Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
debug smrp mcache through e
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


debug smrp mcache DB

debug smrp neighbor DB

debug smrp port DB

debug smrp route DB

debug smrp transaction DB

debug snasw dlc DB

debug snasw ips DB

debug snmp bulkstat DB

debug snmp detail DB

debug snmp mib nhrp DB

debug snmp overhead DB

debug snmp packet DB

debug snmp requests DB

debug snmp sync DB

debug snmp tunnel-mib DB, IR

debug sntp adjust DB

debug sntp packets DB

debug sntp select DB

debug software authenticity DB

debug source bridge DB

debug source error DB

debug source event DB

debug span DB

debug spanning-tree DB

debug ss7 mtp1 DB

debug ss7 mtp2 DB

debug ss7 sm DB

debug sse DB

debug ssg ctrl-errors DB

debug ssg ctrl-events DB

debug ssg ctrl-packets DB

debug ssg data DB

debug ssg data-nat DB

debug ssg dhcp DB

debug ssg errors DB

debug ssg events DB

debug ssg packets DB

debug ssg port-map DB

debug ssg tcp-redirect DB

debug ssg transparent login DB

debug ssl DB

debug ssl openssl DB

debug ssm DB, ISG

debug sss aaa authorization event DB

debug sss aaa authorization fsm DB

debug sss error DB

debug sss event DB

debug sss fsm DB

debug standby DB

debug standby errors DB

debug standby events DB

debug standby events icmp DB

debug standby events neighbor DB

debug standby packets DB

debug stun packet DB

debug subscriber aaa authorization DB, ISG

debug subscriber classifier ISG

debug subscriber error DB, ISG

debug subscriber event DB, ISG

debug subscriber feature DB, ISG

debug subscriber fsm DB, ISG

debug subscriber packet DB, ISG

debug subscriber policy DB, ISG

debug subscriber policy dpm timestamps ISG

debug subscriber service DB, ISG

debug subscriber testing DB, ISG

debug sw56 DB

debug syscon perfdata DB

debug syscon sdp DB

debug syslog-server DB

debug tacacs DB, MWH

debug tacacs events DB

debug tag-switching tdp transport timers DB

debug tag-template event DB

debug tarp events DB

debug tarp packets DB

debug tbridge virtual-port DB

debug tcam_mgr DB

debug tccs signaling DB

debug tdm DB

debug telco-return msg DB

debug telnet DB

debug text-to-fax DB

debug tftp DB

debug tgrep error DB

debug tgrep events DB

debug tgrep fsm DB

debug tgrep io DB

debug tgrep messages DB

debug tgrep msgdump DB

debug tgrep timer-event DB

debug tgrep timers DB

debug tgrep tripr DB

debug tgrm DB

debug tiff reader DB

debug tiff writer DB

debug time-range ipc DB

debug token ring DB

debug topology DB, MTR

debug track DB

debug tsp DB

debug tunnel rbscp DB

debug tunnel route-via DB

debug txconn all DB

debug txconn appc DB

debug txconn config DB

debug txconn data DB

debug txconn event DB

debug txconn tcp DB

debug txconn timer DB

debug udptn DB

debug usb CBL

debug usb driver DB

debug user-group DB

debug v120 event DB

debug v120 packet DB

debug vfi checkpoint DB

debug vg-anylan DB

debug video vicm DB

debug vlan packet DB

debug voice aaa asnl DB

debug voice all DB

debug voice cp DB

debug voice dsp crash-dump DB

debug voice eecm DB

debug voice enum DB

debug voice fastpath DB

debug voice h221 DB

debug voice h324 DB

debug voice mlpp DB

debug voice protocol DB

debug voice register errors DB

debug voice register events DB

debug voice signaling DB

debug voice source-group DB

debug voice statistics DB

debug voice tdsm DB

debug voice translation DB

debug voice uri DB

debug voice vofr DB

debug voip aaa DB

debug voip ais DB

debug voip application DB

debug voip application lpcor DB

debug voip application stcapp all DB

debug voip application stcapp buffer-history DB

debug voip application stcapp error DB

debug voip application stcapp events DB

debug voip application stcapp functions DB

debug voip application stcapp port DB

