Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
clock rate through cwmp wan default
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


clock rate IR

clock rate (interface ATM) IR

clock rate (interface serial) IR

clock rate network-clock IR

clock read-calendar BSM

clock save interval BSM

clock set BSM

clock source IR

clock source (AS5200) IR

clock source (CEM) IR

clock source (CT3IP) IR

clock source (J1 controller) IR

clock source (MC3810) IR

clock source (PTP) CE

clock source (SONET controller) IR

clock source (T1 E1 controller) IR

clock source (T1 E1 interface) IR

clock source (T1/E1 controller) IR

clock source (T1/E1 interface) IR

clock source (T3 E3 controller) IR

clock source (T3/E3 controller) IR

clock source (controller) IR

clock source (interface) IR

clock source line DIA

clock source(10GE) IR

clock summer-time BSM

clock switchover IR

clock timezone BSM

clock update-calendar BSM

clock-port CE, IR

clock-rate IR

clock-rate (RTP parameters) MM

clock-rate (codec-profile) VR

clock-rate (policy RTP) MM

clock-select VR

clock-tolerance ntp oneway SLA

clp-bit WAN

cm-current-enhance VR

cmns enable WAN

cmpc IBM

cmt connect IR

cmt disconnect IR

cns aaa authentication CNS

cns config cancel CNS

cns config connect-intf CNS

cns config initial CNS

cns config notify CNS

cns config partial CNS

cns config retrieve CNS

cns connect CNS

cns dhcp CNS

cns event CNS

cns exec CNS

cns id CNS

cns image CNS

cns image password CNS

cns image retrieve CNS

cns image retry CNS

cns inventory CNS

cns message format notification CNS

cns mib-access encapsulation CNS

cns notifications encapsulation CNS

cns password CNS

cns template connect CNS

cns trusted-server CNS

codec SBCU

codec (DSP farm profile) IPV6, VR

codec (VO profile) SLA

codec (dial peer) VR

codec (dsp) VR

codec (tplt) SLA

codec (voice-card) VR

codec aal2-profile VR

codec custom SBCU

codec gsmamr-nb VR

codec ilbc VR

codec list SBCU

codec packetization-period SBCU

codec preference VR

codec profile VR

codec system SBCU

codec variant SBCU

codec-list description SBCU

codec-preference-list SBCU

codec-restrict-to-list SBCU

codecs SBCU

collect application description MM

collect application media MM

collect application name FNF, MM

collect application vendor MM

collect application version MM

collect art WAN

collect connection FNF, MM

collect counter FNF, MM

collect datalink dot1q vlan FNF

collect datalink mac FNF, MM

collect flow FNF, MM

collect identifier ISG

collect interface FNF, MM

collect ipv4 FNF, MM

collect ipv4 destination FNF, MM

collect ipv4 fragmentation FNF, MM

collect ipv4 section FNF, MM

collect ipv4 source FNF, MM

collect ipv4 total-length FNF, MM

collect ipv4 ttl FNF, MM

collect ipv6 FNF, MM

collect ipv6 destination FNF, MM

collect ipv6 extension map FNF, MM

collect ipv6 fragmentation FNF, MM

collect ipv6 hop-limit FNF, MM

collect ipv6 length FNF, MM

collect ipv6 section FNF, MM

collect ipv6 source FNF, MM

collect metadata MM

collect monitor event MM

collect routing FNF, MM

collect routing is-multicast FNF, MM

collect routing multicast replication-factor FNF, MM

collect timestamp interval MM

collect timestamp sys-uptime FNF, MM

collect top counters interface LSW

collect transport FNF, MM

collect transport event packet-loss counter MM

collect transport icmp ipv4 FNF, MM

collect transport icmp ipv6 FNF, MM

collect transport packets MM

collect transport rtp jitter MM

collect transport tcp FNF, MM

collect transport udp FNF, MM

collect waas WAN

collocated single-tunnel IMO

comfort-noise VR

commands (view) SEC

compand-type VR

comparison SNMP

compatible rfc1583 IPV6, OSPF

compatible rfc1587 OSPF

complete SBCU

complete (phone proxy) SBCU

compress IR

compress mppc IR

compress stac caim IR

compression header ip QOS

concurrent-requests SBCU

condition VR

condition (editor) SBCU

condition (session border controller) SBCU

conditional object SNMP

conference VR

conference-join custom-cptone VR

conference-leave custom-cptone VR

config-cli CNS

config-exchange SEC

config-mode set SEC

config-register CF

configuration mode exclusive CF

configuration mode exclusive (Deprecated as of the 15.0S and T releases. It's still available on the M train.) CF

