Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
icmp idle-timeout through ipv6 nd autoconfig prefix
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


icmp idle-timeout SEC

icmp-echo SLA

icmp-jitter SLA

icpif VR

id VR

id (CFM) CE

id (expression) SNMP

id aa-group IR

id software group IR

id vsat IR

ida-client server url SEC

identifier interface ISG

identifier ip src-addr ISG

identity (IKEv2 keyring) IPV6, SEC

identity (IKEv2 profile) SEC

identity address ipv4 SEC

identity local IPV6, SEC

identity number SEC

identity policy SEC

identity policy (policy-map) QOS

identity profile SEC

identity profile eapoudp SEC

idle (SSG-radius-proxy-timers) SSG

idle (firewall farm TCP protocol) SLB

idle (firewall farm datagram protocol) SLB

idle (virtual server) SLB

idle-pattern IR

idle-time IBM

idle-timeout ATM

idle-timeout (SSG) SSG

idle-timeout (WSMA) WSMA

idle-timeout (WebVPN) SEC

idle-voltage VR

ids-service-module monitoring IR

if upon network-service-found ISG

if-mgr delete IR

if-state nhrp SEC

ignore VR

ignore (ISG) ISG

ignore (interface) IR, VR

ignore lsa mospf OSPF

ignore-dcd IR

ignore-error-duration IR

ignore-hw local-loopback IR

ignore-lsp-errors ISO

ilmi manage ATM

ima active-links-minimum ATM

ima autorestart ATM

ima clock-mode ATM

ima differential-delay-maximum ATM

ima frame-length ATM

ima restart ATM

ima test ATM

ima version ATM

ima-group ATM

image encoding VR

image resolution VR

impedance VR

import SEC

import all IAD

import dns-server IPV6

import domain-name IPV6

import information refresh IPV6

import ipv4 BGP

import map MP

import nis address IPV6

import nis domain-name IPV6

import nisp address IPV6

import nisp domain-name IPV6

import path limit BGP

import path selection BGP

import sip address IPV6

import sip domain-name IPV6

import sntp address IPV6

import topology MTR

import-map BGP, SBCU

ims media-service SBCU

ims pani SBCU

ims realm SBCU

ims rx SBCU

ims rx preliminary-aar-forbid SBCU

inarp ATM

inarp (Frame Relay VC-bundle-member) WAN

inarp-vc ATM

inband-alerting VR

inbound SBCU

inbound secure SBCU

inbound ttl VR

include-local-lan SEC

inclusion-list CE

incoming SEC

incoming alerting VR

incoming called-number (call filter match list) VR

incoming called-number (dial peer) VR

incoming calling-number (call filter match list) VR

incoming dialpeer VR

incoming media local ipv4 VR

incoming media remote ipv4 VR

incoming port VR

incoming secondary-called-number VR

incoming signaling local ipv4 VR

incoming signaling remote ipv4 VR

incoming uri VR

index MP

index (voice class) VR

info-digits VR

information refresh IPV6

information-element ssidl WL

information-type VR

infrastructure client WL

infrastructure-ssid WL

ingress-class-map QOS

inherit peer-policy BGP

inherit peer-session BGP

inherit profile SBCU

init-tech-list CBL

init-tech-ovr CBL

initial-contact SEC

initiate mode SEC

initiate-to VPD

initiator ISG

initiator unclassified vlan CE

inject guard-tone VR

inject pause VR

inject tone VR

input CE, IR

input gain VR

input-queue RIP

insecure CF

inservice (DFP agent) SLB

inservice (WebVPN) SEC

inservice (firewall farm real server) SLB

inservice (firewall farm) SLB

inservice (server farm real server) SLB

inservice (server farm virtual server) SLB

inside bgp OER

inside bgp (PfR) PFR

inspect IPV6, SEC

inspect (config-profile) SEC

instance (Ethernet ring) CE

instance (MIB) SNMP

instance (VLAN) LSW

instance (resource group) ERM

instance range SNMP

instance repetition SNMP

int att IMO

integrity SEC

intensity VR

inter-as-hybrid MP

inter-packet gap 6502-mode IR

interface IR, MWG

interface (OER) OER

interface (PfR) PFR

interface (RITE) SEC

interface (RLM server) VR

interface (VASI) SEC

interface (proxy mobile IPv6) IMO

interface analysis-module IR

interface atm ATM

interface atm ima ATM

interface auto-template MP

interface bri DIA

interface bvi BR, IBM

interface cable CBL

interface cable-modem CBL

interface cbr ATM

interface channel IBM

interface ctunnel ISO

interface dialer DIA

interface event-log dump ftp VR

interface event-log error only VR

interface event-log max-buffer-size VR

interface fr-atm WAN

interface integrated-service-engine IR

interface ism IR

interface max-server-records VR

interface mfr IPV6, WAN

interface modular-cable CBL

interface multilink DIA

interface multiservice ISG

interface overlay WAN

interface port-channel CBL, IR

interface range IR

interface satellite IR

interface sbc SBCU

interface serial DIA

interface serial multipoint WAN

interface service-engine IR

interface sm IR

interface stats VR

interface tunnel-tp MP

interface usb CBL

interface virtual-ethernet MP

interface virtual-ppp DIA

interface virtual-template DIA, IPV6, SEC, VPD

interface virtual-tokenring IBM

interface vlan BR, IBM

interface vmi IR

interface wideband-cable CBL

interface wlan-controller IR

interface xtagatm MP

interface-id snmp-if-index OSPF

interim-interval ISG

internal (DDNS-update-method) IAD

international CF

international bit IR

interval CBL

interval (BFD) IRI

interval (DFP agent) SLB

interval (DNS probe) SLB

interval (HTTP probe) SLB

interval (LSP discovery) SLA

interval (MPLS-TP) MP

interval (TCP probe) SLB

interval (WSP probe) SLB

interval (custom UDP probe) SLB

interval (params) SLA

interval (ping probe) SLB

interval duration MM

interval maximum IAD

interval minimum IAD

interwork cost SBCU

interwork maximum SBCU

interworking MP, WAN

invert data IR

invert rxclock IR

invert txclock IR

invite-timeout SBCU

ip (iSCSI interface) MWG

ip (webvpn url rewrite) SEC

ip access-group ISG, SEC

ip access-list SBCU, SEC

ip access-list hardware permit fragments SEC

ip access-list log-update SEC

ip access-list logging hash-generation SEC

ip access-list logging interval SEC

ip access-list resequence SEC

ip accounting IAP

ip accounting mac-address IAP

ip accounting precedence IAP

ip accounting-list IAP

ip accounting-threshold IAP

ip accounting-transits IAP

ip address IAD, IPV6

ip address (WebVPN) SEC

ip address (session border controller) SBCU

ip address dhcp IAD, SEC

