Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
ipv6 nd cache expire through l
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


ipv6 nd cache expire IPV6

ipv6 nd cache interface-limit (global) IPV6

ipv6 nd cache interface-limit (interface) IPV6

ipv6 nd dad attempts IPV6

ipv6 nd dad time IPV6

ipv6 nd inspection IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd inspection policy IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd managed-config-flag IPV6

ipv6 nd na glean IPV6

ipv6 nd ns-interval IPV6

ipv6 nd nud retry IPV6

ipv6 nd other-config-flag IPV6

ipv6 nd prefix IPV6

ipv6 nd prefix framed-ipv6-prefix IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd prefix-advertisement IPV6

ipv6 nd ra interval IPV6

ipv6 nd ra lifetime IPV6

ipv6 nd ra suppress IPV6

ipv6 nd ra-interval IPV6

ipv6 nd ra-lifetime IPV6

ipv6 nd raguard IPV6

ipv6 nd raguard attach-policy IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd raguard policy IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd reachable-time IPV6

ipv6 nd resolution data limit IPV6

ipv6 nd route-owner IPV6

ipv6 nd router-preference IPV6

ipv6 nd secured certificate-db IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured full-secure IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured full-secure (interface) IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured key-length IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured sec-level IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured timestamp IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured timestamp-db IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured trustanchor IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd secured trustpoint IPV6, SEC

ipv6 nd suppress-ra IPV6, SEC

ipv6 neighbor IPV6

ipv6 neighbor binding IPV6, SEC

ipv6 neighbor binding down-lifetime IPV6, SEC

ipv6 neighbor binding logging IPV6, SEC

ipv6 neighbor binding max-entries IPV6, SEC

ipv6 neighbor binding stale-lifetime IPV6, SEC

ipv6 neighbor binding vlan IPV6, SEC

ipv6 neighbor tracking IPV6, SEC

ipv6 next-hop-self eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 nhrp authentication IPV6

ipv6 nhrp holdtime IPV6

ipv6 nhrp interest IPV6

ipv6 nhrp map IPV6

ipv6 nhrp map multicast IPV6

ipv6 nhrp map multicast dynamic IPV6

ipv6 nhrp max-send IPV6

ipv6 nhrp network-id IPV6

ipv6 nhrp nhs IPV6

ipv6 nhrp record IPV6

ipv6 nhrp redirect IPV6

ipv6 nhrp registration IPV6

ipv6 nhrp responder IPV6

ipv6 nhrp server-only IPV6

ipv6 nhrp shortcut IPV6

ipv6 nhrp trigger-svc IPV6

ipv6 nhrp use IPV6

ipv6 ospf area IPV6

ipv6 ospf authentication IPV6

ipv6 ospf bfd IPV6

ipv6 ospf cost IPV6

ipv6 ospf database-filter all out IPV6

ipv6 ospf dead-interval IPV6

ipv6 ospf demand-circuit IPV6

ipv6 ospf encryption IPV6

ipv6 ospf flood-reduction IPV6

ipv6 ospf hello-interval IPV6

ipv6 ospf mtu-ignore IPV6

ipv6 ospf name-lookup IPV6

ipv6 ospf neighbor IPV6

ipv6 ospf network IPV6

ipv6 ospf priority IPV6

ipv6 ospf retransmit-interval IPV6

ipv6 ospf transmit-delay IPV6

ipv6 pim IPV6

ipv6 pim accept-register IPV6

ipv6 pim bsr border IPV6

ipv6 pim bsr candidate bsr IPV6

ipv6 pim bsr candidate rp IPV6

ipv6 pim dr-priority IPV6

ipv6 pim hello-interval IPV6

ipv6 pim join-prune-interval IPV6

ipv6 pim maximum group-mappings IMC

ipv6 pim neighbor-filter list IPV6

ipv6 pim passive IPV6

ipv6 pim rp embedded IPV6

ipv6 pim rp-address IPV6

ipv6 pim spt-threshold infinity IPV6

ipv6 policy route-map IPV6

ipv6 port-map IPV6, SEC

ipv6 prefix ISG

ipv6 prefix-list IPV6

ipv6 prefix-list sequence-number IPV6

ipv6 redirect MWG

ipv6 redirects IPV6

ipv6 rip default-information IPV6

ipv6 rip enable IPV6

ipv6 rip metric-offset IPV6

ipv6 rip summary-address IPV6

ipv6 route IPV6

ipv6 route priority high IPV6

ipv6 route static bfd IPV6, IRI

ipv6 route static resolve default IPV6, IRI

ipv6 router eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 router isis IPV6