debug voip application vxml DB

debug voip avlist DB

debug voip ccapi DB

debug voip ccapi error DB

debug voip ccapi inout DB

debug voip confmsp DB

debug voip dcapi DB

debug voip dialpeer DB

debug voip dsm DB

debug voip dsmp DB

debug voip dspapi DB

debug voip dump-file-acct DB

debug voip eddri DB

debug voip enum DB

debug voip event-log DB

debug voip fastpath DB

debug voip fileacct DB

debug voip h221 DB

debug voip h324 DB

debug voip hpi DB

debug voip ipipgw DB

debug voip lpcor DB

debug voip profile fax DB

debug voip profile help DB

debug voip profile modem DB

debug voip profile voice DB

debug voip rawmsg DB

debug voip rtcp DB

debug voip rtp DB

debug voip settlement all DB

debug voip settlement enter DB

debug voip settlement error DB

debug voip settlement exit DB

debug voip settlement misc DB

debug voip settlement network DB

debug voip settlement security DB

debug voip settlement ssl DB

debug voip settlement transaction DB

debug voip tsp DB

debug voip vtsp DB

debug voip xcodemsp DB

debug vpdn DB, WAN

debug vpdn pppoe-data DB

debug vpdn pppoe-error DB

debug vpdn pppoe-events DB

debug vpdn pppoe-packet DB

debug vpdn redundancy DB

debug vpm all DB

debug vpm dsp DB

debug vpm error DB

debug vpm port DB

debug vpm signal DB

debug vpm signaling DB

debug vpm spi DB

debug vpm trunk_sc DB

debug vpm voaal2 all DB

debug vpm voaal2 type1 DB

debug vpm voaal2 type3 DB

debug vrf DB, EVN, SBCU

debug vrrp all DB

debug vrrp authentication DB

debug vrrp error DB

debug vrrp events DB

debug vrrp ha DB

debug vrrp packets DB

debug vrrp state DB

debug vrrp vrrs DB

debug vrrs accounting DB

debug vrrs infra DB

debug vrrs plugin DB

debug vsi api DB

debug vsi errors DB

debug vsi events DB

debug vsi packets DB

debug vsi param-groups DB

debug vtemplate DB

debug vtemplate subinterface DB

debug vtsp DB

debug vtsp all DB

debug vtsp dsp DB

debug vtsp error DB

debug vtsp event DB

debug vtsp port DB

debug vtsp rtp DB

debug vtsp send-nse DB

debug vtsp session DB

debug vtsp stats DB

debug vtsp tone DB

debug vtsp vofr subframe DB

debug vwic-mft firmware controller DB

debug vxml DB

debug waas DB, WAN

debug waas accelerator cifs-express DB

debug waas accelerator http-express DB

debug waas accelerator ssl-express DB

debug warm-reboot DB

debug wccp DB

debug webvpn DB

debug webvpn dtls DB

debug webvpn license DB

debug wlccp ap DB

debug wlccp ap rm enhanced-neighbor-list DB

debug wlccp packet DB

debug wlccp rmlib DB

debug wlccp wds DB

debug wsapi DB

debug wsma agent DB

debug wsma profile DB

debug x25 DB

debug x25 annexg DB

debug x25 aodi DB

debug x25 interface DB

debug x25 vc DB

debug x25 xot DB

debug x28 DB

debug xcctsp all DB

debug xcctsp error DB

debug xcctsp session DB

debug xconnect DB

debug xcsp DB

debug xdsl application DB

debug xdsl driver DB

debug xdsl eoc DB

debug xdsl error DB

debug zone DB

decnet access-group DEC

decnet accounting DEC

decnet accounting list DEC

decnet accounting threshold DEC

decnet accounting transits DEC

decnet advertise DEC

decnet area-max-cost DEC

decnet area-max-hops DEC

decnet cluster-alias update DEC

decnet cluster-holdtime DEC

decnet congestion-threshold DEC

decnet conversion DEC

decnet cost DEC

decnet encapsulation DEC

decnet hello-timer DEC

decnet host DEC

decnet in-routing-filter DEC

decnet map DEC

decnet max-address DEC

decnet max-area DEC

decnet max-cost DEC

decnet max-hops DEC

decnet max-paths DEC

decnet max-visits DEC

decnet multicast-map DEC

decnet node-type DEC

decnet out-routing-filter DEC

decnet path-split-mode DEC

decnet propagate static DEC

decnet route (interface static route) DEC

decnet route (specific static route) DEC

decnet route default (interface default route) DEC

decnet route default (specific default route) DEC