ip address docsis CBL

ip address negotiated DIA

ip address pool (DHCP) IAD

ip address-pool DIA

ip admission SEC

ip admission consent banner SEC

ip admission name SEC

ip admission name http-basic SEC

ip admission name method-list SEC

ip admission name ntlm SEC

ip admission name order SEC

ip admission proxy http SEC

ip admission virtual-ip SEC

ip alias TSV

ip arp entry learn IAD

ip arp gratuitous IAD

ip arp incomplete IAD

ip arp inspection filter vlan IAD

ip arp inspection limit (interface configuration) IAD

ip arp inspection log-buffer IAD

ip arp inspection trust IAD

ip arp inspection validate IAD

ip arp inspection vlan IAD

ip arp inspection vlan logging IAD

ip arp proxy disable IAD

ip arp queue IAD

ip as-path access-list BGP

ip audit SEC

ip audit attack SEC

ip audit info SEC

ip audit name SEC

ip audit notify SEC

ip audit po local SEC

ip audit po max-events SEC

ip audit po protected SEC

ip audit po remote SEC

ip audit signature SEC

ip audit smtp SEC

ip auth-proxy (global configuration) SEC

ip auth-proxy (interface configuration) SEC

ip auth-proxy auth-proxy-banner SEC

ip auth-proxy max-login-attempts SEC

ip auth-proxy name SEC

ip auth-proxy watch-list SEC

ip authentication key-chain eigrp EIGRP

ip authentication mode eigrp EIGRP

ip bandwidth-percent eigrp EIGRP

ip bgp fast-external-fallover BGP

ip bgp-community new-format BGP

ip bootp server CF

ip broadcast-address IAP

ip cache-invalidate-delay ISW

ip casa IAP

ip cef ISW

ip cef accounting ISW

ip cef linecard ipc memory ISW

ip cef load-sharing algorithm ISW

ip cef optimize neighbor resolution ISW

ip cef table consistency-check ISW

ip cef table event-log ISW

ip cef table resolution-timer ISW

ip cef traffic-statistics IAP, ISW

ip cgmp IMC

ip circuit VR

ip classless IAD

ip community-list BGP

ip dampening-change eigrp IMO

ip dampening-interval eigrp IMO

ip ddns update hostname IAD

ip ddns update method IAD

ip default-gateway IAD

ip default-network IRI

ip device tracking probe SEC

ip dfbit set WAN

ip dfp agent SLB

ip dhcp aaa default username IAD

ip dhcp bootp ignore IAD

ip dhcp class IAD

ip dhcp client IAD

ip dhcp client authentication key-chain IAD

ip dhcp client authentication mode IAD

ip dhcp client broadcast-flag (interface) IAD, SEC

ip dhcp client class-id IAD

ip dhcp client client-id IAD

ip dhcp client default-router distance IAD

ip dhcp client hostname IAD

ip dhcp client lease IAD

ip dhcp client mobile renew IAD, IMO

ip dhcp client request IAD

ip dhcp client route DIA, IAD

ip dhcp client update dns IAD

ip dhcp compatibility lease-query client IAD

ip dhcp compatibility suboption link-selection IAD

ip dhcp conflict logging IAD

ip dhcp conflict resolution IAD

ip dhcp database IAD

ip dhcp debug ascii-client-id IAD

ip dhcp excluded-address IAD

ip dhcp global-options IAD

ip dhcp limit lease IAD

ip dhcp limit lease log IAD

ip dhcp limit lease per interface IAD

ip dhcp limited-broadcast-address IAD

ip dhcp ping packets IAD

ip dhcp ping timeout IAD

ip dhcp pool IAD

ip dhcp relay bootp ignore IAD

ip dhcp relay forward spanning-tree IAD

ip dhcp relay information check IAD

ip dhcp relay information check-reply IAD

ip dhcp relay information option IAD

ip dhcp relay information option server-id-override IAD

ip dhcp relay information option subscriber-id IAD

ip dhcp relay information option vpn-id IAD

ip dhcp relay information option-insert IAD

ip dhcp relay information policy IAD

ip dhcp relay information policy-action IAD

ip dhcp relay information trust-all IAD

ip dhcp relay information trusted IAD

ip dhcp relay prefer known-good-server IAD

ip dhcp relay source-interface IAD

ip dhcp route connected IAD

ip dhcp server use subscriber-id client-id IAD

ip dhcp smart-relay IAD

ip dhcp snooping IAD

ip dhcp snooping binding IAD

ip dhcp snooping database IAD

ip dhcp snooping detect spurious IAD

ip dhcp snooping detect spurious interval IAD

ip dhcp snooping detect spurious vlan IAD

ip dhcp snooping information option IAD

ip dhcp snooping limit rate IAD

ip dhcp snooping packets IAD

ip dhcp snooping verify mac-address IAD

ip dhcp snooping vlan IAD

ip dhcp subscriber-id interface-name IAD

ip dhcp support tunnel unicast IAD, SEC

ip dhcp update dns IAD

ip dhcp use IAD

ip dhcp use subscriber-id client-id IAD

ip dhcp-client broadcast-flag IAD

ip dhcp-client default-router distance IAD

ip dhcp-client forcerenew IAD, VR

ip dhcp-client network-discovery DIA, IAD

ip dhcp-client update dns IAD

ip dhcp-relay information option server-override IAD

ip dhcp-relay source-interface IAD

ip dhcp-server DIA, IAD

ip dhcp-server query lease IAD

ip directed-broadcast IAP, IPV6

ip dns name-list IAD

ip dns primary IAD

ip dns server IAD

ip dns server queue limit IAD

ip dns server view-group IAD

ip dns spoofing IAD

ip dns view IAD

ip dns view-group IAD

ip dns view-list IAD

ip domain list IAD

ip domain lookup IAD

ip domain multicast IMC

ip domain name IAD

ip domain retry IAD

ip domain round-robin IAD

ip domain timeout IAD

ip domain-lookup nsap ISO

ip dscp IR

ip dvmrp accept-filter IMC

ip dvmrp auto-summary IMC

ip dvmrp default-information IMC

ip dvmrp interoperability IMC

ip dvmrp metric IMC

ip dvmrp metric-offset IMC

ip dvmrp output-report-delay IMC

ip dvmrp reject-non-pruners IMC

ip dvmrp route-limit IMC

ip dvmrp routehog-notification IMC

ip dvmrp summary-address IMC

ip dvmrp unicast-routing IMC

ip explicit-path MP

ip extcommunity-list BGP

ip fast-convergence IRS

ip finger CF

ip flow NF

ip flow layer2-switched NF

ip flow monitor FNF

ip flow-aggregation cache NF

ip flow-cache entries NF

ip flow-cache mpls label-positions MP, NF

ip flow-cache timeout NF

ip flow-capture NF

ip flow-egress input-interface NF

ip flow-export destination NF

ip flow-export destination sctp NF

ip flow-export hardware version NF

ip flow-export interface-names NF

ip flow-export source NF

ip flow-export template NF

ip flow-export version NF

ip flow-export version (Supervisor Engine 2) NF

ip flow-export version (Supervisor Engine 720) NF

ip flow-export version (Supervisor Engine 2) NF

