Cisco IOS Voice, Video, and Fax Command Reference, Release 12.2
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Table Of Contents

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<cr>     xv

? command     xiv


AAA account identification

off-ramp fax location, specifying     VR-472, VR-474

AAA accounting services

off-ramp fax service, enabling     VR-470 to  VR-471

on-ramp fax service, enabling     VR-464

AAA authentication services

enabling on-ramp     VR-465

aaa nas port voip command     VR-2

ABCD signaling

OOS bit patterns, defining     VR-876


overloaded Acct-Session-Id field     VR-353

syslog messages     VR-356

vendor-specific RADIUS attributes     VR-355

acc-qos command     VR-3

alarm-trigger command     VR-5


SMTP off-ramp fax host name, specifying     VR-483

alias static command     VR-7

alt-dial command     VR-9

answer-address command     VR-10

application command     VR-12

arq reject-unknown-prefix command     VR-14

as command     VR-16

asp command     VR-19

ASR (application-specific routing)

proxy bandwidth maximum, specifying     VR-360

ATM interface NSAP addresses, displaying     VR-649

atm scramble-enable command     VR-22

atm video aesa command     VR-23

audio-prompt load command     VR-25

auto-cut-through command     VR-26


backhaul-session-manager command     VR-27

bandwidth command     VR-29

bandwidth remote command     VR-31

battery-reversal command     VR-32

block-caller command     VR-34

Blue Alarm

See DS1 links, shutting down

busyout forced command     VR-36

busyout monitor command     VR-38

busyout monitor probe command     VR-41

busyout seize command     VR-43


cac master command     VR-46

cadence-list command     VR-47

cadence-max-off-time command     VR-49

cadence-min-on-time command     VR-50

cadence-variation command     VR-51

call application cache reload time command     VR-52

call application voice access-method command     VR-55

call application voice accounting enable command     VR-57

call application voice accounting-list command     VR-58

call application voice authen-list command     VR-59

call application voice authen-method command     VR-61

call application voice authentication enable command     VR-63

call application voice command     VR-53

call application voice global-password command     VR-64

call application voice language command     VR-65

call application voice load command     VR-68

call application voice pin-len command     VR-69

call application voice redirect-number command     VR-72

call application voice retry-count command     VR-75

call application voice set-location command     VR-78

call application voice uid-len command     VR-81

call application voice uid-length command     VR-81

call application voice warning-time command     VR-84

call completion without M-lead response, enabling     VR-26

called-number dial-peer configuration command     VR-114

caller-id alerting dsp-pre-alloc command     VR-118

caller-id alerting line-reversal command     VR-120

caller-id alerting pre-ring command     VR-122

caller-id alerting ring command     VR-124

caller-id attenuation command     VR-126

caller-id block command     VR-127

Caller ID Call Blocking, configuring     VR-34

caller-id command     VR-116

caller-id enable command     VR-129

call fallback

configuration, displaying     VR-668

statistics, displaying     VR-669

call fallback active command     VR-87

call fallback cache-size command     VR-89

call fallback instantaneous-value-weight command     VR-92

call fallback jitter-probe num-packets command     VR-94

call fallback jitter-probe precedence command     VR-96

call fallback jitter-probe priority-queue command     VR-97

call fallback key-chain command     VR-99

call fallback map target address-list command     VR-100

call fallback map target subnet command     VR-102

call fallback monitor command     VR-104

call fallback probe-timeout command     VR-105

call fallback threshold delay loss command     VR-106

call fallback threshold icpif command     VR-108

calling-number outbound command     VR-131

call rsvp-sync command     VR-110

call rsvp-sync resv-timer command     VR-111


authorization, forcing     VR-618

blocking new     VR-438

called party number translation rules, applying     VR-588

call history table attributes, specifying     VR-247

calling party number translation rules, applying     VR-588

Cisco 800 series router CSM status, displaying     VR-753

country-specific defaults, configuring     VR-529

digits to forward for voice, specifying     VR-324

disconecting     VR-941

disconnect notification, configuring     VR-533

H.323 connect procedures, forcing     VR-361

H.323 proxy calls, displaying     VR-758, VR-759

idle state timing parameter, configuring     VR-882

POTS dial peer call leg digits, stripping     VR-258

session protocol on packet network, selecting     VR-601

VoFR session protocol on packet network, selecting     VR-603

voice and fax active call information, displaying     VR-655

calls, video

configuring     VR-252

history, displaying     VR-679

statistics, displaying     VR-678

status summary, displaying     VR-821

call start command     VR-112

call-waiting command     VR-113

cap-list vfc command     VR-133

card type command     VR-134

carriage return (<cr>)     xv

CAs (certificate authorities)

root, specifying     VR-999

CAS (channel-associated signalling)

state, displaying     VR-695

cautions, usage in text     x

ccm-manager application redundant-link port command     VR-135

ccm-manager mgcp command     VR-136

ccm-manager redundant-host command     VR-137

ccm-manager switchback command     VR-138

ccs connect (controller) command     VR-139, VR-141

ccs encap frf11 command     VR-143

CDAPI (Call Distributor Application Programming Interface)

registered applications, displaying     VR-688

CES (circuit emulation service)