decnet route-cache DEC

decnet router-priority DEC

decnet routing DEC

decnet routing-timer DEC

decnet split-horizon DEC

def-domain SEC

default (CEM) IR

default (Flexible NetFlow) FNF

default (IPv6 OSPF) IPV6

default (MGCP profile) VR

default (OSPFv3) IPV6

default (SAF) SAF

default (SIP) VR

default (VPDN) VPD

default (auto-config application) VR

default (ca-trustpoint) SEC

default (ca-trustpool) SEC

default (tracking) IAP

default external-client SAF

default interface IR

default ip nbar protocol-pack QOS

default profile IMO

default-file vfc VR

default-group-policy SEC

default-information EIGRP

default-information originate (BGP) BGP

default-information originate (IPv6 IS-IS) IPV6

default-information originate (IPv6 OSPF) IPV6

default-information originate (IS-IS) IRS

default-information originate (OSPF) OSPF

default-information originate (OSPFv3) IPV6

default-information originate (RIP) RIP

default-metric (BGP) BGP

default-metric (EIGRP) EIGRP, IPV6

default-metric (OSPF) OSPF

default-metric (OSPFv3) IPV6

default-metric (RIP) RIP

default-name ATM

default-port-limit SBCU

default-profile IBM

default-router IAD

default-state IAP

default-value data-character-bits CF

default-value exec-character-bits CF

default-value modem-interval CF

default-value special-character-bits CF

define VR

define interface-range CF, IR

dejitter-buffer IR

delay (OER) OER

delay (PfR) PFR

delay (firewall farm TCP protocol) SLB

delay (interface) IR

delay (tracking) IAP

delay (virtual server) SLB

delay-req interval CE, IR

delegate-profile SBCU

delegate-registration SBCU

delete CF

delete vfc VR

delete-scan-factor SLA

delta (test threshold) SNMP

delta interval SNMP

deny SEC

deny (Catalyst 6500 series switches) SEC

deny (IP) SEC

deny (IPv6) IPV6, SEC

deny (MAC ACL) SEC

deny (WebVPN) SEC

depi cin-failover CBL

depi eqam-stats CBL

depi-class CBL

depi-tunnel CBL

description MWG, SBCU, VR

description (DSP farm profile) VR

description (EEM) EEM

description (Ethernet ring) CE

description (Flexible NetFlow) FNF

description (IKEv2 keyring) SEC

description (IP SLA) SLA

description (Performance Monitor) MM

description (SCCP Cisco CallManager) VR

description (VO profile) SLA

description (VPDN group) VPD

description (VRF definition) EVN

description (cable fiber-node) CBL

description (class-map) QOS

description (controller) IR

description (dial peer) VR

description (dot1x credentials) SEC

description (dspfarm) VR

description (event) SNMP

description (expression) SNMP

description (identify zone) SEC

description (identity policy) SEC

description (identity profile) SEC

description (interface) DIA, IR

description (isakmp peer) SEC

description (l2 vfi) MP

description (mac-tunnel) CE

description (mobile networks) IMO

description (route server context) BGP, SBCU

description (ruleset) TSV

description (service group) QOS

description (session border controller) SBCU

description (sip-opt) SBCU

description (trigger) SNMP

description (trunk group) VR

description (voice source group) VR

dest-ip CBL

dest-ip (flow) MM

destination FNF, MM

destination (am-group) SLA

destination (call home) HA

destination access-list SSG

destination host MWG, SEC

destination range SSG

destination realm MWG, SEC

destination uri VR

destination-pattern IPV6, VR

destination-pattern (interface) VR

destination-realm MWG

detect v54 channel-group VR

dev CBL

device (identity profile) SEC

device-id VR

device-role IPV6, SEC

device-sensor accounting SEC

device-sensor filter-list cdp SEC

device-sensor filter-list dhcp SEC

device-sensor filter-list lldp SEC

device-sensor filter-spec SEC

device-sensor notify SEC

df QOS

dfs band block WL

dhcp (IKEv2) SEC

dhcp (IP SLA) SLA

dhcp interface VR

dhcp server (isakmp) SEC

dhcp timeout SEC