ipv6 router nemo IPV6

ipv6 router ospf IPV6

ipv6 router rip IPV6

ipv6 routing-enforcement-header loose IPV6, SEC

ipv6 security verify source MWG

ipv6 snooping logging IPV6

ipv6 snooping logging packet drop IPV6, SEC

ipv6 source-route IPV6

ipv6 spd mode IPV6

ipv6 spd queue max-threshold IPV6

ipv6 spd queue min-threshold IPV6

ipv6 split-horizon eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 summary-address eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 tacacs source-interface IPV6, SEC

ipv6 traffic interface-statistics IPV6

ipv6 traffic-filter IPV6

ipv6 unicast-routing IPV6

ipv6 unnumbered IPV6

ipv6 unreachables IPV6

ipv6 verify unicast reverse-path IPV6, ISW

ipv6 verify unicast source reachable-via IPV6, ISW

ipv6 virtual-reassembly IPV6, SEC

ipv6 virtual-reassembly drop-fragments IPV6, SEC

ipv6 wccp IPV6

ipv6 wccp check acl outbound IPV6

ipv6 wccp group-listen IPV6

ipv6 wccp redirect IPV6

ipv6 wccp redirect exclude in IPV6

ipv6 wccp source-interface IPV6

ipv6 wccpcheck services all IPV6

ipv6-address (proxy mobile ipv6) IMO

ipx compression cipx DIA

ipx nasi-server enable TSV

ipx ppp-client DIA

irq global-request VR

is-type IRS

isakmp authorization list SEC

isdn all-incoming-calls-v120 DIA

isdn answer1 isdn answer2

isdn autodetect DIA

isdn bcac service audit DIA

isdn bcac service audit interface DIA

isdn bcac service audit trigger DIA

isdn bcac service retry in-serv-on-fail DIA

isdn bcac service retry max DIA

isdn bcac service timer DIA

isdn bcac service update linkup DIA

isdn bcac service update provision DIA

isdn bchan-number-order DIA

isdn bind-l3 VR

isdn bind-l3 (Interface BRI) VR

isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager VR

isdn bind-l3 iua-backhaul VR

isdn busy DIA

isdn caller DIA

isdn calling-number DIA

isdn calling-party-num DIA

isdn channel-id invert extended-bit DIA

isdn conference-code DIA

isdn contiguous-bchan VR

isdn disconnect-cause DIA

isdn dpnss VR

isdn fast-rollover-delay DIA

isdn gateway-max-interworking VR

isdn global-disconnect VR

isdn gtd VR

isdn guard-timer DIA

isdn ie oli VR

isdn incoming ie DIA

isdn incoming-voice DIA

isdn integrate calltype all VR

isdn layer1-emulate DIA

isdn layer2-flap DIA

isdn leased-line bri DIA

isdn logging DIA

isdn map DIA

isdn negotiate-bchan DIA

isdn network-failure-cause VR

isdn not-end-to-end DIA

isdn nsf-service DIA

isdn number DIA

isdn outgoing display-ie VR

isdn outgoing ie DIA

isdn outgoing ie redirecting-number DIA

isdn outgoing-voice DIA

isdn overlap-receiving DIA

isdn overlap-receiving calltypes all DIA

isdn piafs-enabled DIA

isdn point-to-point-setup DIA

isdn protocol-emulate DIA, VR

isdn reject DIA

isdn rlm-group VR

isdn send-alerting DIA

isdn sending-complete DIA

isdn service DIA

isdn silent-boot DIA

isdn skipsend-idverify VR

isdn snmp busyout b-channel DIA

isdn spid1  isdn spid2

isdn spoofing DIA, VR

isdn static-tei DIA

isdn supp-service calldiversion VR

isdn supp-service mcid VR

isdn supp-service name calling VR

isdn supp-service tbct VR

isdn switch-type (BRI) DIA, IPV6

isdn switch-type (PRI) DIA

isdn t-activate VR

isdn t306 DIA

isdn t310 DIA

isdn tei-negotiation (global) DIA

isdn tei-negotiation (interface) DIA, VR