ATM encapsulation, enabling     VR-294

ATM PVC, mapping to     VR-148

cell-loss integration period, setting     VR-144

clock, setting     VR-146

clocking signals, specifying     VR-187

receive buffer, configuring     VR-150

structured type, configuring     VR-154

synchronous clock mode, setting     VR-147

transmit buffer, configuring     VR-152

ces cell-loss-integration-period command     VR-144

ces-clock command     VR-146

ces clockmode synchronous command     VR-147

ces connect command     VR-148

ces initial-delay command     VR-150

ces max-buf-size command     VR-152

ces service command     VR-154

Cisco 800 series routers

telephone port characteristics, displaying     VR-754

Cisco IOS configuration changes, saving     xviii

Cisco MC3810 universal concentrator

ATM scrambling on E1, enabling     VR-22

PCM signal companding standard, selecting     VR-206

CiscoSecure for Windows NT

password, defining     VR-459

clear backhaul-session-manager group command     VR-156

clear call fallback cache command     VR-157

clear call fallback stats command     VR-158

clear controllers call-counters command     VR-159

clear csm-statistics command     VR-174, VR-175

clear h323 gatekeeper call command     VR-176

clear ip sctp statistics     VR-178

clear mgcp statistics command     VR-179

clear rlm group command     VR-180

clear rudpv0 statistics command     VR-182

clear rudpv1 statistics command     VR-183

clear sgcp statistics command     VR-184

clear ss7 sm stats command     VR-185

clear voice port command     VR-186

clock-select command     VR-187

codec (dial-peer) command     VR-188

codec (dsp) command     VR-195

codec (voice-port) command     VR-197

See codec (dial-peer) command

codec aal2-profile command     VR-198

codec complexity command     VR-200

codec preference command     VR-202


configuring     VR-440

digits on compressed, forwarding     VR-443

list of preferred     VR-202

local video serial interface location, specifying     VR-526

pass-through analog data, enabling     VR-447

selection preference list, assigning     VR-1034, VR-1039

video ATM dial peer, defining     VR-252

voice coder rate of speech, specifying     VR-188

comfort-noise command     VR-205

command modes, understanding     xiii to  xiv


context-sensitive help for abbreviating     xiv

default form, using     xvii

no form, using     xvii

command syntax

conventions     ix

displaying (example)     xv

compand-type command     VR-206

condition command     VR-207

configurations, saving     xviii

connect (atm) command     VR-209

connect (drop-and-insert) command     VR-211

connect (global) command     VR-213

connect command     VR-211

connection command     VR-215


ATM T1 and E1, defining     VR-209

drop-and-insert statistics, displaying     VR-691

T1 and E1 TDM cross-connect

configuring slots     VR-935

defining     VR-211

timeout, configuring     VR-219

voice port, specifying     VR-215

connection-timeout command     VR-219

connect voice command     VR-214

copy flash vfc command     VR-221

copy tftp vfc command     VR-222

cptone command     VR-223

cross-connect command     VR-228

CSI (called subscriber identifier)

fax, defining     VR-308

CSM (call switching module)