dhcp-gateway-address MWG

dhcp-server MWG

diag CF

diagnostic bootup level CF

diagnostic cns CF

diagnostic event-log size CF

diagnostic level CF, IR

diagnostic load CBL

diagnostic monitor CF

diagnostic ondemand CF

diagnostic ondemand action-on-failure CBL

diagnostic ondemand iterations CBL

diagnostic schedule module CF

diagnostic start CF

diagnostic stop CF

diagnostic unload CBL

dial-control-mib VR

dial-peer cor custom DIA, VR

dial-peer cor list DIA, VR

dial-peer data VR

dial-peer hunt VR

dial-peer inbound selection sip-trunk VR

dial-peer no-match disconnect-cause VR

dial-peer outbound status-check pots VR

dial-peer search type VR

dial-peer terminator VR

dial-peer video VR

dial-peer voice IPV6, VR

dial-plan-suffix SBCU

dial-shelf split backplane-ds0 DIA

dial-shelf split slots DIA

dial-shelf split slots none DIA

dial-shelf split slots remove DIA

dial-tdm-clock DIA, IR

dial-type VR

dialer DIA

dialer aaa SEC

dialer callback-secure DIA

dialer callback-server DIA

dialer called DIA

dialer caller DIA

dialer clid group DIA

dialer congestion-threshold DIA

dialer dnis group DIA

dialer dns DIA

dialer dtr DIA

dialer enable-timeout DIA

dialer extsig VR

dialer fast-idle (interface) DIA

dialer fast-idle (map-class) DIA

dialer hold-queue DIA

dialer idle-timeout (interface) DIA

dialer idle-timeout (template) DIA

dialer in-band DIA

dialer isdn DIA

dialer isdn short-hold DIA

dialer load-threshold DIA

dialer map DIA

dialer map snapshot DIA

dialer max-call DIA

dialer order DIA

dialer outgoing DIA

dialer persistent DIA

dialer pool DIA

dialer pool-member DIA

dialer pre-classify DIA

dialer preemption level VR

dialer priority DIA

dialer redial DIA

dialer remote-name DIA

dialer reserved-links DIA

dialer rotary-group DIA

dialer rotor DIA

dialer string DIA

dialer string (dialer profiles) DIA

dialer string (legacy DDR) DIA

dialer string trunkgroup DIA

dialer trunkgroup VR

dialer voice-call DIA

dialer vpdn DIA, VPD

dialer wait-for-carrier-time (interface) DIA

dialer wait-for-carrier-time (map-class) DIA

dialer wait-for-line-protocol DIA

dialer watch-disable DIA

dialer watch-group DIA

dialer watch-list DIA

dialer watch-list delay DIA

dialer-group BBA, DIA, IPV6

dialer-group (template) DIA

dialer-list protocol BBA, IPV6

dialer-list protocol (Dial) DIA

diameter SBCU

diameter origin host MWG, SEC

diameter origin realm MWG, SEC

diameter peer MWG, SEC

diameter redundancy MWG, SEC

diameter timer MWG, SEC

diameter vendor support MWG

diameter vendor supported SEC

digest WAN

digit VR

digit-strip VR

digital-filter VR

dir CBL, CF

direct-inward-dial VR

dis CBL

disable CF

disable (CFM-AIS-link) CE

disable (TN3270) IBM

disable open-media-channel SEC

disable service-settings SBCU

disable-early-media 180 VR

disc_pi_off VR

discard-route OSPF

discard-route (IPv6) IPV6

disconnect DIA

disconnect qdm QOS

disconnect ssh SEC

disconnect-ack VR

disconnect-character CF

discontinuity object (expression) SNMP

discover (cns) CNS

discover (epl) SLA

discover-mn-detach IMO

dispatch-character CF

dispatch-machine CF

dispatch-timeout CF

distance WL

distance (IP) IRI

distance (IPv6 EIGRP) EIGRP, IPV6

distance (IPv6 Mobile) IPV6

distance (IPv6) IPV6

distance (ISO CLNS) ISO

distance (OSPFv3) IPV6

distance bgp BGP

distance bgp (IPv6) IPV6

distance eigrp EIGRP

distance ospf OSPF

distribute-list in (BGP) BGP

distribute-list in (IP) IRI

distribute-list out (BGP) BGP

distribute-list out (IP) IRI

distribute-list prefix-list (IPv6 EIGRP) EIGRP, IPV6

distribute-list prefix-list (IPv6 OSPF) IPV6

distribute-list prefix-list (IPv6 RIP) IPV6

distribute-list prefix-list (OSPFv3) IPV6

distribution SLA

distributions-of-statistics-kept SLA

div-address SBCU

div-address (header) SBCU

dlsw allroute-netbios IBM