isdn test call interface DIA

isdn test disconnect interface DIA

isdn test l2 flap interface DIA

isdn timer DIA

isdn timer t309 DIA

isdn timer t321 DIA

isdn transfer-code DIA

isdn transparent DIA

isdn twait-disable DIA

isdn v110 only DIA

isdn v110 padding DIA

isdn voice-priority DIA

isdn x25 dchannel DIA

isdn x25 static-tei DIA

isis adjacency-filter ISO

isis advertise-prefix IRS

isis authentication key-chain IRS

isis authentication mode IRS

isis authentication send-only IRS

isis bfd IRS

isis circuit-type IRS

isis csnp-interval IRS

isis display delimiter IRS

isis hello padding IRS

isis hello-interval IRS

isis hello-multiplier IRS

isis ipv6 metric IPV6

isis ipv6 tag IPV6

isis lsp-interval IRS

isis mesh-group IRS

isis metric IRS

isis network point-to-point IRS

isis password IRS

isis priority IRS

isis protocol shutdown IRS

isis retransmit-interval IRS

isis retransmit-throttle-interval IRS

isis tag IRS

isis topology disable MTR

iso-igrp adjacency-filter ISO

ispf IRS

issu abortversion HA

issu acceptversion HA

issu changeversion HA

issu commitversion HA

issu linecard abortversion CBL

issu linecard acceptversion CBL

issu linecard changeversion CBL

issu linecard loadversion CBL

issu linecard prepareversion CBL

issu linecard reloadversion CBL

issu linecard runversion CBL

issu loadversion HA

issu runversion HA

issu set rollback-timer HA

issuer-name SEC

iterate-ip-addrs IAD

iua VR

ivr asr-server VR

ivr autoload mode VR

ivr autoload url VR

ivr contact-center VR

ivr language link VR

ivr prompt cutoff-threshold VR

ivr prompt memory VR

ivr prompt streamed VR

ivr record cpu flash VR

ivr record memory session VR

ivr record memory system VR

ivr tts-server VR

ivr tts-voice-profile VR

ivrf SEC

ixi application cme VR

ixi application mib VR

ixi transport http VR


jitter OER

jitter (PfR) PFR


kal-ap domain SLB

keepalive IR

keepalive (ISG) ISG

keepalive (LMI) WAN

keepalive (OER) OER

keepalive (PfR) PFR

keepalive (SAF) SAF

keepalive (TN3270) IBM

keepalive (WSMA) WSMA

keepalive (XMCP) SAF

keepalive (isakmp profile) SEC

keepalive retries VR

keepalive target IPV6, VR

keepalive timeout VR

keepalive trigger VR

keepalive-lifetime ATM

keepalive-time ATM

kerberos clients mandatory SEC

kerberos credentials forward SEC

kerberos instance map SEC

kerberos local-realm SEC

kerberos password SEC

kerberos preauth SEC

kerberos processes SEC

kerberos realm SEC

kerberos retry SEC

kerberos server SEC

kerberos srvtab entry SEC

kerberos srvtab remote SEC

kerberos timeout SEC

key IPV6, IRI, SAF

key (ISG RADIUS proxy) ISG

key (SSG-radius-proxy-client) SSG


key (isakmp-group) SEC

key (session border controller) SBCU

key chain IPV6, IRI, SAF

key config-key SEC

key config-key password-encryption SEC

key-hash SEC

key-set SEC

key-string (IKE) SEC

key-string (SSH) SEC

key-string (authentication) IPV6, IRI, SAF

keylen IBM

keymap TSV

keymap-type TSV

keyring SEC

keyring (IKEv2 profile) SEC

kron occurrence CNS

kron policy-list CNS


l2 pseudowire routing MP

l2 router-id WAN

l2 subscriber CE

l2 vfi autodiscovery WAN

l2 vfi manual IR

l2 vfi point-to-point MP

l2-filter bridge-group-acl WL

l2-params gateway MM

l2f ignore-mid-sequence VPD

l2f tunnel busy timeout VPD