configuration url SEC

configuration version SEC

configure check syntax CF

configure confirm CF

configure issu set rollback timer HA

configure memory CF

configure replace CF

configure revert CF

configure terminal CF

confreg CBL, CF

congestion sip reject-code SBCU

congestion-cleared SBCU

congestion-threshold SBCU

connect SEC, TSV

connect (FRF.5) WAN

connect (FRF.8) WAN

connect (Frame Relay) MP, WAN

connect (L2VPN local switching) MP, WAN

connect (channel bank) VR

connect (drop-and-insert) VR

connect (module) IR

connect atm VR

connect interval VR

connect retries VR

connection VR

connection request password BBA

connection request username BBA

connection wait TSV

connection-timeout VR

cont CBL

contact-email-addr HA

content dcca profile MWG

content postpaid time MWG

content postpaid validity MWG

content postpaid volume MWG

content rulebase MWG

content-length SEC

content-scan out SEC

content-scan whitelisting SEC

content-type-verification SEC

context CBL, IPV6, MP, SNMP

context (bulkstat) SNMP

continue BGP

continue (ROM monitor) CF

continuity-check CE

contract-id HA

control IAD, SEC, SLA

control address aaa SBCU

control address h248 index SBCU

control address h248 port SBCU

control address h248 transport SBCU

control-address h248 ipv4 SBCU

control-dscp marker-dscp pdr-coefficient SBCU

control-lead sampling-rate IR

control-lead state IR

control-packets vlan cos BBA

control-plane QOS

control-word MP

controller IR

controller dsl IR

controller dwdm IR

controller e3 ATM, IR

controller h248 SBCU

controller integrated-cable CBL

controller modular-cable CBL

controller shdsl BBA

controller sonet IR

controller sonet-acr IR

controller t3 ATM, IR

cops ip dscp CBL

cops listeners access-list CBL

cops tcp window-size CBL

copy CF

copy (consent-parameter-map) SEC

copy /noverify CF

copy flash lex IR

copy flash vfc VR

copy idconf SEC

copy interface QOS

copy ips-sdf SEC

copy logging system CF

copy logs SBCU

copy modem DIA

copy noverify CF

copy profile HA

copy tftp lex IR

copy tftp vfc VR

copy xmodem CF

copy xmodem: CF

copy ymodem CF

copy ymodem: CF

corlist incoming DIA, VR

corlist outgoing DIA, VR

correlate SNMP

cos SLA

cos (CFM) CE

cost SBCU

cost-minimization OER

cost-minimization (PfR) PFR

count OER

count (PfR) PFR

cpd CBL

cpd cr-id CBL

cpe max CBL

cpp authentication DIA

cpp callback accept DIA

cptone VR

cptone call-waiting repetition interval VR

cpu interrupt ERM

cpu process ERM

cpu total ERM

cpu-threshold WAN

cpu_card_type CBL

crashdump-timeout HA

crc IR

crc bits 5 IR

crc-threshold IR

crc4 IR

create on-demand ATM

credential load VR

credentials (HTTP probe) SLB

credentials (SIP UA) VR

critical rising ERM

critical-alert-size SBCU

crl SEC

crl best-effort SEC

crl optional SEC

crl query SEC

crl-cache delete-after SEC

crl-cache none SEC

crypto aaa attribute list SEC

crypto ca authenticate SEC

crypto ca cert validate SEC

crypto ca certificate chain SEC

crypto ca certificate map SEC

crypto ca certificate query (ca-trustpoint) SEC

crypto ca crl request SEC

crypto ca enroll SEC

crypto ca export pem SEC

crypto ca export pkcs12 SEC

crypto ca import SEC

crypto ca import pem SEC

crypto ca import pkcs12 SEC

crypto ca profile enrollment SEC

crypto ca trustpoint SEC

crypto call admission limit SEC

crypto connect vlan SEC

crypto ctcp SEC

crypto dynamic-map SEC

crypto engine accelerator SEC

crypto engine aim SEC

crypto engine em SEC

crypto engine mode vrf SEC

crypto engine nm SEC

crypto engine onboard SEC

crypto engine slot SEC

crypto engine slot (interface) SEC

crypto gdoi gm SEC

crypto gdoi group SEC

crypto gdoi ks SEC

crypto identity SEC

crypto ikev2 authorization policy SEC

crypto ikev2 certificate-cache SEC

crypto ikev2 cookie-challenge SEC

crypto ikev2 cts SEC

crypto ikev2 diagnose SEC

crypto ikev2 dpd SEC

crypto ikev2 fragmentation SEC

crypto ikev2 http-url SEC

crypto ikev2 keyring SEC

crypto ikev2 limit SEC

crypto ikev2 name mangler SEC

crypto ikev2 nat SEC

crypto ikev2 policy SEC

crypto ikev2 profile SEC

crypto ikev2 proposal SEC

crypto ikev2 window SEC

crypto ipsec client ezvpn (global) SEC

crypto ipsec client ezvpn (interface) SEC

crypto ipsec client ezvpn connect SEC

crypto ipsec client ezvpn xauth SEC

crypto ipsec default transform-set SEC

crypto ipsec df-bit (global) SEC

crypto ipsec df-bit (interface) SEC

crypto ipsec fragmentation (global) SEC

