IMC

mls ip multicast threshold IMC

mls ip nat netflow-frag-l4-zero NF

mls ip pbr QOS

mls ip reflexive ndr-entry tcam IAP

mls ip slb purge global SLB

mls ip slb search wildcard SLB

mls ipv6 acl compress address unicast IPV6

mls ipv6 acl source IPV6

mls ipv6 vrf IPV6, MP

mls ipx IR

mls l2tpv3 reserve WAN

mls mpls MP

mls mpls (guaranteed bandwidth traffic engineering) MP

mls mpls (recirculation) MP

mls mpls qos input uniform-mode MP

mls nde flow NF

mls nde interface NF

mls nde sender NF

mls netflow NF

mls netflow interface NF

mls netflow maximum-flows NF

mls netflow sampling NF

mls netflow usage notify NF

mls qos (global configuration mode) QOS

mls qos (interface configuration mode) QOS

mls qos 10g-only QOS

mls qos aggregate-policer QOS

mls qos bridged QOS

mls qos channel-consistency QOS

mls qos cos QOS

mls qos cos-mutation QOS

mls qos dscp-mutation QOS

mls qos exp-mutation QOS

mls qos loopback QOS

mls qos map QOS

mls qos map cos-dscp QOS

mls qos map cos-mutation QOS

mls qos map dscp-cos QOS

mls qos map dscp-exp QOS

mls qos map dscp-mutation QOS

mls qos map exp-dscp QOS

mls qos map exp-mutation QOS

mls qos map ip-prec-dscp QOS

mls qos map policed-dscp QOS

mls qos marking ignore port-trust QOS

mls qos marking statistics QOS

mls qos mpls trust experimental QOS

mls qos police redirected QOS

mls qos police serial QOS

mls qos protocol QOS

mls qos queue-mode mode-dscp QOS

mls qos queueing-only QOS

mls qos rewrite ip dscp QOS

mls qos statistics-export (global configuration) QOS

mls qos statistics-export (interface configuration) QOS

mls qos statistics-export aggregate-policer QOS

mls qos statistics-export class-map QOS

mls qos statistics-export delimiter QOS

mls qos statistics-export destination QOS

mls qos statistics-export interval QOS

mls qos supervisor 10g-only QOS

mls qos trust QOS

mls qos trust extend QOS

mls qos tunnel gre input uniform-mode QOS

mls qos vlan-based QOS

mls rate-limit all SEC

mls rate-limit layer2 SEC

mls rate-limit multicast ipv4 SEC

mls rate-limit multicast ipv6 IPV6, SEC

mls rate-limit unicast acl SEC

mls rate-limit unicast cef SEC

mls rate-limit unicast ip SEC

mls rate-limit unicast l3-features SEC

mls rate-limit unicast vacl-log SEC

mls rp ip LSW

mls rp ip (global) LSW

mls rp ip (interface) LSW

mls rp ip multicast LSW

mls rp ip multicast management-interface LSW

mls rp ipx (global) LSW

mls rp ipx (interface) LSW

mls rp locate ipx LSW

mls rp management-interface LSW

mls rp nde-address LSW

mls rp vlan-id LSW

mls rp vtp-domain LSW

mls sampling NF

mls switching LSW

mls switching unicast LSW

mls verify IR

mmoip aaa global-password VR

mmoip aaa method fax accounting VR

mmoip aaa method fax authentication VR

mmoip aaa receive-accounting enable VR

mmoip aaa receive-authentication enable VR

mmoip aaa receive-id primary VR

mmoip aaa receive-id secondary VR

mmoip aaa send-accounting enable VR

mmoip aaa send-authentication enable VR

mmoip aaa send-id primary VR

mmoip aaa send-id secondary VR

mn-profile-load-aaa IMO

mobile-network IMO

mobility IR

mode CF, IR

mode (ATM T1 E1 controller) IR, VR

mode (ATM/T1/E1 controller) IR

mode (Flexible NetFlow) FNF

mode (HSA redundancy) IR

mode (IPSec) SEC

mode (OER) OER

mode (RSC redundancy) IR

mode (T1 E1 controller) IR, VR

mode (T1/E1 controller) IR

mode (flow sampler configuration) NF

mode (redundancy) CBL, HA

mode (session border controller) SBCU

mode auto-tunnels PFR

mode bles VR

mode border-element VR

mode bypass IMC, IMO, IR

mode c-12 IR

mode ccs VR

mode dot1q-in-dot1q access-gateway LSW

mode download IR

mode extended SSG

mode monitor PFR

mode ra SEC

mode route PFR

mode secure SEC

mode select-exit PFR

mode sub-cs SEC

mode two-way IR

mode verify bidirectional PFR

mode vt-15 IR

mode y-cable MWR

modem always-on DIA

modem answer-timeout DIA

modem at-mode DIA

modem at-mode-permit DIA

modem autoconfigure discovery DIA

modem autoconfigure type DIA

modem bad DIA

modem buffer-size DIA

modem busyout DIA

modem busyout-threshold DIA

modem call-record DIA

modem callin DIA

modem callout DIA

modem country mica DIA

modem country microcom_hdms DIA

modem country smart_acf DIA

modem country v12 DIA

modem cts-alarm DIA

modem dialin DIA

modem dialout controller DIA

modem dtr-active DIA

modem dtr-delay IR

modem enable DIA

modem firmware slot DIA

modem hold-reset DIA

modem host DIA

modem inout DIA

modem link-info poll time DIA

modem log DIA

modem min-speed max-speed DIA