clearing     VR-174 to  VR-175

displaying     VR-701

customer-id command     VR-230


default     VR-234

default command     VR-234

default-file vfc command     VR-235

define command     VR-236

delete vfc command     VR-238

description (dspfarm) command     VR-240

description command     VR-239

destination-pattern (interface) command     VR-244

destination-pattern (ISDN) command     VR-244

destination-pattern command     VR-241

detect v54 channel-group command     VR-245

device-id command     VR-246

dial-control-mib command     VR-247


delayed, wink pulse duration     VR-977

dial-peer hunt command     VR-248

dial peers

alternate dial-out string     VR-9

application, enabling     VR-12

association with telephone number, displaying     VR-716

ATM video NSAP address, specifying     VR-505

call leg numbering type, selecting     VR-508

configuration, displaying     VR-708

fax relay VoIP ECM, disabling     VR-309

fax transmission rate, establishing     VR-306

FRF.11 Annex A frames, generating     VR-283

hunting, disabling when call fails     VR-377

hunting after user-busy diconnect, configuring     VR-1049

hunt selection order, specifying     VR-248

information digits, specifying     VR-390

information type, selecting     VR-391

maximum connections, specifying     VR-431

maximum redirect servers, setting     VR-435

Modem Passthrough over VoIP, configuring     VR-479

network-specific address, specifying     VR-607, VR-610

packet priority (IP Precedence), setting     VR-396

roaming capability, enabling     VR-584

shutting down     VR-864

signal type, selecting     VR-896

technology prefix, specifying     VR-937

video configuration, displaying     VR-708

voice configuration, displaying     VR-709

VoIP fax protocol, specifying     VR-302, VR-304

VoIP H.225 TCP timeout value, setting     VR-359

VoIP network-specific address, specifying     VR-613

VoIP poor voice quality notifications, generating     VR-901

dial-peer terminator command     VR-250

dial-peer video command     VR-252

dial-peer voice command     VR-253

dial-type command     VR-256

DID (direct inward dial) call treatment, enabling     VR-261

digit-strip command     VR-258

direct-inward-dial command     VR-261

disc_pi_off command     VR-262

disconnect-ack command     VR-263


conventions     ix

feedback, providing     xi

modules     v to  vii

online, accessing     x

ordering     xi

Documentation CD-ROM     x

documents and resources, supporting     viii

ds0 busyout command     VR-264

ds0-group command     VR-266, VR-555

DS0 groups

cross connecting     VR-228

DTMF inter-digit timer, configuring     VR-285

DS0 high water marks, clearing     VR-159

DS0 timeslot

busyout state, forcing     VR-264

logical voice ports, specifying     VR-266

DS1 links, shutting down     VR-865

DSN (delivery status notice)

delivery options, configuring     VR-277

dsn command     VR-277

DSP (digital signal processor)

busy out test     VR-957

enabling     VR-280

interface, description     VR-239, VR-240

playout buffers, tuning     VR-513, VR-517

playout delay mode, selecting     VR-519, VR-521

reset test     VR-959

resetting     VR-566

restore activity test     VR-960, VR-962

shutting down     VR-863

statistics, displaying     VR-737

VFC summary, displaying     VR-852, VR-855

VoFR frame sequence numbers, generating     VR-592

voice channel status, displaying     VR-824, VR-828

dspint dspfarm command     VR-280

dtmf-relay (Voice over Frame Relay) command     VR-283

dtmf-relay (Voice over IP) command     VR-281

dtmf timer inter-digit command     VR-285


E&M interface type, specifying     VR-1009

E&M MELCAS (Mercury Exchange Limited Channel Associated Signaling) voice signaling

receive bits, ignoring     VR-381

transmit and receive bits, defining     VR-236

E.164 addresses

gateway, registering to     VR-562

E.164 telephone numbers

destination pattern     VR-241

incoming call, identifying to dial peer     VR-10


CCS cross-connect, configuring     VR-478

CCS frame-forwarding, configuring     VR-478

contiguous bearer channel handling, configuring     VR-399

controller interface mode, configuring     VR-476

microcode images, reloading     VR-458

out-of-service alarm, configuring     VR-5

signal levels, attenuating     VR-287, VR-288

echo-cancel comfort-noise command     VR-286

echo-cancel compensation command     VR-287

echo-cancel coverage command     VR-288

echo-cancel enable (controller) command     VR-292

echo-cancel enable command     VR-290

echo cancellation processor

loopback mode, configuring     VR-293

echo-cancel loopback command     VR-293

echo suppression, nonlinear processing     VR-504

encapsulation atm-ces command     VR-294

encapsulation ftc-trunk command     VR-296


voice types, specifying     VR-1058

encryption algorithm, setting     VR-297

encryption command     VR-297

erase vfc command     VR-299

EXEC commands

show dialplan incall number     VR-712

expect-factor command     VR-300

external applications, triggering     VR-597


fax cover sheet

e-mail, generating from     VR-315, VR-316

header data, specifying     VR-317, VR-320

personalizing     VR-312

standard, generating     VR-313

fax header information, configuring     VR-310

fax image resolution, specifying     VR-385

fax images, encoding method     VR-383

fax protocol (dial-peer) command     VR-302

fax protocol (voice-service) command     VR-304

fax rate command     VR-306

fax receive called-subscriber     VR-308

fax receive called-subscriber command     VR-308

fax-relay ecm disable command     VR-309

fax send center-header     VR-310

fax send center-header command     VR-310

fax send coverpage comment     VR-312

fax send coverpage comment command     VR-312

fax send coverpage e-mail-controllable     VR-313

fax send coverpage e-mail-controllable command     VR-313

fax send coverpage enable     VR-315

fax send coverpage enable command     VR-315

fax send coverpage show-detail     VR-316

fax send coverpage show-detail command     VR-316

fax send left-header     VR-317

fax send left-header command     VR-317

fax send max-speed     VR-319

fax send max-speed command     VR-319

fax send right-header     VR-320

fax send right-header command     VR-320

fax send transmitting-subscriber command     VR-322

fax transmission rate, establishing     VR-319

Feature Navigator

See platforms, supported

filtering output, show and more commands     xviii

firmware, unbundling VFC     VR-1013

forward-alarms command     VR-323

forward-digits command     VR-324

frag-pre-queuing command     VR-328

frame-relay voice bandwidth command     VR-326

freq-max-power command     VR-331

freq-min-power command     VR-332

freq-pair command     VR-333

freq-power-twist command     VR-335

FRF.11 subchannel information, displaying     VR-719

FRF.11 trunk

voice class, creating     VR-1040, VR-1042, VR-1044

ftc-trunk frame-relay-dlci command     VR-336

ftc-trunk management-dlci command     VR-337

ftc-trunk management-protocol command     VR-338

FXO (foreign exchange office)

