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Feature Information for Cisco UBE Management

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Feature Information for Cisco UBE Management

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Feature Information for Cisco UBE Management

Feature Information for Cisco UBE Management

Table 1 lists the release history for this chapter.

Use Cisco Feature Navigator to find information about platform support and software image support. Cisco Feature Navigator enables you to determine which software images support a specific software release, feature set, or platform. To access Cisco Feature Navigator, go to An account on is not required.

Note Table 1 lists only the Cisco IOS software release that introduced support for a given feature in a given software release train. Unless noted otherwise, subsequent releases of that software release train also support that feature.

Table 1 Feature Information for Cisco UBE Management Features 

Feature Name
Feature Information

Clearable SIP-UA Statistics

Cisco IOS XE Release 2.5

The Clearable SIP-US Statistics feature adds MIB support.

No commands or configurations were introduced or modified in this release.

Stateful Switchover Between Redundancy Paired Intra or Inter-box Devices

Cisco IOS XE Release 3.2S

Provides protection for network edge devices with dual Route Processors (RPs) that represent a single point of failure in the network design, and where an outage might result in loss of service for customers.

The following commands were introduced or modified: None.

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