ip flow-export version (Supervisor Engine 720) NF

ip flow-top-talkers NF

ip forward-protocol IAP

ip forward-protocol spanning-tree IAP

ip forward-protocol turbo-flood IAP

ip ftp passive CF

ip ftp password CF

ip ftp source-interface CF

ip ftp username CF

ip gdp FHP, IRI

ip gratuitous-arps IAD

ip header-compression disable-feedback QOS

ip header-compression max-header QOS

ip header-compression max-period QOS

ip header-compression max-time QOS

ip header-compression old-iphc-comp QOS

ip header-compression old-iphc-decomp QOS

ip header-compression recoverable-loss QOS

ip header-compression special-vj IAP

ip hello-interval eigrp EIGRP

ip helper-address IAP

ip hold-time eigrp EIGRP

ip host IAD, SBCU

ip host-list IAD

ip host-mode extended IAD

ip hostname strict IAD

ip hp-host IAD

ip http access-class HTTP

ip http accounting commands HTTP

ip http active-session-modules HTTP

ip http authentication HTTP

ip http cable-monitor CBL

ip http client cache HTTP

ip http client connection HTTP

ip http client password HTTP

ip http client proxy-server HTTP

ip http client response HTTP

ip http client secure-ciphersuite HTTP

ip http client secure-trustpoint HTTP

ip http client source-interface HTTP

ip http client username HTTP

ip http digest algorithm BBA, HTTP

ip http ezvpn CBL, SEC

ip http help-path HTTP

ip http max-connections HTTP

ip http path HTTP

ip http port HTTP

ip http secure-active-session-modules HTTP

ip http secure-ciphersuite HTTP

ip http secure-client-auth HTTP

ip http secure-port HTTP

ip http secure-server HTTP

ip http secure-trustpoint HTTP

ip http server HTTP, IPV6

ip http session-module-list HTTP

ip http timeout-policy HTTP

ip icmp rate-limit unreachable IAP

ip icmp redirect IAP

ip idle-group DIA

ip igmp access-group IMC

ip igmp explicit-tracking IMC

ip igmp helper-address IMC

ip igmp helper-address (UDL) IMC

ip igmp immediate-leave IMC

ip igmp immediate-leave group-list IMC

ip igmp join-group IMC

ip igmp last-member-query-count IMC

ip igmp last-member-query-interval IMC

ip igmp limit (global) IMC

ip igmp limit (interface) IMC

ip igmp mroute-proxy IMC

ip igmp proxy-service IMC

ip igmp querier-timeout IMC

ip igmp query-interval IMC

ip igmp query-max-response-time IMC

ip igmp snooping IMC

ip igmp snooping access-group IMC

ip igmp snooping check IMC

ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking IMC

ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking limit IMC

ip igmp snooping fast-leave IMC

ip igmp snooping flood query count IMC

ip igmp snooping flooding IMC

ip igmp snooping immediate-leave IMC

ip igmp snooping l2-entry-limit IMC

ip igmp snooping last-member-query-count IMC

ip igmp snooping last-member-query-interval IMC

ip igmp snooping limit IMC

ip igmp snooping limit track IMC

ip igmp snooping minimum-version IMC

ip igmp snooping mrouter IMC

ip igmp snooping querier IMC

ip igmp snooping rate IMC

ip igmp snooping report-suppression IMC

ip igmp snooping robustness-variable IMC

ip igmp snooping source-only-learning age-timer IMC

ip igmp snooping ssm-safe-reporting IMC

ip igmp snooping static IMC

ip igmp snooping tcn flood (if-srv) IMC

ip igmp snooping tcn query solicit IMC

ip igmp snooping vlan IMC

ip igmp snooping vlan immediate-leave IMC

ip igmp snooping vlan mrouter IMC

ip igmp snooping vlan static IMC

ip igmp ssm-map IMC

ip igmp ssm-map enable IMC

ip igmp ssm-map query dns IMC

ip igmp ssm-map static IMC

ip igmp static-group IMC

ip igmp tcn query IMC

ip igmp unidirectional-link IMC

ip igmp v3lite IMC

ip igmp version IMC

ip information-reply IAP

ip inspect SEC

ip inspect alert-off SEC

ip inspect audit trail SEC

ip inspect audit-trail SEC

ip inspect dns-timeout SEC

ip inspect hashtable SEC

ip inspect log drop-pkt SEC

ip inspect max-incomplete high SEC

ip inspect max-incomplete low SEC

ip inspect name SEC

ip inspect one-minute high SEC

ip inspect one-minute low SEC

ip inspect tcp block-non-session SEC

ip inspect tcp finwait-time SEC

ip inspect tcp idle-time SEC

ip inspect tcp max-incomplete host SEC

ip inspect tcp reassembly SEC

ip inspect tcp synwait-time SEC

ip inspect tcp window-scale-enforcement loose SEC

ip inspect udp idle-time SEC

ip interface SEC

ip ips SEC

ip ips auto-update SEC

ip ips config location SEC

ip ips deny-action ips-interface SEC

ip ips enable-clidelta SEC

ip ips event-action-rules SEC

ip ips fail closed SEC

ip ips inherit-obsolete-tunings SEC

ip ips memory regex chaining SEC

ip ips memory threshold SEC

ip ips name SEC

ip ips notify SEC

ip ips sdf location SEC

ip ips signature SEC

ip ips signature disable SEC

ip ips signature-category SEC

ip ips signature-definition SEC

ip irdp FHP

ip iscsi target-profile MWG

ip kerberos source-interface SEC

ip load-sharing ISW

ip local interface WAN

ip local policy route-map IRI

ip local pool DIA, MWG

ip local-proxy-arp IAD

ip mask-reply IAP

ip mfib IMC

ip mfib cef IMC

ip mfib forwarding IMC

ip mobile arp IAD, IMO

ip mobile authentication ignore-spi IMO, MWP

ip mobile bindupdate IMO, MWP

ip mobile cdma ha-chap send attribute IMO

ip mobile cdma imsi dynamic MWP

ip mobile cdma ipsec MWP

ip mobile debug include username IMO

ip mobile foreign-agent IMO, MWP

ip mobile foreign-agent skip-aaa-reauthentication IMO

ip mobile foreign-agent inject-mobile-networks IMO

ip mobile foreign-agent nat traversal IMO

ip mobile foreign-service IMO, MWP

ip mobile foreign-service revocation MWP

ip mobile home-agent IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent aaa user-password IMO

ip mobile home-agent accounting IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent dynamic-address IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent multi-path IMO

ip mobile home-agent nat traversal IMO

ip mobile home-agent redundancy IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent redundancy periodic-sync IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent reject-static-addr IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent resync-sa IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent revocation IMO, MWH