analog-to-digital gain offset, specifying     VR-422

battery polarity reversal, configuring     VR-32

guard-out durations, specifying     VR-985

FXO supervisory disconnect

enabling     VR-930

tone, assigning     VR-933

tone detection parameters voice class, creating     VR-1036

voice port tone detection, configuring     VR-931

FXS (foreign exchange station)

analog-to-digital gain offset, specifying     VR-422

battery polarity reversal, configuring     VR-32

disconnect signal acknowledgment, configuring     VR-263

hook flash duration, specifying     VR-986

idle port voltage, specifying     VR-379

voice port ring

cadence, specifying     VR-578

frequency, specifying     VR-580

specifying number of     VR-582


gatekeeper command     VR-340


active calls, displaying     VR-722

ARQ requests, rejecting     VR-14

call disconnect, forcing     VR-176

disabling     VR-866

full status, displaying     VR-731

H.323, specifying     VR-363

listener port, configuring     VR-596

local zone, configuring     VR-1065


delay, configuring     VR-429

forwarding     VR-424

rejecting     VR-427

sending multiple     VR-429

sending sequential     VR-430

registered endpoint status, displaying     VR-724

registered server triggers, displaying     VR-729

remote zone, configuring     VR-1070

security, enabling     VR-590

static entry, creating     VR-7

technology prefix, configuring     VR-357

zone accessibility, configuring     VR-1062

zone bandwidth, configuring     VR-1064

zone prefix, configuring     VR-1067

zone prefix table, displaying     VR-732

zone status, displaying     VR-733

zone subnetworks, configuring     VR-1072

gateway command     VR-341


alert message on terminating, enabling     VR-1028

H.323 resource availability, reporting     VR-567

Modem Passthrough over VoIP, configuring     VR-481

SMTP server response MDN, processing     VR-485

status, displaying     VR-735

technology prefix table, displaying     VR-726

global configuration mode, summary of     xiv

group auto-reset command     VR-343

group command     VR-342

group cumulative-ack command     VR-344

group out-of-sequence command     VR-345

group receive command     VR-346

group retransmit command     VR-347

group timer cumulative ack command     VR-348

group timer keepalive command     VR-349

group timer retransmit command     VR-350

group timer transfer command     VR-351

gw-accounting command     VR-352

gw-accounting h323 command     VR-352, VR-354

gw-accounting h323 syslog command     VR-356

gw-type-prefix command     VR-357


H.323 accounting, enabling     VR-352

H.323 gateway

call disconnect, enabling     VR-262

DTMF tones, relaying     VR-281

gatekeeper ID name, defining     VR-366

gatekeeper location, defining     VR-367

interface, configuring     VR-369

resource statistics, displaying     VR-681

technology index, defining     VR-370

threshold settings, displaying     VR-683

H.323 proxy

alias, registering     VR-372

calls, displaying     VR-758, VR-759

local and remote zone communication, configuring     VR-1016

status, displaying     VR-765

H.323 traffic

bandwidth maximum, specifying     VR-29

bandwidth total, specifying     VR-31

H.323 voice class, creating     VR-1038

h225 timeout tcp establish command     VR-359

h323 asr bandwidth command     VR-360

h323 asr command     VR-360

h323 call start command     VR-361

h323 gatekeeper command     VR-363

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr command     VR-365

h323-gateway voip h323-id command     VR-366

h323-gateway voip id command     VR-367

h323-gateway voip interface command     VR-369

h323-gateway voip tech-prefix command     VR-370

h323 h323-id command     VR-372

h323 interface command     VR-373

h323 qos command     VR-375

h323 t120 command     VR-376

hardware platforms

See platforms, supported

HDLC interface

VoHDLC segmentation size, defining     VR-1048

help command     xiv

huntstop command     VR-377


ICPIF (Impairment/Calculated Planning Impairment Factor)


clearing     VR-157

displaying     VR-666

RTR values, displaying     VR-939

VoIP dial peers, specifying     VR-378

icpif command     VR-378

idle-voltage command     VR-379

ignore command     VR-381

image encoding command     VR-383

image resolution command     VR-385

imaging encoding command     VR-383

impedance command     VR-387

incoming called-number command     VR-388

indexes, master     viii

info-digits command     VR-390

information-type command     VR-391

input gain command     VR-392

interface (RLM server) command     VR-394

interface configuration mode, summary of     xiv



configuring     VR-394

ip circuit command     VR-396

ip precedence (dial-peer) command     VR-396

ip udp checksum command     VR-397


subscriber line     VR-402

telephone number destination pattern     VR-244

isdn bind-l3 command     VR-398


line power supply, configuring     VR-413

state, displaying     VR-695

isdn contiguous-bchan command     VR-399

isdn global-disconnect command     VR-400

isdn i-number command     VR-402

isdn network-failure-cause command     VR-403

ISP (Internet service provider) address, configuring     VR-1014

IVR (interactive voice response)

