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FHRP - GLBP Client Cache

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FHRP—GLBP Client Cache

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FHRP—GLBP Client Cache

Configuration Information

Command Reference Information

Master Commands Lists

FHRP—GLBP Client Cache

The GLBP client cache contains information about network hosts that are using a GLBP group as the default gateway.

When an IPv4 ARP request or an IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND) request for a GLBP virtual IP address is received from a network host by a GLBP group's Active Virtual Gateway (AVG), a new entry is created in the GLBP client cache. The cache entry contains information about the host that sent the ARP or ND request and which forwarder the AVG has assigned to it.

The GLBP client cache stores the MAC address of each host that is using a particular GLBP group, the number of the GLBP forwarder that each network host has been assigned to and the total number of network hosts currently assigned to each forwarder in a GLBP group. The GLBP client cache also stores the protocol address used by each network host and the time elapsed since the host-to-forwarder assignment was last updated.

You can display the contents of the GLBP client cache using the show glbp detail command.

Configuration Information

Configuration information is included in the "Configuring GLBP" module of the Cisco IOS IP Application Services Configuration Guide, Release 12.4T at the following URL:

The following sections provide information about this feature:

GLBP Client Cache

Customizing GLBP

For a complete list of features included in the "Configuring GLBP" module, see the Feature Information Table located toward the end of the module.

Command Reference Information

Release 12.4T

The following commands are new or modified for this feature:

glbp client-cache maximum

show glbp

Detailed information about these commands is included in the Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference, Release 12.4T, at the following URL:

Master Commands Lists

Cisco IOS master commands lists provide an alphabetical list of all Cisco IOS commands in a Cisco IOS release.

Cisco IOS new, modified, removed, and replaced commands lists provide an alphabetized list of all new, modified, removed, and replaced commands in a Cisco IOS release.

Release 12.4T

Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.4T, at the following URL:

Cisco IOS New, Modified, Removed, and Replaced Commands List, Release 12.4T, at the following URL:

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