Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
ca trust-point through clock mode
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


ca trust-point SEC

cable acfe enable CBL

cable acfe max-bonus-bandwidth CBL

cable acfe max-eir-ratio CBL

cable admission-control CBL

cable admission-control ds-bandwidth CBL

cable admission-control event CBL

cable admission-control max-reserved-bandwidth CBL

cable admission-control preempt priority-voice CBL

cable admission-control us-bandwidth CBL

cable application-type include CBL

cable application-type name CBL

cable arp CBL

cable arp filter CBL

cable attribute-mask CBL

cable bonding-group-id CBL

cable bonding-group-secondary CBL

cable bundle CBL, IR

cable clock clear-counters CBL

cable clock dti CBL

cable clock dti clear-counters CBL

cable clock force CBL

cable clock source-midplane CBL

cable clock upgrade CBL

cable cm-status CBL

cable cm-status enable CBL

cable cmcpe-list valid-time CBL

cable config-file CBL

cable dci-response CBL

cable dci-upstream-disable CBL

cable default-phy-burst CBL

cable device CBL

cable dfo-retry-count CBL

cable dhcp-giaddr CBL

cable dhcp-insert CBL

cable dhcp-parse option CBL

cable divert-rate-limit CBL

cable docsis30-voice downstream req-attr-mask CBL

cable dot1q-vc-map CBL

cable downstream annex CBL

cable downstream attribute-mask CBL

cable downstream channel-id CBL

cable downstream dsg chan-list CBL

cable downstream dsg dcd-enable CBL

cable downstream dsg rule CBL

cable downstream dsg tg channel CBL

cable downstream dsg timer CBL

cable downstream dsg vendor-param CBL

cable downstream frequency CBL

cable downstream if-output CBL

cable downstream interleave-depth CBL

cable downstream modulation CBL

cable downstream override CBL

cable downstream qos wfq weight CBL

cable downstream rate-limit CBL

cable downstream rf-power CBL

cable downstream rf-shutdown CBL

cable downstream-channel-id automatic CBL

cable ds-max-burst CBL

cable dsg CBL

cable dsg cfr CBL

cable dsg chan-list CBL

cable dsg client-list CBL

cable dsg keepalive CBL

cable dsg tg CBL

cable dsg tg channel CBL

cable dsg tg channel ucid CBL

cable dsg tg channel vendor-param CBL

cable dsg timer CBL

cable dsg tunnel CBL

cable dsg tunnel srv-class CBL

cable dsg vendor param CBL

cable dynamic-bw-sharing CBL

cable dynamic-qos trace CBL

cable dynamic-secret CBL

cable dynamic-secret exclude CBL

cable dynamic-secret tftp insert-upgrade-server CBL

cable enable-trap CBL

cable event priority CBL

cable event syslog-server CBL

cable event throttle-interval CBL

cable event throttle-threshold CBL

cable fiber-node CBL

cable filter group CBL

cable flap-list aging CBL

cable flap-list insertion-time CBL

cable flap-list miss-threshold CBL

cable flap-list power-adjust threshold CBL

cable flap-list size CBL

cable freq-range CBL

cable helper-address CBL, IR

cable high-priority-call-window CBL

cable host access-group CBL

cable igmp static-group CBL

cable init-channel-timeout CBL

cable insertion-interval CBL

cable intercept CBL

cable ip-broadcast-echo CBL

cable ip-init CBL

cable ip-multicast-echo CBL

cable ipc-stats CBL

cable ipv6 source-verify CBL

cable ipv6 source-verify leasequery-filter downstream CBL

cable l2-vpn xconnect backup force-switchover CBL

cable l2-vpn-service atm-vc CBL

cable l2-vpn-service default-nsi CBL

cable l2-vpn-service dot1q CBL

cable l2-vpn-service xconnect CBL

cable l2vpn CBL

cable linecard auto-rommon-downgrade CBL

cable linecard auto-rommon-upgrade CBL

cable linecard critical-event-poweroff CBL

cable load-balance d30-ggrp-default CBL

cable load-balance docsis-enable CBL

cable load-balance docsis-group CBL

cable load-balance docsis-policy CBL

cable load-balance docsis30-enable CBL

cable load-balance group CBL

cable load-balance group (Supporting Dynamic Channel Change) CBL

cable load-balance group (interface) CBL

cable load-balance group interval CBL

cable load-balance group policy CBL

cable load-balance group policy ugs CBL

cable load-balance group threshold CBL

cable load-balance group threshold (Supporting Dynamic Channel Change) CBL

cable load-balance modem max-failures CBL

cable load-balance restrict modem CBL

cable load-balance rule CBL

cable logging badipsource CBL

cable logging layer2events CBL

cable map-advance CBL

cable match address CBL

cable max-hosts CBL

cable metering data-per-session CBL

cable metering destination CBL

cable metering filesystem CBL

cable metering ipdr CBL

cable metering ipdr-d3 CBL

cable metering source-interface CBL

cable modem access-group CBL

cable modem change-frequency CBL

cable modem max-cpe CBL

cable modem max-hosts CBL

cable modem qos profile CBL

cable modem remote-query CBL

cable modem service-class-name CBL

cable modem vendor CBL

cable modulation-profile CBL

cable modulation-profile global-scheme CBL

cable monitor CBL

cable mrc-mode CBL

cable mtc-mode CBL

cable multicast auth enable default-action CBL

cable multicast auth profile-name CBL

cable multicast group-encryption CBL

cable multicast group-qos CBL

cable multicast group-qos default CBL

cable multicast mdf-disable CBL

cable multicast qos group CBL

cable multicast source CBL

cable power CBL

cable pre-equalization exclude CBL

cable primary-sflow-qos11 keep CBL

cable privacy CBL

cable privacy bpi-plus-enforce CBL

cable privacy bpi-plus-exclude CBL

cable privacy bpi-plus-policy CBL