dynamic audio files     VR-411

file autoload     VR-406, VR-408, VR-409

script, displaying     VR-662

ivr autoload command     VR-406

ivr autoload mode command     VR-409

ivr autoload retry command     VR-408

ivr prompt memory command     VR-411



signaling packet interval, configuring     VR-874


line-power command     VR-413

link (RLM) command     VR-415

loopback (T1 controller) command     VR-419

loop-detect command     VR-421

loss-plan command     VR-422

lrq forward-queries command     VR-424

lrq reject-unknown-prefix command     VR-427

lrq timeout blast window command     VR-429

lrq timeout seq delay command     VR-430


max-conn command     VR-431

max-connection command     VR-432

max-forwards command     VR-434

max-redirects command     VR-435

MDN (message disposition notice)

address for, specifying     VR-495

off-ramp gateway process, specifying     VR-485

requesting     VR-436

mdn command     VR-436

media gateway

package capability, configuring     VR-441, VR-448


raw telephone equipment, displaying     VR-766

MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) statistical counters, resetting     VR-179

mgcp block-newcalls command     VR-438

mgcp call-agent command     VR-439

mgcp codec command     VR-440

mgcp command     VR-437

mgcp default-package command     VR-441

mgcp dtmf-relay command     VR-443

mgcp ip-tos command     VR-444

mgcp max-waiting-delay command     VR-446

mgcp modem passthru command     VR-447

mgcp package-capability command     VR-448

mgcp playout command     VR-450

mgcp quality-threshold command     VR-451

mgcp request retries command     VR-453

mgcp request timeout command     VR-454

mgcp restart-delay command     VR-455

mgcp sdp simple command     VR-456

mgcp vad command     VR-457

MIB, descriptions online     viii

microcode reload controller command     VR-458

mmoip aaa global-password command     VR-459

mmoip aaa method fax accounting command     VR-460

mmoip aaa method fax authentication command     VR-462

mmoip aaa receive-accounting enable command     VR-464

mmoip aaa receive-authentication enable command     VR-465

mmoip aaa receive-id primary command     VR-466

mmoip aaa receive-id secondary command     VR-468

mmoip aaa send-accounting enable command     VR-470

mmoip aaa send-authentication enable command     VR-471

mmoip aaa send-id primary command     VR-472

mmoip aaa send-id secondary command     VR-474

mode (Voice over ATM) command     VR-476

mode ccs command     VR-478

modem passthrough (dial-peer) command     VR-479

modem passthrough (voice-service) command     VR-481


See command modes

mta receive aliases command     VR-483

mta receive generate-mdn command     VR-485

mta receive maximum-recipients command     VR-487

mta send mail-from command     VR-489

mta send origin-prefix command     VR-491

mta send postmaster command     VR-493

mta send return-receipt-to command     VR-495

mta send server command     VR-497

mta send subject command     VR-499

music-threshold command     VR-500


Nariwake service registered caller ring cadence, configuring     VR-564

network-clock base-rate command     VR-502

network clocks

base rate, configuring     VR-502

setings, displaying     VR-690

switch delay time, setting     VR-503

network-clock-switch command     VR-503

non-linear command     VR-504

notes, usage in text     x

nsap command     VR-505

numbering-type command     VR-508

num-exp command     VR-506


OOS (out-of-service) signal

connection restart timeout, specifying     VR-886

lost signal delay time, specifying     VR-894

pattern, specifying     VR-880, VR-890, VR-892

standby state, configuring     VR-888

timing parameters, specifying     VR-884

operation command     VR-510

output attenuation command     VR-511


platforms, supported

Feature Navigator, identify using     xix

release notes, identify using     xix

playout-delay (dial peer) command     VR-513

playout-delay (voice-port) command     VR-517

playout-delay command     VR-513, VR-517

playout-delay mode (dial-peer) command     VR-519

playout-delay mode (voice-port) command     VR-521

port (dial peer) command     VR-523

port (voice) command     VR-523

port media command     VR-526

port signal command     VR-527

pots call-waiting command     VR-528

pots country command     VR-529

pots dialing-method command     VR-531

pots disconnect-supervision command     VR-533

pots disconnect-time command     VR-535

pots distinctive-ring-guard-time command     VR-537

pots encoding command     VR-539

pots line-type command     VR-541

pots ringing-freq command     VR-543

pots silence-time     VR-545

pots silence-time command     VR-545

pots tone-source     VR-547

pots tone-source command     VR-547

pre-dial delay command     VR-549

preference command     VR-550

prefix command     VR-553

pri-group command     VR-555

pri-group nec-fusion command     VR-557

privileged EXEC mode, summary of     xiv

progress_ind command     VR-558

prompts, system     xiv

protocol rlm port command     VR-417

proxy h323 command     VR-560


QoS (quality of service)