l2f tunnel retransmit initial retries VPD

l2f tunnel retransmit retries VPD

l2f tunnel timeout setup VPD

l2protocol forward LSW

l2protocol-tunnel IR

l2protocol-tunnel cos IR

l2protocol-tunnel drop-threshold IR

l2protocol-tunnel global drop-threshold IR

l2protocol-tunnel point-to-point IR

l2protocol-tunnel shutdown-threshold IR

l2tp attribute clid mask-method VPD

l2tp congestion-control VPD

l2tp cookie local WAN

l2tp cookie remote WAN

l2tp drop out-of-order VPD

l2tp hello WAN

l2tp hidden VPD

l2tp id WAN

l2tp ip udp checksum VPD

l2tp rx-speed VPD

l2tp security crypto-profile VPD

l2tp security ip address-check VPD

l2tp sequencing VPD

l2tp sso enable VPD

l2tp tunnel authentication VPD

l2tp tunnel bearer capabilities VPD

l2tp tunnel busy timeout VPD

l2tp tunnel framing capabilities VPD

l2tp tunnel hello VPD

l2tp tunnel password VPD

l2tp tunnel receive-window VPD

l2tp tunnel resync VPD

l2tp tunnel retransmit initial retries DIA, VPD

l2tp tunnel retransmit initial timeout VPD

l2tp tunnel retransmit retries VPD

l2tp tunnel retransmit timeout VPD

l2tp tunnel timeout no-session VPD

l2tp tunnel timeout setup VPD

l2tp tunnel zlb delay VPD

l2tp tx-speed VPD

l2tp-class WAN

l3vpn encapsulation ip IR

lacp active-port distribution automatic CE, IR

lacp direct-loadswap CE

lacp failover CE

lacp fast-switchover CE, IR

lacp max-bundle CE, IR

lacp min-bundle CE

lacp port-priority CE, IR

lacp rate CE, IR

lacp system-priority CE, IR

lan IBM

lan-name IBM

lane auto-config-atm-address ATM

lane bus-atm-address ATM

lane client ATM

lane client flush ATM

lane client mpoa client name ATM

lane client mpoa server name ATM

lane client qos QOS

lane client-atm-address ATM

lane config database ATM

lane config-atm-address ATM

lane database ATM

lane fixed-config-atm-address ATM

lane fssrp ATM

lane global-lecs-address ATM

lane le-arp ATM

lane qos database QOS

lane server-atm-address ATM

lane server-bus ATM

language SEC

lapb interface-outage WAN

lapb k WAN

lapb modulo WAN

lapb n1 WAN

lapb n2 WAN

lapb t1 WAN

lapb t2 WAN

lapb t4 WAN

lat TSV

lat access-list TSV

lat enabled TSV

lat group-list TSV

lat host-buffers TSV

lat host-delay DEC

lat ka-timer TSV

lat node TSV

lat out-group TSV

lat remote-modification TSV

lat retransmit-limit TSV

lat server-buffers TSV

lat service autocommand DEC

lat service enabled TSV

lat service ident TSV

lat service password TSV

lat service rating TSV

lat service rotary TSV

lat service-announcements TSV

lat service-group TSV

lat service-host TSV

lat service-responder TSV

lat service-timer TSV

lat vc-sessions TSV

lat vc-timer TSV

lbo IR

lcp renegotiation VPD

ldap attribute-map SEC

ldap search SEC

ldap server SEC

ldr-check SBCU

ldr-check (XML billing) SBCU

learn OER

learn (PfR) PFR

lease IAD

length CF

length (ISG) ISG

length (RITE) SEC

length (SSG) SSG

less-than ISG

less-than-or-equal ISG

level CE

level (CFM-AIS-link) CE

lex burned-in-address IR

lex input-address-list IR

lex input-type-list IR

lex priority-group IR

lex retry-count IR

lex timeout IR

li-slot rp rate IR

li-view SEC

license (parameter-map) SEC

license accept end user agreement CSA

license agent default CSA

license agent listener CSA