cable privacy clone-detect CBL

cable privacy eae-exclude CBL

cable privacy eae-policy CBL

cable privacy encrypt-alg-priority CBL

cable privacy hotlist CBL

cable privacy kek CBL

cable privacy revocation crl skip-sig-check CBL

cable privacy revocation enable CBL

cable privacy revocation ocsp skip-sig-check CBL

cable privacy revocation skip-cm-cert CBL

cable privacy revocation timeout CBL

cable privacy tek CBL

cable proxy-arp CBL

cable qos enforce-rule CBL

cable qos permission CBL

cable qos pre-registration CBL

cable qos pro max-ds-burst CBL

cable rate-limit-algorithm min-plus-excess CBL

cable rcc-template CBL

cable rcp-control CBL

cable redundancy hashfilter CBL

cable redundancy myid CBL

cable redundancy node CBL

cable redundancy node frequency CBL

cable redundancy target CBL

cable redundancy threshold CBL

cable registration-timeout CBL

cable relay-agent-option CBL

cable rf-adapt timer CBL

cable rf-bandwidth-percent CBL

cable rf-change-dampen-time CBL

cable rf-change-trigger CBL

cable rf-channel CBL

cable rsvp default-scn CBL

cable service attribute ds-bonded downstream-type bonding-enabled CBL

cable service attribute non-ds-bonded downstream-type bonding-disabled CBL

cable service attribute non-ds-bonded legacy-ranging downstream-type CBL

cable service attribute voice-enabled CBL

cable service class CBL

cable service flow activity-timeout CBL

cable service flow inactivity-threshold CBL

cable service type CBL

cable service-flow inactivity-timeout CBL

cable set mpls-experimental CBL

cable sflog CBL

cable shared-secondary-secret CBL

cable shared-secret CBL

cable sid-cluster-group CBL

cable sid-cluster-switching CBL

cable source-route CBL

cable source-verify CBL

cable source-verify enable-sav-static CBL

cable source-verify group CBL

cable source-verify leasequery-filter downstream CBL

cable source-verify leasequery-filter upstream CBL

cable spectrum-group (global) CBL

cable spectrum-group (interface) CBL

cable spectrum-group hop period CBL

cable spectrum-group hop threshold CBL

cable spectrum-group shared CBL

cable submgmt default CBL

cable sync-interval CBL

cable tag CBL

cable telco-return enable CBL

cable telco-return interval CBL

cable telco-return registration-ip CBL

cable telco-return spd dhcp-authenticate CBL

cable telco-return spd dhcp-server CBL

cable telco-return spd dial-timer CBL

cable telco-return spd factory-default CBL

cable telco-return spd manual-dial CBL

cable telco-return spd password CBL

cable telco-return spd phonenum CBL

cable telco-return spd ppp-authenticate CBL

cable telco-return spd radius-realm CBL

cable telco-return spd service-provider CBL

cable telco-return spd threshold CBL

cable telco-return spd username CBL

cable tftp-enforce CBL

cable throttle-ranging CBL

cable time-server CBL

cable trust CBL

cable tx-power-headroom CBL

cable upstream active-codes CBL

cable upstream admission-control CBL

cable upstream attribute-mask CBL

cable upstream bonding-group CBL

cable upstream channel-width CBL

cable upstream codes-per-minislot CBL

cable upstream concatenation CBL

cable upstream connector CBL

cable upstream data-backoff CBL

cable upstream description CBL

cable upstream differential-encoding CBL

cable upstream docsis-mode CBL

cable upstream dpon CBL

cable upstream equalization-coefficient CBL

cable upstream equalization-error-recovery CBL

cable upstream ext-power CBL

cable upstream fec CBL

cable upstream fec-strength CBL

cable upstream fragment-force CBL

cable upstream fragmentation CBL

cable upstream freq-adj averaging CBL

cable upstream frequency CBL

cable upstream hop-priority CBL

cable upstream hopping blind CBL

cable upstream ingress-noise-cancellation CBL

cable upstream load-balance group CBL

cable upstream maintain-psd CBL

cable upstream max-channel-power-off CBL

cable upstream max-codes-per-subframe CBL

cable upstream max-interleave-step CBL

cable upstream max-logical-chans CBL

cable upstream max-ports CBL

cable upstream minislot-size CBL

cable upstream modulation-profile CBL

cable upstream power-adjust CBL

cable upstream power-level CBL

cable upstream qos wfq CBL

cable upstream range-backoff CBL

cable upstream ranging-init-technique CBL

cable upstream ranging-poll CBL

cable upstream rate-adapt (global) CBL

cable upstream rate-adapt (interface) CBL

cable upstream rate-limit CBL

cable upstream rate-limit-bwreq exempted-priority CBL

cable upstream rate-limit-ccf CBL

cable upstream resiliency CBL

cable upstream rf-adapt CBL

cable upstream rf-adapt (logical channel) CBL

cable upstream scheduling type CBL

cable upstream scrambler CBL

cable upstream shutdown CBL

cable upstream snr-polling CBL

cable upstream spectrum-group CBL

cable upstream spreading-interval CBL

cable upstream threshold CBL

cable upstream threshold hysteresis CBL

cable upstream threshold rf-adapt CBL

cable upstream timing-adjust CBL

cable upstream unfrag-slot-jitter CBL

cable util-interval CBL

cable vc-map CBL

cable vrf-steering cable-modem CBL

cable wideband auto-reset CBL

cable-detect VR

cable-modem compliant bridge CBL

cable-modem dhcp-proxy CBL

cable-modem downstream saved channel CBL

cable-modem fast-search CBL

cable-modem qos drop-ack CBL

cable-modem upstream preamble qpsk CBL

cable-modem voip best-effort CBL

cable-modem voip clock-internal CBL

cablelength IR

cablelength (E1 controller) IR

cablelength long IR

cablelength short IR