dlsw allroute-sna IBM

dlsw bgroup-list IBM

dlsw bridge-group IBM

dlsw cache-ignore-netbios-datagram IBM

dlsw disable IBM

dlsw duplicate-path-bias IBM

dlsw explorerq-depth IBM

dlsw group-cache disable IBM

dlsw group-cache max-entries IBM

dlsw history-log IBM

dlsw icannotreach saps IBM

dlsw icanreach IBM

dlsw llc2 nornr IBM

dlsw load-balance IBM

dlsw local-peer IBM

dlsw mac-addr IBM

dlsw max-multiple-rifs IBM

dlsw multicast BR, IBM

dlsw netbios-cache-length IBM

dlsw netbios-keepalive-filter IBM

dlsw netbios-name IBM

dlsw peer-ipaddr SLA

dlsw peer-log-changes IBM

dlsw peer-on-demand-defaults IBM

dlsw port-list IBM

dlsw prom-peer-defaults IBM

dlsw redundant-rings IBM

dlsw remote-peer frame-relay IBM

dlsw remote-peer fst IBM

dlsw remote-peer interface IBM

dlsw remote-peer tcp IBM

dlsw ring-list IBM

dlsw rsvp IBM

dlsw timer IBM

dlsw timer connect-timeout IBM

dlsw timer local-connect-timeout IBM

dlsw tos disable IBM

dlsw tos map IBM

dlsw transparent map IBM

dlsw transparent redundancy-enable IBM

dlsw transparent switch-support IBM

dlsw transparent timers IBM

dlsw udp-disable IBM

dlur IBM

dlus-backup IBM

dn SEC

dn (IKEv2) SEC

dnis (AAA preauthentication) SEC

dnis (DNIS group) VR


dnis (VPDN) VPD

dnis bypass (AAA preauthentication configuration) SEC

dnis group DIA

dnis-map VR

dnis-prefix all service SSG

dns SEC

dns (IP SLA) SLA

dns forwarder IAD

dns forwarding IAD

dns forwarding source-interface IAD

dns primary MWG

dns-server IAD

dns-server (IPv6) IPV6

dns-server (config-dhcp-global-options) IAD

dns-timeout SEC

dnsix-dmdp retries SEC

dnsix-nat authorized-redirection SEC

dnsix-nat primary SEC

dnsix-nat secondary SEC

dnsix-nat source SEC

dnsix-nat transmit-count SEC

do CF

docsis cvc mfg CBL

docsis cvc mso CBL

docsis cvc test CBL

docsis-policy CBL

docsis-version CBL

domain SAF, VPD

domain (AAA) SEC

domain (isakmp-group) SEC

domain list IAD

domain lookup IAD

domain multicast IAD

domain name IAD

domain name-server IAD

domain name-server interface IAD

domain resolver source-interface IAD

domain retry IAD

domain round-robin IAD

domain timeout IAD

domain-id IBM

domain-id (OSPF) OSPF

domain-id (OSPFv3) OSPF

domain-name (DHCP) IAD

domain-name (IPv6) IPV6

domain-name (annex G) VR

domain-password IRS

domain-stripping SEC

domain-tag OSPF

dot11 aaa authentication mac-authen filter-cache WL

dot11 aaa csid WL

dot11 aaa dot1x compliance WL

dot11 activity-timeout WL

dot11 extension aironet WL

dot11 holdoff-time WL

dot11 igmp snooping-helper WL

dot11 location isocc WL

dot11 mbssid WL

dot11 phone WL

dot11 priority-map avvid WL

dot11 qos class WL

dot11 qos mode wmm WL

dot11 ssid WL

dot11 syslog WL

dot11 vlan-name WL

dot1q ANCP

dot1q tunneling ethertype IR, LSW

dot1x client-timeout WL

dot1x control-direction SEC

dot1x credentials SEC

dot1x critical (global configuration) SEC

dot1x critical (interface configuration) SEC

dot1x default SEC

dot1x guest-vlan SEC

dot1x guest-vlan supplicant SEC

dot1x host-mode SEC

dot1x initialize SEC

dot1x mac-auth-bypass SEC

dot1x max-reauth-req SEC

dot1x max-req SEC

dot1x max-start SEC

dot1x multi-hosts SEC

dot1x multiple-hosts SEC

dot1x pae SEC

dot1x port-control SEC

dot1x re-authenticate (EtherSwitch) SEC

dot1x re-authenticate (privileged EXEC) SEC

dot1x re-authentication (EtherSwitch) SEC

dot1x reauth-period WL

dot1x reauthentication SEC

dot1x supplicant interface SEC

dot1x system-auth-control SEC

dot1x timeout SEC

dot1x timeout (EtherSwitch) SEC

down-when-looped IR

downgrade bgp OER

downgrade bgp (PfR) PFR

download CBL

download exclude-profile (SSG PTA-MD) SSG

download exclude-profile (SSG dial-out) SSG

download exclude-profile (SSG-auto-domain) SSG

downstream CBL

downstream cable CBL

downstream local upstream CBL