license agent max-sessions CSA

license agent notify CSA

license boot level CSA

license boot module CSA

license call-home install pak CSA

license call-home resend CSA

license call-home revoke CSA

license call-home url CSA

license clear CSA

license comment CSA

license expand nvram CSA

license feature CSA

license feature evaluation disable CBL

license feature evaluation enable CBL

license feature snasw CSA

license install CSA

license modify priority CSA

license purge CSA

license revoke CSA

license save CSA

license save credential CSA

life SLA

lifetime (IKE policy) IPV6, SEC

lifetime (IKEv2 profile) SEC

lifetime (certificate server) SEC

lifetime crl SEC

lifetime enrollment-request SEC

limit address-count IPV6, SEC

limit base-size DIA

limit duration MWG

limit overflow-size DIA

limit pado service-name BBA

limit retransmissions OSPF

limit sgsn-change MWG

limit volume MWG

line TSV

line-cli CNS

line-mode IR

line-power DIA

line-rate IR

line-term IR

line-termination IR

linecard-group y-cable IR

linecode IR

link (RLM) VR

link (TN3270) IBM

link debounce IR

link state group IR

link state track IR

link-group OER

link-group (PfR) PFR

link-test IR

list MP

list (LSP Attributes) MP, SEC

list (OER) OER

list (PfR) PFR

list (WebVPN) SEC

listen-point IBM

listen-port (SIP) VR

lives-of-history-kept SLA

llc2 ack-delay-time IBM

llc2 ack-max IBM

llc2 adm-timer-value IBM

llc2 dynwind IBM

llc2 idle-time IBM

llc2 local-window IBM

llc2 n1 IBM

llc2 n2 IBM

llc2 nw IBM

llc2 recv-window IBM

llc2 rnr-activated IBM

llc2 send-window IBM

llc2 t1-time IBM

llc2 tbusy-time IBM

llc2 tpf-time IBM

llc2 trej-time IBM

llc2 xid-neg-val-time IBM

llc2 xid-retry-time IBM

lldp CE

lldp (interface) CE

lma IMO

lmr duplex half VR

lmr e-lead VR

lmr ip-vad VR

lmr led-on VR

lmr m-lead VR

lnm alternate BR, IBM

lnm crs BR, IBM

lnm disabled BR, IBM

lnm express-buffer BR, IBM

lnm loss-threshold BR, IBM

lnm password BR, IBM

lnm pathtrace-disabled BR, IBM

lnm rem BR, IBM

lnm rps BR, IBM

lnm snmp-only BR, IBM

lnm softerr BR, IBM

load classification SEC

load protocol QOS

load-balance VR

load-balance (server-group) SEC

load-balance flow MP

load-balancing IR

load-interval CF, IR

load-order SBCU

loadsharing VPD

locaddr-priority IBM

locaddr-priority-list IBM

local VR

local (OER) OER

local (PfR) PFR

local interface MP

local ip address IR

local name VPD

local priority SEC

local udp port IR

local-address SEC

local-address ipv4 SBCU

local-address ipv4 (packet-cable) SBCU

local-id host SBCU

local-ip (IPC transport-SCTP local) IAD

local-jitter-ratio SBCU

local-lnm IR

local-port IAD, SBCU

local-port (WebVPN) SEC

local-port (session border controller) SBCU

local-profile SSG

local-remote-desc always SBCU

local-rib-criteria OSPF

local-routing-mag IMO

localhost VR

location CE, CF

location (interface) CE

location prefer CE

location-id SBCU

location-id (session border controller) SBCU

lock CF

lockable CF

lockdown (LSP Attributes) MP, SEC

log (parameter-map type) SEC

log (policy-map) SEC

log (type access-control) SEC

log config CF

log-adjacency-changes IPV6, IRS, OSPF

log-adjacency-changes (OSPFv3) IPV6

log-adjacency-changes (OTV) WAN

log-neighbor-changes (EIGRP) EIGRP