modem passthrough (dial peer) VR

modem passthrough (voice-service) VR

modem poll retry DIA

modem poll time DIA

modem printer DIA

modem recovery action DIA

modem recovery maintenance DIA

modem recovery threshold DIA

modem recovery-time DIA

modem relay (dial peer) VR

modem relay (voice-service) VR

modem relay gateway-xid VR

modem relay latency VR

modem relay sprt retries VR

modem relay sprt v14 VR

modem relay sse VR

modem shutdown DIA

modem status-poll DIA

modem-pool DIA

modemcap edit DIA

modemcap entry DIA

modemui DIA

modemui-version DIA

modular-host subslot CBL

monitor call application event-log VR

monitor call leg event-log VR

monitor capture EPC

monitor capture buffer EPC

monitor capture point EPC

monitor capture point associate EPC

monitor capture point disassociate EPC

monitor capture point start EPC

monitor capture point stop EPC

monitor elog trigger position ISW

monitor event ipv6 static IPV6

monitor event-trace (EXEC) CF, ISW

monitor event-trace (global) CF, ISW

monitor event-trace cef (EXEC) ISW

monitor event-trace cef (global) ISW

monitor event-trace cef ipv4 (global) ISW

monitor event-trace cef ipv6 (global) IPV6, ISW

monitor event-trace cpu-report (EXEC) BSM

monitor event-trace cpu-report (global) BSM

monitor event-trace dmvpn SEC

monitor event-trace dump-traces CF

monitor event-trace gdoi (global) CF

monitor event-trace ipv6 spd IPV6, SEC

monitor event-trace sbc (EXEC) HA

monitor event-trace sbc (global) HA

monitor event-trace sbc ha (EXEC) SBCU

monitor event-trace sbc ha (global) SBCU

monitor l2tun counters tunnel l2tp WAN

monitor loss counter CE

monitor metric ip-cbr MM

monitor metric rtp MM

monitor parameters MM

monitor pcm-tracer capture-destination CF

monitor pcm-tracer delayed-start CF

monitor pcm-tracer profile CF

monitor peer bfd IRI, MP, WAN

monitor permit-list CF

monitor pids QOS

monitor probe icmp-ping VR

monitor service instance CE

monitor session LSW

monitor session (VLAN) LSW

monitor session egress replication-mode CF

monitor session type CF

monitor traffic line TSV

monitor-interval MM

monitor-period OER

monitor-period (PfR) PFR

monitoring IR

monitoring-basics CBL

monitoring-duration CBL

mop device-code CF

mop enabled DEC, IR

mop retransmit-timer CF

mop retries CF

mop sysid IR

more CF

more url begin CF

more url exclude CF

more url include CF

more <url> begin CF

more <url> exclude CF

more <url> include CF

more flh:logfile CF

mos OER

mos (PfR) PFR

motd-banner CF

mpls atm control-vc MP

mpls atm cos MP

mpls atm disable-headend-vc MP

mpls atm multi-vc MP

mpls atm vp-tunnel MP

mpls atm vpi MP

mpls bgp forwarding MP

mpls control-word MP

mpls cos-map MP

mpls discovery vpn interval SLA

mpls discovery vpn next-hop SLA

mpls experimental MP, QOS

mpls export interval MP

mpls export vpnv4 prefixes MP

mpls forwarding bgp MP

mpls ip (global configuration) MP

mpls ip (interface configuration) MP

mpls ip default-route MP

mpls ip encapsulate explicit-null MP

mpls ip propagate-ttl MP

mpls ip ttl-expiration pop MP

mpls ipv6 source-interface IPV6, MP

mpls l2transport route MP

mpls label MP

mpls label mode MP

mpls label mode (6VPE) MP

mpls label protocol (global configuration) MP

mpls label protocol (interface configuration) MP

mpls label range MP

mpls ldp address-message MP

mpls ldp advertise-labels MP

mpls ldp advertise-labels old-style MP

mpls ldp atm control-mode MP

mpls ldp atm vc-merge MP

mpls ldp autoconfig MP

mpls ldp backoff MP

mpls ldp discovery MP

mpls ldp discovery transport-address MP

mpls ldp explicit-null MP

mpls ldp graceful-restart MP

mpls ldp graceful-restart timers forwarding-holding MP

mpls ldp graceful-restart timers max-recovery MP

mpls ldp graceful-restart timers neighbor-liveness MP

mpls ldp holdtime MP

mpls ldp igp autoconfig MP

mpls ldp igp sync MP

mpls ldp igp sync holddown MP

mpls ldp label MP

mpls ldp logging neighbor-changes MP

mpls ldp logging password configuration MP

mpls ldp logging password rollover MP

mpls ldp loop-detection MP

mpls ldp maxhops MP

mpls ldp neighbor implicit-withdraw MP

mpls ldp neighbor labels accept MP

mpls ldp neighbor password MP

mpls ldp neighbor targeted MP

mpls ldp password fallback MP

mpls ldp password option MP

mpls ldp password required MP

mpls ldp password rollover duration MP

mpls ldp path-vector maxlength MP

mpls ldp router-id IPV6, MP

mpls ldp session protection MP

mpls ldp sync MP

mpls ldp tcp pak-priority MP

mpls load-balance per-label MP

mpls lsp ping ipv4 SLA