downstream modular-cable rf-channel CBL

downstream modular-cable rf-channel (interface) CBL

downward-compatible-config CF

dpd SEC

dre upload WAN

dre-hints enable WAN

drop QOS

drop (ISG) ISG

drop (type access-control) SEC

drop (zone-based policy) SEC

drop-last-conferee VR

drop-unsecure IPV6, SEC

ds0 busyout (channel) DIA

ds0 busyout (voice) VR

ds0 busyout-threshold DIA

ds0-group (E1) VR

ds0-group (J1 controller) IR

ds0-group (T1) VR

ds0-group (controller e1) DIA

ds0-num VR

dscp QOS, SBCU

dscp (Flexible NetFlow) FNF, MM

dscp (Frame Relay VC-bundle-member) WAN

dscp (IP SLA video) SLA

dscp media VR

dscp-profile VR

dsl equipment-type BBA

dsl gain-setting rx-offset BBA

dsl gain-setting tx-offset BBA

dsl linerate BBA

dsl lom BBA

dsl max-tone-bits BBA

dsl noise-margin BBA

dsl operating-mode BBA

dsl operating-mode (ADSL over ISDN) BBA

dsl operating-mode gshdsl BBA

dsl power-cutback BBA

dsl-group IR

dsl-line-info-forwarding VPD

dsl-mode shdsl symmetric annex BBA, IR

dsn VR

dsp allocation signaling dspid VR

dsp services dspfarm VR

dspfarm (DSP farm) VR

dspfarm (voice-card) VR

dspfarm confbridge maximum VR

dspfarm connection interval VR

dspfarm profile IPV6, VR

dspfarm rtp timeout VR

dspfarm transcoder maximum sessions VR

dspint dspfarm VR

dspu activation-window IBM

dspu default-pu IBM

dspu enable-host (QLLC) IBM

dspu enable-host (SDLC) IBM

dspu enable-host (Token Ring Ethernet

dspu enable-pu (Ethernet Frame Relay

dspu enable-pu (QLLC) IBM

dspu enable-pu (SDLC) IBM

dspu host (Frame Relay) IBM

dspu host (QLLC) IBM

dspu host (SDLC) IBM

dspu host (Token Ring Ethernet

dspu lu IBM

dspu ncia IBM

dspu ncia enable-pu IBM

dspu notification-level IBM

dspu pool IBM

dspu pu (Frame Relay) IBM

dspu pu (QLLC) IBM

dspu pu (SDLC) IBM

dspu pu (Token Ring Ethernet

dspu rsrb IBM

dspu rsrb enable-host IBM

dspu rsrb enable-pu IBM

dspu rsrb start IBM

dspu start IBM

dspu vdlc IBM

dspu vdlc enable-host IBM

dspu vdlc enable-pu IBM

dspu vdlc start IBM

dst-address SBCU

dst-address (editor) SBCU

dst-adjacency SBCU

dsu bandwidth IR

dsu mode IR

dte-invert-txc IR

dtls port SEC

dtmf disable sip SBCU

dtmf sip SBCU

dtmf timer inter-digit VR

dtmf-duration SBCU

dtmf-duration (session border controller) SBCU

dtmf-interworking VR

dtmf-relay (Voice over Frame Relay) VR

dtmf-relay (Voice over IP) VR

dualtone VR

duplex IR

duration CBL, SBCU

duration (IP SLA video) SLA

dxi interface-dfa IR

dxi map ATM

dxi pvc ATM

dxs3mode IR

dynamic SEC


e2-clockrate IR

e911 VR

eap SEC

eap (IKEv2 profile) SEC

early-media-deny SBCU

early-media-timeout SBCU

early-media-type SBCU

early-offer VR

early-token-release IR

echo MP

echo-cancel comfort-noise VR

echo-cancel compensation VR

echo-cancel coverage VR

echo-cancel enable VR

echo-cancel enable (controller) VR

echo-cancel erl worst-case VR

echo-cancel loopback VR

echo-cancel mode VR

echo-cancel suppressor VR

echo-interval MWG

eckeypair SEC

edit SBCU

edit-cic SBCU

edit-src SBCU

editing CF

editor SBCU

editor-list SBCU

editor-type SBCU

efci-bit WAN

efm-grp IR

eigrp default-route-tag EIGRP

eigrp delay MTR

eigrp event-log-size EIGRP, IPV6

eigrp interface EIGRP, IMO, IR

eigrp log-neighbor-changes EIGRP, IPV6, SAF

eigrp log-neighbor-warnings EIGRP, IPV6, SAF

eigrp next-hop-self MTR

eigrp router-id EIGRP, IPV6, SAF

eigrp shutdown MTR

eigrp split-horizon MTR

eigrp stub EIGRP, IPV6

eigrp stub (service-family) SAF

eigrp summary-address MTR

element VR

email (IKEv2 profile) SEC

emm EMM

emm clear EMM

emptycapability VR

emulate cisco h323 bandwidth VR

emulation-mode IR

enable CF, SEC

enable (TN3270) IBM

enable (bulkstat) SNMP

enable (event) SNMP

enable (expression) SNMP

enable aaa accounting IMO

enable last-resort CF

enable password SEC