cabundle url SEC

cac master VR

cac-policy MWG

cac-policy-set SBCU

cac-policy-set (admin-domain) SBCU

cac-policy-set global SBCU

cac-scope SBCU

cac-table SBCU

cac_off VR

cache IPV6, NF

cache (Flexible NetFlow) FNF

cache (neighbor BE) VR

cache (session border controller) SBCU

cache authentication profile (server group configuration) SEC

cache authorization profile (server group configuration) SEC

cache clear age SEC

cache disable SEC

cache expiry (server group configuration) SEC

cache max SEC

cache refresh SEC

cache reload time (global application configuration mode) VR

cache-lifetime SBCU

cache-limit SBCU

cache-timeout NF

cadence VR

cadence-list VR

cadence-max-off-time VR

cadence-min-on-time VR

cadence-variation VR

calc-moscqe SBCU

calendar set BSM

call accounting-template VR

call accounting-template voice VR

call accounting-template voice reload VR

call admission limit BBA, SEC

call admission load BBA

call application alternate VR

call application cache reload time VR

call application dump event-log VR

call application event-log VR

call application event-log dump ftp VR

call application event-log error-only VR

call application event-log max-buffer-size VR

call application global VR

call application history session event-log save-exception-only VR

call application history session max-records VR

call application history session retain-timer VR

call application interface dump event-log VR

call application interface event-log VR

call application interface event-log dump ftp VR

call application interface event-log error-only VR

call application interface event-log max-buffer-size VR

call application interface max-server-records VR

call application interface stats VR

call application session start (global) VR

call application session start (privileged EXEC) VR

call application session stop VR

call application stats VR

call application voice VR

call application voice access-method VR

call application voice account-id-method VR

call application voice accounting enable VR

call application voice accounting-list VR

call application voice accounting-template VR

call application voice authen-list VR

call application voice authen-method VR

call application voice authentication enable VR

call application voice default disc-prog-ind-at-connect VR

call application voice dsn-script VR

call application voice event-log VR

call application voice fax-dtmf VR

call application voice global-password VR

call application voice language VR

call application voice load VR

call application voice mail-script VR

call application voice mode VR

call application voice pin-len VR

call application voice prompt VR

call application voice redirect-number VR

call application voice retry-count VR

call application voice security trusted VR

call application voice set-location VR

call application voice transfer mode VR

call application voice transfer reroute-mode VR

call application voice uid-length VR

call application voice voice-dtmf VR

call application voice warning-time VR

call fallback VR

call fallback active VR

call fallback cache-size VR

call fallback cache-timeout VR

call fallback expect-factor VR

call fallback icmp-ping VR

call fallback icmp-ping (dial peer) VR

call fallback instantaneous-value-weight VR

call fallback jitter-probe dscp VR

call fallback jitter-probe num-packets VR

call fallback jitter-probe precedence VR

call fallback jitter-probe priority-queue VR

call fallback key-chain VR

call fallback map address-list VR

call fallback map subnet VR

call fallback monitor VR

call fallback probe-timeout VR

call fallback reject-cause-code VR

call fallback threshold delay loss VR

call fallback threshold icpif VR

call fallback wait-timeout VR

call filter match-list VR

call forward all VR

call forward cancel VR

call guard-timer SEC

call history max VR

call language voice VR

call language voice load VR

call leg dump event-log VR

call leg event-log VR

call leg event-log dump ftp VR

call leg event-log errors-only VR

call leg event-log max-buffer-size VR

call leg history event-log save-exception-only VR

call preserve VR

call progress tone country DIA

call rscmon update-timer VR

call rsvp-sync VR

call rsvp-sync resv-timer VR

call service stop IPV6, VR

call spike VR

call start VR

call threshold global VR

call threshold interface VR

call threshold poll-interval VR

call treatment action VR

call treatment cause-code VR

call treatment isdn-reject VR

call treatment on VR

call-agent VR

call-block (dial peer) VR

call-forward-to-voicemail VR

call-history-mib VR

call-home (global configuration) HA

call-home request HA

call-home send HA

call-home send alert-group HA

call-home test HA

call-policy-set SBCU

call-policy-set (admin-domain) SBCU

call-policy-set default SBCU

call-route VR

call-router h323-annexg VR

call-routing hunt-scheme VR

call-type DIA

call-type cas DIA

call-waiting VR

callback forced-wait DIA

callback nodsr-wait DIA

called-number (dial peer) VR

called-number (modem pool) DIA

callee codec SBCU

callee inband-dtmf-mode SBCU

callee media bypass SBCU

callee media-description disabled SBCU

callee media-type SBCU

callee port-range-tag SBCU

callee ptime SBCU

callee secure-media SBCU

callee tel-event payload type SBCU

callee-bandwidth-field SBCU

callee-codec-list SBCU

callee-hold-setting SBCU

callee-inbound-policy SBCU

callee-media-caps SBCU

callee-outbound-policy SBCU