mpls lsp ping pseudowire SLA

mpls lsp trace ipv4 SLA

mpls mldp forwarding recursive IMC

mpls mldp logging notifications IMC

mpls mldp path IMC

mpls mtu MP

mpls netflow egress MP, NF

mpls oam MP

mpls prefix-map MP

mpls request-labels for MP

mpls static binding ipv4 MP

mpls static binding ipv4 vrf MP

mpls static crossconnect MP

mpls tp MP

mpls tp link MP

mpls tp lsp MP

mpls traffic-eng MP

mpls traffic-eng administrative-weight MP

mpls traffic-eng area MP

mpls traffic-eng atm cos global-pool MP

mpls traffic-eng atm cos sub-pool MP

mpls traffic-eng attribute-flags MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers IPV6, MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup config MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup config affinity MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup nhop-only MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup srlg exclude MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup timers MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup tunnel-num MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh tunnel-num MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary config MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary config mpls ip MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary onehop MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary timers MP

mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary tunnel-num MP

mpls traffic-eng backup-path MP

mpls traffic-eng backup-path tunnel MP

mpls traffic-eng ds-te bc-model MP

mpls traffic-eng ds-te mode MP

mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute backup-prot-preemption MP

mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute promote MP

mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute timers MP

mpls traffic-eng flooding thresholds MP

mpls traffic-eng interface MP

mpls traffic-eng link timers bandwidth-hold MP

mpls traffic-eng link timers periodic-flooding MP

mpls traffic-eng link-management timers bandwidth-hold MP

mpls traffic-eng link-management timers periodic-flooding MP

mpls traffic-eng logging lsp MP

mpls traffic-eng logging tunnel MP

mpls traffic-eng lsp attributes MP

mpls traffic-eng mesh-group MP

mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact MP

mpls traffic-eng passive-interface MP

mpls traffic-eng path-option list MP

mpls traffic-eng path-selection metric MP

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize MP

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize events MP

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers delay MP

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers frequency MP

mpls traffic-eng router-id MP

mpls traffic-eng scanner MP

mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise explicit-null MP

mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise implicit-null MP

mpls traffic-eng srlg MP

mpls traffic-eng topology holddown sigerr MP

mpls traffic-eng tunnels (global configuration) MP

mpls traffic-eng tunnels (interface configuration) MP

mpls ttl-dec MP

mpoa client config name ATM

mpoa client name ATM

mpoa server config name ATM

mpoa server name ATM

mpoa server name trigger ip-address ATM

mrcp client rtpsettup enable VR

mrcp client session history duration VR

mrcp client session history records VR

mrcp client session nooffailures VR

mrcp client statistics enable VR

mrcp client timeout connect VR

mrcp client timeout message VR

mrinfo IMC

mrm IMC

msid (SSG-radius-proxy-timers) SSG

msisdn suppression MWG

mstat IMC

mta receive aliases VR

mta receive disable-dsn VR

mta receive generate VR

mta receive generate-mdn VR

mta receive maximum-recipients VR

mta send filename VR

mta send mail-from VR

mta send origin-prefix VR

mta send postmaster VR

mta send return-receipt-to VR

mta send server VR

mta send subject VR

mta send success-fax-only VR

mta send with-subject VR

mtrace IMC

mtu IR, MP

multi-homed IMO

multi-path (mobile networks) IMO

multi-path (mobile router) IMO

multi-topology IPV6

multihop-hostname BBA, VPD

multilink DIA

multilink bundle-name DIA

multilink virtual-template DIA

multiqueue ATM

multiring BR, IBM

multiring trcrf-vlan BR

music-threshold VR

mvr IR, LSW

mvr group LSW

mvr immediate LSW

mvr max-groups LSW

mvr querytime LSW

mvr type LSW

mvr vlan LSW

mvrp global LSW

mvrp mac-learning LSW

mvrp registration LSW

mvrp timer LSW

mvrp vlan creation LSW

mwi VR

mwi (supplementary-service) VR

mwi-server VR