dial peer, specifying     VR-565

H.323 gateway, enabling on     VR-375

RSVP attempted call statistics, displaying     VR-686

RSVP synchronization, displaying     VR-684

VoIP dial peer, defining for     VR-3

question mark (?) command     xiv


RADIUS accounting attributes

overloaded Acct-Session-Id field     VR-353

vendor specific     VR-355

register e164 command     VR-562

registered-caller ring command     VR-564

release notes

See platforms, supported

req-qos command     VR-565

reset command     VR-566

resource threshold command     VR-567

response-timeout     VR-569

response-timeout command     VR-569

retry (SIP user-agent) command     VR-575

retry-delay command     VR-571

retry-limit command     VR-573


full text, obtaining     viii

RFC 821, envelope-from address or Return-Path address     VR-489

ringback tone, enabling     VR-1001

ring cadence command     VR-578

ring command     VR-576

ring frequency command     VR-580


distinctive, configuring     VR-576

timeout value, configuring     VR-967

ring number command     VR-582

RLM (Redundant Link Manager)

enabling     VR-415


latency display     VR-767

status     VR-770

timer values     VR-772


matching pattern, configuring     VR-622

roaming (settlement) command     VR-585

roaming command     VR-584

ROM monitor mode, summary of     xiv

RS-366 video interface

statistics, displaying     VR-693

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)

session history, keeping     VR-586, VR-587

session records, displaying     VR-774

rtsp client session history duration command     VR-586

rtsp client session history records command     VR-587

rule     VR-588

rule command     VR-588


security command     VR-590

sequence-numbers command     VR-592

server (RLM) command     VR-594

server registration-port command     VR-596

server trigger command     VR-597

session group command     VR-600

session protocol (VoFR) command     VR-603

session protocol aal2 command     VR-605

session protocol command     VR-601

session protocol multicast command     VR-606


SIP transport layer protocol     VR-616

session target (VoATM) command     VR-607

session target (VoFR) command     VR-610

session target (VoIP) command     VR-613

session transport command     VR-616

set command     VR-617

settle-call command     VR-618

settlement command     VR-620

settlement providers


displaying     VR-785

specifying     VR-620

connection attempt maximum, setting     VR-573

delay between connection attempts, setting     VR-571

gateway associated with     VR-246

roaming capability, enabling     VR-585

type, selecting     VR-1011

settlement roam-pattern command     VR-622

SGCP (Simple Gateway Control Protocol)