callee-privacy edit-privacy-request SBCU

callee-privacy privacy-service SBCU

callee-sig-qos-profile SBCU

callee-video-qos-profile SBCU

callee-voice-qos-profile SBCU

caller codec SBCU

caller inband-dtmf-mode SBCU

caller media bypass SBCU

caller media-description disabled SBCU

caller media-type SBCU

caller port-range-tag SBCU

caller ptime SBCU

caller secure-media SBCU

caller tel-event payload type SBCU

caller-bandwidth-field SBCU

caller-codec-list SBCU

caller-hold-setting SBCU

caller-id (dial peer) VR

caller-id alerting dsp-pre-alloc VR

caller-id alerting line-reversal VR

caller-id alerting pre-ring VR

caller-id alerting ring VR

caller-id attenuation VR

caller-id block VR

caller-id enable VR

caller-id mode VR

caller-inbound-policy SBCU

caller-media-caps SBCU

caller-number (dial peer) VR

caller-outbound-policy SBCU

caller-privacy edit-privacy-request SBCU

caller-privacy privacy-service SBCU

caller-sig-qos-profile SBCU

caller-video-qos-profile SBCU

caller-voice-qos-profile SBCU

calling-info pstn-to-sip VR

calling-info sip-to-pstn VR

calling-number outbound VR

calling-station-id SLB

calling-station-id format ISG

callmonitor VR

calltracker call-record DIA

calltracker enable DIA

calltracker history max-size DIA

calltracker history retain-mins DIA

calltracker timestamp DIA

cancel-call-waiting VR

cap-list vfc VR

capability lls OSPF

capability transit OSPF

capability vrf-lite OSPF

capacity update interval (dial peer) VR

capacity update interval (trunk group) VR

capf-address ipv4 SBCU

card IR

card type (T1-E1) IR, VR

card type (T3-E3) IR, VR

card type (T3/E3) ATM

carrier-delay IR

carrier-delay (tracking) IAP

carrier-id (dial peer) VR

carrier-id (global) VR

carrier-id (trunk group) VR

carrier-id (voice source group) VR

cas-custom DIA

cas-group (E1 controller) DIA

cas-group (T1 controller) DIA

category MWG

category (NA-) SBCU

category (ips) SEC

cause SBCU

cause-code VR

cbarge VR

cbr ATM

ccfh MWG

ccm-manager application redundant-link port VR

ccm-manager config VR

ccm-manager download-tones VR

ccm-manager fallback-mgcp VR

ccm-manager fax protocol VR

ccm-manager mgcp VR

ccm-manager music-on-hold VR

ccm-manager music-on-hold bind VR

ccm-manager redundant-host VR

ccm-manager sccp VR

ccm-manager sccp local VR

ccm-manager shut-backhaul-interfaces VR

ccm-manager shut-interfaces-tftp-fails VR

ccm-manager switchback VR

ccm-manager switchover-to-backup VR

ccs connect (controller) VR

ccs connect (interface) VR

ccs encap frf11 VR

cd CF

cdma pdsn a10 ahdlc engine MWP

cdma pdsn a10 ahdlc trailer MWP

cdma pdsn a10 always-on keepalive MWP

cdma pdsn a10 gre sequencing MWP

cdma pdsn a10 init-ppp-after-airlink-start airlink-start-timeout MWP

cdma pdsn a10 max-lifetime MWP

cdma pdsn a11 dormant ppp-idle-timeout send-termreq MWP

cdma pdsn a11 dormant sdb-indication gre-flags MWP

cdma pdsn a11 dormant sdb-indication match-qos-group MWP

cdma pdsn a11 mandate presence airlink-setup MWP

cdma pdsn a11 receive de-reg send-termreq MWP

cdma pdsn a11 reject airlink-start active MWP

cdma pdsn a11 reject airlink-stop dormant MWP

cdma pdsn a11 session-update MWP

cdma pdsn accounting local-timezone MWP

cdma pdsn accounting prepaid MWP

cdma pdsn accounting prepaid threshold MWP

cdma pdsn accounting send cdma-ip-tech MWP

cdma pdsn accounting send ipv6-flows MWP

cdma pdsn accounting send start-stop MWP

cdma pdsn accounting time-of-day MWP

cdma pdsn age-idle-users MWP

cdma pdsn attribute send MWP

cdma pdsn attribute send a3 MWP

cdma pdsn attribute send meid-optional MWP

cdma pdsn cluster controller MWP

cdma pdsn cluster controller closed-rp MWP

cdma pdsn cluster controller member periodic-update MWP

cdma pdsn cluster controller session-high MWP

cdma pdsn cluster controller session-low MWP

cdma pdsn cluster member MWP

cdma pdsn cluster member periodic-update MWP

cdma pdsn compliance MWP

cdma pdsn compliance iosv4.1 session-reference MWP

cdma pdsn debug show-conditions MWP

cdma pdsn failure-history MWP

cdma pdsn ingress-address-filtering MWP

cdma pdsn ipv6 IPV6, MWP

cdma pdsn maximum pcf MWP

cdma pdsn maximum sessions MWP

cdma pdsn mobile-advertisement-burst MWP

cdma pdsn msid-authentication MWP

cdma pdsn pcf default closed-rp MWP

cdma pdsn radius disconnect MWP

cdma pdsn redundancy MWP

cdma pdsn redundancy accounting send vsa swact MWP

cdma pdsn redundancy accounting update-periodic MWP

cdma pdsn retransmit a11-update MWP

cdma pdsn secure cluster MWP

cdma pdsn secure pcf MWP

cdma pdsn selection interface MWP

cdma pdsn selection keepalive MWP

cdma pdsn selection load-balancing MWP

cdma pdsn selection session-table-size MWP

cdma pdsn send-agent-adv MWP

cdma pdsn timeout MWP

cdma pdsn timeout mobile-ip-registration MWP

cdma pdsn virtual-template MWP

cdp advertise-v2 CDP

cdp enable CDP

cdp holdtime CDP

cdp log mismatch duplex CDP

cdp run CDP

cdp source-interface CDP

cdp timer CDP

cdp tlv CDP

cdp-url SEC

cdr SBCU

cdr alarm (XML Billing) SBCU

cdr path SBCU

cdr suppression MWG

cdr suppression prepaid MWG

cdr-format VR

cef table consistency-check IPV6, ISW

cef table download ISW

cef table output-chain build ISW

cef table rate-monitor-period ISW

cell-packing MP, WAN

cem IR

cem-group IR

certificate SEC

certificate reload IBM

ces ATM

ces aal1 clock ATM

ces aal1 service ATM

ces circuit ATM

ces dsx1 clock source ATM

ces dsx1 framing ATM

ces dsx1 lbo ATM