ip mobile home-agent template tunnel IMO, MWH

ip mobile host IMO, MWH

ip mobile mobile-networks IMO

ip mobile prefix-length IMO, MWP

ip mobile proxy-host IMO, MWP

ip mobile radius disconnect IMO, MWH

ip mobile realm IMO, MWH

ip mobile registration-lifetime IMO, MWP

ip mobile router IMO

ip mobile router-service IMO

ip mobile router-service collocated IMO

ip mobile router-service collocated registration nat traversal IMO

ip mobile router-service collocated registration retry IMO

ip mobile router-service description IMO

ip mobile router-service link-type IMO

ip mobile router-service roam IMO

ip mobile router-service tunnel mode IMO

ip mobile secure IMO, MWH, MWP

ip mobile secure aaa-download IMO

ip mobile secure foreign-agent IMO

ip mobile secure home-agent IMO

ip mobile secure host IMO

ip mobile secure mn-aaa IMO

ip mobile secure proxy-host IMO

ip mobile secure visitor IMO

ip mobile tunnel IMO, MWH, MWP

ip mobile virtual-network IMO, MWH

ip mobile vpn-realm IMO

ip mpf BBA

ip mrm IMC

ip mrm accept-manager IMC

ip mrm manager IMC

ip mroute IMC

ip mroute-cache IMC, IPV6

ip msdp border IMC, SEC

ip msdp cache-rejected-sa IMC

ip msdp cache-sa-state IMC

ip msdp default-peer IMC

ip msdp description IMC

ip msdp filter-sa-request IMC

ip msdp keepalive IMC

ip msdp mesh-group IMC

ip msdp originator-id IMC

ip msdp password peer IMC

ip msdp peer IMC

ip msdp redistribute IMC

ip msdp rpf rfc3618 IMC

ip msdp sa-filter in IMC

ip msdp sa-filter out IMC

ip msdp sa-limit IMC

ip msdp sa-request IMC

ip msdp shutdown IMC

ip msdp timer IMC

ip msdp ttl-threshold IMC

ip mtu IAP, SEC

ip mtu adjust VPD

ip multicast boundary IMC

ip multicast cache-headers IMC

ip multicast default-rpf-distance IMC

ip multicast group-range IMC

ip multicast hardware-switching non-rpf aging IMC

ip multicast hardware-switching replication-mode IMC

ip multicast heartbeat IMC

ip multicast helper-map IMC

ip multicast limit IMC

ip multicast limit cost IMC

ip multicast mpls traffic-eng MP

ip multicast mrinfo-filter IMC

ip multicast multipath IMC

ip multicast netflow NF

ip multicast netflow output-counters NF

ip multicast netflow rpf-failure NF

ip multicast oif-per-mvrf-limit IMC

ip multicast rate-limit IMC

ip multicast redundancy routeflush maxtime IMC

ip multicast route-limit IMC

ip multicast rpf backoff IMC

ip multicast rpf interval IMC

ip multicast rpf mofrr IMC, SBCU

ip multicast rpf multitopology MTR

ip multicast rpf proxy vector IMC

ip multicast rpf select IMC

ip multicast rpf select topology IMC, SBCU

ip multicast rsvp IMC

ip multicast source-per-group-limit IMC

ip multicast topology IMC, SBCU

ip multicast total-oif-limit IMC

ip multicast ttl-threshold IMC

ip multicast use-functional IMC

ip multicast-routing IMC, SBCU

ip name-server IAD, IPV6

ip nat IAD

ip nat create flow-entries IAD

ip nat enable IAD

ip nat inside destination IAD

ip nat inside source IAD

ip nat log translations flow-export IAD

ip nat log translations syslog IAD

ip nat outside source IAD

ip nat piggyback-support IAD

ip nat pool IAD

ip nat service IAD

ip nat service dns-reset-ttl IAD

ip nat service enable-sym-port IAD

ip nat settings mode IAD

ip nat settings support mapping outside IAD

ip nat sip-sbc IAD

ip nat source IAD

ip nat stateful id IAD

ip nat switchover replication http IAD

ip nat translation (timeout) IAD

ip nat translation max-entries IAD

ip nbar classification tunneled-traffic QOS

ip nbar custom QOS

ip nbar pdlm QOS

ip nbar port-map QOS

ip nbar protocol-discovery QOS

ip nbar protocol-pack QOS

ip nbar resources protocol QOS

ip nbar resources system QOS

ip netmask-format IAD

ip next-hop-self eigrp EIGRP

ip nhrp authentication IAD

ip nhrp cache non-authoritative SEC

ip nhrp group IAD

ip nhrp holdtime IAD

ip nhrp interest IAD

ip nhrp map IAD

ip nhrp map group IAD

ip nhrp map multicast IAD

ip nhrp map multicast dynamic IAD

ip nhrp max-send IAD

ip nhrp network-id IAD

ip nhrp nhs IAD, SEC

ip nhrp record IAD

ip nhrp redirect IAD

ip nhrp registration IAD

ip nhrp responder IAD

ip nhrp server-only IAD

ip nhrp shortcut IAD

ip nhrp trigger-svc IAD

ip nhrp use IAD

ip options IAD, QOS

ip ospf area OSPF

ip ospf authentication OSPF

ip ospf authentication-key OSPF

ip ospf bfd OSPF

ip ospf cost OSPF

ip ospf cost (MTR) MTR

ip ospf database-filter all out OSPF

ip ospf dead-interval OSPF

ip ospf demand-circuit OSPF

ip ospf fast-reroute per-prefix OSPF

ip ospf flood-reduction OSPF

ip ospf hello-interval OSPF

ip ospf lls OSPF

ip ospf message-digest-key md5 OSPF

ip ospf mtu-ignore OSPF

ip ospf name-lookup OSPF

ip ospf network OSPF

ip ospf prefix-suppression OSPF

ip ospf priority OSPF

ip ospf resync-timeout OSPF

ip ospf retransmit-interval OSPF

ip ospf shutdown OSPF

ip ospf topology disable MTR

ip ospf transmit-delay OSPF

ip ospf ttl-security OSPF

ip ospf vnet area EVN

ip path-option MP

ip pgm host IMC

ip pgm router IMC

ip pim IMC

ip pim accept-register IMC

ip pim accept-rp IMC

ip pim autorp listener IMC

ip pim bidir-enable IMC

ip pim bidir-neighbor-filter IMC

ip pim bidir-offer-interval IMC

ip pim bidir-offer-limit IMC

ip pim bsr-border IMC