active connections, listing     VR-787

call agent, defining     VR-625

calls, terminating     VR-627

daemon, starting     VR-623

fax and modem passthrough, enabling     VR-631

management-eligible endpoints, displaying     VR-789

notify and delete message retries, specifying     VR-635

quarantine buffer, disabling     VR-633

request response timeout, specifying     VR-637

retransmission timer algorithm, configuring     VR-641

RSIP message, triggering     VR-639

RTP transmission interval, configuring     VR-643

statistics, clearing     VR-184

statistics, displaying     VR-791

TSE payload type, enabling     VR-645

waiting delay, setting     VR-629

sgcp call-agent command     VR-625

sgcp command     VR-623

sgcp graceful-shutdown     VR-627

sgcp max-waiting-delay command     VR-629

sgcp modem passthru command     VR-631

sgcp quarantine-buffer disable command     VR-633

sgcp request retries command     VR-635

sgcp request timeout command     VR-637

sgcp restart command     VR-639

sgcp retransmit timer command     VR-641

sgcp timer command     VR-643

sgcp tse payload command     VR-645

show aal2 profile command     VR-647

show atm video-voice address command     VR-649

show backhaul-session-manager group command     VR-650

show backhaul-session-manager session command     VR-652

show backhaul-session-manager set command     VR-654

show call active command     VR-655

show call application voice command     VR-662

show call fallback cache command     VR-666

show call fallback config command     VR-668

show call fallback stats command     VR-669

show call history     VR-670

show call history command     VR-670

show call history video record command     VR-678

show call history voice record command     VR-679

show call resource voice stats command     VR-681

show call resource voice threshold command     VR-683

show call rsvp-sync conf command     VR-684

show call rsvp-sync stats command     VR-686

show cdapi command     VR-688

show ces clock-select command     VR-690

show connect command     VR-691

show controllers rs366 command     VR-693

show controllers timeslots command     VR-695

show controllers voice command     VR-697

show csm command     VR-701

show dhcp command     VR-708

show dial-peer video command     VR-708

show dial-peer voice command     VR-709

show dialplan incall number command     VR-712

show frame-relay vofr command     VR-719

show gatekeeper calls command     VR-722

show gatekeeper endpoints command     VR-724

show gatekeeper gw-type-prefix command     VR-726

show gatekeeper servers command     VR-729

show gatekeeper status command     VR-731

show gatekeeper zone prefix     VR-732

show gatekeeper zone prefix command     VR-732

show gatekeeper zone status command     VR-733

show gateway command     VR-735

show interface dspfarm dsp command     VR-737

show mgcp command     VR-742

show mgcp connection command     VR-745

show mgcp endpoint command     VR-747

show mgcp statistics command     VR-748

show num-exp command     VR-751

show pots csm command     VR-753

show pots status command     VR-754

show proxy h323 calls command     VR-758

show proxy h323 detail-call command     VR-759

show proxy h323 status command     VR-765

show rawmsg command     VR-766

show rlm group statistics command     VR-767

show rlm group status command     VR-770

show rlm group timer command     VR-772

show rtsp client session command     VR-774

show rudpv1 command     VR-781

show settlement command     VR-785

show sgcp connection command     VR-787

show sgcp endpoint command     VR-789

show sgcp statistics command     VR-791

show sip-ua command     VR-793

show translation-rule command     VR-812

show vfc cap-list command     VR-816

show vfc command     VR-815

show vfc default-file command     VR-817

show vfc directory command     VR-818

show vfc version command     VR-820

show video call summary command     VR-821

show voice busyout command     VR-822

show voice call command     VR-824

show voice dsp command     VR-828

show voice permanent-call command     VR-830

show voice port command     VR-834

show voice trunk-conditioning signaling command     VR-845

show voice trunk-conditioning supervisory command     VR-849

show vrm active_calls command     VR-852

show vrm vdevices command     VR-855

shut command     VR-863

shutdown (DS 1 link) commands     VR-865

shutdown (gatekeeper) command     VR-866

shutdown (RLM) command     VR-867

shutdown (settlement) command     VR-868

shutdown (voice-port) command     VR-870

shutdown command

dial-peer configuration     VR-864

signal command     VR-872

signal keepalive command     VR-874

signal pattern command     VR-876

signal sequence oos command     VR-880

signal timing idle suppress-voice command     VR-882

signal timing oos command     VR-884

signal timing oos restart command     VR-886

signal timing oos slave-standby command     VR-888

signal timing oos suppress-all command     VR-890

signal timing oos suppress-voice command     VR-892

signal timing oos timeout command     VR-894

signal-type command     VR-896

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

enabling     VR-899

UA, configuring     VR-1008

UA settings, displaying     VR-793

sip-server command     VR-898

sip-ua command     VR-899

snmp enable peer-trap poor-qov command     VR-901

station-id command     VR-927

Store and Forward Fax

AAA accounting method, defining     VR-460

AAA authentication method, defining     VR-462

email prefix header, adding     VR-491

SMTP maximum recipients, specifying     VR-487

subcell multiplexing, enabling     VR-929

subcell-mux command     VR-929

supervisory disconnect anytone command     VR-931

supervisory disconnect command     VR-930

supervisory disconnect dualtone voice-class command     VR-933


T.120 data channels

H.323 gateway, enabling capabilities on     VR-376


CCS cross-connect, configuring     VR-478

CCS frame-forwarding, configuring     VR-478

controller interface mode, configuring     VR-476

loopback test mode, setting     VR-419

loop detection, enabling     VR-421

microcode images, reloading     VR-458

out-of-service alarm     VR-5

signal levels, attenuating     VR-287, VR-288

Tab key, command completion     xiv

tdm-group command     VR-935

tech-prefix command     VR-937

telephone numbers

destination pattern, expanding     VR-506

expansions, displaying     VR-751

incoming called, specifying     VR-388

variable length terminator, changing     VR-250

workstation dial application, using     VR-940

test call fallback probe command     VR-939

test pots dial command     VR-940

test pots disconnect command     VR-941

test translation-rule command     VR-942

test voice port detector command     VR-944

test voice port inject-tone command     VR-947

test voice port loopback command     VR-950

test voice port relay command     VR-952

test voice port switch command     VR-955

test vrm busyout command     VR-957

test vrm reset command     VR-959

test vrm unbusyout command     VR-960, VR-962

threshold noise command     VR-962

timeouts call-disconnect command     VR-963

timeouts initial command     VR-964

timeouts interdigit command     VR-965

timeouts ringing     VR-967

timeouts ringing command     VR-967

timeouts wait-release command     VR-968

timers command     VR-970

timing clear-wait command     VR-971

timing delay-duration command     VR-973

timing delay-start command     VR-975

timing delay-with-integrity command     VR-977

timing dialout-delay command     VR-981

timing dial-pulse min-delay command     VR-979

timing digit command     VR-983

timing guard-out command     VR-985

timing hookflash-input command     VR-986

timing hookflash-out     VR-987

timing interdigit command     VR-988

timing percentbreak command     VR-990

timing pulse command     VR-991

timing pulse-interdigit command     VR-993

timing wink-duration command     VR-995

timing wink-wait command     VR-997

token-root-name command     VR-999

tone ringback command     VR-1001


analog voice, specifying     VR-223

frequency component, specifying     VR-333

ToS (type of service)