ces dsx1 linecode ATM

ces dsx1 loopback ATM

ces dsx1 signalmode robbedbit ATM

ces partial-fill ATM

ces pvc ATM

ces-cdv ATM

ces-clock VR

cfm encapsulation CE

cfm mep domain CE

cgma-agent VR

chain-validation SEC

chain-validation (ca-trustpool) SEC

channel WL

channel-group CBL, DIA, IR, VR

channel-group (interface) CE, IR

channel-id VR

channel-id (cable configuration file) CBL

channel-protocol IBM

channel-protocol (interface) IR

channelized IR

charging profile MWG

chat-script DIA

cifs-url-list SEC

cipher WAN

cipher-list WAN

cipherkey SEC

ciphervalue SEC

cisco (ips-auto-update) SEC

cisp enable SEC

citrix enabled SEC

class MP, WAN

class (DHCP) IAD

class (EtherSwitch) QOS

class (MPLS) MP

class (controller) DIA

class (map-list) WAN

class (policy-map) QOS

class arp-peruser QOS

class type control ISG

class type inspect IPV6, SEC

class type tag QOS

class type traffic ISG

class type urlfilter SEC

class-bundle QOS

class-int ATM

class-map MM, MP, QOS

class-map arp-peruser QOS

class-map type control ISG

class-map type inspect IPV6, SEC

class-map type multicast-flows IMC

class-map type traffic ISG

class-map type urlfilter SEC

class-map type waas WAN

class-range BBA

class-vc ATM

classname ISG

claw (backup) IBM

claw (primary) IBM

clear aaa cache filterserver acl SEC

clear aaa cache filterserver group SEC

clear aaa cache group SEC

clear aaa counters server sg MWG

clear aaa counters servers SEC

clear aaa local user fail-attempts SEC

clear aaa local user lockout SEC

clear access-list counters IPV6, SEC

clear access-template SEC

clear adjacency ISW

clear adjacency epoch ISW

clear aim IR

clear alps circuits IBM

clear alps counters IBM

clear appfw dns cache SEC

clear appletalk arp ATK

clear appletalk neighbor ATK

clear appletalk route ATK

clear appletalk traffic ATK

clear archive log config CF

clear arp interface IAD

clear arp-cache IAD

clear arp-cache counters ha IAD

clear ase signatures SEC

clear atm arp ATM

clear atm atm-vc ATM

clear atm signalling statistics ATM

clear atm vc ATM

clear authentication sessions SEC

clear backhaul-session-manager group stats VR

clear bgp ipv6 IPV6

clear bgp ipv6 dampening IPV6

clear bgp ipv6 external IPV6

clear bgp ipv6 flap-statistics IPV6

clear bgp ipv6 peer-group IPV6

clear bgp nsap BGP

clear bgp nsap dampening BGP

clear bgp nsap external BGP

clear bgp nsap flap-statistics BGP

clear bgp nsap peer-group BGP

clear bridge BR, IBM

clear bridge multicast BR, IBM

clear bridge-domain mac-table CE

clear cable admission control counters CBL

clear cable arp-filter CBL

clear cable dsg CBL

clear cable flap-list CBL

clear cable hop CBL

clear cable host CBL

clear cable ipc-stats CBL

clear cable load-balance CBL

clear cable logging CBL

clear cable modem attribute-masks CBL

clear cable modem cm-status CBL

clear cable modem counters CBL

clear cable modem delete CBL

clear cable modem flap-counters CBL

clear cable modem lock CBL

clear cable modem name CBL

clear cable modem rcs-counts CBL

clear cable modem reset CBL

clear cable modem service-type-id CBL

clear cable modem voice CBL

clear cable multicast statistics counter CBL

clear cable rf-status CBL

clear cable secondary-ip CBL

clear cable-diagnostics tdr IR

clear call admission statistics BBA

clear call application interface VR

clear call application stats VR

clear call fallback cache VR

clear call fallback stats VR

clear call threshold VR

clear call treatment stats VR

clear call voice VR

clear call-router routes VR

clear callmon VR

clear catalyst6000 traffic-meter CF, IR

clear cdma pdsn cluster controller session records age MWP

clear cdma pdsn cluster controller statistics MWP

clear cdma pdsn cluster member statistics MWP

clear cdma pdsn redundancy statistics MWP

clear cdma pdsn selection MWP

clear cdma pdsn session MWP

clear cdma pdsn statistics MWP

clear cdp counters CDP

clear cdp table CDP

clear cef interface ISW

clear cef linecard ISW

clear cef load-balance statistics ISW

clear cef table IPV6, ISW

clear cem IR

clear class-map control ISG

clear clns cache ISO

clear clns es-neighbors ISO

clear clns is-neighbors ISO

clear clns neighbors ISO

clear clns route ISO

clear clns traffic ISO

clear cns config stats CDP

clear cns counters CDP

clear cns event stats CDP

clear cns image connections CDP

clear cns image status CDP

clear configuration lock CF

clear content-scan statistics SEC

clear control-plane QOS

clear controller IR

clear controller call-counters VR

clear controller lex IR

clear controller t1 VR

clear controller vdsl IR

clear controller wanphy IR

clear cot summary DIA

clear counters IR

clear counters (async) DIA

clear counters line DIA

clear crypto call admission statistics SEC

clear crypto ctcp SEC

clear crypto datapath SEC

clear crypto engine accelerator counter SEC

clear crypto gdoi SEC

clear crypto gdoi ks cooperative role SEC

clear crypto ikev2 sa IPV6, SEC

clear crypto ikev2 stat SEC

clear crypto ipsec client ezvpn SEC

clear crypto isakmp SEC

clear crypto pki benchmarks SEC

clear crypto pki crls SEC

clear crypto sa SEC

clear crypto session SEC

clear csm-statistics modem VR

clear csm-statistics voice VR

clear data-store statistics MWG

clear decnet accounting DEC

clear decnet counters DEC

clear diagnostic event-log CF, IR

clear dialer DIA

clear dialer dnis DIA

clear dialer sessions DIA

clear dlsw circuit IBM

clear dlsw history BR, IBM