enable secret SEC

enabled (IPS) SEC

enabled (aggregation cache) NF

enabled (enforce-rule) CBL

encap WSMA

encap (Proxy Mobile IPv6) IMO

encap (proxy mobile IPv6) IMO

encap clear-channel standard VR

encap-sequence DIA

encapsulation IPV6, IR

encapsulation (ATM) ATM

encapsulation (Any Transport over MPLS) MP, WAN

encapsulation (Frame Relay VC-bundle) WAN

encapsulation (L2TP) WAN

encapsulation (Layer 2 local switching) ATM, MP, WAN

encapsulation (pseudowire) MP

encapsulation alc IBM

encapsulation atm-ces VR

encapsulation atm-dxi ATM

encapsulation bstun IBM

encapsulation cpp DIA

encapsulation default WAN

encapsulation dot1ah isid CE

encapsulation dot1q LSW, MP

encapsulation dot1q (service instance) WAN

encapsulation dot1q second-dot1q WAN

encapsulation frame-relay WAN

encapsulation frame-relay mfr IPV6, WAN

encapsulation gtp MWG

encapsulation isl LSW

encapsulation l2tpv3 WAN

encapsulation lapb WAN

encapsulation priority-tagged ATM

encapsulation sde LSW

encapsulation sdlc IBM

encapsulation sdlc-primary IBM

encapsulation sdlc-secondary IBM

encapsulation smds WAN

encapsulation stun IBM

encapsulation tr-isl trbrf-vlan BR

encapsulation untagged WAN

encapsulation untagged dot1q second-dot1q ATM

encapsulation uts IBM

encapsulation x25 WAN

encoding h450 call-identity VR

encoding h450 call-identity itu VR

encryption VR

encryption (IKE policy) IPV6, SEC

encryption (IKEv2 proposal) SEC

encryption key WL

encryption mode ciphers WL

encryption mode wep WL

encryption mppe VPD

encryptorder IBM

end CF

end (satellite initial configuration) IR

endpoint SLA

endpoint alt-ep collect VR

endpoint alt-ep h323id VR

endpoint circuit-id h323id VR

endpoint max-calls h323id VR

endpoint naming VR

endpoint resource-threshold VR

endpoint ttl VR

enforce-checksum SEC

enforced qos-profile CBL

engine (IPS) SEC

enhanced-history SLA

enrollment SEC

enrollment command SEC

enrollment credential SEC

enrollment http-proxy SEC

enrollment profile SEC

enrollment selfsigned SEC

enrollment terminal (ca-profile-enroll) SEC

enrollment terminal (ca-trustpoint) IPV6, SEC

enrollment url (ca-profile-enroll) SEC

enrollment url (ca-trustpoint) IPV6, SEC

entry SBCU

entry (enum) SBCU

enum SBCU

environment temperature-controlled CF

environment-monitor shutdown temperature CF

eou allow SEC

eou clientless SEC

eou default SEC

eou initialize SEC

eou logging SEC

eou max-retry SEC

eou port SEC

eou rate-limit SEC

eou revalidate SEC

eou timeout SEC

equipment loopback IR

erase CF

erase vfc VR

errdisable detect cause CF, IR

errdisable recovery CF, IR

errdisable recovery cause mac-security CE

errdisable recovery cause mlacp-minlink CE

error throttling IR

error-category VR

error-code-override VR

error-correction VR

error-msg SEC

error-profile SBCU

error-url SEC

escape-character CF

esmc mode ql-disabled IR

esmc process IR

estimate bandwidth QOS

ethernet cfm ais CE

ethernet cfm ais link-status CE

ethernet cfm ais link-status global CE

ethernet cfm alarm CE

ethernet cfm cc CE

ethernet cfm cc enable level evc CE

ethernet cfm cc enable level vlan CE

ethernet cfm distribution enable CE

ethernet cfm domain level CE

ethernet cfm enable CE

ethernet cfm enable (interface) CE

ethernet cfm global CE

ethernet cfm ieee CE

ethernet cfm interface CE

ethernet cfm logging CE

ethernet cfm mep crosscheck CE

ethernet cfm mep crosscheck start-delay CE

ethernet cfm mep domain mpid CE

ethernet cfm mep level mpid vlan CE

ethernet cfm mip CE

ethernet cfm mip level CE

ethernet cfm traceroute cache CE

ethernet cfm traceroute cache hold-time CE

ethernet cfm traceroute cache size CE

ethernet echo mpid SLA

ethernet evc CE, WAN

ethernet jitter mpid SLA

ethernet lmi CE

ethernet lmi ce-vlan map CE

ethernet lmi global CE