ip pim bsr-candidate IMC

ip pim bsr-candidate loopback IMC

ip pim dm-fallback IMC

ip pim dr-priority IMC

ip pim log-neighbor-changes IMC

ip pim maximum group-mappings IMC

ip pim minimum-vc-rate IMC

ip pim multipoint-signalling IMC

ip pim nbma-mode IMC

ip pim neighbor-filter IMC

ip pim passive IMC

ip pim query-interval IMC

ip pim register-rate-limit IMC

ip pim register-source IMC

ip pim rp-address IMC

ip pim rp-announce-filter IMC

ip pim rp-candidate IMC

ip pim send-rp-announce IMC

ip pim send-rp-discovery IMC

ip pim snooping (global configuration) IMC

ip pim snooping (interface configuration) IMC

ip pim snooping dr-flood IMC

ip pim snooping suppress sgr-prune IMC

ip pim sparse sg-expiry-timer IMC

ip pim ssm IMC

ip pim state-refresh disable IMC

ip pim state-refresh origination-interval IMC

ip pim v1-rp-reachability IMC

ip pim vc-count IMC

ip pim version IMC

ip pmtu VPD, WAN

ip policy route-map IRI

ip policy-list BGP

ip port-map SEC

ip portbundle (global) ISG

ip portbundle (service policy-map) ISG

ip portbundle outside ISG

ip precedence SBCU

ip precedence (TN3270) IBM

ip precedence (VPDN) VPD

ip precedence (dial-peer) VR

ip prefix-list BGP

ip prefix-list description BGP

ip prefix-list sequence-number BGP

ip probe path MWG

ip probe proxy IAD

ip protocol WAN

ip protocol (flow) MM

ip proxy-arp IAD

ip pxf IR

ip qos defending-priority VR

ip qos dscp VR

ip qos policy-locator VR

ip qos preemption-priority VR

ip radius source-interface SEC

ip rarp-server CF

ip rbscp ack-split IR

ip rcmd domain-lookup CF

ip rcmd rcp-enable CF

ip rcmd remote-host CF

ip rcmd remote-username CF

ip rcmd rsh-enable CF

ip rcmd source-interface CF

ip redirects IAP

ip reflexive-list timeout SEC

ip rgmp IMC

ip rip authentication key-chain RIP

ip rip authentication mode RIP

ip rip initial-delay RIP

ip rip receive version RIP

ip rip send version RIP

ip rip triggered RIP

ip rip v2-broadcast RIP

ip route DIA, IAD, IRI

ip route (large-scale dial-out) DIA

ip route (vasi) SEC

ip route priority high IRS

ip route profile IRI

ip route static adjust-time IRI

ip route static bfd IRI

ip route static inter-vrf MP

ip route topology MTR

ip route vrf IAD, MP

ip route-cache IPV6, ISG, ISW

ip route-cache flow NF

ip router isis IPV6, IRS

ip routing IAD, IRI

ip routing protocol purge interface IRI

ip rsvp admission-control compression predict QOS

ip rsvp aggregation ip QOS

ip rsvp aggregation ip map QOS

ip rsvp aggregation ip reservation dscp QOS

ip rsvp aggregation ip role interior QOS

ip rsvp atm-peak-rate-limit QOS

ip rsvp authentication QOS

ip rsvp authentication challenge QOS

ip rsvp authentication key QOS

ip rsvp authentication key-chain QOS

ip rsvp authentication lifetime QOS

ip rsvp authentication neighbor QOS

ip rsvp authentication type QOS

ip rsvp authentication window-size QOS

ip rsvp bandwidth QOS

ip rsvp bandwidth ignore QOS

ip rsvp bandwidth percent QOS

ip rsvp burst policing QOS

ip rsvp data-packet classification none QOS

ip rsvp dsbm candidate QOS

ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit QOS

ip rsvp flow-assist QOS

ip rsvp layer2 overhead QOS

ip rsvp listener QOS

ip rsvp listener outbound QOS

ip rsvp msg-pacing MP, QOS

ip rsvp neighbor QOS

ip rsvp policy cops minimal QOS

ip rsvp policy cops report-all QOS

ip rsvp policy cops servers QOS

ip rsvp policy cops timeout QOS

ip rsvp policy default-reject QOS

ip rsvp policy identity QOS

ip rsvp policy local QOS

ip rsvp policy preempt QOS

ip rsvp policy vrf QOS

ip rsvp pq-profile QOS

ip rsvp precedence QOS

ip rsvp qos QOS

ip rsvp reservation QOS

ip rsvp reservation-host QOS

ip rsvp resource-provider QOS

ip rsvp sender QOS

ip rsvp sender-host QOS

ip rsvp signalling dscp QOS

ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair notifications QOS

ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair rate QOS

ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair wait-time QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello (configuration) MP, QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello (interface) MP, QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello bfd (configuration) MP

ip rsvp signalling hello bfd (interface) MP

ip rsvp signalling hello dscp MP, QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart dscp QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart mode QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart mode help-neighbor QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart neighbor QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart refresh interval QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart refresh misses QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart send QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello refresh interval MP, QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello refresh misses MP, QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello reroute dscp QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello reroute refresh interval QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello reroute refresh misses QOS