clear dlsw local-circuit BR, IBM

clear dlsw reachability IBM

clear dlsw statistics IBM

clear dlsw transparent BR, IBM

clear dmvpn session IPV6, SEC

clear dmvpn statistics SEC

clear dot11 client WL

clear dot11 hold-list WL

clear dot11 statistics WL

clear dot1x SEC

clear drip counters BR, IBM

clear dsip tracing DIA, IR

clear eap SEC

clear eigrp address-family neighbors EIGRP, IPV6

clear eigrp service-family SAF

clear entry TSV

clear eou SEC

clear ethernet cfm ais CE

clear ethernet cfm errors CE

clear ethernet cfm maintenance-points remote CE

clear ethernet cfm statistics CE

clear ethernet cfm traceroute-cache CE

clear ethernet lmi statistics CE

clear ethernet oam statistics CE

clear ethernet ring g8032 statistics CE

clear ethernet service instance CE

clear extended counters IBM

clear facility-alarm CBL, IR

clear flow exporter FNF

clear flow monitor FNF

clear fm netflow counters NF

clear fm performance-monitor counters MM

clear fm slb counters SLB

clear frame-relay-inarp IPV6, WAN

clear ggsn quota-server statistics MWG

clear gprs access-point statistics MWG

clear gprs charging cdr MWG

clear gprs charging cdr all no-transfer MWG

clear gprs gtp pdp-context MWG

clear gprs gtp statistics MWG

clear gprs iscsi statistics MWG

clear gprs redundancy statistics MWG

clear gprs service-aware statistics MWG

clear gprs slb statistics MWG

clear gprs statistics all MWG

clear gvrp statistics LSW

clear h323 gatekeeper call VR

clear h323 gatekeeper endpoint VR

clear h323 gatekeeper stats VR

clear h323 gateway VR

clear hccp counters CBL

clear hccp linecard CBL

clear host IAD

clear http client statistics VR

clear hub IR

clear hub counters IR

clear interface IR

clear interface cable-modem VR

clear interface cem IR

clear interface fastethernet IR

clear interface gigabitethernet IR

clear interface serial IR

clear interface virtual-access DIA

clear interface vlan IR

clear ip access-list counters IPV6, SEC

clear ip access-template SEC

clear ip accounting IAP

clear ip admission cache SEC

clear ip arp inspection log IAD

clear ip arp inspection statistics IAD

clear ip audit configuration SEC

clear ip audit statistics SEC

clear ip auth-proxy cache SEC

clear ip auth-proxy watch-list SEC

clear ip bgp BGP

clear ip bgp dampening BGP

clear ip bgp external BGP

clear ip bgp flap-statistics BGP

clear ip bgp ipv4 BGP

clear ip bgp ipv6 BGP

clear ip bgp l2vpn BGP

clear ip bgp peer-group BGP

clear ip bgp rpki server BGP

clear ip bgp table-map BGP

clear ip bgp topology MTR

clear ip bgp update-group BGP

clear ip bgp vpnv4 BGP

clear ip bgp vpnv4 unicast dampening BGP

clear ip bgp vpnv6 BGP

clear ip bgp vpnv6 unicast dampening BGP

clear ip cache ISW

clear ip cef epoch ISW

clear ip cef epoch full ISW

clear ip cef event-log ISW

clear ip cef inconsistency ISW

clear ip cef prefix-statistics ISW

clear ip cgmp IMC

clear ip dhcp binding IAD

clear ip dhcp conflict IAD

clear ip dhcp limit lease IAD

clear ip dhcp server statistics IAD

clear ip dhcp snooping binding IAD

clear ip dhcp snooping database statistics IAD

clear ip dhcp snooping statistics IAD

clear ip dhcp subnet IAD

clear ip dvmrp route IMC

clear ip eigrp neighbors EIGRP

clear ip eigrp topology MTR

clear ip eigrp vrf neighbors EIGRP

clear ip flow stats NF

clear ip http client cache CF

clear ip http client cookie BBA, HTTP

clear ip icmp rate-limit IAP

clear ip igmp group IMC

clear ip igmp snooping filter statistics IMC

clear ip igmp snooping statistics IMC

clear ip inspect ha SEC

clear ip inspect session SEC

clear ip interface MTR

clear ip ips configuration SEC

clear ip ips statistics SEC

clear ip iscsi statistics MWG

clear ip mds ISW

clear ip mds linecard ISW

clear ip mfib counters IMC

clear ip mobile binding IMO, MWH

clear ip mobile host-counters IMO, MWH

clear ip mobile router agent IMO

clear ip mobile router registration IMO

clear ip mobile router traffic IMO

clear ip mobile secure IMO, MWH

clear ip mobile traffic IMO, MWH

clear ip mobile visitor IMO, MWP

clear ip mrm status-report IMC

clear ip mroute IMC

clear ip msdp peer IMC

clear ip msdp sa-cache IMC

clear ip msdp statistics IMC

clear ip multicast limit IMC

clear ip multicast redundancy statistics IMC

clear ip nat translation IAD

clear ip nbar QOS

clear ip nbar protocol-discovery QOS

clear ip nhrp IAD

clear ip ospf OSPF

clear ip ospf force-spf OSPF

clear ip ospf traffic OSPF

clear ip pgm host IMC

clear ip pgm router IMC

clear ip pim interface count IMC

clear ip pim rp-mapping IMC

clear ip pim snooping statistics IMC

clear ip pim snooping vlan IMC

clear ip prefix-list BGP

clear ip route IAD

clear ip route dhcp IAD

clear ip route download DIA

clear ip route multicast MTR

clear ip route topology MTR

clear ip route vrf MP

clear ip rsvp authentication QOS

clear ip rsvp counters QOS

clear ip rsvp hello bfd MP

clear ip rsvp hello instance counters MP, QOS

clear ip rsvp hello instance statistics MP, QOS

clear ip rsvp hello statistics MP, QOS

clear ip rsvp high-availability counters HA, QOS

clear ip rsvp msg-pacing MP, QOS

clear ip rsvp reservation QOS

clear ip rsvp sender QOS

clear ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair statistics QOS

clear ip rsvp signalling rate-limit QOS

clear ip rsvp signalling refresh reduction QOS

clear ip rtp header-compression IMC

clear ip sap IMC

clear ip sctp statistics IAP

clear ip sdee SEC