ethernet lmi interface CE

ethernet mac-flush notification mirp CE

ethernet mac-tunnel virtual CE

ethernet oam CE

ethernet oam link-monitor frame CE

ethernet oam link-monitor frame-period CE

ethernet oam link-monitor frame-seconds CE

ethernet oam link-monitor high-threshold action CE

ethernet oam link-monitor on CE

ethernet oam link-monitor receive-crc CE

ethernet oam link-monitor supported CE

ethernet oam link-monitor symbol-period CE

ethernet oam link-monitor transmit-crc CE

ethernet oam mib log size CE

ethernet oam remote-loopback CE

ethernet oam remote-loopback (interface) CE

ethernet ring g8032 CE

ethernet ring g8032 profile CE

ethernet subscriber CE

ethernet subscriber session CE

ethernet subscriber static CE

ethernet tcn-propagation CE

ethernet uni CE

ethernet y1731 delay SLA

ethernet y1731 delay receive SLA

ethernet y1737 loss SLA

ethernet-transit-oui BR, IBM

eui-interface IPV6

evaluate SEC

evaluate (IPv6) IPV6, SEC

event application EEM

event cli EEM

event counter EEM

event gold EEM

event identity EEM

event interface EEM

event ioswdsysmon EEM

event ipsla EEM

event manager applet EEM

event manager detector routing EEM

event manager detector rpc EEM

event manager directory user EEM

event manager directory user repository EEM

event manager environment EEM

event manager history size EEM

event manager policy EEM

event manager run EEM

event manager scheduler EEM

event manager scheduler clear EEM

event manager scheduler hold EEM

event manager scheduler modify EEM

event manager scheduler release EEM

event manager scheduler script EEM

event manager scheduler suspend EEM

event manager session cli username EEM

event manager update user policy EEM

event mat EEM

event neighbor-discovery EEM

event nf EEM

event none EEM

event oir EEM

event owner SNMP

event process EEM

event resource EEM

event rf EEM

event routing EEM

event rpc EEM

event snmp EEM

event snmp-notification EEM

event snmp-object EEM

event syslog EEM

event timer EEM

event track EEM

event wdsysmon EEM

event-action SEC

event-log IPV6, VR

event-log (OSPFv3) IPV6

event-log (Privileged EXEC) VR

event-log dump ftp VR

event-log error-only VR

event-log max-buffer-size VR

exception access-group SEC

exception core-file BSM

exception crashinfo buffersize BSM

exception crashinfo dump BSM

exception crashinfo file BSM

exception crashinfo maximum files BSM

exception data-corruption BSM

exception delay-dump BSM

exception dump BSM

exception linecard BSM

exception memory BSM

exception memory ignore overflow BSM

exception protocol BSM

exception pxf CBL

exception region-size BSM

exception slot IBM

exception spurious-interrupt BSM

exclude SSG

exclude (SSG PTA-MD) SSG

exclude dnis-prefix SSG

exclude-address MP

exclusion-list CE

exclusive-domain SEC

exec CF

exec-banner CF

exec-character-bits CF

exec-timeout CF

execute (Flexible NetFlow) FNF

execute-on CF

exit (EXEC) CF

exit (LSP Attributes) MP

exit (global) CF

exit (satellite initial configuration) IR

exit-address-family EIGRP, MP

exit-af-interface EIGRP

exit-af-topology EIGRP

exit-global-af MTR

exit-if-topology MTR

exit-if-vnet EVN, SBCU

exit-peer-policy BGP

exit-peer-session BGP

exit-route-server-context BGP, SBCU

exit-service-family SAF

exit-sf-interface SAF

exit-sf-topology SAF

exit-topo MTR

exit-vrf-list EVN, SBCU

exp MP, WAN

exp (IP SLA) SLA

expect SLB

expect-factor VR

expire after OER

expire after (PfR) PFR

expires-header SBCU

explicit-prefix IPV6

exponential-weighting-constant QOS

export destination NF

export destination sctp (NetFlow aggregation cache) NF

export map BGP, MP

export template NF

export version NF

export-protocol FNF, MM

exporter FNF, MM

exporter (PfR) PFR

expression SNMP

extended-port MP

external-client SAF

extsig mgcp VR