ip rsvp signalling hello statistics MP, QOS

ip rsvp signalling initial-retransmit-delay QOS

ip rsvp signalling patherr state-removal QOS

ip rsvp signalling rate-limit QOS

ip rsvp signalling refresh interval QOS

ip rsvp signalling refresh misses QOS

ip rsvp signalling refresh reduction QOS

ip rsvp signalling refresh reduction ack-delay QOS

ip rsvp source QOS

ip rsvp svc-required QOS

ip rsvp tos QOS

ip rsvp transport QOS

ip rsvp transport sender-host QOS

ip rsvp tunnel overhead-percent QOS

ip rsvp udp-multicasts QOS

ip rtcp report interval VR

ip rtcp sub-rtcp VR

ip rtp compression-connections QOS

ip rtp compression-connections (mobile wireless) MWR

ip rtp header-compression QOS

ip rtp header-compression (mobile wireless) MWR

ip rtp priority QOS

ip rtp reserve DIA

ip sap cache-timeout IMC

ip sap listen IMC

ip scp server enable SEC

ip sctp asconf IAP

ip sctp authenticate IAP

ip sdee SEC

ip sdee events SEC

ip security add SEC

ip security aeso SEC

ip security dedicated SEC

ip security eso-info SEC

ip security eso-max SEC

ip security eso-min SEC

ip security extended-allowed SEC

ip security first SEC

ip security ignore-authorities SEC

ip security ignore-cipso SEC

ip security implicit-labelling SEC

ip security multilevel SEC

ip security reserved-allowed SEC

ip security strip SEC

ip service reflect IMC, SBCU

ip sla SLA

ip sla auto discovery SLA

ip sla auto endpoint-list SLA

ip sla auto group SLA

ip sla auto schedule SLA

ip sla auto template SLA

ip sla enable reaction-alerts SLA

ip sla enable timestamp SLA

ip sla endpoint-list SLA

ip sla ethernet-monitor SLA

ip sla ethernet-monitor reaction-configuration SLA

ip sla ethernet-monitor schedule SLA

ip sla group schedule SLA

ip sla key-chain SLA

ip sla logging traps SLA

ip sla low-memory SLA

ip sla monitor SLA

ip sla monitor group schedule SLA

ip sla monitor key-chain SLA

ip sla monitor logging traps SLA

ip sla monitor low-memory SLA

ip sla monitor reaction-configuration SLA

ip sla monitor reaction-trigger SLA

ip sla monitor reset SLA

ip sla monitor responder SLA

ip sla monitor restart SLA

ip sla monitor schedule SLA

ip sla profile video SLA

ip sla reaction-configuration SLA

ip sla reaction-trigger SLA

ip sla reset SLA

ip sla responder SLA

ip sla responder auto-register SLA

ip sla responder tcp-connect ipaddress SLA

ip sla responder twamp SLA

ip sla responder udp-echo ipaddress SLA

ip sla restart SLA

ip sla schedule SLA

ip sla server twamp SLA

ip slb capp udp SLB

ip slb dfp SLB

ip slb entries SLB

ip slb firewallfarm SLB

ip slb map SLB

ip slb maxbuffers frag SLB

ip slb natpool SLB

ip slb probe custom udp SLB

ip slb probe dns SLB

ip slb probe http SLB

ip slb probe ping SLB

ip slb probe tcp SLB

ip slb probe wsp SLB

ip slb replicate slave rate SLB

ip slb route SLB

ip slb serverfarm SLB

ip slb static SLB

ip slb timers gtp gsn SLB

ip slb vserver SLB

ip source ISG

ip source binding IAD

ip source-address (telephony-service) IPV6

ip source-route IAD

ip source-track SEC

ip source-track address-limit SEC

ip source-track export-interval SEC

ip source-track syslog-interval SEC

ip split-horizon (RIP) RIP

ip split-horizon eigrp EIGRP

ip ssh SEC

ip ssh break-string SEC

ip ssh dh min size SEC

ip ssh dscp SEC

ip ssh maxstartups SEC

ip ssh port SEC

ip ssh precedence SEC

ip ssh pubkey-chain SEC

ip ssh rsa keypair-name SEC

ip ssh source-interface SEC

ip ssh stricthostkeycheck SEC

ip ssh version SEC

ip sticky-arp (global configuration) IAD

ip sticky-arp (interface configuration) IAD

ip subnet-zero IAD

ip subscriber ISG

ip subscriber interface ISG

ip subscriber l2-roaming ISG

ip subscriber list ISG

ip summary-address eigrp EIGRP

ip summary-address rip RIP

ip tacacs source-interface SEC

ip tcp adjust-mss BBA, IAP

ip tcp async-mobility server DIA