clear ip slb connections SLB

clear ip slb counters SLB

clear ip slb sessions SLB

clear ip slb sticky asn msid SLB

clear ip slb sticky gtp imsi SLB

clear ip slb sticky radius SLB

clear ip snat sessions IAD

clear ip snat translation distributed IAD

clear ip snat translation peer IAD

clear ip subscriber ISG

clear ip tcp header-compression IAP

clear ip traffic IAP, ISW

clear ip traffic (MTR) MTR

clear ip translation peer IAD

clear ip trigger-authentication SEC

clear ip urlfilter cache SEC

clear ip wccp IAP

clear ipc statistics IR

clear ipv6 access-list IPV6, SEC

clear ipv6 dhcp IPV6

clear ipv6 dhcp binding IPV6

clear ipv6 dhcp client IPV6

clear ipv6 dhcp conflict IPV6

clear ipv6 dhcp relay binding IPV6

clear ipv6 eigrp EIGRP, IPV6

clear ipv6 flow stats IPV6

clear ipv6 inspect IPV6, SEC

clear ipv6 mfib counters IPV6

clear ipv6 mld counters IPV6

clear ipv6 mld traffic IPV6

clear ipv6 mobile binding IPV6

clear ipv6 mobile home-agents IPV6

clear ipv6 mobile pmipv6 lma IMO

clear ipv6 mobile pmipv6 mag IMO

clear ipv6 mobile traffic IPV6

clear ipv6 mtu IPV6

clear ipv6 multicast aaa authorization IPV6

clear ipv6 nat translation IPV6

clear ipv6 neighbors IPV6

clear ipv6 nhrp IPV6

clear ipv6 ospf IPV6

clear ipv6 ospf counters IPV6

clear ipv6 ospf events IPV6

clear ipv6 ospf traffic OSPF

clear ipv6 pim counters IPV6

clear ipv6 pim limit IPV6

clear ipv6 pim reset IPV6

clear ipv6 pim topology IPV6

clear ipv6 pim traffic IPV6

clear ipv6 prefix-list IPV6

clear ipv6 rip IPV6

clear ipv6 route IPV6

clear ipv6 snooping counters IPV6, SEC

clear ipv6 spd IPV6

clear ipv6 traffic IPV6

clear ipv6 wccp IPV6

clear isis lsp-full IRS

clear isis rib redistribution IRS

clear issu state HA

clear kerberos creds SEC

clear l2tp VPD

clear l2tp counters session VPD

clear l2tp counters tunnel VPD

clear l2tun WAN

clear l2tun counters WAN

clear l2tun counters tunnel l2tp WAN

clear lacp counters IR

clear lane le-arp ATM

clear lane server ATM

clear ldap server SEC

clear license agent CSA

clear line DIA

clear line async-queue DIA

clear lldp CE

clear logging CF

clear logging ip access-list cache IAD, SEC

clear logging system CF

clear logging xml CF

clear mac-address-table LSW

clear mediatrace incomplete-sessions MM

clear memory low-water-mark CF

clear mgcp src-stats VR

clear mgcp statistics VR

clear mls acl counters IAP

clear mls cef ip accounting per-prefix ISW

clear mls cef ipv6 accounting per-prefix IPV6

clear mls ip multicast bidir-rpcache IMC

clear mls ip multicast group IMC

clear mls ip multicast statistics IMC

clear mls nde flow counters NF

clear mls netflow NF

clear mls qos QOS

clear mls statistics CF

clear modem DIA

clear modem counters DIA

clear modem log DIA

clear modempool-counters DIA

clear mpf interface BBA

clear mpf punt BBA

clear mpls counters MP

clear mpls ip iprm counters MP

clear mpls ldp checkpoint MP

clear mpls ldp neighbor MP

clear mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers MP

clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup MP

clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup tunnel MP

clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh MP

clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh tunnel MP

clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary MP

clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary tunnel MP

clear mpls traffic-eng tunnel counters MP

clear mpoa client cache ATM

clear mpoa server cache ATM

clear mrcp client statistics VR

clear mvr counters IR, LSW

clear mvrp statistics LSW

clear nat64 ha statistics IAD

clear nat64 statistics IAD

clear nat64 translation IAD

clear ncia circuit IBM

clear ncia client IBM

clear ncia client registered IBM

clear netbios-cache BR, IBM

clear netconf CNS

clear oer api OER

clear oer border OER

clear oer master OER

clear oer master appl tcp OER

clear oer master border OER

clear oer master prefix OER

clear oer master traffic-class OER

clear oer master traffic-class application nbar OER

clear ospfv3 counters IPV6

clear ospfv3 force-spf IPV6

clear ospfv3 process IPV6

clear ospfv3 redistribution IPV6

clear ospfv3 traffic IPV6

clear otv arp-nd WAN

clear otv isis WAN

clear otv isis lspfull WAN

clear otv isis neighbors WAN

clear otv isis rib WAN

clear packetcable gate counter commit CBL

clear packetcable rks CBL

clear pagp LSW

clear parameter-map type protocol-info SEC

clear parser cache CF

clear parser statistics CF

clear pfr border PFR

clear pfr master PFR

clear pfr master border PFR

clear pfr master export statistics PFR

clear pfr master prefix PFR

clear pfr master traffic-class PFR

clear pfr master traffic-class application nbar PFR

clear platform hardware capacity rewrite-engine counter BSM

clear platform hardware qfp active feature sbc sfx SBCU

clear platform netint CF, IR

clear platform software wccp IAP, SBCU

clear policy-firewall SEC

clear policy-firewall stats global SEC

clear policy-firewall stats vrf SEC

clear policy-firewall stats vrf global SEC

clear policy-firewall stats zone SEC

clear port DIA

clear port log DIA

clear port-security SEC

clear ppp mux MWR

clear ppp subscriber statistics BBA

clear pppatm interface atm ATM, BBA

clear pppatm statistics BBA

clear pppoe BBA

clear pppoe derived BBA

clear pppoe relay context BBA

clear pppoe statistics BBA

clear processes interrupt mask CF

clear pw-udp vc MP

clear pxf CBL, ISW