MGCP-controlled connections, enabling     VR-444

translate command     VR-1002

translate-outgoing command     VR-1004

translation-rule command     VR-1006



applying     VR-1002, VR-1004

testing     VR-942

rule tag name, creating     VR-1006

VoIP rules

displaying     VR-812

setting     VR-1060

transport command     VR-1008

TSI (transmitting subscriber identifier)

fax, displaying     VR-322

type (voice) command     VR-1009

type command     VR-1011


unbundle vfc     VR-1013

unbundle vfc command     VR-1013

unbundle vfc EXEC command     VR-1013

url command     VR-1014

use-proxy command     VR-1016

user EXEC mode, summary of     xiv


V.54 loopback detection, enabling     VR-245

vad (dial peer) command     VR-1018

VAD (voice activity detection) gaps

changing     VR-1059

comfort noise, generating     VR-205, VR-286

enabling     VR-1018, VR-1020

vad command     VR-1020

VBR (variable bit rate)

VoATM, configuring     VR-1021

vbr-rt command     VR-1021

VFC (voice feature card)

cache entries, displaying     VR-815

default files, listing     VR-817

file directory, listing     VR-818

Flash memory

adding file to list     VR-235

copying VCWare to     VR-221 to  VR-222

deleting file from     VR-238

erasing     VR-299

list capacity, displaying     VR-816

version, displaying     VR-820

ViCM (Video Call Manager)

status, displaying     VR-821

VoFR (Voice over Frame Relay)

on DLCI, configuring     VR-1023

vofr command     VR-1023

voice call convert-discpi-to-prog     VR-1027

voice call send-alert command     VR-1028

voice-card command     VR-1029

voice class busyout command     VR-1030

voice class codec command     VR-1032

voice-class codec command     VR-1034, VR-1039

voice class dualtone command     VR-1036

voice class h323 command     VR-1038

voice class permanent     VR-1040

voice-class permanent (dial-peer)     VR-1042

voice-class permanent (dial-peer) command     VR-1042

voice-class permanent (voice-port)     VR-1044

voice class permanent command     VR-1040

voice-class permanent command     VR-1044

voice conferencing

multicast session protocol, setting     VR-606

voice confirmation-tone     VR-1046

voice confirmation-tone command     VR-1046

voice-encap     VR-1047

voice gateway

IP address, designating source     VR-365

voice-group     VR-1048

voice hardware

status, displaying     VR-697

voice hunt     VR-1049

voice hunt user-busy command     VR-1049

voice local-bypass     VR-1051

voice local-bypass command     VR-1051

voice network

failure cause codes, specifying     VR-403

release messages over, enabling     VR-400

voice packets

UDP checksum, calculating     VR-397

voice path

two-way, establishing     VR-1057

voice-port     VR-1052

voice-port busyout command     VR-1055

voice-port command     VR-1052

voice ports

busyout function voice class, creating     VR-1030

busyout state

configuring monitor     VR-38

displaying     VR-822

forcing     VR-36

placing in     VR-1055

prompted by remote RTR probe signal     VR-41

calls in progress, clearing     VR-186

codec voice class ID tag, assigning     VR-1032

configuration and status, displaying     VR-834, VR-845, VR-849

delay dial wink pulse duration, specifying     VR-977

delay signal duration, specifying     VR-973

detector-related functions, testing     VR-944

dialing type, specifying     VR-256

dial-out delay, specifying     VR-981

dial peer, associating     VR-523

disabling     VR-870

disabling settlement     VR-868

disconnect timeout value, configuring     VR-963

DTMF digit signal duration, specifying     VR-983

fax mode, forcing     VR-955

inactive seizure signal minimum wait, specifying     VR-971

initial digit timeout value, configuring     VR-964

interdigit timeout value, configuring     VR-965

loopback test     VR-950

maximum wink-signal duration, specifying     VR-995

maximum wink-wait duration, specifying     VR-997

on-hold music threshold, specifying     VR-500

outgoing seizure signal minimum delay, specifying     VR-975

output attenuation, configuring     VR-511

permanent calls on, displaying     VR-830

pulse interdigit timing, configuring     VR-993

relay-related functions, testing     VR-952

release process delay timeout, configuring     VR-968

signal gain values, specifying     VR-392

signal type, specifying     VR-872

terminating impedance, specifying     VR-387

test tone, injecting     VR-947

wink-like pulses, configuring     VR-979

voice quality

echo cancel, configuring     VR-288, VR-290, VR-292

quality drop alarm, generating     VR-300

voice rtp send-recv command     VR-1057

voice service     VR-1058

voice service command     VR-1058

voice traffic bandwidth allocation, specifying     VR-326

voice vad-time     VR-1059

voice vad-time command     VR-1059

voip-incoming translation-rule     VR-1060

voip-incoming translation-rule command     VR-1060


zone access command     VR-1062

zone bw     VR-1064

zone bw command     VR-1064

zone local     VR-1065

zone local command     VR-1065

zone prefix     VR-1067

zone prefix command     VR-1067

zone remote     VR-1070

zone remote command     VR-1070

zone subnet     VR-1072

zone subnet command     VR-1072