log-neighbor-changes (IPv6 EIGRP) EIGRP, IPV6

log-neighbor-warnings EIGRP, IPV6

logging (DNS) IAD

logging (MPLS-TP) MP

logging (OER) OER

logging (PfR) PFR

logging (cfg-dns-view) IAD

logging (parameter-map) SEC

logging alarm ESM

logging buffered ESM

logging buffered filtered ESM

logging buffered xml ESM

logging buginf CF

logging cmts sea CBL

logging cns-events ESM

logging console ESM

logging console filtered ESM

logging console guaranteed ESM

logging console xml ESM

logging count ESM

logging discriminator ESM

logging dmvpn SEC

logging enable CF

logging enabled SEC

logging esm config CF

logging event IR

logging event atm pvc state ATM

logging event bundle-status CF

logging event frame-relay x25 WAN

logging event link-status (global configuration) CF, IR

logging event link-status (interface configuration) CF, IPV6, IR

logging event nfas-status DIA

logging event subif-link-status CF, IR

logging event trunk-status CF

logging facility ESM

logging filter ESM

logging filter control protocol SBCU

logging history ESM

logging history size ESM

logging host ESM, IPV6

logging ip access-list cache (global configuration) CF, SEC

logging ip access-list cache (interface configuration) CF, SEC

logging level SBCU

logging linecard ESM

logging message-counter ESM

logging monitor ESM

logging monitor filtered ESM

logging monitor xml ESM

logging on ESM

logging origin-id ESM, IPV6

logging persistent ESM

logging persistent (config-archive-log-cfg) CF

logging persistent move ESM

logging persistent reload (config-archive-log-cfg) CF

logging queue-limit ESM

logging rate-limit BBA, ESM

logging reload CF

logging server-arp IAD

logging size CF

logging source-interface ESM, IPV6, IR

logging synchronous CF, ESM

logging system CF

logging trap ESM

logging userinfo ESM

logging-events IR

logging-events (T1-E1 controller) IR

login (EXEC) TSV

login (line) TSV

login authentication SEC

login block-for SEC

login delay SEC

login quiet-mode access-class SEC

login-message SEC

login-photo SEC

login-string TSV

logo SEC

logout CF

logout-warning CF

lookup SLB

loop-detect VR

loopback ATM

loopback (ATM) ATM

loopback (CEM) IR

loopback (DSL controller) IR

loopback (E3 controller) IR

loopback (J1 controller ) IR

loopback (PA-MC-8TE1+ port adapter) IR

loopback (T1 interface) IR

loopback (T3 controller) IR

loopback (T3-E3 interface) IR

loopback (controller el) DIA

loopback (controller) VR

loopback (interface) IR

loopback applique IR

loopback dte IR

loopback line IR

loopback local (controller) DIA

loopback local (interface) DIA

loopback remote (controller) DIA

loopback remote (interface) IR

loss OER

loss (PfR) PFR

loss-plan VR

lrq e164 early-lookup VR

lrq forward-queries VR

lrq lrj immediate-advance VR

lrq reject-resource-low VR

lrq reject-unknown-circuit VR

lrq reject-unknown-prefix VR

lrq timeout blast window VR

lrq timeout seq delay VR

lsap IBM

lsp-full suppress IRS

lsp-gen-interval (IPX) IRS

lsp-gen-interval (IS-IS) IRS

lsp-gen-interval (OTV) WAN

lsp-mtu (ISO CLNS) ISO

lsp-mtu (OTV) WAN

lsp-refresh-interval (IS-IS) IRS

lsp-refresh-interval (OTV) WAN

lsp-selector SLA

lsp-selector-base SLA

lsr-path SLA

lu deletion IBM

lu termination IBM

lz entropy-check WAN