ip tcp chunk-size IAP

ip tcp compression-connections IAP, QOS

ip tcp ecn IAP

ip tcp header-compression IAP, QOS

ip tcp intercept connection-timeout SEC

ip tcp intercept drop-mode SEC

ip tcp intercept finrst-timeout SEC

ip tcp intercept list SEC

ip tcp intercept max-incomplete SEC

ip tcp intercept max-incomplete high SEC

ip tcp intercept max-incomplete low SEC

ip tcp intercept mode SEC

ip tcp intercept one-minute SEC

ip tcp intercept one-minute high SEC

ip tcp intercept one-minute low SEC

ip tcp intercept watch-timeout SEC

ip tcp mss IAP

ip tcp path-mtu-discovery IAP

ip tcp queuemax IAP

ip tcp selective-ack IAP

ip tcp synwait-time IAP

ip tcp timestamp IAP

ip tcp window-size IAP

ip telnet comport DIA

ip telnet hidden DIA

ip telnet quiet DIA

ip telnet source-interface CF

ip telnet timeout retransmit DIA

ip telnet tos DIA

ip tftp blocksize CF

ip tftp boot-interface CF

ip tftp min-timeout CF

ip tftp source-interface CF

ip topology-accounting MTR

ip tos IBM

ip tos (L2TP) WAN

ip tos (VPDN) VPD

ip traffic-export apply SEC

ip traffic-export profile SEC

ip trigger-authentication (global) SEC

ip trigger-authentication (interface) SEC

ip ttl WAN

ip udp checksum VR

ip udptn source-interface DIA

ip unnumbered IAD, IPV6

ip unreachables IAP

ip urd IMC

ip urlfilter alert SEC

ip urlfilter allowmode SEC

ip urlfilter audit-trail SEC

ip urlfilter cache SEC

ip urlfilter exclusive-domain SEC

ip urlfilter max-request SEC

ip urlfilter max-resp-pak SEC

ip urlfilter server vendor SEC

ip urlfilter source-interface SEC

ip urlfilter truncate SEC

ip urlfilter urlf-server-log SEC

ip verify drop-rate compute interval SEC

ip verify drop-rate compute window SEC

ip verify drop-rate notify hold-down SEC

ip verify source vlan dhcp-snooping IAD

ip verify unicast notification threshold ISW, SEC

ip verify unicast reverse-path ISW, SEC

ip verify unicast source reachable-via IR, ISW, SEC

ip verify unicast vrf BGP, ISW

ip virtual-reassembly SEC

ip virtual-reassembly-out SEC

ip vrf IAP, MP, SEC

ip vrf (tracking) IAP

ip vrf autoclassify ISG

ip vrf forwarding MWG, SEC

ip vrf forwarding (interface configuration) MP

ip vrf forwarding (server-group) SEC

ip vrf forwarding (service policy map) ISG

ip vrf receive MP

ip vrf select source MP

ip vrf sitemap MP

ip wccp IAP

ip wccp check acl outbound IAP

ip wccp check services all IAP

ip wccp group-listen IAP

ip wccp outbound-acl-check IAP, SBCU

ip wccp redirect IAP, SBCU

ip wccp redirect exclude in IAP

ip wccp source-interface IAP, SBCU

ip wccp version IAP, SBCU

ip wccp web-cache accelerated CF, IAP, SEC

ip-access-group MWG

ip-address (SSG-radius-proxy-timers) SSG

ip-address (ca-trustpoint) SEC

ip-address (controller) CBL

ip-address (endpoint list) SLA

ip-address-pool MWG

ip-extension IPV6, SEC

ipc buffers IR

ipc header-cache IR

ipc holdq threshold IR

ipc master IR

ipc zone default IR

ipdr associate CBL

ipdr collector CBL

ipdr exporter start CBL

ipdr session CBL

ipdr session (global configuration) CBL

ipdr template CBL

ipdr type CBL

iphc-profile IR, QOS

ips signature update cisco SEC

ipsec maximum SBCU

ipv4 SBCU

ipv4 (SBE H.248) SBCU

ipv4 (blacklist) SBCU

ipv4 (ldap) SEC

ipv4-address IMO

ipv6 (access point) MWG

ipv6 access-class IPV6

ipv6 access-list IPV6

ipv6 access-list log-update threshold IPV6

ipv6 address IPV6

ipv6 address (session border controller) SBCU

ipv6 address anycast IPV6

ipv6 address autoconfig IPV6

ipv6 address dhcp IPV6

ipv6 address dhcp client request IPV6

ipv6 address eui-64 IPV6

ipv6 address link-local IPV6

ipv6 atm-vc IPV6

ipv6 authentication key-chain eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 authentication mode eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 bandwidth-percent eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 base-vtemplate MWG