clear pxf statistics drl cable-wan-ip CBL

clear pxf statistics drl wan-non-ip CBL

clear radius SEC

clear radius local-server SEC, WL

clear radius-proxy client ISG

clear radius-proxy session ISG

clear rbscp IR

clear record-storage-module stats MWG

clear redundancy CBL

clear resource-pool DIA

clear rif-cache BR, IBM

clear rlm group VR

clear router-guard ip multicast statistics IMC

clear rpms-proc counters VR

clear rudpv0 statistics VR

clear rudpv1 statistics VR

clear sampler FNF

clear sbc SBCU

clear sbc dbe media-stats SBCU

clear sbc dbe media-stats (session border controller) SBCU

clear sbc sbe adjacency statistics SBCU

clear sbc sbe blacklist SBCU

clear sbc sbe cac-policy-set-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe cac-rejection-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe call SBCU

clear sbc sbe call-policy-set-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe call-rate-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe call-rejection-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe call-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe policy-failure-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe policy-rejection-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe radius-client SBCU

clear sbc sbe radius-client-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe script-set-stats SBCU

clear sbc sbe sip statistics SBCU

clear sbc sbe sip subscriber aor SBCU

clear sbc sbe statistics SBCU

clear sbc sbe transcoding-stats SBCU

clear sccp server statistics VR

clear scp accounting CF

clear sctp statistics IAP

clear sdspfarm counters VR

clear service-group traffic-stats QOS

clear service-module serial IR

clear service-routing capabilities-manager SAF

clear service-routing xmcp client SAF

clear sgcp statistics VR

clear sip-ua statistics VR

clear sip-ua tcp connection VR

clear sip-ua tcp tls connection VR

clear sip-ua udp connection VR

clear smrp mcache ATK

clear snapshot quiet-time DIA

clear sockets IAP

clear source-bridge BR, IBM

clear spanning-tree detected-protocol LSW

clear spe DIA

clear spe counters DIA

clear spe log DIA

clear ss7 sm-stats VR

clear sse BR, IBM

clear ssg connection SSG

clear ssg host SSG

clear ssg next-hop SSG

clear ssg open-garden SSG

clear ssg pass-through-filter SSG

clear ssg pending-command SSG

clear ssg prepaid default-quota SSG

clear ssg radius-proxy client-address SSG

clear ssg radius-proxy nas-address SSG

clear ssg service SSG

clear ssg user transparent all SSG

clear ssg user transparent passthrough SSG

clear ssg user transparent suspect SSG

clear ssg user transparent unidentified SSG

clear statistics dial-peer voice VR

clear stcapp statistics VR

clear subscriber policy dpm statistics ISG

clear subscriber policy peer ISG

clear subscriber policy peer session ISG

clear subscriber trace history ISG

clear subscription VR

clear tarp counters ISO

clear tarp ldb-table ISO

clear tarp tid-table ISO

clear tcp CF

clear tcp statistics IAP

clear tgrep counters VR

clear tgrep neighbor VR

clear time-range ipc IAP

clear top counters interface report IR

clear vlan LSW

clear vlan counters CF, LSW

clear vlan mapping LSW

clear vlan statistics BR, IBM, LSW

clear voice accounting method VR

clear voice dsp VR

clear voice statistics VR

clear vpdn counters VPD

clear vpdn dead-cache VPD

clear vpdn history failure VPD

clear vpdn redirect VPD

clear vpdn tunnel VPD

clear vpdn tunnel pppoe WAN

clear vsp statistics VR

clear vtemplate redundancy counters VPD

clear vtp counters LSW

clear waas WAN

clear wccp IAP

clear webvpn nbns SEC

clear webvpn session SEC

clear webvpn stats SEC

clear wsma agent WSMA

clear wsma profile WSMA

clear x25 WAN

clear xconnect MP

clear xot WAN

clear xsm SEC

clear zone-pair SEC

cli TCL

cli (cns) CNS

clid SEC, VR

clid (dial peer) VR

clid (voice service voip) VR

clid group DIA

clid strip VR

clid strip reason VR

client ISG, SEC

client (ISG RADIUS proxy) ISG

client (XMCP) SAF

client (virtual server) SLB

client authentication list SEC

client configuration address SEC

client configuration group SEC

client connect SEC

client inside SEC

client ip IBM

client ip lu IBM

client ip pool IBM

client lu maximum IBM

client pki authorization list SEC

client pool IBM

client rekey encryption SEC

client rekey hash SEC

client transform-sets SEC

client unauthenticated (XMCP) SAF

client-address SSG

client-atm-address name ATM

client-identifier IAD

client-name IAD

clns access-group ISO

clns adjacency-filter ISO

clns cache-invalidate-delay ISO

clns checksum ISO

clns cluster-alias ISO

clns configuration-time ISO

clns congestion-threshold ISO

clns dec-compatible ISO

clns enable ISO

clns erpdu-interval ISO

clns es-neighbor ISO

clns esct-time ISO

clns filter-expr ISO

clns filter-set ISO

clns holding-time ISO

clns host ISO

clns is-neighbor ISO

clns mtu ISO

clns net (global) ISO

clns packet-lifetime ISO

clns rdpdu-interval ISO

clns route (create) ISO

clns route (enter) ISO

clns route default ISO

clns route default discard ISO

clns route discard ISO

clns route-cache ISO

clns router isis ISO

clns router iso-igrp ISO

clns routing ISO

clns security pass-through ISO

clns send-erpdu ISO

clns send-rdpdu ISO

clns split-horizon ISO

clns template-alias ISO

clns want-erpdu ISO

clock CF, IR

clock calendar-valid BSM

clock destination CE, IR

clock initialize nvram CF

clock mode IR