crypto ipsec fragmentation (interface) SEC

crypto ipsec ipv4-deny SEC

crypto ipsec nat-transparency SEC

crypto ipsec optional SEC

crypto ipsec optional retry SEC

crypto ipsec profile IPV6, SEC

crypto ipsec security-association idle-time SEC

crypto ipsec security-association lifetime SEC

crypto ipsec security-association replay disable SEC

crypto ipsec security-association replay window-size SEC

crypto ipsec server send-update SEC

crypto ipsec transform-set SEC

crypto ipsec transform-set default SEC

crypto isakmp aggressive-mode disable SEC

crypto isakmp client configuration address-pool local SEC

crypto isakmp client configuration browser-proxy SEC

crypto isakmp client configuration group SEC

crypto isakmp client firewall SEC

crypto isakmp default policy SEC

crypto isakmp enable SEC

crypto isakmp fragmentation SEC

crypto isakmp identity IPV6, SEC

crypto isakmp invalid-spi-recovery SEC

crypto isakmp keepalive SEC

crypto isakmp key IPV6, SEC

crypto isakmp nat keepalive SEC

crypto isakmp peer IPV6, SEC

crypto isakmp policy IPV6, SEC

crypto isakmp profile IPV6, SEC

crypto key decrypt rsa SEC

crypto key encrypt rsa SEC

crypto key export rsa pem SEC

crypto key generate ec keysize SEC

crypto key generate rsa IPV6, SEC

crypto key import rsa pem SEC

crypto key lock rsa SEC

crypto key move rsa SEC

crypto key pubkey-chain rsa SEC

crypto key storage SEC

crypto key unlock rsa SEC

crypto key zeroize pubkey-chain SEC

crypto key zeroize rsa SEC

crypto keyring IPV6, SEC

crypto logging ezvpn SEC

crypto logging ikev2 SEC

crypto logging session SEC

crypto map (Xauth) IPV6, SEC

crypto map (global IPSec) MWH, MWP

crypto map (global IPsec) IPV6, SEC

crypto map (interface IPSec) MWH

crypto map (interface IPsec) SEC

crypto map (isakmp) IPV6, SEC

crypto map client configuration address SEC

crypto map gdoi fail-close SEC

crypto map isakmp-profile SEC

crypto map local-address MWP, SEC

crypto map redundancy replay-interval SEC

crypto mib ipsec flowmib history failure size SEC

crypto mib ipsec flowmib history tunnel size SEC

crypto mib topn SEC

crypto pki authenticate IPV6, SEC

crypto pki benchmark SEC

crypto pki cert validate SEC

crypto pki certificate chain SEC

crypto pki certificate map SEC

crypto pki certificate query (ca-trustpoint) SEC

crypto pki certificate storage SEC

crypto pki crl cache SEC

crypto pki crl request SEC

crypto pki enroll IPV6, SEC

crypto pki export pem SEC

crypto pki export pkcs12 SEC

crypto pki export pkcs12 password SEC

crypto pki import IPV6, SEC

crypto pki import pem SEC

crypto pki import pkcs12 SEC

crypto pki import pkcs12 password SEC

crypto pki profile enrollment SEC

crypto pki server SEC

crypto pki server grant SEC

crypto pki server info crl SEC

crypto pki server info requests SEC

crypto pki server password generate SEC

crypto pki server reject SEC

crypto pki server remove SEC

crypto pki server request pkcs10 SEC

crypto pki server revoke SEC

crypto pki server start SEC

crypto pki server stop SEC

crypto pki server trim SEC

crypto pki server trim generate expired-list SEC

crypto pki server unrevoke SEC

crypto pki token change-pin SEC

crypto pki token encrypted-user-pin SEC

crypto pki token label SEC

crypto pki token lock SEC

crypto pki token login SEC

crypto pki token logout SEC

crypto pki token max-retries SEC

crypto pki token removal timeout SEC

crypto pki token secondary config SEC

crypto pki token secondary unconfig SEC

crypto pki token unlock SEC

crypto pki token user-pin SEC

crypto pki trustpoint SEC

crypto pki trustpool import SEC

crypto pki trustpool policy SEC

crypto provisioning petitioner SEC

crypto provisioning registrar SEC

crypto wui tti petitioner SEC

crypto wui tti registrar SEC

crypto xauth SEC

crypto-engine SEC

csd enable SEC

csg-group MWG

csna IBM

ctcp port SEC

ctl-file SBCU

cts authorization list network SEC

cts credentials SEC

cts manual SEC

cts sxp connection peer SEC

cts sxp default password SEC

cts sxp default source-ip SEC

cts sxp enable SEC

cts sxp log binding-changes SEC

cts sxp reconciliation period SEC

cts sxp retry period SEC

ctunnel destination ISO

ctunnel mode IPV6, IR, ISO

ctype SEC

current15minutes SBCU

current5minutes SBCU

currentday SBCU

currenthour SBCU

currentindefinite SBCU

custom-queue-list QOS

customer-id (call home) HA

cut-through IR

cwmp agent BBA

cwmp wan BBA

cwmp wan default BBA