ipv6 cef IPV6, ISW

ipv6 cef accounting IPV6, ISW

ipv6 cef distributed IPV6, ISW

ipv6 cef load-sharing algorithm IPV6, ISW

ipv6 cef optimize neighbor resolution IPV6, ISW

ipv6 cga modifier rsakeypair IPV6, SEC

ipv6 cga rsakeypair IPV6, SEC

ipv6 crypto map IPV6, SEC

ipv6 dhcp binding track ppp IPV6

ipv6 dhcp client information refresh minimum IPV6

ipv6 dhcp client pd IPV6

ipv6 dhcp database IPV6

ipv6 dhcp debug redundancy IPV6

ipv6 dhcp framed password IPV6

ipv6 dhcp ping packets IPV6

ipv6 dhcp pool IPV6

ipv6 dhcp relay destination IPV6

ipv6 dhcp relay source-interface IPV6

ipv6 dhcp server IPV6

ipv6 dhcp server vrf enable IPV6

ipv6 dhcp-relay bulk-lease IPV6

ipv6 dhcp-relay option vpn IPV6

ipv6 dhcp-relay show bindings IPV6

ipv6 dhcp-relay source-interface IPV6

ipv6 dns primary MWG

ipv6 eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 enable IPV6

ipv6 flow IPV6

ipv6 flow mask IPV6

ipv6 flow mask option-headers IPV6

ipv6 flow monitor FNF

ipv6 flow-aggregation cache IPV6

ipv6 flow-cache entries IPV6

ipv6 flow-cache timeout IPV6

ipv6 flow-export destination IPV6

ipv6 flow-export source IPV6

ipv6 flow-export template IPV6

ipv6 flow-export template options IPV6

ipv6 flow-export version 9 IPV6

ipv6 flowset IPV6

ipv6 general-prefix IPV6

ipv6 hello-interval eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 hold-time eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

ipv6 hop-limit IPV6

ipv6 host IPV6

ipv6 icmp error-interval IPV6

ipv6 inspect IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect alert-off IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect audit trail IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect max-incomplete high IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect max-incomplete low IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect name IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect one-minute high IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect one-minute low IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect routing-header IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect tcp finwait-time IPV6

ipv6 inspect tcp idle-time IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect tcp max-incomplete host IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect tcp synwait-time IPV6, SEC

ipv6 inspect udp idle-time IPV6, SEC

ipv6 ipv6-access-group MWG

ipv6 ipv6-address-pool MWG

ipv6 local policy route-map IPV6

ipv6 local pool IPV6

ipv6 mfib IPV6

ipv6 mfib cef output IPV6

ipv6 mfib fast IPV6

ipv6 mfib forwarding IPV6

ipv6 mfib hardware-switching IPV6

ipv6 mfib-cef IPV6

ipv6 mfib-mode centralized-only IPV6

ipv6 mld access-group IPV6

ipv6 mld explicit-tracking IPV6

ipv6 mld host-proxy IPV6

ipv6 mld host-proxy interface IPV6

ipv6 mld join-group IPV6

ipv6 mld limit IPV6

ipv6 mld query-interval IPV6

ipv6 mld query-max-response-time IPV6

ipv6 mld query-timeout IPV6

ipv6 mld router IPV6

ipv6 mld snooping IPV6

ipv6 mld snooping explicit-tracking IPV6

ipv6 mld snooping last-member-query-interval IPV6

ipv6 mld snooping limit IPV6

ipv6 mld snooping mrouter IPV6

ipv6 mld snooping querier IPV6

ipv6 mld snooping report-suppression IPV6

ipv6 mld ssm-map enable IPV6

ipv6 mld ssm-map query dns IPV6

ipv6 mld ssm-map static IPV6

ipv6 mld state-limit IPV6

ipv6 mld static-group IPV6

ipv6 mobile home-agent (global configuration) IPV6

ipv6 mobile home-agent (interface configuration) IPV6

ipv6 mobile pmipv6-domain IMO

ipv6 mobile pmipv6-lma IMO

ipv6 mobile pmipv6-mag IMO

ipv6 mobile router IPV6

ipv6 mobile router-service roam IPV6

ipv6 mtu IPV6

ipv6 multicast aaa account receive IPV6

ipv6 multicast boundary scope IPV6

ipv6 multicast group-range IPV6

ipv6 multicast limit IPV6

ipv6 multicast limit cost IPV6

ipv6 multicast limit rate IPV6

ipv6 multicast multipath IPV6

ipv6 multicast pim-passive-enable IPV6

ipv6 multicast rpf IPV6

ipv6 multicast-routing IPV6

ipv6 nat IPV6

ipv6 nat max-entries IPV6

ipv6 nat prefix IPV6

ipv6 nat prefix v4-mapped IPV6

ipv6 nat translation IPV6

ipv6 nat v4v6 pool IPV6

ipv6 nat v4v6 source IPV6

ipv6 nat v6v4 pool IPV6

ipv6 nat v6v4 source IPV6

ipv6 nd advertisement-interval IPV6

ipv6 nd autoconfig default-router IPV6

ipv6 nd autoconfig prefix IPV6